Hard Day in the Hot Sun


She sat on the floor of the van terrified. “Where are you taking me?” she stammered. “Anywhere we fucking feel like sweetheart!” replied Kenny. “Just don’t go worrying that pretty little head of yours about it is all. Mick and I’ll treat ya good – have NO fear of that girlie. ” He gestured towards her top. “Seein’ as how we might be a while gettin’ to where we’re going, what say you undo that cute little top and get your tits out for me love?”Kirsty gasped, and hugged herself. “Whoa, we got a shy one here Mick,” he looked back towards his brother behind the wheel. “We got ourselves some re-educatin’ to do bro!” He turned back to her. “How old are you babe?”“Fourteen. ” She whispered plaintively. “Please don’t hurt me!”“HURT you love?” he grinned at her. “We ain’t gonna hurt you babe, we aim to make you feel real good – don’t we bro?” He glanced behind his back once more as his brother replied. “Too right Ken, first-class all the way. SPECIALLY for a 14 year old. ” Both brothers guffawed although he kept the knife in full view of her petrified face.

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  “Ya got a name kid?” he asked her, staring intently at her pert little breasts and feeling that surge of desire that cute young schoolgirls never failed to arouse in him. “Kirsty” she replied barely audibly and lowering her glance to her lap as she smoothed her skirt down, her legs firmly together. He studied her. They had hit the jackpot with this one all right. Beautiful hot little teenie. Full uniform too – what a bonus! Short tartan skirt, crisp white blouse and tie, white socks black shoes…. he could only wonder about underneath? Unlike the fucking pretend schoolgirl wannabes on the net, most of which were nearer 28 on a good day, this here was the real mccoy, even her fear was adding to the anticipation. Oh, he had plans for her alright!“OK Kirsty, well now about those cute little tits,” he waved the knife theatrically, “I really must insist here – either you show them to me, or I get them out myself. What’s it to be?”She looked around desperately but God simply wasn’t on site that morning. She knew she was trapped with absolutely no way out. Resignedly she removed the tie, undid the top few buttons of her blouse and Ken’s eyes widened as her tight little beige-colored bra was exposed. He wondered if the panties matched?“Nice,” he said to her, “Please, continue!”The bra was a front-loader and as she unhooked the clasp he felt his mouth drying up. She let it gape open, blushing bright red as both breasts were three quarters revealed. He sat there ogling her. Transfixed by the firm and smooth mounds, crested by the merest buds of light brown nipples, he leant across and held the bra cups aside so that her breasts were fully uncovered.

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   He whistled softly. “Jesus Mick she’s soo hot man. Definitely an all-day job!”Kirsty began to sob but Kenny moved towards her and forcing her back against the rear bulkhead lowered his head and began to fondle her breasts and nipples. She tried to struggle and fend him off but merely succeeded in arousing him more. “Hey bro,” yelled out Mick “I gotta concentrate on driving here man – leave some for me. ”“ ’Nuff here for half a dozen guys Mick old son, don’t get ya balls in a twist. ”He started to suck her now, drawing deeply on her right nipple. She was wriggling and disgusted by his unwanted attention. He grabbed her left breast and began squeezing it as he drew down harder now. She was horrified to feel both nipples becoming erect beneath his lips and fingers. He felt it too. “The little bitch is getting hard Mick. ” He called back, “I think she likes it!”As she struggled defiantly but uselessly, he glanced down and saw her skirt riding up. He pushed his hand up between her thighs and groped the smooth satiny skin. She tried to close her legs but he was persistent and moving upwards allowed his hand to brush the front of her panties.

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   She gasped and tried to push his hand away. Leaning back he slapped her hard across the face which brought an end to the struggling. She was crying now as he began feeling her up around her pussy. Rubbing the front of her panties the outline of her young and obviously tight little vulva was all to obvious. He pushed his fingers in a fraction and felt the length of her slit. “Nooooo, don’t, please!” she whimpered. She may as well have asked a lion not to scratch her! Pulling her to her knees, he let his hand slide well up between her legs now until he could feel her panties curving up beneath her bottom. Pushing a finger inside the hem he made direct contact with her dark curls which framed that which he desired but as yet had not seen. She was breathing hard and tensed as he slipped a finger in her. She gasped out loud as his digit violated her young pussy and was soon joined by a second compatriot both of which explored her mercilessly. She felt the pressure as he struck the hymen. “Well well Kirsty,” he said, you HAVE been a good girl. Seal not broken huh? You know what this is called don’t you sweetheart?” He rubbed her labia and separated the damp lips. “My pussy…” she whispered, almost as an afterthought. “Oh you can do better than THAT sweetheart,” he grinned.

