Ghost hunting


"Okay, nothing found upstairs. " I said, "We should probably check the basement now unless you're too scared. "

"You think there really are ghosts down there?" my little sister asked with a slight bit of fear in her squeaky, youthful voice.

"I don't know,but it is spooky down there. " I replied, emphasizing the last words with an imitation of a ghost's moan.

"Quit it!" she exclaimed, smacking me softly on the arm. "Mom and dad said not to try and scare me anymore. And anyway, it's not going to work. "

I smiled at her warmly, nodding my head. "Fine. You just make it so easy to do. "

She stuck her tongue out at me, making a 'flpfpfpf' sound, before grasping my hand and walked with me to the basement door.

"I don't know if I want to go down there anymore. " she stated as we approached the old and dusty wooden door frame.

"It's okay. .

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  . I'll protect you from any ghosts. " I said in an overly macho voice, hugging her with one arm. "Lets go down. "

She looked at me with a slightly worried look, obviously trying to hide her fear of what unknown things might lie downstairs. "It's gonna' be dark down there. You go first. " She said, placing her body close behind me, grabbing hold of my belt-line and peeked around my side.

"Hey, I only agreed to babysit for you, not be your bodyguard too. " I joked to her. "Though, I guess I can do that too. "

She smiled at me. “Thanks. ”

I turned the handle and slowly pushed open the old door, knowing it would add to the atmosphere. It responded just as I had hoped, filling the kitchen with a loud and extended creak, overpowering the evening chirping of the crickets from the window.

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  Hearing this, my little sister hugged me tightly with an arm around my waist. I tried flipping the light switch next to the stairwell with no results.

“The lights must be burnt out. ” I said. “Go get the flashlight. It's over in one of the moving boxes by the front door. ”

She nodded and skipped off, excitedly bouncing out of the room only moments later coming back with the flashlight in hand, and again placed herself right behind me, her new 'ghost bodyguard'. “Here. ” She said, handing me the light.

I turned it on and we moved slowly down the stairwell. Our feet clomping loudly on the bare wooden steps, echoing off the concrete walls of the unfinished basement. I could feel the air cool slightly as we descended. “Aren't you going to be a bit cold down here in your nightgown?” I asked.

“I'm okay. ” she replied.

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  “It's warm enough.
We moved carefully into the basement, walking around the piles of moving boxes I helped carry down
earlier that day, guided by the spotty light from the flashlight. I could hear her sniffing.

“It smells funny down here. ” she noted quietly.

“Yeah. Maybe it's the smell of ghosts. . . ” I said and heard her giggle a little.

“No, silly. Ghosts don't have a smell. ” she scoffed, and poked me in the side. “Whats that room over there?”

“I think that's an old study, or something. It has carpet and finished walls.

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  ” I said as we moved to it. I put the flashlight in her hand. “Here, take this and look around. ”

She moved around the room, scanning it carefully with the flashlight, showing stacks of boxes and piles of clothes and blankets partially unpacked and ready to put away. I had moved around one of the box stacks, trying to hide and scare her when she came back to the door. I was quiet. Waiting silently, getting ready to spring.

A loud Scream blared from behind me, and I spun quickly, startled, just in time to be hit in the head with the flashlight. “Got you!” she laughed, girlishly. “I scared you!Ha, Ha. ” she said, taunting me.

I laughed a little and said in an overly ominous voice, “You won't be laughing so much when you get possessed by a ghost!”

“Yeah right. . . There aren't any ghosts down here.

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  ” She said with building confidence.

“You're pretty brave for a little girl. ” I quipped. “Wait. . . what was that noise?Did you feel that chill?” She looked around skeptically, and when she turned away, I softly ran my finger up her spine.

“Aaaaah!” Shesqueaked. And hit me in the side. “That tickles. ”

“Oh no!” I said, continuing the obvious charade. “I think a ghost got me!I can't move. I think I'm paralyzed. ” And with that, I flopped backward onto the pile of blankets in the dim light.

She shined the flashlight over me.

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   “Nu-uh. You can move. ” she said, kicking at my limp legs.

“No, I Really can't move. It was a ghost for sure. You need to save me. . . drag me upstairs. ”

“Okay. ” she said, playing along in our childish way. She took hold of my legs, grasping the material of my sweat pants and pulling, but not getting anywhere. “Gotta pull harder. ” she stated with a grunt, and suddenly yanked, pulling my pants down to my knees, leaving my briefs exposed.

