The Rape and Brutalization of a Young High School Catholic Cheerleader (Part 15)


Lifting Diana off the floor, Tyrone carried her across the room. As her body hung limp in his arms, she slowly regained consciousness and let out a quiet moan. As he dropped her on the bed, the impact jarred her fully conscious and her eyes opened with a start.

Standing over her, Tyrone smiled and quickly stripped out of his sweats. As his cock, still wet with her saliva, hung down from between his legs he stroked himself until it slowly began to stiffen again. Lying on her back, Diana stared up at him with a blurry-eyed stare. Her eyes seemed to be focusing on his cock, which (due to her lack of sexual experience) was not terribly surprising. Until that night, it was unlikely that she had seen very many cocks and Tyrone’s large black package (especially being uncircumcised) had to look far different than what she had seen in health class textbooks. The look on her face made that quite clear.

Still stroking himself, Tyrone moved closer to Diana and interrupted her attempt to sit up by shoving her down onto her back. Still staring up at him, her look of fear seemed to grow more intense. Suddenly, she raised her left foot and tried to kick him. Neither Harrison nor Tyrone expected it, but Tyrone was lightening fast and easily blocked it, causing her foot to sail well wide of her intended target.

As her foot (still brandishing her four-inch heel) shot past his thigh, Tyrone reached out with his huge hand and grabbed a firm hold of her ankle. Then, holding her foot firmly in his right hand, he pinned her ankle against his hip and laughed at her as she tried to pull her left foot away from him, while simultaneously trying to kick him with her right and screaming at him to let her go.

Harrison watched from the corner as Diana, (who seemed to have suddenly regained some of her spunk) tried to fight against Tyrone.

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   Harrison smiled as he realized how unfair a fight it was and how futile her attempts to resist seemed. As she continued to kick at him with her right foot, Tyrone continued to hold a firm grasp on her left, as he bobbed and weaved, (like a heavyweight boxer, intentionally toying with a far weaker opponent) and taunted her as she flailed her foot at him.

As Diana continued to try to fight him off, it quickly became obvious that the fight wouldn’t last long. Even on her best day, Diana (in spite of her youth, athletic body and her normally confident spirit) would be no match for Tyrone. But on this night (between the lingering effects of the rohypnol, her lack of sleep and the physical exhaustion the earlier rape had caused) this particular battle was a mismatch of epic proportions.

While Tyrone maintained almost effortless control of her left leg, Diana continued to blindly flail her right one in his direction, missing him every time, and pleading (in her hoarse voice) “Let me go! Please let me go!” As the one-sided battle continued, Tyrone mocked her and said “Look at the little white bitch, trying to fight off ‘ol Tyrone! Ooh!” he said, smiling and feigning fear “I’m scared. Don’t hurt me!”

As she continued to kick at him, the ferocity of her kicks grew less and less. As her the kicks quickly began to grow more infrequent, and she was starting to breath hard, it was obvious that she was getting tired. Harrison could tell from his vantage point that she didn’t have much fight left. Tyrone noticed too and said “You should save your strength! Tyrone likes his bitches to have a little fight in them. ”

Suddenly, Diana groaned and threw one last feeble kick toward his groin. Like the others, it missed its mark by a mile, causing her foot to drop over the edge of the mattress. As her leg dropped down onto the mattress, the lower half hung limp over the side of the bed and Tyrone moved in.

Letting go of her left foot, he quickly reached towards he waist of her dress slacks and opened her belt. Yanking the thin patent leather belt, out of the belt loops he deposited it on the bed and proceeded to focus his attention on her slacks.

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   With minimal effort on his part and no resistance from Diana, he opened the front of her expensive pants and yanked them down to her ankles.

Looking at her panties, still wet with saliva from when Harrison had made her use them as a gag, Tyrone assumed they were wet for other reasons and commented “Looks like the little whore is already wet and ready for Tyrone’s licorice stick! I was gonna chow down on your tight little white twat. But,” Tyrone continued “it looks like you’re ready for business, bitch. ”

Looking over his shoulder at Harrison he smiled and said, “Mr. Producer, you better get that camera ready. We’re gonna do this scene in one take!” As Diana lay on the bed, too exhausted to fight anymore, there was little she could do to keep him from doing whatever he intended to do to her. Suddenly, moving his fingers to the lacey waistband of her wet panties, he slipped his fingers inside and ripped them from her body. Tossing what was left of the satin panties onto the floor he looked at her small dark muff and smiled. Then, with her slacks around her ankles, draped down onto the floor, he positioned himself between her thighs and ripped open the three remaining buttons on her blouse. As the buttons flew off and the safety pins that held the bottom together tore away from the fabric, they ripped holes in the expensive silk.

With her blouse draped open on the bed, her bra served as the last remaining piece of clothing that was capable of protecting any of her remaining dignity. The straps that Harrison had torn earlier in the evening had been tied in knots to secure the straps to her shoulders. Slipping his fingers into her cleavage, he tugged on it and tore it off her with minimal effort.

