Turning Teen Runaways Into Harem Slaves Part 8 - Cassie and The Pack


Turning Teen Runaways Into Harem Slaves Part 8 - Cassie and The Pack

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This chapter finally deals with Cassie, and could easily be put under Forced or Animal. Enjoy.

After I had finally enjoyed a long evening of raping my "daughter" Ashley, I decided it was time to deal with Cocktease Cassie.

Over the past few weeks of enjoying her equally beautiful but more pleasant sister slaves, I had decided that Cassie was too much of a little white trash, spiteful cunt to be worthy of my harem, and was physically unsuitable to be a pony. But I knew I could definitely use her for my pleasure and amusement, for years to come.

A few days later on a cold cloudy day in April, I had her removed from the machines that had been keeping her on the edge of orgasm for weeks. By now she had become a good enough deepthroater that Winston, my butler and her cocksucking teacher, was allowing her to cum most evenings after their lesson.

On my orders, Winston had her ballgagged and put on a leather collar and leash. He then forced her to walk naked on all fours as he brought her upstairs from my dungeon, then down to a fenced area near the stableyard. As she struggled to crawl alongside Winston down the hill, the cold wet wind picked up and she shivered miserably, her face bright red with shame when she saw me and my houseguests, her white skin looking bluish and goosebumped from the cold.

She was led by her leash into a muddy holding pen. Using her collar and wrist cuffs, she was chained so tightly to a hook embedded in the ground that her face and hands were a few inches from the ground, and her ass was forced higher in the air. Her thighs were cuffed and chained back to spread her cocktease cunt wide open and unprotected.

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   I watched her squirm and struggle and was satisfied she was unable to move at all, or close her thighs. She looked exactly like a nice dog bitch in heat, head crouching down, presenting herself to a potential stud.

I signed to a handler, who strode over to her and smeared a smelly reddish gel all over her cunt, making her squeal fearfully. Her embarassment was now forgotten as she was clearly terrified. I smiled as I thought about how I was curing her--she'd never be a cocky little cockteaser again.

I nodded again to my handler, and immediately my 15 trained attack dogs were released into the ring. All of them were large guard dog breeds trained to kill intruders, or anyone else I told them to. I was their master as much as I was to my slaves, and they obediently watched from a distance as I walked into the pen and knelt before Cassie, crouched at my feet, whimpering and crying into her big ball gag as she looked up at me beseechingly.

"Well Cocktease Cassie, you have been begging me for weeks to let someone fuck you so that you could cum. I told you before that I am a merciful master, so I have decided to let you cum as much as you want. You will get fucked enough to cum 20 times a day if you want.

"The only problem is, you are just too much of a mean, white trash little bitch to soil my cock with. My slaves need to be better than that, so that it means something to tear their souls apart. What's the point of all that work on a worthless little cunt who is already trash?

"However you can still be very useful on my property. You will never be fucked by me, or by any human male, ever.

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   Instead I am giving you to my pack of guard dogs as a fuck bitch. " Her green eyes bugged out and she began to scream hysterically into the ball gag, but that caused my dogs to growl and bark menacingly at her, which shut her whore mouth up better than a cattle prod would have.

"It would be nice to fuck that juicy little virgin cunt of yours one time, Cassie, but these dogs know I am their master, and if I fuck you even one time, they will consider you my bitch and never touch you. So even your virginity will have to be taken by the pack.

"Since you aren't an actual dog, I've taken the trouble to have you positioned appropriately, and to make sure they understand your purpose, your cunt has been liberally smeared with a canine pheromone gel, given off by bitches in heat. And now I think it's time to see if this is enough to motivate my fine dogs!"

I removed her ball gag then, but she was too terrified to make a sound as I walked out of the pen and locked it behind me. As the dogs swarmed over her and began sniffing and licking her shivering body, her face and especially her cunt, she began to whimper and tremble miserably. They got even more excited and began barking and fighting a bit amongst themselves, establishing hierarchy on who had access to the new bitch.

A large black doberman, the pack leader, was first to mount her. He sniffed and licked her moist trembling cunt, then mounted her and thrust his thick knobby cock into her little fuckhole. She shrieked in pain and total humiliation, knowing that a crowd of men, the kind of men she used to cocktease, were watching her being fucked by a dog. It was the end of the workday and many of the grooms came over to watch as the big dog began to ecstatically fuck his new bitch.

It was quite a sight to see that dog's muscular haunches pump his long pink sheath into a girl's tender virgin cunt. Her pussy lips were spread at a freakish angle and her hymen blood oozed slowly along the dog's thick shaft.

In his excitement he growled and lightly bit her shoulders, enjoying what sounded to him like her cries of pleasure.

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   She wailed in agony as the huge black dog finally came. His knot locked inside her and he continued to thrust deep into her tiny virgin cunt.

As she looked out at the crowd and uttered terrified little whimpers of pain, I mentioned to the grooms that she had thought she was too good for men her own age. They laughed loud and long at her, naked on all fours in the mud with a Doberman on top of her, pumping into her snatch.

