A hard lesson in trust


Gloria hated working evening shift at the jewelry store in the mall. By the time she counted out the drawer and made sure all the good jewelry was put in the safe it was close to ten thirty and most of the customers and employees had gone home. She slid the gate shut and set the alarm system an walked towards the food court entrance to go to her car. Her heels clicked loudly as she walked the marble floored hall. She knew from listening to customers that it was raining and dreaded the walk out to her car. A security guard opened the door and watched as she walked to her car. Gloria hurried towards her car, trying not to splash water on her new dress. She had bought the new dress, along with a whole new underwear ensemble at the Victoria’s Secret in the mall with money her father had sent her for her twenty-fifth birthday. He was going to meet her at home and take her out to a fancy restaurant for a supper, when her manager asked her to stay because the other Assistant Manager had called off with her little girl being sick.
As Gloria opened her car door and settled into the seat, she was glad her dad had helped her buy a newer car to replace the old junker her ex-husband had left her with in the divorce. She put the key in the ignition and started the engine. After adjusting the mirrors and putting on her seat belt, she headed out the darkened lot and started for home. She drove out the brightly lit street and turned onto the entrance ramp for the  
When she got to her exit and slowed to make the curve, the car seemed to stumble and loose power for a moment but straightened right up. She stopped at the sign at the bottom of the ramp, then turned left towards her house. It was dark on the deserted country road and she slowed to be able to see better. As she rounded a curve, she saw lights flashing and a man standing in the road waving her down with a flashlight.

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   The man leaned down as she rolled her window down just far enough to talk to him. He told her that a tree had fallen on the road and that the local Fire Department was clearing out the road. Gloria had no choice but to wait until the road was once again open. As she waited, the car began to sputter and die. She restarted it and worked slowly over to the shoulder in case it stalled again. She sat, nervously tapping her fingers on the steering wheel until she saw a fire truck heading back the way she had come. The man motioned her on but the car again started to balk. It began to smooth out once again as she got up even with the man in the bright yellow rain suit. He asked how far she had to go to get home. She replied that her house was only a mile or so up the road. He told her that he would follow close behind her to make sure she got safely home. She started to tell him she would be okay but his yellow suit and the dark sedan gave the appearance of a policeman, so she agreed to let him follow her. She slowly drove up the road until her turnoff was in sight. She turned into the gravel road and saw that he also had turned into the lane behind her. By now, her car was sputtering and emitting clouds of black smoke out the tail pipe.

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   She felt grateful to the man for seeing that she got home safe. She pulled in beside her house and stopped the car, then walked over and thanked the man. She noticed when he turned on his dome light that there was a two way radio and red light on his dashboard. She offered him a cup of coffee, saying it was the least she could do to return his kindness. He rolled up his window and picked up the mic and briefly spoke into it, then opened his door and followed her to her door.
On the porch, the man opened his raincoat and removed it, leaving it draped over the banister. Gloria opened the kitchen door and motioned for him to come inside. She told him to have a seat at the table while she quickly made a pot of fresh coffee. She told him it would be a few minutes and that if he didn’t mind, she would put on some dry clothes. She turned and walked down a long hallway to her room and closed her door. As she was removing her soaking wet dress, she heard a noise and saw the stranger standing in her doorway. She was wearing only a skin colored bra and a bikini cut low in front and her stockings and high heels. She pulled the wet dress up to her neck in front and told the man he should leave. He stepped closer and grabbed the wet dress and threw it to the floor.
Gloria stood before him and put her hands over her breasts and the front of her bikini in an effort to hide her body from his view.

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   The stranger then grabbed the front of her bra and ripped it from her chest, her ample breasts fully exposed to this strange man. She looked down and saw the big hunting knife in his hand and knew that resisting him could get her hurt but she also didn’t want him to think she wanted his advances. Gloria yelled at him to get out and leave her alone. He just gave her an evil grin and grabbed the waist band of her panties, giving it a hard pull until the narrow material on the side gave way. He grabbed the other side and ripped, letting the panties fall away from her body. He then reached down to where the lacy material was bunched between her legs and pulled it away, leaving her totally nude with the exception of her dark lace topped stockings and heels. She felt completely helpless and feared what was about to happen.
The man pushed her backwards onto her bed and stepped between her legs, forcing them apart. Gloria watched in horror as he unbuckled his trousers and began to stroke his erect penis. She though he was going to simply rape her and then either kill her or leave her beaten. He told her to sit up and grabbed her arm, pulling her upright. He grabbed her by the head and forced her towards his cock, telling her to suck it. Fearing for her life, she opened her mouth and took his cock into it and began sucking it. His hand held her head still while began fucking her mouth, choking her with the sheer size of him. He suddenly jerked her head back away from him and knocked her back on the bed.

