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My name is Len.   I'm 32 years old and I've been happily married for the past 12 years.   I was employed at a factory of just over 8 years when it closed, so I've been doing odd jobs like when I was younger.   I am very tallented in all sorts of handyman repairs.   I've always done odd jobs for friends and family.   Along with a few interesting 'word of mouth' jobs in the past 8 years.   My wife and I have done quite well for ourselves and invested our earning well.   I wasn't exactly worried when the factory closed but I also know that I could support our little family by doing odd jobs.
One of the families that I have done many jobs for is the Detler family which I've known for the past ten or so years.   The Detler's are 2nd cousins to my sister-in-law.   Not related to me but have become good friends.   They have a son, Randy who is 14 and into computers, video games, and woodworking.   I kind of had a hand in teaching him about wood and the awsome things you can build.   His sister, Rhonda, just turned 16 and has always been a very reserved child.   I've known her since she was about 5 or 6 years old.   Rhonda is a highly tallented musician.

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    Loves decorating and baking.   Unlike her mother, Rhonda loves to cook up new amazing dishes.   Rhonda's mom Linda is a teacher and drives over an hour each way to the highschool in which she teaches at.   Linda works very long hours and loves the fact that Rhonda enjoys keeping the house in order.   The father of the family is a businessman and works very long hours.   I believe him to be a very dedicated family man and he enjoys taking his family on vacation.
The first repair I ever did in their home was a water damaged stucco ceiling.   Randy was pretty much in my way the whole time.   His sister constantly had to come over to get him out of my way.   I installed a carpet in the basement, painted the entire living room, and helped build a small addition on the back of the house last year.   Among other small fixes.  
While I was building the addition on the back of the house last year was the first time I had ever noticed that Rhonda was growing into a beautiful young woman.   Not a child anymore.   She came outside to the pool side to have a little swim and then lie in the sun.   I tried very hard not to look at her too much but let me tell you, she was stunning.

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    Her perky little titties had very pointy nipples once she came out of the pool.   The cooler wind made her breasts come to life.   I know that she caught me a few times watching her and once I even thought I saw her spread her legs just a little before I looked away.
I did my best to rid my thoughts of her that day and every day since and I thought I had done a pretty good job.   Not that I didn't use the image once or twice to enhance my lovemaking with my wife.   But it had been a year now and even though I see Rhonda about once every other week because she works part time at my favorite pizza joint.   I had pretty much lost the image.   I do like to tease her when I go in for a slice and she does tease me back, we're friendly.
About 3 months ago, I had gone in for a slice of pizza very late in the evening after a long day of drywalling.   Rhonda asked me if I wanted to wash my hands up a bit more before I ate the one last slice left in the store.   She was working until midnight and was in the process of closing proceedures and cleaning when I came in.   Rhonda was wearing a very nice outfit with a very low cut top.   When I returned from the bathroom where I washed up, she was mopping the floor.   Rhonda was leaned over just enough for me to see her full cleavage.   I was a bit taken back by the difference one year had made.

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    Thats when she caught me.  
"Like what you see Lennie?" she said with a smerk
"ah, oh I ah, I'm . . . ah, sorry" I stammer
I could hardly speak.   I was so embarrased that I said I had to run and left without my pizza slice.   That night, it was far too late to wake my wife for sexual relief.   Trust me, I thought about begging but if I did, I'm sure that she would have way too many questions.   I went into the bathroom and did something I hadn't done since I was a young teenage boy with a hardon.   I jerked off with the image of Rhonda's perfect, firm breasts in my mind.   Before I finished I had tried to imagine her naked and before I could get to her pants, it was over.
Last week, Linda called me and asked me if I could re-carpet the stairs to their basement.   I was a bit hesitant but said yes.   They had already bought the materials.   I came over on a Tuesday evening to make sure that everything was there and try to estimate how long it would take me.

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    I told them that I would be there about 7:00 a. m. the next morning to start.   Each step had to be done individually.   The stairs for the first 8 steps down were open and required a wrap.   Then there was a huge landing which they wanted completely carpeted all the way around just like it had been done before.   I left the house around 8 p. m. knowing that only Rhonda and Randy would be home then next day.   March break and both parents had work and errands to run for the better part of the day.
I arrived at their house just after 7 and was greeted at the door by Randy.
"I already ripped out the old carpet for you, that should help to speed up the process. " he said excitedly.
"Oh, great, that will help Randy. .

