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Now my boss, she's a different story. Everyone despised that woman. She was forty seven and very self centered and controlling, and if it wasn't done her way then it was done wrong. I couldn't stand her arrogance. I had to work closely with her on a daily basis. Through the grape vine we all heard how she got her job, on her knees. Of course she didn't seem like that type of woman. She did, however, seem like the type that would step on anyone's toes to get what she wanted. My problem was, I hated to be around her but couldn't help wanting her every time I was. For an older lady she had it going on, her body was like a rock. She made my blood boil and my groin ache. So when the day came to take advantage of the boss lady I jumped at the chance. My crew and I were on a trip over in Italy and of course she felt like she had to come along to make sure everything went just right. She didn't really have to be there, she just felt like a vacation on company time. The night we arrived we all headed out to one of the local clubs to have a few drinks. The boss lady was furious at us.

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   With her lip turned up she tucked in her pride and came along because it was obvious we were going with or without her. Several drinks into the night we were all quite relaxed and very drunk. Even the boss lady was having fun. She thought she was drinking Coke on the rocks but we made sure to tip the bartender a little extra to add some rum into those drink. It only took about five drinks for her to start getting intoxicated. She started talking to us like we were all her long lost friends. I sat along side of her so I got to hear all the long winded stories. As she talked to me I couldn't help but notice her skirt had ridden quite high up her thigh and the top of her stockings were showing. I pretended to drop something on the floor and as I leaned over to pick it up I got a clear view of the bush between her legs. As she relaxed so did her legs, she basically sat there with her legs wide open and she wasn't wearing panties. I was getting her tonight. We all made it back to the hotel by about 2:30am local time, said our good nights and went our seperate ways. The boss lady was the last to head to her room and I was right behind her. As she fumbled to get her key into the door, I walked up to rub my groin against her butt. She whipped around and started laughing when she seen it was me.

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   Her mouth opened to say something but I stuck my tounge down her throat before she had a chance to refuse me. I pinned her to the door running my hands up the outer parts of her thighs then rounding them in to take a firm grip on her bare bottom. Her skin was so soft and her butt was firm and strong. She didn't protest at all, instead she put her hands between my legs rubbing up and down through my pants. I spun her back around to face the door, guiding her hand to the lock and helped her open the door pushing her in. The door behind us slammed shut as I again pinned the boss lady up against the mirrored closet door with her backside facing me. I wanted her to be able to watch everything I did to her. It was my turn to show the boss lady who was really in control. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her out a bit so that her bottom was sticking out. I pulled her skirt up to expose her bare back side and gave it a little tap, just hard enough to make her whence. Taking a step back I wanted to have a good look at her before I gave her a taste of my medicine. My eyes wondered from her thin heels up the back of her legs, which were cover with her white stockings, all the way to those tight buttocks of her's. I unzipped my pants slowly watching her push herself out a bit further, she was longing for me. Taking a quick step forward I took a hand full of her hair and thrust my hips forward. She let out a loud scream of enjoyment and my hips jammed hard against her.

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  Before the night was over I had her eating out of more than just the palm of my hand. And I can tell you, for a not so tight lipped woman she had a great working mouth. I never seen her after that till we were all back at head office. Guess she decided she didn't need to be in Italy after all. Or maybe it was the polaroids I had of her between my legs. She wasn't quite so hard to get along with any more. GET OFF EVERYDAY WITH OLDER BABES.
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Their attractiveness extends much beyond their outward appearance. They are as distinct as the city itself, each in her own special manner, and they are as different as the city itself. Some possess the alluring mystique of the Berber ladies, with their dark eyes and olive skin tones. Others have the delicate characteristics that are characteristic of Arab beauty, such as almond-shaped eyes and bright smiles. And still some have the cosmopolitan charm of the European women, with their bright eyes and refined demeanors.

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