playtime before the wedding


Topic: playtime before the wedding 
It was the eve of my aunts wedding, because we lived close by most of our relatives stayed at our house and had a little party before the ceremony. I Kevin 13 was eager to see all my relatives. My aunts uncles, cousins, and my sweet grandma that i had not seen for almost 3 years.   grandma was only 47 as my mom and i were born young. when she finally showed up at the door i was ecstatic grandmaaa i said greeting her. Now though i had started puberty at this time i did not fully comprehend how hot she was . Her dark sholderlength wavy hair , her still fairly slim waist and her large d cups which were perfectly accented in her red party dress and black pantyhose. Even though she was divorced she still kept herself in pristein condition developing a voluptuous figure. though a bit of her weight was visible it only added to her large but firm buttock and massive tits.  
Kevin I’ve missed you so much my have you grown she said with a smile as she bent down slightly to hug me. it wasn’t far enough so it seemed as somehow my face pressed up against her breasts feeling the softness against my skin. Im so happy to see my baby boy she said as one of her delicate hands gently rubbed my butt. Though i was a little confused by her actions i ignored it and thought it to be coincidence. When my parents came to greet her i whent off to go play with my cousins in the living room. Later that evening when everyone was downstairs drinking or asleep my mom came up to me honey the wedding is tomorrow and i think you need a bath, but mom i took one two nights ago, no buts now since I’m busy your grandmother has graciously volunteered to wash you. Though i was a little excited at spending time with grandma i was conscious about the recent changes in my body and was terrified at letting anyone seeing it especially her.

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   Come on sweetie grandma said time for your bath.
As the water was filling up she left and came back in a long purple robe which i thought as not to get her clothes wet . uh granny  is it okay if you didnt watch me i feel kind of funny with you here. Nonsense you feel better when you in the water  she said with a smile. As i changed i couldn’t help notice how she kept leaning over me eyeing my pubescent body. When i took of my underwear my recently developing flaccid 5 inch dick popped out into her sights ohh what a big boy you are gently caressing my shoulders causing me to relax a bit. When i got into the water she knelt down on the side of the tub holding the soap and  washcloth. she then bent down to wash my legs the top of her robe slightly opening giving me a view of her , soft but firm, massive tits with milk chocolate areolas just hanging in front of me with their erect taught nipples. Grandma your  ro, not now sweetie we got to get you clean. When she began to wash around my thighs i coudnt take it anymore and felt my dick begin to harden, my foreskin retracting back against my head,  looks like someones enjoying themselves she said happily. i felt the cloth gently move up and squeeze against my boner slowly going back and forth, back and forth the soap slickening my hard on. grandma what are you , shhhh just relax baby let me handle this.
The sound of my quickening breath and the water sloshing around as her hand massaged my cock were the only sounds that could be heard. Ohhh grandma that feels so good i said. hearing this she threw away the washcloth and started tugging on me with her bare hand its smooth silky texture gently pulling back on my foreskin my purple head sliding out of its protectiveness.

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   How about you help your granny out she said with a dirty smile. Ok i replied enthusiastically ,unaware of what i was to do. She then sat on the side of the tub  and opened up the bottom of her robe with one hand the other still pumping my aching hard on . Granny what is that i said as she exposed her magnificent dark rich bush. her puffy clit and a nice set of fat lips shown to me her grandson. this she said spreading her lips is called a pussy  its what grownups use to have fun. I like to have fun i said staring at her meaty folds my mouth watering. And you will, now give me your hand. i gave it to which she then held my hand in hers and guided it towards her pussy. touch it she whispered as it was a dare, so i stretched out my fingers exploring this new wonder. I could feel heat coming off of it warming my hand. I then started tracing the edges of her lips and around her clit grazing it slightly with my thumb feeling every texture ohhh now your getting it she said starting to pick up the pace her hand bobbing up and down on my cock and a tingling sensation started to grow.
I traced down lower on her muff and felt my fingers go down in her vagina. Ohhh yeaa baby you know what to do she said now lost in extacy her thumb rubbing the tip of my cock as i jammed 3 fingers into her squirming them around inside . ohhhh yeesss make granny cum she moaned.

