Leapers Wood part two


After meeting John in the woods I could hardly wait until we got together again, the rest of the week dragged as I waited for Saturday.
Saturday arrived and I got my jobs out of the way so that I was ready to leave the house after lunch. Over lunch my Mum asked what I had planned for the rest of the day, a quick visiting a friend at his house was all the reply she expected. 'What about tea' she asked, I said I wasn't sure I might have tea at my friends place. I knew this would let me get away with staying out till about 7:00pm without worrying my parents, my friends and myself often had tea at the house we were visiting.
By 12:30 I was knocking on John's door, he answered it just wearing a dressing gown. 'Come in, come in' he said and ushered me down to his lounge room, 'Sit down don't stand on ceremony' he pointed to the lounge. I sat and looked round the room, there was quite a few photos of boys round my own age, most of the boys had no clothes on. I also saw a camera on a tripod and a movie projector, I knew what it was though I only knew one other person that owned one. John sat down next to me, his dressing gown gaped and I could see his cock, it was not hard but it was still bigger than mine with a hard on. 'I'm expecting some other friends coming over, I think you will like them' he said. I was a little dissapointed as John was my new friend and I wanted him for myself, however I didn't say that. John left the room he said he was going to put on the kettle, before leaving he gave me a photo albumn to look at. I opened it to the first photo, it was a boy about my age sucking a man's cock the next page had four photos in these the boy was having his cock sucked by another man while he sucked the same cock. The photos went on page after page sometimes different boys but all sucking or being sucked or photos of boys with cum over their faces or bodies. I didn't realise but my own cock had grown stiff so stiff that I had to undo my trousers so that I was more comfortable.

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   At that point John returned to the room, 'See I told you other boys and men wanked and sucked each others cocks, but we keep it a secret because some Dads and Mums don't like boys doing it', I nodded in agreement I was sure my Mum and Dad would tell me off for wanking.
At that point I heard a car drive up, something still rare in our town, after the car doors slammed there was a knock on the door. John answered the door ushering his visitors down to the lounge room. One of the visitors was a boy near my age the other was a priest, John introduced them as Jim and Father Brian. 'Oh good' I thought someone preaching the Bible to me, I had been avoiding Sunday school and Church for ages. But I was wrong Father Brian said how happy he was to meet me and that he and Jim would like to be my special friends as well. John encouraged us all to look at his photo albumns while we had a cup of tea and some biscuits. As we looked through them Father Brian commented on this and that photo, encouraging Jim and myself to look at this or thatparticular photo when one caught his eye. I had forgotten I had undone my photos until I felt John's fingers stroking the outline of my hard cock. 'Look Peter has got a hard on' he said bringing it to the attention of the others, Well so do I, in fact I think we all do'. There were nods of agreement from the others, Father Brian suggested that we should all take our clothes off so we would be more comfortable. I was a little uncomfortable taking my clothes off in front of others, but not wanting to be left out I stripped. There we were the four of us naked with our cocks standing out, John suggested that it would be nice if we all touched each others cocks Father Brian agreed as we all wanted to be close friends didn't we. Before I knew it my cock was being touched by Jim and Father Brian, John was stroking Jim's the nearest to me was the Fathers so I wrapped my fingers round his hard shaft. John stepped away and turned on the projector then turned out the lights.

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   On the screen I saw a group like ourselves all touching each other then they started to suck each other, I jumped as a mouth covered my cock. I looked down from the screen to see the back of Jim's head, it bobbed up and down as he sucked my cock. Father Brian positioned his cock so that it touched my lips then pushed it slowly forward my mouth opened to accomodate it, it was not as thick as John's so I found it easier to suck it, remembering to not use my teeth. The Fathers cock was soon replaced by John's then Jims as we all swapped places. It was Jim that shot his load of cum in my mouth, his was not as bitter as John's, there wasn't as much either plus his cock was nearer the size of mine so it was deeper in my mouth so I swallowed it all. Jim then went on to suck off John while I finished Father Brian, then Jim went on to suck my cock until I shot my cum in his mouth I noticed he swallowed mine with a shy smile on his face.
After the first session we watched another movie and looked at more photos, these showed boys putting their cocks in others bums, this really confused me. The Father and John seemed to find this very interesting saying it looked like a lot of fun. It seemed Jim was interested as well and asked if I would like to try it with him. Typical teenager, it didn't take much encouragement for me to try and of course my cock was once again hard. John started sucking my cock making sure there was a lot of spit on it while Father Brian put what looked like Vaseline round Jim's bum hole, pushing his finger inside  and rubbing it around. Jim then knelt in front of me while the Father spread his bum cheeks, John guided my cock to the opening then told me to push. There was some resistance then my cock buried into Jims hole, it felt like something squeezing my cock but a nice squeezing. I worked my cock in and out of his bum, the feeling was almost overwhelming Jim was moaning as I moved not a moan of hurt but one of pleasure. I noticed a flash go off nearby John was taking photos, more flashes as I drove my cock quicker and quicker in to Jim.


   I could hold back no longer my cock really throbbed as I shot what I considered a huge load of cum into Jim, I didn't want it to stop but I was nearlly falling over shaking from exertion. I finally pulled my cock out surprised to find it wasn't covered in shit but shiny with a mixture of Vaseline and my own cum.
For a while I sat in a bit of a daze, John was talking about how good it looked and how the photos would turn out. Jim was just sitting with that shy smile on his face Father Brian also had a sile on his face as he stroked his own cock. 'I bet you would like to do that to Peter wouldn't you Jim', I could see Jim slowly nodding. Jim's cock was really hard I wondered what it would feel like inside me, 'would you like to try Peter, it wont hurt' Jim spoke softly to me. What could I say I thought Jim was really nice and he let me do it to him. Moments later John was working his finger into my bum hole with vaseline helping it, then I knelt as Jim had I then felt a pushing against my bum hole. At first Jim couldn't get his cock in then the head seemed to push it's way in I tried to relax my bum muscles bit by bit I felt his cock filling me. I didn't hurt much it just felt uncomfortable to start with but soon Jim was slowly sliding his cock in and out of me, a warm feeling seemed to build up to be truthfull a rather nice feeling. My own cock was now hard again very hard in fact i wished I could play with it, instead Father Brian moved under me and took it into his  mouth and while Jim worked his cock in my bum the Father sucked on my cock, I was in heaven. Finally Jim shot his load of cum deep inside me my own load emptied into the Fathers mouth, I collapsed into a heap surprised to feel a kiss on my lips it was Jim, I just gave him a smile before dozing off.

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