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   He held his cock in his hand and guided it to her pussy. His cock was wet from her sucking and began to enter her. She instinctively tightened her pelvic muscles but to no avail. He forced his cock deep inside her and began pumping her hard. She squirmed and tried to get him off her but he drew back his fist and hit her in the face, bloodying her nose. Then he put the big hunting knife to her throat and threatened to slit it if she tried anything else. He resumed pounding his cock in and out of her pussy, using enough force to bounce her body on the mattress. He placed the knife in his teeth like some evil pirate and grabbed her ankles, forcing himself even deeper.
It had been a long time since she had been involved with a man and was beginning to actually become aroused by the huge cock invading her pussy. She tried not to let her arousal be noticed by the rapist. He leaned over after taking the knife from his teeth and clamped them down on her breast biting her nipple until she thought he would draw blood. The attack on her pussy continued for several minutes until, without a word, he withdrew and turned her over, leaving her legs hanging off the bed. He grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, then guided his cock to her puckered anus. With a mighty shove, her buried his cock in her ass and began pumping her. She had never before allowed anyone, not even her ex-husband to penetrate her there and the pain was unbearable.

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   He relentlessly slammed his cock deep in her ass, holding her by the hips and pulling her close to him. Suddenly, with a loud groan, he filled her ass with his sperm, pumping and pumping until he was spent.
He  stood up, withdrawing his cock from her rectum and turned her back over on her back, then jerked her upright to a sitting position, telling her to lick his cock clean. When she hesitated, he slapped her across the face with the back of his hand and screamed at her, “Lick it, bitch!” She had no choice but to comply with his demands. Her licking caused him to gain another erection and he again knocked her backwards to the mattress. He grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide and shoved his cock in her pussy again. She was struggling as he once again fucked her forcefully. He stopped and slapped her across the face again and reached into his padded vest and pulled out some lengths of close line rope. He tied each leg and arm to the tall bed posts, stretching her legs wide and keeping her arms high over her head. After securing her tightly to the bed, he resumed fucking her until he finally pumped a load of sperm deep into her pussy.
After he had drained his fluid into her swollen and sore pussy, he climbed up on top of her and, facing her feet, lowered himself to her face, telling her to lick the come from his cock. He told her to also lick out his asshole. The thought of putting her tongue into his rectum repulsed her and she told him no. A well placed fist into her stomach convinced her to do as he demanded and she started to lick his ass hole. He told her to put her tongue inside and hit her in the stomach again to enforce his demand.

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   She slid her tongue in his foul smelling opening and almost vomited. He sat down hard, preventing her from getting away from the stench. As if to proclaim his control over her, the man farted  in her face, letting a long, drawn out and smelly burst of gas. Gloria lost control and spewed vomit all over the rapist’s ass and covered his cock and balls with it. He rose off her face and started beating her face, smashing  her nose and mouth with his powerful blows. He then forced his vomit covered cock into her mouth, telling her to clean it off. As she struggled to keep from vomiting again, he began punching her stomach over and over. He stood up on the bed and drove a foot into her stomach and her ribs until she finally passed out from the pain.
When she came to, she was being placed on an ambulance gurney and saw people standing over her. A paramedic was holding a plastic bag over her with a tube leading to her arm. A State Police Officer was telling her that she was going to be taken to the local hospital for treatment of her injuries. She happened to look down and saw her attacker lying face down in a pool of blood. Another Trooper was telling a third, who had Captain’s bars on his collar the attacker had reached for his knife when the officers broke the door down. He was shot at close range and died instantly. The Captain replied that at least the state wouldn’t have to spend the money on a trial or prison care for the scum.

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After weeks in the hospital, Gloria was ready to be released. She dreaded going into the house again and seeing the mess left by her attack. One of the girls from the store met her at the hospital and drove her home. As she got to her house, she saw her car sitting in the driveway, all polished up and looking like a new one. Her co worker told her that her mechanic had come out and got the car and fixed the wiring harness and that was the way it looked after he brought it back.
Gloria reached for the doorknob, not really wanting to go in but opened it anyway. The house was spotless. Someone had cleaned every trace of that terrible evening away and put new linens on the bed. The carpet had been cleaned and everything put back in its place. She turned away from the bedroom and walked into the kitchen and suddenly heard voices shouting, “Surprise!”. There were the entire staff from the jewelry store and several of her friends, standing around the table and holding a beautifully decorated cake marked “Welcome Home Gloria” was the State Trooper that had saved her life that night. She smiled and tried to act happy but soon burst into tears, causing the celebration to end quickly. Everyone there quietly left with the exception of the girl from her store and the trooper. He started to talk to her but as soon as the conversation switched to the attack, she broke out in tears and started to shake. The trooper put his hat on and excused himself, telling them he had to get back to the office.

