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    A late friday night i am jus getting back from a party that my friend had thrown. My parents are out of town and Al is at his moms house this week! Which means only around the corner to stop home and leave a note saying that he is staying at Chases for the night! After dropping by his house and unlocking my door we quietly walk up the stairs and into my room. Closing the door behind us we sit on the bed doing nothing (totally hopeless). Then decide to watch a movie, so i run downstairs and grab a DVD and make jus a few adjustments wiht my outfit. I change into a mini skirt found in a laundry basket and slip off my thong and a add a lil skanky top that has total cleavage.   I come back into the room and climb onto the bed not even putting the disc in just hoping on the bed right next to Al. Then i slip under the covers and invite him in. I am clueless after doing this trying to find the best way to say that i want to do absolutly everyhting there is to do. So i begin playing with his hair nibbleing his ear and beining to kiss his soft red lips. Then I roll on top and sit on his stomach, legs spread. I bend down to say something in his ear, then i begin talking softly and slowly. Queitly whistpering i want to show you my wild side, I want you to explore my insides as i do to you also. I dont care what you do jus make it wild. So after that being said he begins to kiss me back and slips the straps of my shirt down and licking my large chest. working down my stomach until my skirt. I bgin to notice and lift my hips so he can easily slip the black mini skirt off, exposing my freshly shaved pussy.

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   He begins to lick the top and i begin getting the orgasmic feeling on the insides. But i soon take charge and begin to suck him nibble and kiss every inch of his body sucking his nipples on the way down to the rising bulge in his jeans. I begin to unbutton his pants and slide off his plaid boxers to expose his naked hairy dick. After it being out i suck hard masagging his balls and making him real hard until he cums. Finally after only about 5 minutes i can tell he is about to cum. But i only know when he says OH SHIT I AM GONNA CUM! I dont want to wait any longer so i bite jus a bit to let him free sucking up the sweet white honey goo. After getting him ready he finishes off with me. Eating me out and teasing me with his fingers. Finally i cum and he rolls over to get on top of me and stick his large hard cock in my virgin pussy and he begins to screw very hard. Goin in and out very hard not even caring if it hurts, and me not caring if it hurts either i begin to have shortened breaths and my hearts beating faster, with me letting out soft moans that become louder and louder by the second. Until finally i am forced to scream from the intense pleasureable pain from my cherrie popping. Then after about 40 minutes of fucking we begin to slow down and end with kisses and nibbles. Until finally we fall asleep. The next morning i wake up to Al starrinf at me, and me knowing from the look in his eye of wanting more of what he experienced the night before. We begin similarly to the way it bagan the night before only a little more intense because of the spead from knowing what we are gonna do.

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   And not having the few detours of changing and going downstairs because we were still naked. That morning we experienced even more and the best breakfast sex i had ever had until the next time. Later .
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