The Anniversary Party, Part 3


David Meyers had gotten off of my mother and was sitting back on his heels. I had a clear view of his cum dripping from her stretched pussy. Her tits were still pink from the afterglow of his recent fucking of her. Even though I had just came inside Lisa Meyers' tight pussy, my cock was still hard. There were just too many stimulating things to watch for it to deflate already. I looked at Ross and saw he was the same way. I could see the remains of his cum coating his still hard cock. Lisa was now watching my dad fuck Marie, my cum oozing out of her pussy and dripping on the floor. Debbie Meyer stopped sucking her dad's cock for a second and looked around the room. She pouted, "Dang it. Everyone here has gotten fucked except me. My pussy is about to explode. " She looked at Ross and smiled. Memories of her long ago crush on my younger brother came to mind. "Ross, come fuck me. Please?" With her little girl looks and voice, it almost sounded like she was asking for a ride to school instead of a ride on his cock.

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   Ross smiled and moved up behind her. She went back to sucking her dad's cock while Ross placed his cock at the entrance to her cunt. She moaned in anticipation as he pressed forward. His cock slipped in easily and he began to fuck her. She never skipped a beat as her mouth and hand continued to work on her father's raging erection in her mouth. I was enthralled watching Marie fuck dad. I had never seen my dad's hard cock. Like most younger men, I guess I had imagined that getting close to 50 meant losing sexual power. If this was any example, I had been dead wrong. Dad had already cum once, in Debbie's mouth, and his dick showed no signs of letting up. Maybe it was the situation, fucking his daughter there with the rest of the family looking on, but whatever it was, his cock was like steel. Marie rode up and down, grinding her hips, her tits bouncing as she enjoyed dad's cock. They were both lost in their father/daughter, lover/lover pleasure. I was so entranced by watching my father and sister fucking that the touch of a tongue on the head of my cock took me by surprise. I looked down and there was my mom.

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   I knew this was my mom, obviously, but now she was something more. Suddenly, she was now a complete person, a real person to me. Now she was a totally sexual woman. A part of her life that I had never given much thought to, was now completely apparent. I loved her before, but now I loved her even more. All of this flashed through my mind so fast that it wasn't the least coherent. All I really knew at that moment was that a beautiful redhead, with nice big tits was licking the head of my dick. Mom smiled up at me and said, "If your dad can fuck his daughter, then I can enjoy my son, I guess. "I smiled back down at her as her mouth enclosed around my cock. "Happy anniversary mom. " I pushed my hips forward and began to fuck my mom in the mouth. It was incredible. It was incredible for a variety of reasons. First, just the fact it was my mom sucking my dick. Then, the fact that not 10 feet away my sister was fucking my dad.

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   And, it was incredible because she was very, very good at sucking cock. Mom was able to take my cock all the way into her mouth. Now, I'm not hung like a horse, but there haven't been that many women over the years that could bury their nose in my pubes. Mom could. She cupped my balls, caressing them as her mouth slid up and down my cock. Her other hand was around clutching my ass to direct my hip movement. Her mouth was hot and wet on my dick. Her tits pressed against my thighs. I could feel her hard nipples on my skin. I was taken by surprised when I felt a tongue on my ass. It was Lisa Meyers, who had moved around behind me. Her hands parted my ass cheeks and her tongue probed my asshole. Her hand came up between my legs and joined mom's hand on my balls. Then she took my cock and began to jack my cock into mom's mouth. She was tongue fucking me.

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   When mom pulled my hips forward, Lisa's hand would jack my cock as it went deeper into mom's mouth. When I pulled my hips back, Lisa's tongue would bury itself in my ass while mom licked the head of my cock. Never in my wildest sexual fantasies had I imagined such a thing much less thinking it could ever become reality. Mom took her mouth off my cock and put her face against my hip where she could face Lisa. She continued to jack me off. Lisa pulled her face from between my ass cheeks and she kissed mom. I could see their tongues probing each other's mouth and the spit ran down their chins. Mom said, "Lisa, you've had this cock. It's my son, it's my turn. " They both giggled like schoolgirls. "Enjoy, Wanda. I'm sure I can find someone to take care of me. " She went over to the couch, climbed up on it, put her feet on either side of her husband and lowered her cunt to his face. Mike was eating his wife's pussy (still dripping my cum), while his daughter sucked his cock and my brother fucked his daughter. Next to them, my dad was fucking my sister.

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   Marie was now leaning forward sucking on David's recovering cock. My mom laid back on the floor, spread her feet and raised her knees. She was now totally uninhibited. She looked at me. Her hands were grasping her tits and pulling at her nipples. She put one hand to her pussy and began to finger her cunt as I watched. My cock was bouncing as my blood pulsed through it. Mom smiled up at me. "Come and get it, if you want it. " Oh god, how I wanted it. I got between her knees and laid on her. Our mouths met for the first time. I was frenching my mom. I wasn't some 16 year old boy fantasizing about it. I was a 28 year old man kissing a desirable 48 year old woman; not only kissing her, but getting ready to fuck her.