Smiling at her, Tyrone rubbed the head of his massive cock through her dark fur patch and pressed it against her opening. As she felt his cock touch her, she shifted her gaze down between her legs and stared at his massive tool.

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   As she looked at it her look of fear had changed to one of complete terror, she began to whimper and the tears again began to flow. Then, closing her eyes, she quietly pleaded for her dad to come and save her then, clutching her crucifix, she prayed to God to not let him hurt her.

In the middle of her prayer, Tyrone pushed forward until the 'helmet' of his 'dark soldier' was just touching her opening. As he rubbed it against her tight slit, Diana immediately shrieked "No! Please don't!" Then, reluctantly she said, I-I-I'll suck it some more". Smiling at her, with a big toothy grin, "That sounds good, but, since you like eating black dick so much, I bet you like getting fucked by it, even more' don't you?" Then, pushing only about an inch into her tight little slit, he slowly parted the opening of her cunt with the head of his cock and held it there.

Diana immediately shrieked. "No! No! Stop! Please. . . . . . . . stop!" But he just pushed further, stopping every inch or so, to allow her tightness to close around his shaft.

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   As her young pussy clamped onto his cock, he pushed again and again, stopping each time and pausing for several seconds. Finally, once he had fully penetrated her, he pushed against her battered cervix and held his cock against it as she grimaced, in anticipation of the pain she expected him to inflict on her, she pleaded with him in a pathetic whimper "Don't hurt me! Please, don't hurt me!"

"What's the matter, bitch? You don't like it rough?" Diana closed her eyes and sniffed back tears as she shook her head, side-to-side, indicating a definite "No!" Taunting her more, as Harrison continued to man the video camera; he said "All Tyrone's little honeys love it when Tyrone shows them who's the boss! They love getting slammed by Tyrone's 'magic wand', especially them white whores!"

Still holding his cock fully inside her, he said “You’ll like this better than any of those skinny-decked white boys that want to get into your sweet pussy!" As her tight little opening (still sore from the abuse she had taken from Harrison) stretched to accommodate his massive dick, her pelvic muscles strained as her fuck tunnel held him like a vise inside her. "Beg for my dick, bitch!" he said. "Tell me how much you love getting fucked by black cock!" Diana groaned and screamed "No! No!"

Pushing harder against her cervix, Diana gasped and cried out "Stop! Oh please stop! It hurts! It hurts!” Pressing his hands against her shoulders, pinning her to the mattress, Tyrone said “You want this don’t you bitch?” Diana closed her eyes and shrieked “No!” Suddenly shaking her and bouncing her head against the mattress, Tyrone yelled “Don’t lie bitch! You want my black cock fucking you and you know it. Now beg, whore!” Again, Diana refused and yelled “No!”

Suddenly, without warning, Tyrone withdrew his dick slightly and slammed it into her cervix, yelling “Take it, bitch! Take my fucking cock!” Screaming, Diana wailed, “STOP! IT HURTS! IT HURTS!” Stopping immediately, Tyrone grinned a big toothy grin and asked “Don’t like it rough, huh bitch? Okay,” he continued “Beg for my dick and I’ll go easy on you. Otherwise, I’ll ram it all the way through the back of your sweet white cunt!”

As Tyrone moved to her breasts, pawing at them with huge, dark hands, he pushed his cock into her once again and said “Beg for my black dick, bitch!" Again, withdrawing slightly, Tyrone prepared to slam it back into her depths a third time and continued “Beg for it, or you’ll get hurt!”

No longer able to endure the pain of Tyrone’s cock ramming into her cervix Diana, apparently fearing she would be ripped in two if she didn’t submit, began to sob hysterically. Finally, after what seemed like hours, but what was only about a minute, Diana’s crying subsided and she quietly closed her eyes. Then, whimpering and tensing her body for what she knew was about to happen, she stammered, “F-f-f-fuck me! F-fuck me!”

“Shit!” Tyrone mocked. “I can’t hear ya’ bitch! What did you say?” Slowly repeating herself, a little louder, she said “Fuck me! I want you to f-f-fuck me!” Clearly it pained Diana to say the words, and she could barely keep from crying as she said them, but somehow she struggled through.

“That’s better, bitch!” Tyrone said. Then, as he slowly began to pump his cock up an down inside her, he grabbed a handful of her silky hair and said “Say it again and don’t stop till I tell you too, you fuckin’ white whore!” Having lost all ability to resist Tyrone’s demands Diana, reluctantly, complied. As her firm young body bounced up and down under the rhythmic thrusts of Tyrone’s pounding hips, and tears streamed down her face, her agonizing moans of “Fuck me! Fuck me!” filled the room. As she shrieked, over and over, Harrison captured it all on the digital video camera. .
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