Eleven inches your kidding (part one)


We picked up the replies to our ad from our PO Box, with the size restriction we expected to get only a few but no there were about a hundred. I think the reason was I had included a couple of photos of Anne, one naked and one in bra stockings and suspenders. A photo saves a thousand words of course the face was masked, we didn't want everyone knowing our business. Of course we expected the usual rubish, everytime we said single we got marrieds so those twenty plus didn't get replies. Then there was the I'm nearly seven inches  and I'm sure I can satisfy your wife another twenty bit the dust. I forgot the I want to fuck your wife and the I can suck your cock while I fuck your wife etc those got dropped in the bin. Now we were down to twenty possibles some with photos some without, if they had a phone number we chatted to them to see if they sounded genuine, whoops there goes another ten, wives answering phone or business answering machines always means husband is playing away. The ten left seemed nice single guys aged from eighteen to thirty the ones with photos showed they were a minimum seven inches, three didn't have photos but seemed genuine and it was just a case of no photos. We started by meeting the eighteen year old trouble was in the flesh he was all of fifteen nice but illegal. The next person we met didn't match up with the photo, must have used a friends photo, we were doing well but it was not unexpected. One guy didn't turn up for a meeting but seeing as it was early we phone another guy one of the ones that didn't ask a photo and told him we would like to meet him if he was available. He was able to meet us thirty minutes later, Anne was expecting another let down a scruffy guy approached us in the beer garden about twenty minutes later, here we go again I thought Anne's face showed horror, but he was only looking for a light. Five minutes later another guy came in our direction six feet plus well built good looking and well groomed, Anne said quietly 'can't be'. He approached even closer and extended his hand.
'Anne & Peter ?' he asked.
When we nodded he introduced himself  'Glad to meet you, I'm Anthony we spoke on the phone a short while ago'.

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By the look on Anne's face the guy was in already, asking what we would like to drink before he sat put him on side with me. Shortly after him returning with the drinks we were getting on like we had known each other for ages, two hours later we were still chatting. An invite to return to our place was given and accepted, this was unusual as we normally don't do that the same night after a meeting just to be sure both parties get on. However when we pulled into our driveway Anthony's car pulled in right behind ours. I went ahead and turned on the lights (dimmed of course) and music before getting drinks from the bar. Anne walked through with Anthony on her arm sitting him on the lounge before joining him there nearly but not quite on his lap. No uncomfortable period here, as I carried across the drinks they started some serious kissing. I felt a bit like a spare wheel so I decided to check on the spa out in the garden, it was a beautifull warm summers night. I took off the spa cover through the lounge room window I could see Anne and Anthony their kissing had now gone on to mild foreplay. Anne's blouse was wide open and her skirt was hitched right up Anthony wasting no time in checking out Anne's body. When I walked in Anne seemed to be having trouble with Anthony's trousers, though open at the fly his cock seemed from my view out of sight.
"Oh good I thought, another five incher" I expected a very annoyed Anne to tell Anthony a few home truths. Instead she gave me a look of amazement undoing Anthonys's trousers completely she pulled them down his legs. The view of his boxer shorts amazed me as well they were being stretched by a monster cock, finally Anne freed it and it bobbed up. I was a little stunned myself I had often heard the phrase hung like a horse and now I was seeing it.

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   For a moment or two Anne just looked then she took it in her hand her fingers nowhere near encircling it, putting her other hand above the first she was still nowhere near the glans never mind the tip of this monster.
'Peter get a ruler out of my desk draw' Anne said I did as asked when I gave it to her she measured Anthony's cock all eleven inches.
'Your kidding, eleven inches' Anne whispered, before once again taking it in her hands and giving it a few gentle strokes.
'What am I going to do with this?' Anne turned to look at me as if I knew what she was going to do with it.
I knew one thing she wasn't going to throw it back and I knew this was going to be a long night.
Part two to follow
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