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After the trooper left, Gloria just stood in the middle of the kitchen and sobbed. The physical effects of her attack would soon start to heal but the psychological effects were going to take a lot longer. Gloria’s co-worker, Denise started to pick up her purse to leave but Gloria begged her to stay a while, at least until she had calmed down some. Denise walked up to Gloria and put her arms around her to comfort her. Gloria was close to hysterics and hugged Denise tightly, crying on her shoulder and holding her so tight that Denise could hardly breathe.
The two stood in the middle of the kitchen, holding on to each other. Without a single word, Gloria kissed Denise on the lips very softly and thanked her for helping her. Denise responded by giving Gloria a more sensuous kiss and telling her that she would always be there for her. They broke their embrace and Gloria said she was going to go shower and go lay down. Denise said she would sit a while and then lock up for her. Gloria went into her room and took her clothes off and grabbed some fresh underwear, then headed for the bathroom. She slowly walked down the hall and left the door slightly ajar in case she needed help. Her legs still weren’t too strong yet.
She turned on the hot water and stepped into the tub, then closed the curtain. She stood there for several minutes, feeling the water beating on her and relaxing her tired muscles.

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   She soaped her body down and washed as if trying to wash away the memory of her attack. She had been in the shower almost a half hour when Denise became worried and came to check on her. Gloria had just stepped out of the shower and stood naked in front of the sink toweling off her hair. Denise opened the door and saw Gloria’s nude body and just quietly stood watching as Gloria dried her long hair. Denise had been in sexual situations with other women but had never even thought of Gloria this way until now. She saw that Gloria’s nipples were hard and noticed the hair covering her pussy was wet and curly. She finally cleared her throat and asked Gloria if she was okay. Gloria took down her wet towel and handed another to Denise, asking her if she would mind drying her back, since her arms and ribs were still a little sore. Gloria turned her back and Denise began to wipe her down with the dry towel. As she worked lower, she let her hands linger on Gloria’s firm buttocks. Gloria made no effort to move away or anything like that. Denise asked her to stand still while she rubbed skin lotion on her back. Once again, Gloria stood motionless as Denise began working the lotion into her skin. Gloria even leaned over the sink a little and steadied herself on the vanity top. Denise worked her way slowly down and then began to work some lotion into Gloria’s buttocks.

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   As her fingers rubbed the lotion in, Denise made a pass down Gloria’s crack and brushed against her pussy. It was more a test move than an effort to cover her with lotion. Gloria didn’t move a bit, she actually leaned back slightly as if she was enjoying it. Denise slowly worked her fingers up Gloria’s slit to test her reaction. Gloria simply turned to face her and said for her to do the front with the lotion. Denise put more on her hands and began working it into Gloria’s breasts and stomach. Denise decided to go for broke and slid her lotion covered hand down the front of Gloria and went directly to her pubic mound, then slid a finger inside Gloria’s slit. Gloria parted her legs and let Denise probe her even deeper. The two then embraced as in the kitchen and Denise began to push her tongue into Gloria’s parted lips. Denise went slowly, due to Gloria’s traumatic experience. The last thing she wanted to do was frighten her. Gloria slowly began to respond to Denise’s advances. Her hand went up and cupped Denise’s breast. She and Denise touched nipples and Gloria felt a tingle as the two women began to explore each other. Gloria reached down and slid her hand onto Denise’s pussy.


   Denise knelt and began to kiss all up and down Gloria’s body. Denise stood and took Gloria by the hand and led her to the bedroom. They lay across the bed and resumed their caressing. Denise moved lower and began kissing Gloria on her tummy and worked even lower until her tongue found the top of her slit. She gently pushed Gloria’s legs apart and began to explore her pussy. She slowly began to work her way deep inside Gloria’s wetness and then she moved to her clit. Denise began lightly sucking and licking Gloria’s clit as if it were going to break. As time went on and Gloria began to respond to her oral experience, Denise began to get more aggressive.
Gloria was getting more and more aroused and finally turned around facing Denise’s feet and began to explore her body. She soon was licking at Denise’s pussy and then sank her tongue deep inside. Denise slowed her actions and let Gloria bring her closer to orgasm, which didn’t take long, indeed. At the proper moment, Denise resumed her lovemaking and both women began to speed towards a mutual orgasm of earthquake proportions. They both exploded into cries of passion and lust that neither one had ever experienced. They both lay, totally exhausted and Denise was the first to speak. She told Gloria that she didn’t know what came over her, that she had never had a lesbian love experience before in her life.

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   Gloria responded by saying the same words. Both women turned longwise in the bed and fell asleep, arms wrapped around each other, kissing each other softly as they dozed off. They awoke the next morning still wrapped in each other’s arms. After a few gentle kisses, they headed for the shower. Luckily, neither one had to go in to work for the weekend and they spent it almost in its entirety making love to one another. The next week, Denise moved her things into the house and both enjoyed a relationship that would last for years

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