I got my wife raped


I got my wife raped

I was on line talking to a few different people who became online friends of mine when we were talking about our wives and who's wife we would love to fuck if we had the chance,,.
From there it seemed like we would get braver and braver. . I would share different thoughts and a few picks with a few friends so It got to the point of where I didn't remember who I shared what with. . . I would take pictures of my wife when she wasn't looking with the stealth app on my phone. . It would look like it was off when it was snapping picks of her in the shower or getting dressed, even when she was laying there naked on the bed after a shower. . . One time I even got brave and she was laying with a pillow over her eyes because she had a headache. . I started spreading her legs and fingered her with my phone taking great video. . Before she took the pillow off her eyes I had put the phone away but not before I got some great shots of her laying there with my fingers buried deep inside her.

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  . Her juices coated my fingers like glue. .

Sure enough my online buddies and Iwould share thoughts and what we would do if our wives would let us. . One friend of mine said he gave his wife a sleeping pill and she was out cold. . He took shots of his cock buried deep inside her and even the picks of his cum that he shot onto his wife's face when he was done. . What I wouldn't do to fuck his wife. .

He tried again a few nights later but he said she woke up when he tried to stick it in her ass. . lol
There was another buddy I shared picks with, he and I would meet for coffee and he would bring his wife's panties over and I would grab a pair of my wife's freshly soiled pussy soaked panties for him. .

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   It was funny looking at the both of us sniffing each others wife's panties. . Wishing our wives would do a threesome. .

My wife has a hot little body andI would love to share it but she is way to prudish and said if I ever brought it up again she would stop having sex forever. . Bad enough I get it once a month now. .

Every guy I talked to in that manner that I sent pictures to all told me the same thing. What they wouldn't do to fuck my wife. . A couple of them had seen her in person and I would catch them staring at her the whole time.

. So when the faitful night happen I had no idea who it was that raped my wife. .

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About two weeks ago I went to work like I normally do on the afternoon shift. After work I usually go to the river to unwind as my wife is usually sleeping by the time I get home. . It is a nice place to unwind and relax.
When I called my wife at lunch she said she had a headache like she always says and would be in bed before I got home so I figured as much and went to the river like I usually do. . .

About 1:30am in the morning I went home and I seen the light on in the bedroom. I thought oh great she is going to yell at me for not coming home right away. . But when I got up there I found her blindfolded and tied to the bed. She had a vibrator in her pussy and a pair of panties in her mouth. There was a usb stick on the bed and it had a note that said. This was MY fault. It didn't click in at first but I put it in my pocket and untied her.

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   She was bawling her eyes out and hugging me telling me she was sorry there was nothing she could do. They made her. I said They?And she said yes she thinks there were three of them. I said lets call the police.
She said "No we cant I don't want to call them. I didn't see who it was and I don't want to get humiliatedin court. I just want to go take a shower and I want you to stay with me.

I told her ok and I never left her side the rest of the night till she fell asleep. .

As soon as she was sleeping I went downstairs to the other computer and stuck in the usb stick. . The first picture was a picture of her tied to the bed with the blindfold on. . And the rest of the picks got dirtier from there. There were some picks of her using her own vibrator and another with a cock in her mouth with her had on the vibrator in her pussy.

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  There were picks of her sucking two cocks at once ,. ,. One fucking her with another in her mouth there were some picks of her on all fours getting fucked from behind and one in her mouth. .
My cock was rock hard when I got near the end and there was video clips. In one video she brought herself to orgasm with her vibrator. Another she was riding one cock and sucking another one as she cum again. For a minute I started to think she was enjoying herself. There were picks of her sucking cock swallowing cum cream pies with the cum dripping out of her pussy and video to.
She hates sucking my cock but seemed to be having a good time over a bad one. .

While I was sitting at my computer I got an email from an unknown address. It was titled Great fuck so I opened it. .

Inside the email was a letter that said.

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"We all had a great time fucking your wife tonight. . Remember you brought this on yourself with all the pictures you sent.
Your wife is one great cock sucker and her cunt was tight as hell and soaking wet. .
I think she had a good time herself and it was her idea to tie her up again at the end to make it look like she was forced. .
Once we got there she fought for a few minutes feisty little woman anyway we made her swallow a pill one of us brought over and man after thatshe was wild. .
She was reaching for cocks she must have cum 20 times. We all look forward to doing it again. "

Signed The Gang.

I was dumbfounded. I went upstairs and she was still sleeping. .

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   I rolled her onto her back and damned if she wasn't still soaking wet between her legs. . I started to mount her and she woke up and told me to stop she was sore and hurt and didn't want sex.

I went back downstairs and started to look at the video and the picks again. . I was stroking my cock and I came all over the place.
The next morning my wife didn't even want to look at me. She got the kids ready for school then told me to leave her alone she was tired and wanted to go back to bed. .
After a few minutes I went upstairs as I could hear a faint noise. Im sure it was her vibrator as when I opened the door she must have been startled and made a lot of motion under the covers. . I thought she hates using the vibrator alone. . I was starting to wonder what was going on.

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To be continued.


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