Me and my Father In law-15


Me and my Father In law – 15


By Jeevan  jeevan_1950@yahoo. com


Suju heard me and started to sooth me by licking my choot faster and tickling my clitty with the tip of her tongue. FIL ignored my plea and pushed in more. He used all the force he could to dilate my anal ring. I felt my gaand give apart and his lund cutting in. I looked back and saw that he had 4 inches of his lund inside my gaand!

             Suju was still licking my choot and then she spread her legs and pushed her choot on my face. I held her legs apart and dipped my mouth in her musky choot. I jabbed my tongue inside her choot and licked away her musky juice. Oh it was so tasty! I rubbed my breasts on her stomach and enjoyed my FIL’s lund fucking my gaand. FIL did not enter more but started to fuck me slow and steady. He held my gaand and pushed his lund in my virginal hole. Ohhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Aai ga! Zaava maala! Phadun taka maazi gaand! Ohhhhhhh baba! Zaaaavvvvaaaaaa! ( fuck me, tear off my gaand fffuuucckkk!) I cried.

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            “ aaga Zaavade! Maaza lavada gaandit ghetlaas ki tu! Ohhhhh. Ghe maaza bulla! Halav tuzee gaand! ( took my lund in your gaand, take it bitch! Shake your ass)” baba murmered.

            I moved my gaand to meet FIL’s thrusts and in doing so I took all of his lund in my gaand. I felt his balls slapping on my choot and Suju catch them and lick them under me. I was in heaven! Suju had now caught my clit in her lips and was biting it softly. My blood boiled and I came! Aaarrrraaaahhhhhhh! Aaiiiiii gaaaaa!Zzzzaaavvvaaaa maaaallaa! I shouted.

My FIL did not lose a single stroke and danced in my gaand. I felt his lund twitch and then his cum fill my nether hole. It was hot sperm boiling in my gaand!  My body trembled and I fell on Sujata’s soft body.

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   I was cumming! I was cumming from my gaand! My gaand twitched and choot spasmed. My two holes were playing with each other, hide and seek! I cried out loudly and fell down almost unconscious.

When I opened my eyes I saw Sujata sucking my FIL’s lund. Shee! Dirty! The lund that was in my gaand was being licked by Sujata, my whore! So perverted! FIL was enjoying this and holding her face in his hands.

“Lick my lund Suju! Lick our juice! My lund juice and Seema’s gaand juice. ”

I looked at them and lay on the bed totally exhausted. Suju then licked my FIL clean and lay beside me. I asked FIL to fuck her gaand but he declined! Why?

“Seema! I want Bhidekaka to open her gaand. I have promised him. He is going to offer Neelam to me. Her gaand is still virgin! I must keep the promise soonbai!”

Ohhh so this was his idea! Good! We three slept cuddling each other and caressing the bodies of each other. FIL said that he has arranged for Bhidekaka and Karnik kaka to come to our house on Friday. Bhidekaka will bring his Bahu, Neelam and Karnik kaka will come alone. Off course, Karnik Kaka was willing to give penalty for not bringing a lady along. What penalty? Read it in next part!

As promised, FIL really invited his two friends, Bhidekaka with his Bahu Neelam and Karnik kaka, on Friday afternoon. Before inviting them he had ensured that we all would have privacy to play the games as we wish. Sujata was eager to play with us. Both of us were really excited and we waited impatiently rubbing our choots, for them to arrive. During that time Sujata was telling us how she was fucked by her distant uncle when she was just 13 years old.

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   Ohhhhhhh! That was fantastic. The way she narrated it made me hot and I lifted her sari and sucked her choot. FIL had taken out his Lund and was rubbing it slowly and Sujata had her choot exposed and was openly fingering it. Ohhh readers we were too dirty in our shameless behaviour. We did not want FIL to discharge as we needed him to participate in the sex orgy that was due. So I had brought two big cucumbers for the two of us. One was big and another was long but slender. I had thought of putting them in choot and asshole.

            Sujata told us, “Ohhh Seema I was so small that I did not know what sex was but my uncle taught me everything.   At that time my breasts were just like lemon and there were no hair on my choot. Uncle was watching some bad movie and I walked in his room. That was xxx movie I know now. While watching that he was holding his Lund in his hand and rubbing it. I was curious and went to him. I asked him what he was doing and he jumped up.

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   He was shocked and looked at me with strange eyes. He told me that there was some pain in his Lund and he was massaging it. I looked at the screen and saw one girl sucking on the Lund of a man. I asked him what that was. ”

            We listened to Suju and I inserted one big cucumber in my choot. I pushed it all the way in. Suju looked at me and smiled. FIL watched me fucking with the cucumber and he got up and came near me. He caught my breasts in his hands and massaged them heavily. This showed his excitement! I passed the slender cucumber to Sujata and asked her to insert it in her choot while she narrated her experience. Sujata spread her legs and pushed the slender cucumber in her choot. Ohhh god! What a nice thing to do while listening!