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   There was no guilt, no hesitation. There was only love and desire. My cock was at the mouth of her cunt. Her pussy was still dripping David's cum. With our mouths locked and our tongues wrestling, our hips began to press. My cock entered into my mom's pussy. It was tight. Like a velvet glove it engulfed my hard cock. We both moaned into each others mouth's as we took pleasure from each other. Soon I felt the hard tip of her cervix meet the hard head of my cock. We both laid still for a second to bask in the pleasure of a young man fucking an older woman, the pleasure of a son fucking his mother. And fuck we did. I raised up so I could look into mom's eyes and face as I fucked her. I watched her soft round tits sway as my cock rocked her. I could see my hard dick sliding in and out of her pussy, her lips dragging alone the length on the out strokes and disappearing in on the in strokes.

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   Her eyes were closed. She was beautiful. Then she opened her eyes and looked into mine. I could see love and lust in her eyes. She smiled a little smile and said "My god, son, you fuck me so good. "I hardly knew what to say. As my cock filled her pussy, I could only reply "You're my mom. You deserve my best" I lowered my face to hers and once again our tongues were exploring each others mouths. As my mom and I kissed, I heard moaning coming from the couch. The moans of passion were both male and female. Mom and I broke our kiss and we both looked. Mike Meyers was having a powerful orgasm in his daughter's mouth. His hips were thrusting hard up into her face as his cum filled her mouth. I don't think she missed a drop. All the time he was cumming, Lisa continued to grind her pussy on his face.

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   My brother, Ross, slammed his cock hard up into Debbie's cunt as she swallowed her father's load. She was also moaning and rotating her hips in tiny circles around my brothers cock so I assume she was cumming also. Her dad's cock in her mouth muffled her moans but they sounded like orgasmic moans to me. Next to them Marie was having what appeared to be either one long continuous orgasm or a series of short ones on our dad's cock. She would work her hips up and down, pause and then do it again. All the while biting her lower lip. I had never seen my sister have an orgasm before so I could only guess that was what was happening. She had stopped sucking David Meyer's cock. He stood there with his hard dick inches from her face. His hand was slowly stroking his cock. I could see the bead of clear precum at the head. My dad continued to thrust his cock into Marie. His balls tightened up to the base of his dick. His head was laying back on the couch. He roughly grabbed Marie by the hips and began to lift her and drop her on his cock.

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   It was like he was using her to jack off his cock. This semi-rough treatment only seemed to make Marie's cumming more intense. Her lips began to move. Her voice was barely audible, but I could make out her saying "Fuck me daddy, fuck me daddy…" over and over again in a passionate whisper. Then dad came. His thrusts up into Marie's cunt were short and hard. He growled as he unloaded his cum filled balls into his daughter. As he continued to thrust his cum began to run out of her pussy, over his dick, down to his balls. Marie collapsed back against his chest, clearly sated for the moment. David Meyers stepped up to Marie and jacked his cock a few more strokes and began to shoot his third load. It wasn't a big load naturally but four or five wads of cum erupted from the head of his cock and landed on Marie's tits. Ross was still fucking Debbie while watching the threesome next to him. His breathing was coming quicker. He leaned forward and asked Debbie, "Have you finished your cum?" My brother, always the gentleman. She nodded as she rested her face on her father's thigh, lazily licking his cock.

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  Ross pulled his cock out of Debbie's cunt suddenly. He stood up and faced Marie. "Marie, can I…?" he asked. Our sister smiled, still basking in the glow of her long orgasms on dad's cock, and nodded at our little brother. Ross pointed his cock right at Marie's face and jacked it fast. His hips thrust as he fucked his fist. Marie leaned forward, and stuck out her tongue. Ross began to cum. His cum shot out forcefully, hitting Marie in the mouth, in her hair, on her cheek and dripping on to her tits. Dad's cum was dripping out of her cunt and Ross's cum was dripping off her face. She lovingly licked the head of Ross's cock to claim every drop for her own. I felt mom's cunt begin to get hotter around my cock and then it began to get tighter. I could see a pink flush spreading across her tits and knew that she must be getting close. "Harder, you fucker… fuck my cunt… fuck me hard… fuck your mother, you mother fucker…" she was demanding. I raised up on my knees and threw her legs over my shoulders.


   My mother was obscenely open to my thrusting cock now. I grabbed her thighs and pulled them tightly to my chest. I pounded mom as hard as I could. "fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes" she repeated in a mantra of orgasmic ecstasy. "Give me your fuckin' cum. Fill my hot cunt" she demanded as her cunt throbbed around my cock. It was too much for me to take. I held her legs tightly as I slammed in to her as deeply as I could and came. Fucking Lisa Meyers had been great, but cumming in mom's cunt was indescribable. She drove her pussy up and our pubic bones met. My cum exploded in to her, filling her. I held her as every drop found its place in her pussy. My balls relaxed and came to rest against mom's asshole. I let her legs down and laid on top of her, my cock sliding out, dragging cum and pussy juice out to run down her ass crack. As I laid there, our hearts still pounding, I looked around the room again.

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   The Meyer's family was cuddled up. David and his mom were deep in French kissing. He had two fingers up her dipping pussy and she was slowly stroking his recovering cock. Debbie Meyers was still licking at her father's cock as he petted her hair. My sister was back on the floor on her knees. She was sucking on Ross's cock. Dad had moved around behind her and was running his cock up and down her dripping slit. Mom was reaching for my cock. "I bet I can get that hard again for you, honey. Bring it up here and let me suck on it. ". Then the strangest thing happened. My mind did a quick calculation for some reason. "Let's see, nine people… how many combinations is that… I think that is one times two times three times four times… "As mom's mouth closed around my semi-hard cock and her finger began to explore my ass, I lost count. .

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