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   I’m sure a fourteen year old has heard the proper word. C’mon tell me girl…. what’s this called?” Again he fingered her inside her panties. “Don’t make me say it. ” She pleaded…. . “Please…” She may as well have ordered a Big Mac with fries!“I’m losing patience Kirsty,” he said “And you really don’t want me to do that right now, believe me!……now SAY it. ”“My c. c. c. c cunt,” she whispered. “See?” he was looking directly at her, “Now how easy was that? Ya got it…its your hot little cunt indeedy. Bet you’ve thought about some boy’s hot little cock in it too, haven’t you?” She shook her head. “Oh, sure you have kid. Most like when you’ve been friggin yourself thinking about your daddy coming in to kiss you goodnight and going that one step further.

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   All girls think about fucking their daddy…. . even the “good” ones!” To her horror, he then pulled out his erection. "Suck it Kirsty," he demanded, one hand still up between her legs. "I can't," she replied. . . . . "I've never done that to a boy. " "Well then," he smiled at her, "Here's your big moment - now SUCK me!. " He brandished the knife threateningly in the direction of her neck. She almost gagged as she closed her lips around the head. Acting purely on instinct, she sucked and rubbed him as he sat there watching her intently. It was probably her very inexperience that made it so arousing, not to mention seeing a young girl with a cock in her mouth for the first time.

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   The harder she sucked the more he rubbed her between her own legs. As he built to orgasm, she increased the tempo and knowing she'd have to swallow it, steeled herself. "Fucking hell," he let out as he came in her mouth. "Take it all Kirsty," he ordered her, the last remnants splattering on to her cheek. Just then, the car veered to the right and she felt it pull up somewhere. Mick killed the motor. “Here already Mick?” enquired Ken of his brother. “Cooly dooly bro. ” The rear doors were wrenched open and the sudden inbound light temporarily blinded her. Behind Ken’s brother she could see trees and a panorama of what looked like rural countryside. “Five hundred acres sweetie,” said Kenny, “And we own every last one of the suckers. What do you think about that?” She sat there, idly hooking her bra up and pulling her skirt down. “Be our guest sweetness,” muttered Mick. “Be real fun getting it all off you again I reckon. ” The brothers laughed in unison.

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   “You know what else kid? You can scream your heart out for as much as you want…ain’t no-one gonna hear you for miles!”They pulled her roughly from the rear tray. “Hey, go choose a spot you like kid…we’ll be with you shortly. ” Mick turned to close the van doors and Ken retrieved the keys from the ignition. Turning on her heel she ran. She heard their laughter behind her as she headed for the cover of what appeared to be the edge of a small forest. Running as fast as her small frame could muster, she held her own…. for maybe two minutes. Looking back, she missed her footing however, tripped and went sprawling. Her skirt was torn on some loose rocks dotting the landscape and she grazed her leg. Lying face-down on the slight incline she looked up as the two shadows covered her prostrate form. “Spirited little thing ain’t she?” said Kenny, as he cruelly delivered a kick to her bottom. The pain made her cry but she had more to worry about moments later as he used the toe of his boot to lift her skirt up towards her hips. She gasped as his brother knelt down and began feeling-up her bottom. “Cute little bum she’s got bro,” he muttered, “Lets have a good look at it!” having said which he tugged her panties half way down her legs. She gasped as she felt herself exposed.

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  “Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about,” said Kenny, ogling her curvy little bottom. He slipped both her shoes off and tossed them aside. She noticed some blood from her graze had dripped on to her new socks. It was soo hot out in the direct sun. At that moment she found out just HOW hot!“Enough of this crap Mick,” he said. “Hold the little cunt tight!”As Mick pulled her up onto his lap he pinioned her arms. She knew he would be staring down her top trying to see her nipples. At that moment, Kenny just tore her panties off, prised her legs apart and extricated what looked to her to be a huge erection. She screamed as he pushed it in to her pussy. “Please don’t rape me,” she pleaded uselessly. . “I’m still a virgin. ”“Not for long kid,” grinned Mick. “Kenny will fix you right up as far as that little problem’s concerned. ”She thrashed about as he penetrated her deeper and deeper.