Sujata continued, “Uncle told me that the girl was soothing the pain in the man’s Lund and asked me if I could do it for him. The dirty bastard! I was ignorant of this and thought that what he was telling me was right. I wanted to help him so I said yes.

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   He asked me to take his Lund in my mouth and suck on it. I knelt in front of him and innocently took his Lund in my mouth. Ohhhhhhh Seema! It was a big one and I could not put my mouth around it. He urged me to open my mouth more and I did. 3 inches of his Lund was in my mouth and it felt nice and hot. His cock head was smooth and I liked to move my tongue over it. He loved it and said that the pain was diminishing and that I should continue to rub my tongue all over it. I did!”

Listening to this I was fucking faster and faster with the cucumber. Suju had all the 8 inches of the cucumber in her choot and was slowly moving it in and out. FIL was now sucking my nipples and chewing on them. Suju watched us and continued with her experience.

“I don’t know why I liked it but this did some changes in me. I felt my choot getting wet and there was some unknown sensation there.

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   It was like some itch and I wanted to rub my choot and breasts too. This made me breath faster and my whole body was shivering. My Uncle watched this and smiled. Minu  was my pet name and uncle called my name ‘Minu  what’s happening to you?’ ‘Uncle there is itch in my private part. And my chest has different feeling. ’ I said. Uncle looked at me asked me to sit on his lap so that he can comfort me. I took my mouth off his Lund and sat on his lap. I could feel his Lund poking my nether lips and ass. Uncle held me tightly and put his hands on my budding breasts. He cupped them and caressed them. Ohhhh Seema! It felt so nice. I was not wearing any chaddi at that time and I felt some liquid come out of my pisshole and tickle onto my ass. Uncle then lifted my frock and caressed my buttocks and thighs. Ohhhh ssoooo niceee Seema’

While narrating this, Suju pushed the cucumber deep inside her choot and stiffened.

She was cumming! Suju moaned Ahhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Aaiiiiiiiii gaaaaa! And her body fell limp. This triggered my orgasm too and I went to Suju and feell over her body. FIL too lay near us and caressed us lovingly. This was so nice!

Then we heard the doorbell ring and FIL got up and adjusted himself in presentable manner and went to open the door. He told us to lie as we were, in each others arms. So we lay on my bed fondling and kissing in the beautiful aftermath of our orgasm. We heard Bhidekaka talking to my FIL and my body had goose pimples all over, thinking about the ORGY we were to participate. We both put on shorts and T-shirts and went out to greet our guests. When we entered the drawing room Bhidekaka was introducing his Bahu to my Father in law.

“Sudhir! This is my soonbai (bahu), Neelam. And Neelam, this is my friend Sudhir I told you about. We are all broadminded and love to enjoy life as you know.

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FIL shook hands with Neelam and pulled her to him, placing soft kiss on her lips. They saw us as we entered and FIL welcomed us and introduced us to Bhidekaka and Karnik Kaka. They both kissed us lovingly. We all settled down on the sofa and chatted. I looked at Neelam critically.

Neelam was tall, say 5’6” and had nice buxom body. Her eyes were of light colour, making her look sexier. She had nice figure, towards plumpish side. 38-32-36. her breasts were high on her chest which was not common. Her ass was plump and jiggled as she walked. She had nice style of walking. As she walked her boobs bounced and made our eyes go up and down with this.

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   Karnik kaka was alone but had brought rare toy with him, a vibrator with Lund shape. When he showed it to us our eyes bulged out! It was big, almost 12 inches long and 7 inches in circumference. It was like a wrist and I wondered if I could take it all. Neelam was sitting between Karnik and FIL and Bhidekaka sat between me and Suju.

Bhidekaka opened the topic, “Here is a toy Karnik brought today. He desires that any of you should take all the 12 inches in your choot. the prize for this is  the toy itself plus Rs 5000/ in cash. SO any of you wish to try?”

I raised a doubt; suppose each of us takes it all the way in then how can you give one toy for three of us?”

 Karnik said, “Don’t worry ladies I have 6 toys of the same type and one is more than 18 inches, and can be used for two. I will give it to any of you who win. Ok?”

FIL challenged us and we were determined to give it a try. Since I was the eldest, I was to try it first.


