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Hi i was 16 when this happened, my name is ryan and my sisters name is niki and she was 28 at the time.
 My sister is very hot. She is blonde with long legs a great ass and d cup boobs. Myself, i am athletic lean and hv a 7 inch cock. My sister and i have always been close but not like this before.
It all started when i walked into her apartment, and i heard moaning comming from her room. I quietly walked over to the door and peeked in. to my amazement, my sister was finger fucking herself and she was really getting into it. I immediatly got hard and touched my cock. She then started to get loud so i backed away from the door got my cock back in my pants and barged in asking what are you doing? she blushed immediatly but she glanced at the bulge in my pants briefly, noticing the growing size. Still being shocked at my intrustion, she avoidingly asked me what i was doing. i told her i was here to get my backpack i left over the night before. she realized i had a legit excuse and still stark naked with her finger half in her slit said o come on we all do it alright, with that i backed away and said alright ill leave you to do your business.
i went out of her room and into her bathroom downthe hall. I unzipped and began to jack away at my cock. I could feel my imagination slipping into bliss with the thought of fucking my Hot sister.

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   after about 10 minutes of a good wank, and while i was enjoying myself, niki barged in the bathroom and still naked, smirked and finally said you need a hand with that? I just nodded in a daze. Niki got on her knees and fondled my balls. she then picked up my cock and began stroking it with her gentle hands. As i began to feel myslef about to cum she slowed down and let my cock hang there while she turned around and went to turn on the shower. Meanwhile she gave  me a great look at her pussy from behind.
When we got in the shower she hurridly slipped my cock into her mouth taking it for all it was worth. I was in paradise. My mind was going a thousand miles an hour as the head of my cock was deep down her throat. She began to slow down and i felt myslef reasdy to climax so i took her head and began to fuck her throat deep. In and out of her tight throat my cock went, all the while my hands were fondling her boobs. I finally felt my spunk cumming out so i slammed into her throat and let her go as my orgasm concluded with my 7 inch cock jammed down my sisters throat. i fell back and layed down on the floor of the tube in ecstacy. with a grin my sister then licked her lips and played with my half limp cock until it was ready to go again.
She began to suck me for all i was worht again until she realeased me from her mouth and repositioned herself with her pussy over my cock. she quickly jammed my fat cock up her puss and began bouncing.

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   I watch in amazement as my hot sister slams her pussy up and down my cock. Her tight pussy was almost too much for me and as she felt my cock stirring ;up to cum again she stood up and bent over with her hands agains the shower wall and her legs spread. Savoring the moment i went between her legs and licked her pussy. she went crazy with pleasure. she began moaning while my tounge slipped in and out of her slit. She finally orgasmed with an eruption of her juices flowing onto my tounge and face. I quickly licked them up and positioned my cock at her entrance. I slammed into her deep and felt the back of her pussy with my dick head. I fucked her hard with my balls slapping against her thighs and my cock buried deep in her pussy. She screamed, FUCKKK ME RYAN!!!! FUCK ME HARD!!! the dark incestous thoughts that went through my mind only got me harder as i slowed my pace with my sister screaming for more.
i then turned her around and with her back against the shower wall shoved my cock up her pussy while i suked on her tits.   This got her all worked up as i felt her boobs hitting my face from the force of my cock fucking her tight cunt. i pushed my cock in as far as it would go and fucked her deep. Feeling my cum starting to flow again i began to stop and my sister began grinding my cock with her pussy. I could hardly take it as i went with a fury and fucked her pussy with my balls hitting her ass with a constant slap-slap slap-slap.

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  . . . I finhally grunted and shot my sperm deep in her cunt as she climaxed only seconds later.
I pulled my cock out and stepped back to look at my sister and i saw my cum dripping out of her pussy and thought what a sight. right then niki got on her knees and cleaned my cock with her tounge and throat. I began to get hard again but i knew i was spent and so did she. knowing what we did was wrong but both of us not caring as to who we were in relation to one another at that moment we began to clean up and eventually i left with my backpack. but on the way out i asked her if we could do that again and she smirked at me and said hell yea as she walked past me grabbing my dick in my pants.
 Please add comments if you like ill tell another portion of this story that i had with my sister. . . .
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