The Rape and Brutalization of a Young High School Catholic Cheerleader (Part 1)


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Robert W. Harrison III sat in the corner at the local Starbucks enjoying an afternoon latte. At 45, he was still athletic and well toned. In his expensive designer suit, he looked exactly like you'd expect a powerful attorney to look. He gave off an aura of confidence and power, which was exactly what you'd expect from a Georgetown educated lawyer. And it was just that kind of persona that brought clients through his door, in droves. It was that confident, powerful demeanor that made him one of the most feared attorney's in New England.

But that was before! Before he went from the penthouse to the gutter. Before he had been disbarred. Before he had been convicted of raping a young law school intern, who had been assigned to his firm.

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   Before he had served five years in a sex offender treatment program in Upstate New York.

Once he had tasted the forbidden fruit that the law intern represented, he suddenly realized that there was nothing quite as satisfying as taking what he wanted from a woman. Particularly the young, confident little bitches, who tended to think that all men like him were old and unattractive, all the while flirting with them and acting like they were interested in them.

After having his way with the young intern, his appetite for younger women became insatiable. While she screamed and cried as he took her dignity from her, he suddenly became aware that taking what he wanted from those snotty young cunts, was a much more stimulating release of is sexual desire than anything he had ever experienced in his life. After committing the rape, Harrison knew that no other kind of sex would ever satisfy him again!

When he entered the treatment center, he knew they would try diligently to cure him of his impulses to rape young women. He did not intend to let them succeed. The thrill he got from it was far too exciting. During his time there, he had willingly complied with every demand they made of him. He attended his therapy sessions religiously and breezed through his evaluations like a man who was clearly focused on rehabilitation. He was by all accounts a model patient. In fact, so well had he progressed that the director had declared him to be "highly unlikely to re-offend".

After his release from the treatment facility, he was assigned to a very "butch looking" female probation officer. Her name was Debby and she was fat, all business and did absolutely nothing for him in terms of attraction. Therefore it was it easy to maintain his focus on his post-treatment rehab plan, when he met with her.

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   Eventually, having done everything expected of him (and more) he was released from direct supervision and was finally free to re-locate to a different area of the country, if he chose to.

Once he was released from probation, he immediately took advantage of that opportunity. He wanted to go where nobody knew his name, or his face. In his new town, in spite of the distance from the Northeast, Harrison still looked every bit the part of a high class attorney, who would easily blend in at any respected firm on the East Coast. It was a natural role and the only one he was comfortable in. Besides, it worked well during his 'shopping trips'.

In spite of outward appearances, Harrison's image was just a facade. In truth, Harrison was now just like so many of the scumbags his firm had defended over the years. He was now, just one of thousands of sex offenders who roamed the streets of any major city you could name. However, in spite of how far he had fallen from his past life, Harrison considered himself nothing like other sex offenders. He was better than them. He was clearly far out of their league and he knew it. One would probably go so far as to say that he had "standards", if it’s possible to say that about a sex offender.

Unlike the local perverts who targeted anything with a vagina, Harrison chose his victims much like one chose a fine luxury automobile. And now, more than a thousand miles from the ever watchful eyes of psychiatrists and probation officers Harrison would be free to shop, which was why he was in this particular Starbucks, on this particular day.

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Just after 3:00 PM, the nearby high school dismissed classes. Unlike in his high school days, modern teens tended to congregate at the coffee shop. Usually to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi and to chug down high octane energy drinks. The students from this particular high school seemed to have an unusually high number or attractive and mature looking young women. For that reason, this Starbucks had become his new favorite 'hang out'.

On this particular afternoon a group of ten senior girls, and a handful of young male jocks, made their grand entrance. The males seemed to look like every other high school jock that Harrison had ever seen. Nothing exceptional about any of them and most of them appeared to be drooling just from being in the presence of these young ladies. The girls (if you wanted to call them that) were much more like women than when Harrison was in school. Their young bodies were fully mature, which served to make one forget they were only 18 or 19 years old. As Harrison watched them, it was easy to understand how a fully grown man could be sexually attracted to a young woman who had only been driving a car for less than five years.

As he watched the group gather to place their orders, his attention was suddenly caught by one in particular. This one was clearly unlike the others. She wore a high school letter-jacket, with a graduation year patch of 2010, "a senior" he noted. On the other shoulder she wore a cheerleading patch.

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   In addition to the patch, the jacket was adorned with ribbons and medals boasting of her exceptional prowess as a cheerleader.