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   Uncaring as to Mick’s hands down inside her bra, all she felt was this pain opening her up like a can-opener. Her struggles and youthful innocence inflamed his passion and Ken pushed into her pussy as hard as he could. The hymen gave way as she screamed out in pain, anguish and embarrassment. Fluid filled her pussy and looking down, she saw besides his cock thrusting deeper into her…blood trickling now from her abused pussy. Her tears would have rendered a more compassionate man to stop. Ken was on automatic though, grunting as he rode out his carnal desires and need to dominate. “Fuck, Fuck” he yelled as he felt his orgasm rising. “Gonna fill her cunt Mick, hold her tight. ” Even at the point of ejaculation he was pistoning into her. Michelle felt the hot jet as it struck her internal walls. He was still pumping it in as she fainted. She opened her eyes and her first thoughts were “why were her breasts vibrating like that?” She was completely naked, looking up momentarily she saw her arms were tied behind her to a couple of saplings. Her body felt bruised, and battered. Her grazed leg was hurting her too. As to the question of why her breasts were vibrating – it might have had something to do with Mick kneeling there between her legs raping her repeatedly.

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   She focussed on her lower body and watched as, like his brother, he was just thrusting his cock as far into her body as he could. She guessed correctly, that they had raped her continuously while she was still unconscious. He came in her again as she watched mechanically the cum trickling out of her as he withdrew. “Fuck it Kenny,” said Mick, “I’m out of fuel …that was my fourth. ”“And we haven’t even fucked her in the ass yet,” added Ken somewhat whimsically. “Ain’t no way we won’t be fucking THAT little ass my man, five’ll get ya ten on that one buddy!”“Yeah well if we don’t get her out of the direct sun man, she’s gonna be toast is what she is. ” Mick started to cut the ropes near her wrist “C’mon, lets get her up to the house Kenny. ” As they pulled her to her feet fully naked, she felt the full effects of what they had done to her. Blood and cum liberally mixed, ran out of her pussy and down her thighs. Her legs could not support her and looking down, her once unmarked breasts displayed the full spectrum of the abuse heaped upon their tender 14 year timeline. Bruising, fingermarks, even streaked cum were highly visible. She sobbed tears of despair at the hoplessness of her situation. She wanted her mum and dad…. and an Uzi, to put these two cretins out of her misery. Half carrying, half dragging the battered schoolgirl to their third-world bathroom, they ran a hot shower and dragged her in with them.


   Despite the continued abuse and the utter degradation of the situation at hand, there was no denying the recuperative effects of hot running water. In a semi-haze, she was aware of their soaping up her breasts, her pussy and her bottom. She saw that both still had what must be full-time erections and just murmered as first one held her up while the other one raped her, then the other. Incredibly she noticed that her own nipples were fully erect as the rapes continued. After what must have ben almost 30 minutes they took her out and laid her down on a bed that looked like anthrax spores at the very least, must be breeding there. Lying face down she felt her hips raised and a pillow shoved beneath her. She squealed as one of the brothers commenced rubbing something up between her crack. . as his finger slipped into her bum she knew what awaited her. “Please…please don’t do this to me. ” She begged, knowing now the futility of her words. Still the finger piled something into her and she felt the stickiness right down between her legs. Kenny mounted her from the rear and as his cock intruded into that last bastion of a young girl’s privacy, she sobbed quietly. At such a tender age, the rear passage really isn’t designed for such a rude awakening and to Kirsty it felt like they were gutting her with a drainpipe. She knew he had cum in her if only because he slid off and Mick took his place.

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   As he followed his brothe’s well worn trek, she felt his cock penetrating her cruelly. Whether or not he was the more depraved, she had no way of knowing but Mick negotiated his own prime-time satisfaction by spanking her bottom hard between each thrust. She had she guessed now, a bright red rear end by the time he filled her to overflowing once more. Most likely on account of wanting to strip her later – a twinge of merciful benevolence was hardly likely – but they allowed her to put her bra and knickers back on. Hurt, exhausted, raped and alone, she lay there crying softly. At the mercy of , two fully-fledged degenerates, she wondered if she would ever see her parents again. She wondered if she would even see tomorrow?.
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