My nurse girlfriend and her friend

Ex Girlfriend

Having read some of the stories on here. I thought that i might share this true story which happened a couple of years ago now.

I had met on a international dating site which is direct. a very nice attractive lady of 45, she was/is a nurse, we sort of hit it off from the start, after dating a couple of times the inevitable happened and we ended up in bed, i am happy to say that from the start we were very sexually compatible, And we seemed to spend much of our time together discovering one another's pleasures. (it is true what they say about nurses)

Anyway we got on very well indeed, and spent more time at Julies house than we did on my narrow boat, (bed space being the reason lol)
She had told me a while before that a Friend of hers had arranged to come and stay for a couple of days, to "catch up" and go out as old Friends do, they had met at nursing college. So i volunteered to let her enjoy her weekend with her friend. She (Margaret) arrived on the Friday afternoon, and wished them a good weekend and left after being introduced to Margaret.

On the Sat Morning i got a text asking if i would like to go around to Julies house on sat evening and perhaps cook one of my special dinners, (i like to cook). as replied and said great.
I arrived there around 6pm and cooked a quick pasta dish, we shared a bottle or 2 of wine, and the girls went out to a sort of reunion. I washed the dishes and settled down to watch a DVD.
I was half asleep on the sofa when they arrived back baring 2 bottles of Carva. Margaret plonked herself down next to me on the sofa, while Julie went to get glasses, it was obvious that they had consumed quiet a bit whilst they were out, laughing at nothing is a bit of a give away.
Julie arrived back with glasses and sat on the other side of me, pouring 3 glasses out and offering them to "Mag's" and myself, they went on to tell me of the evening and who they had met and not seen in years etc. Then the stories of what goes on in hospitals and the funny and rude side of things, one thing lead to another and wine flowed, and for no reason spontaneously, Julie cupped my head with her hand turned me towards her and began to kiss me, she has a fantastic kiss, sensual but without slobbering into your mouth. after what seemed like ages, and me thinking what will Mag's be thinking, she released me, and smiled, the next thing Mag's did the same thing, this was a strange feeling, and i may have seemed a little reluctant to be kissed at first, but the pressure of her hand told me it was going to happen, and Julie did nothing or said nothing to stop it, After what once again seemed like ages Mag's also let me free, immediately i said without thinking "my God you kiss the exact same way, i couldn't have told you apart".


They glanced across at one another then they smiled at me! Julie then said (looking at Mag's) David has the most sensitive nipples i have ever come across, more so that most women i would say, i felt my ears begin to get hot and my face started going red, "Why are you saying that" i said Oh don't worry said Mag's we exchange all kinds of information, and we are nurses you know.

Julie then began to unbutton my shirt, i took hold of her hand to stop her, but she pulled it away with the other, oh don't be shy Dave she said, and continued to open my shirt, pulling it away from my chest and baring it to Mag's, (my nipples always seem to be erect and pink,) she then leaned forward and began to kiss me again, as she did so she traced my chest up to my nipples and gently stroked them this sent shock waves down to Percy (my penis named by Julie) she then pulled away from kissing me and said to Mag's who had been watching this happen, "see what i mean so sensitive" God yes said Mag's aren't they just. And without a moments notice she leaned forward and putting her finger and thumb around my nipple and just and so flicked the tip with her tongue, i squirmed and pulled away, but she followed me and this time she put her mouth around my nipple and began to lick it, her hot breath and soft wet tongue were driving me mad, and Percy was straining in my Trunks he was pointing down my left leg, but trying to get erect, which was causing me some discomfort.
Then Julie made things worse, she gave me a quick kiss and very naughty smile, and then went down to join Mag's. This was almost like torture, the kind that drives you mad but it's a mixture of pain and pleasure. With Julie playing with one nipple and Mag's the other i was straining to stop from throwing them both off, breathing so fast and electric waves going from my nipples to my penis, which was now in dire need of escape, he felt like he would snap if he tried to get any more erect, but there was no way he could not do so, Julie looked up at me and said don't be a big baby, how do you think us women feel, and at least we are not biting them, but we might if you don't stop winging. the Thought of them being bitten made me wince.
She did not go back to my nipple, instead she knelt down on the floor between my legs and unbuttoned my jeans, it was more than obvious that Percy was straining for release, but i put a hand on my fly and stopped her, Mag's had stopped attending to my nipple and was watching Julie, Don't be shy because i am here Mag's said, and with that pulled my hand away from my fly. Julie gave that cheeky smile she has, and her eye brows rose up.
She undid my fly and my button, and pulled so i had to raise my bum, Percy was still tucked tight down the left leg of my Trunks, his eight inch length and 4 inch girth more than obvious to all who were watching. "Bloody hell" said Mag's "you weren't kidding were you hun" A smile exchanged between them. "So you have been talking about me have you, is there nothing sacred any more" i said. Oh shut up and enjoy it's most men's dream. And with that Julie did what i was preying for before Percy broke his back, she pulled down my Trunks, and Percy popped out into the air like a "Jack out of a box" my god that felt good, i think he got a "Wow" from Mag's (now i have to tell you, that Julie had only ever had 4 boy friends, one became her husband for some years, and all of them had been "Cut" she found it novel that i hadn't) Mag's began to kiss me just like Julie did, and at the same time very gently fondle and play with my nipples alternating from one to the other. she had now blocked my view of what Julie was doing, but i know what she liked to do, she was fascinated with my foreskin, she would spend ages just slowly pulling it back over Percy's head, and then ease it back over him, the repeat the motion over and over again, not wanking me off, but just watching the motion as his head uncovered and then hid again, very slow and very deliberate, then she would just lick the tip as he eased out, and follow his head back in with the tip of her tongue, eventually she would, ease the foreskin back and slip his head into her mouth, just the head, suck it and them slip him away again, she was fascinated, but some times after a long time of this he just wanted to be buried deep inside her, thrusting into her wet and wonderful pussy, but she knew this and teased me something rotten.