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  . thanks"
I didn't mind because I had told them a price for the whole job and if the kid was gonna save me time then hey, all the better for me.
I got right to work.   Randy was right there asking questions and helping where he could.   I heard someone walking upstairs and noticed Rhonda pass the top of the stairs in a housecoat.   I soon heard the shower running and my thoughts left my work with the image of her.   Randy interupted my thoughts with a loud bang of the hammer.
I heard the shower shut off and then the door to the bathroom open.   I tried to keep my thoughts on the work I was doing and by this time, I had moved to the top step so that I could work my way down the steps.   I could see Rhonda out of the corner of my eye getting closer and closer.  
"Morning Lennie. . . " she chirped
"hey" was all I could say
"you like something for breakfast Lennie?" she said in a bit of a sultry voice.
As I looked up to answer no, I found her facing me with the house coat almost open.

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    I could see her one leg all the way up to what must have been an inch from her pussy.   Her legs were very well tanned, long and firm.   Her toes were painted in a light rose colour with small white stripes.   The top of the house coat was open enough to see to the bottom of her rib cage.   I could clearly see the outline of each breast.   Oh her skin looked so soft and I was becoming aroused by the second when. . . .
"Oh, sorry. . . . " she closed her housecoat and said I had better get dressed.
Off she went to her room and just as the door to her room opened the phone rang.

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"Randy. . . . " Rhonda yelled, "its for you. . . . " she continued
"Okay" Randy yelled back and went to the phone in the basement.
I began working very fast, knowing full well that I didn't want to be around Rhonda or I would surely get caught staring at her by Randy and who knows what would happen.
I had just finished the fourth step down when I heard Rhonda come out of her room.  
"Let me know if you want  something Lennie" as she walked into the kitchen.   Oh, I wanted something but that was NOT going to happen.
By the time I finished the fifth step, Randy was standing just behind me.   Randy explained that he wanted to stay and help but his friend just got a new quad and wanted him to come over to ride.

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    I told him I understood.   I mean, things would go faster without him asking me a thousand questions anyway.  
I was in the basement cutting the first carpet strip for the landing when I heard her voice.
"Anything you like Lennie?" Rhonda said in a sexy kind of voice.
"No, I . . . . . " I froze in the middle of my sentance.
There on the landing stood the most amazing sight.   Rhonda was standing with one hand on the rail, and one hand on her hip in a very sexy pose.   She was wearing a very small bikini top.   It was the one she had been wearing the year before at the pool side.   Slowly rotating her torso, showing me the exciting fullness of her breasts I could notice that her nipples were erect.

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    My cock began to grow.  
"No !!" I said with a shout, looking to the floor.   It's wrong, now go back up stairs and put something on.
"are you sure Lennie? . . . . Maybe. . . . now there is something you want?"  she said in a low voice.
I didn't want to look.   But I just had to.   My sight was drawn upward slowly as I watched her remove a skirt wrap from her hips.

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    Dropping the wrap to the floor, I could feel my cock swell to its full strength.   My jaw must have dropped open.
"It's okay to drool over me" she whispered "I've seen you watching me and I've been waiting for a moment just like this. "
I watched Rhonda slide her right hand down to the small white thong she was wearing.   She began to slide her fingers just under the rim. . .
"you like what you see?  I bought these just for you. . . last night, right after you left I went out and bought this thong just for you.   And if you give me what I want, you can keep them. "
By now, Rhonda had stepped down the last few steps and walked right up to me.  
"Touch me, I'm yours. .


  . . if you want me" she said, looking right into my eyes.
"your brother, what if he comes back?"
"I turned on the alarm light to the basement.   If he comes in, if anyone comes home, we'll know as soon as they touch a door to the house"
Rhonda hardly got the words out and I kissed her hard.   Her return of the kiss was so passionate.   Rhonda ran her hands all over my back, lifted one leg up my side, I could feel her beautiful breasts on my chest, the heat of her pussy was on my lower stomach.   I had to have her and now.
"listen, you have driven me over the bend and I want you to know that I had a vasectomy and now I just have to fuck you you hot little sexy woman" I said it so fast
"I know, I heard my mom talking to your wifes sister that you had had it done.   Why do you think I want you?  No worries, and we both get to have fun. . . " she said with a huge smile.
I dove right in.   Her silky hair was so soft and still a little damp from her shower.