I started to move to pull them up again, but she leaned over, grabbing my hand.

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  “You can't move. . . the ghost got you. ” she said quickly, almost eagerly. I stopped moving again, accepting the rules of the game we started.

Kneeling down next to me she quietly said “Uh oh. . . I feel the ghost coming back!It's getting your pants!” She exclaimed in mock horror, and she pulled them the rest of the way off of me.

“Don't take my pant's ghost!” I said half laughing and playing along. “It's cold down here!”

However, When she moved next to me, I began to feel like something was awry. As though we'd passed just a childish game. And my feelings were confirmed as she shone the light on my underwear, her eyes twinkling with mischief in the dim reflected light. Her small hand slowly moved toward my crotch, hovering above it.

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  She looked to my face to see my reaction.

I knew I should say something. . . “Not the underwear, ghost!” I stated in that same playful tone, thinking she would stop.

But instead, she rest her hand on the lump bulging the front of my underwear, and I swallowed hard. A lump forming in my throat as well. The feeling of her hand resting on my crotch was exquisite, but my conscience screamed at me that this wasn't supposed to be. 'I hadn't done anything wrong,' I thought. 'I can't move. '

Her cute face locked on my eyes. I suppose she was waiting for me to take charge and stop her, but I only said in my own quiet, cracking voice, “I can't move. ”

Her face seemed to brighten slightly and her curiosity grew. . .

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  She squeezed slightly, feeling my soft penis underneath the fabric. A subtle, wide smirk grew on her face as now held the object in her gentle hand.

She leaned over me keeping her eyes on mine and quietly said in mock fear, “It's getting your underwear now. ”.

Her slender fingers hooked the elastic band of my briefs, pulling them away from my body, cool air rushing inside around my member, giving me a chill up my spine.

“Oh, no!” I managed to say meekly. Thinking to myself that I've gotten in way over my head. My mind dazed: half in shock, and half in wonderment of what she would do next with her paralyzed puppet.

She finally took her eyes away from mine, peeking inside, slowly and torturously pulling them down my legs, exposing my nakedness to her for the very first time.

“You probably shouldn't do that. ” I finally said.

“It's not me, it's the ghost silly!” she said, feigning innocence as best she could.

I swallowed hard, my throat quickly drying out, and embarrassment of my nudity setting in. The briefs now around my knees.

She smiled in such an expression of wonderment at my sparsely haired genitals, now fully in her view.

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“It got your underwear”, she taunted in a sudden shy voice, sliding them the rest of the way off.

“Yeah. . . ”Was the only response I could manage.

Her hand went back to my member, claping her fingers around the girth, and I couldn't stop it from growing. Slowly, steadily, it filled with blood, circled by her warm, soft grip.

“Is this your thing?” she asked, with astonishment in her voice.

I nodded, forgetting for a moment about the rules. “Hey! You can't move!” she toned.

“I think it's moving on its own. ”, I said, feeling it reach it's full rigidity.

“Feels funny. ” she said, and suddenly pulled up her own nightgown, exposing her own nudity to us both. She looked back and forth from hers to mine, seemingly noting the differences to herself.



All I could do was give a soft sigh at seeing her young, cute, vaginal lips. The first I'd seen in my own young life, simultaneously feeling the warmth of her hand around my member. Her grip tightened, and the blood throbbed within. She pulled on it slightly and asked, “Does that hurt?”

“No. ”I whispered, with a gulp. “it feels good. ”

Satisfied with my response, she examined further, pulling it various directions, finally pulling it downward toward my feet and letting it go, to see it whip up and slap my stomach, causing her to giggle slightly. She did that several times, enjoying the show, and only stopped to touch my testicles, rolling one like a grape in her fingers, cupping them, feeling their weight.

She leaned in to me, getting a closer look, while still holding her other hand to her own crotch, and I noticed she was slightly rubbing herself while exploring me with her other hand.

Having allowed this so far, I resigned myself to the fact it there was no turning back. “It feels better when you rub it near the top. ” I suggested to her meekly.

She nodded at me, then grasped the base with one small hand, pointing it up in the air, and with her other hand, rubbed her palm over the tip.