The other dogs could hardly wait for the Doberman's cock to finally release Cassie, her sobbing smothered by the noise of the dogs. Even after the Doberman came, it took long minutes for his knot to shrink enough for him to pull his thick cock out of her. His semen and her virgin blood oozed down her thighs and that made the pack of dogs even more crazed.

A Pit Ball then mounted Cassie, eagerly thrusting into her bleeding doggie cunt, as a Rottweiler stood in front of her and pushed his cock into her face, which she tried to turn away from. I smiled as I thought of all the careful training I'd supervised last year using a little Mexican whore I'd bought at auction, as my handler taught the dogs to demand blowjobs from the little slut. In the end she had gone insane from the humilation and constant doggie raping, and when she had finally started screaming and lashing out at the dogs, trying to get them to leave her alone, they had fallen on her in snarling rage before anyone could react. There was hardly enough left of her to bother burying, but I had to admit I liked dogs that were just as intolerant of disrespectful little cunts as I was.

I bellowed that if she didn't want to be torn apart by the snarling pack, she would suck the Rottie's cock. She wept as he mounted her head and began pushing his cock at her, but she opened her mouth as it came out of its sheath and sucked, while the Pit Bull continued to fuck her cunt. There were shouts of surprise at that--many of the grooms had never seen a human female suck dog cock before. There was more excited discussion as the Rottie came in her mouth and she vomited it out onto the ground.

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To keep all 15 dogs from killing her, Cassie had to let herself be fucked at least twice by each dog. Once a dog had cum in her cunt once, he was usually satisfied with her just sucking his cock the second time. The only exception was the Doberman, who mounted her bleeding, dripping cunt three times. But it turned out the big Doberman had a surprise even for me.

After they had all had her cunt and mouth at least once, I pushed a button that suddenly released the collar around her neck and the cuffs around her wrists and thighs, making her completely loose. I expected her to try to run, and the Doberman to subdue her and fuck her again before she could escape.

Before she could react though, the big Doberman grabbed her by the back of the neck and dragged her toward the path to their kennels. The other dogs barked excitedly and followed, or turned and snarled at the handler and two grooms who had run into the pen to try and rescue her. The pack had found their bitch and they were going to keep her. Cassie screamed in terror as the Doberman pulled her into their area. I turned to the kennel monitors and saw the Doberman drag her to a dog house in the back, then growl and terrorize her until she crawled inside it.

I was delighted in the way my pack leader had exceeded my expectations. I could have gotten poor little Cassie out of there, but I decided it would be infinitely more interesting watching the pack integrate her as their bitch. I left her in there for three months, before sedating her and the pack long enough to send in two grooms to get her. But even that was just a short reprieve--it was only to complete a little experiment that had sprung up in my mind.

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The video of Cassie's time as the pack's bitch was fascinating. Each day the Doberman would exert his right to fuck her before any of the others. After terrorizing her the first few days, she began to automatically assume her position for him to mount her. Once he had cum in her and his knot had released her, the other dogs would nose her onto her back, so that one could fuck her cunt while another mounted her face and forced her to suck his cock.

After a couple of months in which Cassie obviously did not become pregnant, the Doberman became frustrated with her and got increasingly aggressive, biting and scratching hard as he fucked her. I suppose I could have just removed her for good, but instead I consulted a veterinarian friend of Collins.

With his help, we sedated and caught the Doberman long enough to get a few healthy samples of his sperm. Then we used eggs from a nice black lab to match Cassie's raven black hair, and made doggie embryos. The vet said there was no reason Cassie couldn't carry a litter of puppies, so we removed her just long enough to put in the embryos, then returned her to the pack.

The Doberman immediately sensed that Cassie was pregnant, and stopped his aggressive behavior. They were born about nine weeks later, right on time for canine gestation, and I was delighted watching on the monitor, as Cassie gazed in horror at her litter of puppies. I left her in there with them, and their sire of course threatened her until she allowed her pups to suckle on her breasts. She would lie on her side as the four puppies took turns sucking on her teats. Cassie's eyes were glazed and she no longer resisted anything the Doberman pushed her to do.

At that point I decided to bring her out.

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   If I had left Cassie in there for good, she probably would have ended up accepting it. Unlike my ponies, I did not want her to become an animal in her mind. I wanted her to always be a human girl who had fucked dogs and had puppies for them, living in a kennel for months. And I wanted her to be paraded in front of everyone I knew while I told them about her doing that.

I moved her back into her cell and made her watch the videos of her time as the pack's bitch over and over again. She was brought out for my dinner parties while my guests enjoyed after dinner drinks. With her sitting on the floor in a very doggie position, humilated beyond all belief, I showed them the videos of her being mated, living in the dog house, getting fucked by the whole pack every day, suckling her litter of puppies. Then I would bring in a couple of the dogs to fuck her right there for them. For a special fee several of the guests got to witness additional impregnations of Cassie and the birth of new litters of puppies.

To be continued