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    granny i love you i said pounding my fingers harder in her cunt slick with juices penetrating deep inside her. Mmmphhh ohhh  she said grinding her hips against my hand rubbing against her clit to which she wanked me faster and faster the rythym intensifying as our moans increased. Ohh ohh uggghhhh granny i yelled, my balls clenched and thick ropes of cum leaped out spraying against my chest and everything else in the room. Ohhhhh yessssss fuck grams moaned as she climaxed her pussy tensing around my fingers as her juices leaked over the side of the tub. As our pleasure faded faded i pulled back my hand and saw it covered with her sweet nectar. Being curious i licked my hand. it was kind of musky and sweet but overall pretty good so i quickly lapped it all up  Wow granny that was awesome i wish mommy let me do that, she doesn’t my grandmother said pretending to act surprised.
Why are we supposed to i asked why yes she said tricking me, your supposed to do it all the time its what mothers do. What else is mommy supposed to do. Your about to find out my magnificent little boy, now stand up. When I did my grandma turned around and leaned against the counter her bottom pointed towards me. Lift up my robe and put your hands on my butt. So i lifted up the back flap and placed my hands on her large firm ass gently squeezing it as i did. She  reached behind her and grasped my now erect dick pulling it into her cheeks . Towards her hairy cunt, the instant my head touched her moist lips she stopped and said to me now fuck.


I didn’t need any more encouragement as i thrust my cock forward feeling the warm velvet  inside surrounding me filling my senses, slowly inch by inch my cock disappeared into her soft folds. Hmmmphh ohh that’s a good boy she whispered quietly her hand now fondling my balls and rubbing the underside of my prick. Our hips connected. i knew this was special and flexed my cock in her womb savoring the moment, then slowly backed out enjoying the feeling of her cunt walls as they squeezed my prick not wanting it to leave. I saw my cock slick with her juices her inner lips hugging the end of my purple head. i plunged in again this time faster ,the rush more intense as i fucked her.
Mmmphhh ohhh yees honey make your granny cummm  ohhhh fuck me harder, i almost got it i said pulling her ass towards me fucking her deep and hard my steel tearing through her fat ass as her tits swayed with every thrust. Ughh fuck yea grams i moaned her robe falling to the ground her nude form now visible. Ugghhh! Yess  i screamed now pounding her full speed a tingling feeling building to the point of no return blasting my burning  desire into her. Ohhhhh! she yelled in surprise her knees buckling as she shuddered in an intense orgasm,filling her with a hot sea of cum. we couldn’t handle it My cock slid out with a loud pop as she lay on the ground panting her breasts poking out from underneath her . Seeing her  lost in her own world i gazed at her vaj  still dripping with our juices which i longed to lap up  and to taste her once more. So i bent down beside her and slowly spread her cheeks pressing my face against her twat. A short moan escaped grams lips as i stuck my tongue out liking up and down her slit feeling the texture against my tongue. Then i pressed my face in deeper sucking on her juices twirling my tongue around her clit.

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   O Kevin  you’ll make granny cum in no time her let me help you she said flipping on her stomach spreading her legs wide giving me better access to her sopping cunt. This time i pressed in deeper thrusting my tongue deep into her pussy fucking her with it. she tried to squirm away to stop her from cumming but i only pressed deeper, twisting and turning my long tongue down her pink hole making sure she gave it to me.   Ughhh ohh ohhh yesss she erupted sending waves upon waves of her sweet nectar into my hungry mouth.
Even as her orgasm faded i still slowly liked her cunt making slow circles around her  meaty lips savouring her aroma and finally lifted my head letting her leftover spunk dribble down my chin. My god that was the best head i ever had she said getting up. Then we heard someone come upstairs and nock at the door Janet are you and Kevin finished my mom hollered. just about she called back and started to towel me off. Paying special attention towards my cock and ball sac giving a small kiss on the end. as i left the bathroom my grandmother replied good night Kevin.  Good night grandma.
 part 2 comming soon, also make sure to leave comments and suggestions of fantasies you want me to write about. thanks :)