“No, not like that. Grab it with your fist.

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  ” I corrected. “rub it like that. Not too tight. ”

She did so with one hand, rubbing ever so slightly. She immediately brought her other hand back to her own hot spot, rubbing herself as well.

The feeling of her hand rubbing around the top my shaft give me the best pleasure I'd had. Much more than any of my own private sessions. I felt a slickness escape from me, coating the inside of her hand.

“Eww. . you peed. ” she exclaimed, pulling her hand from me.

“No, that's not pee. ” I replied, andinstinctively sniffed it, frowning slightly.

“What is it then?” She asked, curiously.

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   “It doesn't smell bad. ”

“It does that when it gets rubbed and feels good. ” I told her. “Yours gets slippery when you rub it too, doesn't it?”

She blushed a deep red, smiling sheepishly.
She pulled up her nightgown again, looking between her legs. “You rub yours a lot?”

“Yeah. ” I admitted. “Though, it felt lots better when you did it for me. ”

She looked up at me with a sparkle in her eye, and slumped to the ground. “the ghost got me!You can move again, I bet. ”

I blinked, and reluctantly sat up.

“Aaaah!”She continued. “The ghost got my nightgown!”

I shook my head slightly in wonderment of what we'd started, and against my better judgment, took hold of the hem of her gown, painfully, slowly moving it up, over her legs. She smiled shyly, apparently forgetting she exposed herself to me moments ago. The material passed her groin, her sweet lips pouting at me.

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  I pulled higher, over her stomach, over her chest, showing her little pink nipples. Harding in my gaze as the cool air combed over them. I pulled the gown higher, briefly covering her face as it was moved past her head. Her arms held above her as she lay sprawled on the pile of blankets, trapped by the gown. Finally, the gown was pulled free, and she lay her arms down comfortably, resting her hands over her sex.

She blushed. Deeply, goosebumps sprouting all over her cute, petite body. Her nipples still hard in the cool basement air.

“Oh no!The ghost is possessing your hand!” she said. Breaking her gaze from my still erect phalus sitting so close to her. “It's making you move my arm. . . to hold your thing again. ”Reluctantly, I sat next to her andtook hold of her limp arm, moving it for her to once again grasp my penis.

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  And she did,more confidently this time. “Like this?” She asked,grasping more firmly and moving her hand up and down my shaft, slick with my precome.

I nodded, fearfully now. How had it come to this? I thought to myself.

“The ghost is moving your hand again!I think. . . I think it's having you touch me!” she said with seemingly gleeful anticipation.

And my hand moved, as instructed. It moved over her, coming to a rest on her stomach, seemingly of it's own accord. 'I can't be doing this', I thought, the feeling of her hand caressing my cock beginning to overwhelm my senses.

My hand moved upward, my fingers brushing her nipple and she lets out a quick, small peep. Her embarrassed smile on her face growing larger.

Her hand grasps my meat. Squeezing hard, then soft, rubbing up, then down.

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  Her grip enticing me to continue with my own hand. As does my own curiosity of the female form. My fingers tweak a hard nipple. Her smile widens. My hand travels down over her torso, sending shivers throughout her, causing the goosebumps to blossom again. My hand reaches the top of her hips. My gaze locks onto her waiting slit and my hand comes to a rest right over it, without touching. I can feel heat from her, emanating to my palm.

Slowly, I lower my hand, cupping her mound, and she breathes in sharply. My palm feeling a slight wetness in her young snatch. I glide my fingers up over the crevice, and her hand grips harder on my shaft. She squeaks softly. “That's nice. ” she whispers softly. Her eyes closed,“Rub it for me, please.

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I comply, very gently running my middle finger up and down slightly along the crease. “Is that okay?” I ask.

She nods to me, forgetting the rules about not being able to move, and I quietly give a single soft laugh to myself.

She continues rubbing my manhood, and I slide my fingers over her velvety fold, savoring the feeling of a girls vagina for the first time, locking this experience in my memory.

With one hand I slightly pull apart her puffy lips, allowing the pad on the middle finger of my other hand to find the depression within. I gradually put more pressure and she gives a slight mewing moan. My throat feeling as though a baseball were inside. Nervousness and uncertainty battling the pleasure I feel through my member, lust and curiosity clouding in my mind while the realization comes to mindthat I am touching, fondling, molesting my sweet little sister's luscious vagina. And she is smiling softly.