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Mag's pulled away from my mouth with a smile upon her face, and she looked down to where Julie was, and saw what she was doing, still fondling my nipples and watching Percy twitch to the touch. every time she stroked my nipple Percy twitched on Julies hand, they both found this amusing.
I hadn't noticed it happen but Julie was just in bra and knickers now, and Mag's raised her arms and slipped off her top to reveal no bra at all, but a very fine pair of pert, firm boobs, with very lick able nipples, which were very dark brown and very erect, she offered me her boob and said your turn now David. i didn't think twice, by now i was unashamed and so turned on and horny i just didn't care.
I took hold or her firm boob and licked her nipple, it was hard yet very flexible, "I like mine to be nibbled tweaked and pulled" she said. i obliged her wishes and took great pleasure in giving her what she asked for.
Julie was still engrossed in her game of hide and seek Percy, she then slipped off her bra and knelt higher up, she took Percy and squeezed her boobs around him, she had larger tits than Mag's Julie is a size 14, but not fat, Mag's I guess about the same but a bit more weight, still not fat. toned infarct.
Julie began to slip Percy up and down between her tits, still watching his head pop in and out of the foreskin, Mag's eased my mouth away from her boob, and stood up, slipping her skirt to the floor, revealing a very scant pair of knickers, Julie let go of Percy, and turned to Mag's, "nice knickers hun, but better off i think, God to my surprise, Julie put her fingers into the top of Mag's knickers and eased them to the floor, Mag's helping by shuffling her legs, she had very swollen pussy lips, and was (Like Julie shaved smooth) Julie then stood up and took off her Knickers, which weren't so scanty, it was the time of the month for.
her i could see the string of the tampon.
Mag's ran her hands down Julies body over her erect nipples and to her tummy, they leaned forward and kissed each other, Percy almost shot there and then. They kissed for a while and then both looked down at me, smiled almost like twins would do, and Mag's said, "that is why we kiss the same babes. " with that they both knelt down beside me one on either side of my legs. Mag's cupped my balls and fondled them, looking at Julie and saying, "wow they are so full" Not for long Julie said. and laughed.

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   Mag's leaned forward and pulled back Percy, his head popped out, and they both laughed, Mag's then took him into her mouth, i have no idea what she was doing but my God it felt good, he was being squeezed, sucked, licked and bitten all at the same time. She pulled away and then Julie did the same to him, Mag's was squeezing and fondling my balls, while Julie gave me the best blow job she has ever done, i noticed Mag's other hand stroking Julies hair as she was sucking the life out of my throbbing cock.

Julie eased away and said to Mag's. well i can't so why don't you!! with that, Mag's stood up, spread her legs, and slowly eased herself down on me, as Julie guided a very excited and rock hard Percy into the warm wet Pussy of her best friend; she eased down very slowly and said, my God it feels so big inside me, and as she let Percy deeper into her wet pussy she moaned a little, and then began to sort of gyrate.

Julie came and sat on the sofa next to me and began to kiss me, at the same time play once again with my nipples, this time not as gently as before, and with every tweak it sent a shock wave to Percy, which was passed on to Mag's who was now carried away with riding Percy deep and hard, she winced every time Percy got a shock because of Julie.
By now Mag's was really getting what she obviously liked, and her tits were bouncing up and down, now and the she would hold and squeeze them herself, and tug on her nipples hard. Julie moved away from my mouth and just concentrated on my nipples, she slipped a hand down my thigh and onto the base of my cock, just for a moment, she squeezed it hard, and then pulled away, my God Mag's your soaking babes she said, Mag's didn't reply she was breathing very fast and hard, and moaning a lot now, he face contorted her movements were Gyrating and up and down, she was getting the best out of my cock my balls were bouncing as well and she was thudding up and down on them, a little pain began to creep into my balls, i wasn't sure if it was because they wanted to explode, or her bum thumping them so hard for so long, either way it was beginning to have an effect upon me, Julies nipple sucking and tweaking and watching Mag's fuck me so hard, it was beginning to be all too much for me, i began to taste that taste one gets in your mouth just before you cum, and i was thrusting back at Mag's now hard and relentlessly her groans got loader until she screamed "I am cumming God am i cumming" at the self same time Julie squeezed both my nipples and kissed me tongue deep, That was it my juices began to flow, i started to shoot into Mag's i could feel the cum shooting up my cock and spurt into her soaking pussy, as it was happening she let out a scream and began to shudder and shake, her head back, her tits bouncing and sweat running down between her tits. i could feel her juices flooding over my cock and coming out onto my balls, we came almost together, i was screaming with a mixture of pain and pleasure, my cock exploding inside her, to her obvious pleasure. The i heard Julie she began to shiver and moan, unknown to me she had been wanking herself as she watched and played with me, as we all slowed down, Julie took her wet fingers, and rubbed them on Mag's lips, even though her eyes were closed, she knew who it was, and her tongue came out and very slowly licked the juices from Julies fingers.
Mag's eased herself off me, leaned forward and kissed me, i tasted Julies cum on Mag's lips. as she Eased herself to the side of me and leaned on my shoulder, i put my arm around her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. her breathing and mine was beginning to slow down.
My Cock was beginning to go softer and the wetness was starting to cool down.
Then totally out of the blue, Julie leaned forward and took hold of a retreating cock, she began to play her game again, and as she did so, to my surprise Percy started to harden again, she got him hard, and began to lick and suck the juices of his stem, Mag's just watched as i did and, then Mag's began to go for my nipples again, "Oh my God i screamed not again please, but my pleading was ignored. .

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