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    Her skin was so smooth, and it tasted so sweet and so innocent.   As I laid her down on the floor, I took pulled at the draw strings of her bikini top.   Rhonda's beautiful 38C breast fell free.   I immediately sucked one of her nipples into my greedy mouth.   I heard a soft moan come from her lips.   I ran my hands up and down her soft skin as I felt her hands pulling at my shirt until I finally had to remove it.   I knelt back down.   But this time, I wanted more, I wanted to taste that pussy.   I grabbed the thong on each side of her hips and with one pull, I pulled them to her knees.   I reached into my back pocket and pulled out the carpet knife that I had just used.   Rhonda's face went blank as I slowly reached the knife down to her thong and cut it away from her.   I pulled the thong to my nose and took in a deep breath closing my eyes.   When I opened them, Rhonda had huge smile on her face.   Slowly, I bent down toward her completely shaved pussy.   Rhonda opened her legs wider as I slowly, gently placed my tongue right onto her exposed clit.

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    She arched her back and moaned softly.  
I reached my hands around her hips to her ass cheeks and began to lick that pussy like I've never licked before.   I locked onto her clit and sucked it wildly until her moans became gasps of air, until she reached a climax that I bet she'll never for get.   Arching her back and letting out a long loud sigh that sent shivers though me.  
My cock was just aching now.   I moved up her body and as I positioned myself to fuck her, she wrapped her legs around me and pulled herself tightly up against me.
"fuck me, oh, yes fuck me" was all she could say.   I reached down to get my cock ready to penetrate her and as I began to slowly push inside Rhonda wrapped herself tightly around me forcing herself to take most of my cock in one thrust.
"aaahhhaahhahhhhhhgggggghhhh" she half screamed.   Holding me tightly and becoming completely stiff.  
I wasn't sure if she had hurt herself or what.   For a moment I thought, she had better not have fucked this up.   I mean, her pussy was so hot, so wet and so damn tight.   I just had to start pumping into her.   Slowly, I began to move.

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    She began to whimper as thought in pain.
"are you okay?" I asked
"yes, just do it. . . . fuck me. . . . just go slowly " she said in a very heavy breath.
So, I did what any other horny hard cocked guy would do.   I started moving slowly.   Soon I noticed her relax a bit.   I slid out a bit farther and made longer strokes.   Her whimpering became heavy breathing again.

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    I started pumping faster and faster, and harder too.   "Yes. . . . fuck me Len, fuck me.   I want it so bad, please fuck me"
Rhonda began talking me into a huge orgasm.   The more she said, the harder and faster I fucked her.   Soon, I was  just pounding her  and I could hear the slapping sound of our bodied hammering together.   Then, one of the most intense orgasms rocked though my body.   I unloaded into her pussy like never before.   As I pushed all the way into her hot wet pussy Rhonda clenched her legs around me tightly.  
When I had finished cuming into her I slumped over her hot body.   I could hardly move.   I was completely exhausted.

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    As I rolled off her she turned onto her side.   I could see for the first time, the beautiful curve of her ass.   I reached down and began to caress the soft pillows.   Rhonda clenched her cheeks together and whispered.
"maybe next time big fella, but I better go wash up and you have work to do. "
With that, Rhonda got up from the floor and noticing that she had bled a little bit on the carpet she said " I'm glad thats the old carpet from the step down there, can you get rid of it before anyone notices?"
"ya, I'll do it" I said, watching her beautiful ass swing and sway as she walked back up the stairs and to the bathroom.
Well, I cleaned up with the rags that I keep in my tool box.   Packed her thong into a small container and placed it in my toolbox.   Cut the small stain out of the old piece of carpet, placed it into the bottom of a garbage bag and went back to work.
Sex has just never been better.   Even my wife says I have a new sparked interest in our nightly encounters.   And as for Rhonda and me.   Maybe one of these days I'll get a chance to have her again and next time, I'd like a piece of that ass.
Hope you liked this true storey.   Cause I enjoyed writing about the best odd job I ever had.

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