The Jungle


Trying to make her brain work under such trying conditions was next to impossible, but when she finally came to grips with the fact that Gene was dead, probably killed in his sleep, she knew that the only way to stay alive was to stay calm and not panic, even though she was on the edge of a total breakdown!!! "Do you speak English," she asked in a wavering voice, not sure if that would be a good sign or not!?! She repeated her question when she got no response, and if they understood her they weren't letting on, but when one of them used the end of his spear to motion her to get up, she didn't hesitate, and scrambled quickly to her feet!!! It was at that moment she got her first good look at Gene, and as the tears welled up in her eyes, she could see that his throat had been cut from ear to ear!!! She wanted to reach down and touch him one last time, but the sharp point of a spear in her back prodded her to move off into the jungle with her captors!!! As they made their way through the dense jungle floor, she had the chance to observe men as they traveled down the narrow path in single file, and while none of them were taller that five and a half feet, they were all well muscled and, and hard as she tried not thinking about it, they were all incredibly well hung!!! When they finally reached their remote village, a crowd of young children scampered all around her, staring at her white skin and blonde hair, while pointing at her clothing and laughing!!! Several older women appeared out of nowhere, and after having a short but terse conversation with one of the men, took Angela by the arm and led her to a mud hut at the far end of the village!!! Once inside, without so much as a word, both of them undressed her and had her lay down on a straw mat, whereupon they proceeded to massage her body with a sweet smelling oil that had a slight tingling sensation on her skin!!! While she was still frightened out of her mind, it didn't seem that for the moment that she was in any real danger, so while the two women continue the massage, one of them bit off a piece of what appeared to be dark tree bark and offered a piece to Angela!!! While she wasn't to hot on the idea of chewing old tree bark, she thought it better not to argue the point and with a little bit of trepidation she put a small chunk in her mouth and began chewing, and almost at once she felt herself floating in a narcotic induced fog and passed out!!!
She didn't know how long she had been unconscious, but the sensation of extreme heat brought her to a groggy alertness that turned into sheer terror when she realized where she was, tied spread eagle in a stick frame!!! A huge bon fire only twenty feet away burned bright in the pitch black night as chanting tribesmen danced with spears held high around the flaming cauldron, while the entire spectacle was ringed by the woman of the village who chanted in unison with the brightly painted warriors who were driving themselves into a sexual frenzy!!! With the oil that the village women had applied to her body glistening in the eerie light, it crossed Angela's mind that she might well be the main course in some sort of primitive barbecue, and when she began screaming at the top of her lungs, it only tended to drive the native warriors into more of a frenzy as they danced and cavorted with their huge black erections bouncing menacingly before them!!!As if signaled by some unknown force, five or six women, leapt to their feet, and began running their hands all over Angela's straining body, paying particular attention to her blonde haired cunt!!! Slowly but surely, the fury in Angela's pussy erupted in a thunderous orgasm that only seemed to intensify the rantings of the delirious dancers, but just when she was recovering from her climax, incredibly the dancing stopped and the whole village became stone quiet!!!
"This must be it," she thought to herself, as tears began forming in her eyes, "now they're gonna kill me!!!" With no one so much as moving a muscle, from the far end of the village she could hear the low rumble of the chanting beginning once again, and into the light, strode a brightly painted warrior who Angela immediately assumed was the chief!!! As he made his way towards her the chanting grew in crescendo as the chief dance around her spread form, driving himself into a frenzy that had to be seen to be believed!!! If manhood and power created the pecking order in this primitive village, Angels could see right away why this warrior stood head and shoulders above the rest of his fellow tribesmen, as his erection stood black, long, and thick from his groin, at least ten inches long and as thick as a woman's wrist!!! All of the women as if in a trance, began masturbating wantonly as the chief danced in a very provocatively around Angela and the fire!!!
The chanting warriors now pounded the butt ends of their spears on the ground in unison, creating deafening cacophony that only inflamed the chief more!!! His erection, now dripping profusely with precum shimmered in the eerie light, and much to her dismay, caused Angela's pussy to lurch with unbridled anticipation of getting fucked!!! The chief stopped abruptly in front of her as one of the masturbating women came forward and grabbed the chief's pecker and guided it into Angela's steaming vagina!!! This seemed to be a signal to the rest of the warriors, because from the second the chief's cock slammed into Angela's defenseless cunt, the women on the sidelines rushed to their men, and in an unbelievable display of overt sexuality, they bent over and let the warriors take them from the rear like wild animals!!! Angela's mind was now in the middle of a sensory overload as her own cunt was being pounded into submission by the gigantic pecker, while she watched as at least fifty native couples engaged in the rawest form of sexual intercourse you could ever imagine!!! While orgasm after orgasm engulfed her, she watched wide eyed as the native women allowed their men to take them in the most brutally vicious way possible!!!
Angela's body went limp from the exhaustion brought on by the incredibly draining sexual encounter she had just experienced, and for a second she thought she might still be in mortal danger when the chief pulled a long knife from his leather belt, but thankfully he used it to cut her bindings, allowing her slide gratefully to the ground!!! She wasn't there long before several of the women picked her up and led her to the largest hut in the village, which she soon found out belonged to the chief and his four other wives!!! Once inside, the women gently bathed her, until the oldest and it seemed the dominant wife, slid between her legs and began tonguing her hyper sensitive vagina, while the other women continued running their hands all over her body!!! A long low moan gurgled up from her throat as the elder wife quickly brought Angela to but another series of orgasms that again left her breathless and panting!!! As she gasped for breath and wondered what exactly her fate would be, one of the junior wives slipped a small stub of the mind numbing tree bark into her mouth, and after but several chews, her body again began to float away in a sexually tinged fog, and as if by magic, she hadn't a care in the world!!!

THE ENDsee more unpublished stories in the forum or on the new story site www.bluestories.com
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