   I stood up and removed my t – shirt. My big 36 inch breasts popped out and danced with every movement of mine. I then pulled down my shorts, shaking my ass from side to side as I removed it. This was making the audience squirm in their seats, including the ladies Suju and Neelam.

Karnik walked to me and handed the toy. Ohhh god! It was really big and thick too. I knew what I had to do! I took the fake Lund in my hand and moved my wrist around it. It was thick all right! I then took the tip of the vibrator in my mouth and sucked on it. It would not go in my mouth so I took out my tongue and moved it over the tip. It was smooth and nicely shaped. I felt as if I was sucking a real Lund!           I spat on the tip and let my saliva dribble down. I knew it was useless making the Lund wet what I had to do was to make my choot wet and flowing! I put my hand on my choot and started to massage it as I hungrily sucked on the fake Lund. Mt hand felt nice on my choot and I inserted a finger in my choot hole and rubbed it all around. I asked Karnik kaka if I could take the help of anybody in arousing me and he said NO! no help and one must do efforts of his own.

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   OK I shall try I said.               I knew that unless I put the actual thing in my choot ay efforts are useless. So I took the fake Lund in my hand and rested one end of it on the floor. My GOD! It was really a challenge! I held the Lund in one hand and with the other I spread my choot and lowered my body right on it. My choot hole touched the massive vibrator and I felt it enter. It was as if something was cutting into my choot! Ohh god! But I did not stop and continued to lower my choot on the dildo. It entered inch by inch into my choot and I felt very full. I felt aas if something BIG is being stuffed inside and feared that it may tear my womb. But I had to try. It was question of my FIL’s prestige and a slut has to keep it. My legs trembled and I had to lie on the floor with my legs up.                  Everybody watched me take this toy in and all were in different degrees of undressing. Sujata had fished out Bhidekaka’s big Lund and was massaging it. Bhidekaka had removed Suju’s top and were massaging her tough breasts. FIL had Neelam naked and she was sitting on his lap with his mouth glued to one of her big melon.

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   Neelam’s hand was in his lap, massaging his hard Lund. Karnik kaka was massaging his own dick, being left out and I felt bad for him. So I asked Suju to accommodate him,            “Suju! Help Karnik kaka. Ohhhhh Kaka sit near Suju and rub her breasts along with Bhidekaka. Suju you take his Lund in your other hand and rub it. WOW it’s getting hot and I am getting wet watching this action. ”            And really this helped me as my choot secreted love juice steadily. I caught the massive dildo in both of my hands and pushed it inside. Ohhh god! It was really great! I looked down and saw that just 7 inches of the fake Lund had entered my choot and still I had to take 5 inches! I moved my hips and relaxed my choot muscles. As my hips moved from side to side and then up and down, I felt the vibrator dig into my choot, deeper and deeper. Ohhhhhhhhh! What a filling! I felt my choot fully filled with solid Lund like never before.

I must have taken about 9 inches of it in my choot and had to take 3 more inches, critical ones! All were watching me and now FIL had Neelam near Suju, kneeling down with her mouth on Neelam’s breast.

Suju was sucking Bhidekaka’ Lund and Karnik kaka was licking Suju’s ass cheeks. My FIL had his Lund on Neelam’s asshole and was slowly massaging it with his cock head.

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   He was to take the virginity of Neelam’s asshole!Neelam was moving her ass cheeks seductively and I was tempted to go to her and lick her choot. But I had a Lund to take, the fake Lund! I pushed the Lund with some force with my hand and felt it touch my cervix. Ohhh god! I had taken 10 inches and just 2 inches were left. I took a pause and adjusted my buttocks. I moved my buttocks vigorously and then let my choot loose. I did all this while pushing on the big dildo. Ohhh god! With one jerk all that Lund went into my pussy and just the lower portion peeked out. I placed the flat oh my hand on it and bottled it up! Ohhh god! I had taken all the 12 inches in my choot! I shouted!                  “Look! I did it! That big ram rod is inside my choot. All the bloody 12 inches of it!”               I was happy I did take that 12 inch rod in my choot and my FIL felt proud of me. I lay still with that 12 incher in my choot and my legs high up in the air. Everybody got up and came near me. FIL put his hand on my choot and felt the Dildo rammed inside.            “Ohhh my Soonbai! She has taken it all! Oh God look how her choot is stretched! Nice job dear! I am proud of you. Now your slut lesson starts. You must take all these Lunds in your holes Bahu! Now that big ramrod is in your choot and now u must take Karnik in your ass and Bhide in your mouth.