While some would argue that cheerleading didn’t qualify as an athletic event, it was hard to argue that the young women who participated in cheerleading didn't treat it as seriously as would any top athlete. And it was also hard to argue that most cheerleaders had sweet young bodies with incredible stamina. It was clear from the accomplishments displayed on her letter-jacket that they were testament to the hard work she had put in to be, not just a cheerleader, but the best cheerleader! In consideration of those observations, he decided that this young woman was worth watching more closely.

As Harrison watched her, he noticed an air of confidence, almost bordering on superiority. She seemed more mature and dignified, in many ways, than the rest of the young women in her group. She seemed friendly and pleasant, but in spite of that he couldn’t help but get the impression that she was a bit of snob.

Physically she was extremely attractive. She had long, silky, brown hair and beautiful brown eyes that seemed to emit a look of intelligence and a firm grasp of things that many of her friends could only hope to ever understand.

In addition to her natural beauty, she seemed to know exactly where she was going in her life and would let nobody stand in her way. She was clearly light years ahead of most young women her age, which made her stand out even more.

She also possessed a body that made her look several years older than her chattering classmates. This combined with her obvious maturity and confident air, immediately got Harrison's attention. As he felt an unmistakable bulge growing under his pants, Harrison quickly decided that this one was worthy of the same treatment the young legal intern had received. The difference now was that he’d take his time with this one, and this time he wouldn’t get caught.

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Harrison pretended to concentrate on his newspaper. As he did, he alternately glanced up to observe the sweet young object of his desires. As the group of students finished ordering they gathered around two tables, less than 15 feet from where Harrison was sitting and collected enough chairs for all of them to sit.

As they arranged the chairs, he got a closer look at her. As he watched her eyes, they seemed happy and full of spirit. He smiled as he envisioned how he would knock the spirit out of them. She appeared to be about 5’5” and her flowing brown hair went halfway down her back and shined like the sun under the bright florescent lights.

Her face seemed to have a permanent smile etched into it that showed off her perfectly straight, shiny white teeth. As he looked closer, he noticed how her blue jeans hugged her young, firm, tight ass like a snug fitting glove. Looking at the front of her letter-jacket, he noticed her name stitched across the upper left. Her name was Diana. Looking more closely, he noticed through the front of her open letter jacket, her orange pullover shirt. The shirt was simple cotton and nothing particularly flashy. However, it was form fitting and beautifully accentuated the outline of her bra and her firm and perky young tits that seemed to be almost calling to Harrison.

As she selected her chair and sat down, Harrison watched her as she sat down to the right of a fairly plain looking girl.

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   As she lowered her sweet little ass into her chair, he watched as one of the jocks suddenly rushed around the table and shoved his way past another male and into the seat immediately to her right. Clearly he liked this girl and wanted to sit next to her. Harrison was curious to watch the interaction between the two.

As they spoke of graduation (only two weeks away) and what the future held for each of them, Harrison feigned disinterest and returned his attention to his Wall Street Journal. Pretending not to notice the group, nor to appear interested in their animated teen conversation, Harrison smiled as he said her name over and over in his brain. “Diana, Diana”, he whispered in his head with a sinister voice, “Come here, Diana! It’s time to play!” As her name repeated over and over, an image suddenly came into his mind. The image played out acts of sexual depravity that he doubted the young cheerleader could imagine in her wildest dreams. As the images continued to taunt him, the bulge in his pants grew larger. Adjusting himself, discreetly under the table, he suddenly imagined all the things he would do to her. Pausing, he considered how he could carry off his plan.

As the group of students shared their post-high school plans with each other, Diana told of her dream to study in China. She said that she had applied at Georgetown University, in hopes of getting into their Asian studies program. Georgetown had a well-respected study abroad program that partnered with Fudan University in Beijing. Diana told anybody who would listen that she was hoping to get into Georgetown and use a study abroad experience in China as a stepping stone to a career in politics.

Her discussion about Georgetown got Harrison’s attention and he couldn’t believe his luck! As a Georgetown graduate, Harrison was extremely familiar with the school's application process.

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   Armed with that knowledge, he suddenly knew exactly what bait to use. Now, all he had to do was hope that Diana was as awestruck by Georgetown as she seemed, and just naive enough to let him reel her in.

Returning to his paper, he smiled as he realized how very fruitful his ‘shopping trip’ to Starbucks had been. He had selected his merchandise; now all he had to do was put his selection in his “cart” and take it home!

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