We now lay side by side now, her grip on me unrelenting, rubbing and giving me a euphoria I never imagined. I move my head to her hips for a closer look at the glistening pinkness inside her as I open her wider. I see her hole, covered by a thin bit of flesh, and the nub at the top of the treasure. I touch her clit softly, and she gasps. Her grip strangling my cock.

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   “rub it there!” she says in a meek girly voice. And I do so. Ever so gently. I caress her lovingly. Enjoying all the sensations and assuming she feels the same.

I suddenly recall a friend's conversation on the bus to middle school and I wonder to myself, 'Can I do that?'And without even time to respond to myself, my face plunges downward and I taste her bud with the tip of my tongue, holding on the nub with constant pressure and slight movement, causing her to shudder and mew slightly. She cries out softly in gasps as I continue, finally managing to whisper, “That's nice. ”I continue, but change up the technique as the story told to me instructed. I lap the length of her cunny, teasing her, probing the entrance to her hole, only to continue with furry, then changing to soft kisses and quick licks on her clit peeking from under her soft hood. Her grasp on my penis hardens as never before, and her body contracts, shaking, shivering with a passion.

She cries out in a long, gasping sigh, and I look to her, her eyes locking on mine with bewilderment, and a quint, disbelieving smile.

“Do that again!” she says softly.

I just smile at her, not even believing what I just did.

She sits up, ignoring the rules and pushes me onto my back. “Does it feel good to you too?I mean, if I lick you there like you did?”

“I don't know.

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  ” I reply, “No girl's done that for me, but probably. ”

Without hesitation she moves downward, sitting, straddling my knees, her face inches away from my leaking, throbbing member. One hand gripping the base of my shaft, the other cupping my testicles with tenderness. “oooh. . . . ” is all I can manage to say.

She sniffs the oozing precome, and takes dainty lick. She grins, her face turning red in blush. “Taste's funny. ” she notes, and licks again. This time, with the length of her tongue and I shudder. Her wet tongue sending me exquisite new sensations. She seems to be trying to imitate what I had done with her, until I suggest “They say you're supposed to suck on it.

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She nods to me, and slowly lowers her open mouth overthe head, enveloping, testing it at first. Once inside, I feel her sucking softly, her eyes looking up to mine, gauging my reaction. I let out a small sigh, and whisper “oh yeah. ”Her sucking continues, more intensely now. I let my head roll back, my eyes closed as her tongue rolls around my prick. I'm in utter disbelief of the events taking place.

I feel her stop her suckling and I sigh once more. To caught up in the moment to focus on anything else around me. 'my sister just sucked my cock!'I thought to myself. And in the darkness of my closed eyes, I felt her hand around my cock once more. 'here she goes again' I think.

She's touches the head of it again, and I open my eyes just as I see her straddling me, placing the head of my cock at her entrance!“Wait!” I exclaim, a second too late as she presses her petite form down hard, my slick cock sinking deep into her as she lets out a small yelp!

“Oh my god. ” I exclaim, the realization of what had just been done weighing down on me, as she rests her weight on my hips with her eyes, clenched closed, and her mouth tightly shut. The feeling of her tight vagina wrapping my entire cock in satiny warmth, her sex seeming to clench around my member inside her, massaging my penis,and my lust takes control. I push up into her, bouncing her up and down on my hips, sliding quickly in and out of her part way, as a high pitch groan escapes her.

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  The feeling builds quickly in me and I can't control it. Pure tingling ecstasy fills my head and washes over me, exploding my cum into her with a final upward thrust. My cock emptying all my built up semen into her steaming hot box. I reach out and pull her to me, hugging her tightly, feeling her hardened nipples crushed into my chest as my penis holds firm in her moist, hot, pussy.

“that was nice. ” she says quietly in a slightly tearfilled voice in my ear, and brings her head to rest just above mine. We gaze lovingly into each others eyes. My cock softens, and I pull it out of her. We both reach between us, feeling the juices of our session leaking from her.

“We should go ghost hunting every time mom and dad go out. ” she says in a hopeful voice. Her face showing an expression of a connection with me I'd never seen before. One I hope I expressed just as well to her.

I nodded to her, and she smiled sweetly as we continued to stare into each others eyes, savoring the moment.



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