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   It’s a bliss my Soonbai! Zavaaaaaaaa! Sarva bhokatun ghalun ghya! (Fuck, fill all holes). ”“I said, “Baba! Please don’t make me do this! All the three holes! My god! Please Baba”“NO Slut! Each of you should prove this! Suju and Neelam too! Now you take the two and I will fuck Neelam in the ass. She is going to take all these Lunds too so let me open her asshole for all. Sujata will help you two and then she will take that 12 incher in her choot. OK start!”            Bhidekaka came near me and without any foreplay shoved his Lund in my mouth. I gasped for air but he shoved his 7 incher inside! Karnik kaka came near my choot and licked it lovingly. He then spread my ass cheeks and started to lick my asshole. I felt his wicked tongue digging in and spreading saliva all over. He was rimming her ass! My god! Was he going to fuck me in the ass? Yes that was obvious. FIL had ordered me to take the two Lunds!              I groaned and spread my legs more. The fake Lund in my choot started to come out and I had to push it in again. Karnik kaka watched this and asked me to lie on my stomach. Bhidekaka adjusted and I changed my position. I lay on my stomach with my boobs pressing the cold floor. It felt nice! Bhidekaka squatted in front of me and pushed his Lund in my mouth.

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   Karnik kaka spread my ass cheeks and placed the knob of his Lund on my ass hole. I then felt him press his Lund right on my ass and slowly it started to push in. I watched Neelam move her ass to excite my FIL and Suju was glued to her choot from below. FIl was busy watching me take the Lunds of Bhidekaka and Karnik kaka. His own Lund was hard like a steel rod.              “ Karnik kaka pushed his lavada harder into my poor asshole and succeeded in getting his Lund jammed up to 3 inches. Bhidekaka was pushing his lavada in my mouth and urging me to suck it. I swallowed all of his Lund and sucked hard. He moaned and caught my breasts for support from below. Ohh god! I was in heaven. Karnik kaka caught the dildo and pulled it out of my choot and then inserted his Lund in my ass. I think this dildo was so big that it obstructed even my anal passage. Still he could not force it in my gaand so I had to ask him to take that out of my choot. he took it out and suju got up hurriedly and grabbed it. She licked all my choot raas from the dildo and sucked on it erotically, teasing all of us.

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   Her mouth was open fully and the dildo was in her mouth in seconds. The bitch! Now my choot hole was empty and I felt the emptiness. I cried out loudly,             “ Ohhh baba! Shove some Lund in my choot! your soonbai is hungry for Lund! Oooohh goddd! Please shove something in my choot!”“Ohhh you dirty slut! You want something in your choot? Wait!” He hurriedly went to kitchen and opening the fridge took out some Ice cubes. I wondered what was in his mind! He came near me and spreading my choot wide pushed the Ice cubes in my choot one by one. Ohh god! The cold sensation was so different and the cubes started to freez my vagina. Ohh god what a pervert my baba was!            Even Karnik kaaka felt the coldness of it on his Lund that was burried in my gaand. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! This extreme senasation was great. For the first time I felt my choot spasm in cold and I came! My choot swallowed the cold Ice cubes and melted them. the cold water ran onto the crack of my ass and tickled down.               “ Ohhh Baba! You are real pervert! Shoving the ice cubes in my choot ! ohhh god! Come on the ass is yours too! Push it in my aass karnik kaka! Then shove that Lund of yours hard! Zaaavvvaaaa maala!”          Karnik kaka took some cubes from my FIL and shoved them one by one in my asshole! Ohhh god! So pervert! My ass was awake with the sensation of the cold thing and Karnik kaka did not wait! He shoved his Lund in my asshole, pushing the ice cubes in my large intestine. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Never before did I feel such sensation and the hot and cold sensations made me mad. FIL went below my body and lying below me he inserted his Lund in my cold choot! Ohhh his hot Lund felt soooo nice! I felt all my holes filled with Lund. Choot ass and mouth! Now FIL was fucking my choot slowly and Karnik kaka and he alternated the strokes. Bhidekaka was balls deep in my mouth and was slowly fucking me there.            Suju had held the dildo in the middle and both the women were trying to shove it in their choots.

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   Their breasts mashed against each other and their bellies danced rubbing on each other. Still some portion was left but soon all the rod vanished in the two hungry holes. Now their choot were rubbing on each other and the clits too! That made them mad with pleasure and they rubbed their bodies sensually. Ohhhhhhhh what a sight! Here Karnik kaka was now deep in my gaand and was fucking me furiously. His balls banged against my choot, onto my FILs Lund. Bhidekaka stiffened and his Lund jerked in my mouth, emitting hot cum in my mouth. Ohhh he came in gallons! My mouth filled with globs of his cum and I rotated my tongue in my mouth to taste all of it. Ohhh god! Some sticky cum spilled out and tickled down from my lips.

Next in part 16



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