The Family Room


The brother is lying face down on the floor at their feet, absorbed in some television program involving lots of grinding metal and squealing tires and machine gun fire, a reward for finishing his homework and helping clean up after dinner. The little sister has been packed off to bed an hour ago, already asleep. He enjoys these times with the children, he has grown accustomed to the empty spot in his bed since *She* left them, a long time ago now, he thinks, almost a year. And the girl, the delightful creature so warm and soft, so close. . . she has become a welcome comfort. . . He rustles his newspaper on the pretext of turning the page; really, he wants the girl's attention, and she does not disappoint, she turns her head to look up at him, hair poised in mid-stroke across her lip he smiles down at her and rests the paper in his lap to pet her soft silky locks, running his arm down the side of her body, her exposed skin cool to his touch she snuggles against him closing her book, tossing it lightly onto the brother's back. "Hey!" the brother does not turn to look at the two figures on the couch, merely twists, irritated, shrugging the book onto the floor, shouts at the TV as the bad guys apparently are gaining the advantage. . . She smiles up at him again, a smirking, mischievous grin, giggles softly, snakes a delicate hand under the newspaper. He moans softly as his penis swells expectantly, hugs her closer to him, sliding his hand down the smooth cool length of her hip, stroking possessively running his rough worn hand down the side of her firm young calf, marvelling at the feminine combination of strength and delicateness; she reaches her other hand into the space between his back and the couch, and he moans softly -- she giggles wickedly and slips her hand lower, down into the back of his sweatpants, tickling his buttocks, wiggling a slender finger into the crack of his ass, stroking the hair between his cheeks, somehow always freshly amazed at how hairy he is. Unable to suppress a grunt of pleasure he is thankful the television is so loud, the boy so engrossed.

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  . . He would have to admit he enjoys this wicked game they have played almost nightly since finally consummating their forbidden lust, pushing each other to gasp and betray their sexual arousal in front of one or the other of her younger siblings. . . He strokes his hand up the back of her legs, pushing up the back of her t-shirt -- his day-old t-shirt; she has been swiping them from his laundry, she says they smell of their passion and remind her of him when she is alone in bed after his visits. . . Her buttocks are fully exposed to the lewd attention of his roaming hand, should little brother happen to turn around from his program, but he watches even the commercials, and it is her turn to gasp as his strong warm hand cups her left cheek she nestles half-prone, snuggling comfortably against his side; he barely manages to suppress a childish giggle as she sticks her tongue out at him, whispering ribald suggestions as his thick fingers push down between her buttocks, groping forward to brush at the downy fuzz sprouting on her plump young pussy. She increases the intensity of her own groping under cover of newspaper, slipping her hand into the privacy of his pants boldly grasping the stiff hard flesh sprouting from his hairy bush; they are now whispering and giggling, grunting and pawing at each other's genitals; writhing in the beginnings of a bold passion he has turned to face her, the newspaper cast to the carpet his monstrous erection making a tent of the front of his sweats she has crawled into his lap and is rotating her pussy around the head of his prick, exulting in the feel of rubbery hard flesh pressing soft fleece against her throbbing clit, the fat head of his penis pushing hungrily, eagerly, at the opening of her young cunt she is staining the soft fabric with her slippery wet juices pre-cum oozing from the eye of his prick soaking through from the other side she sucks hungrily at his mouth, pulling at his lower lip the stiff bristles of his moustache tickling her nose, moving upward to slip her tongue along the roof of his mouth, he thrusts his own tongue wetly back back against hers, licking and sucking at her face their tongues intertwine their hands roam frantically he gropes the front of her body through flimsy cotton jersey, plucking and grasping at the barely noticeable swelling around her plump nipples, she yanks up his t-shirt to run her fingers through the dense gray hair covering his firm chest, basking in his utter *maleness*, revelling in his *adulthood*. . . He reaches behind her buttocks, pulling up the shirt that has slipped down around her hips to cover her nakedness, brushes a thick rough finger gently against the tight little sphincter of her anus and she moans softly, lifting herself up on her knees, straddling his lap, reaching down between their undulating bodies their mouths still interlocked she pulls at the front of his sweatpants --- his cock springs free and before he is aware of what is happening she has mounted him --He moans, loudly, grunting feverishly as he feels her impossibly tight young pussy sliding hotly down onto his thick shaft working her strong muscle her vagina grips him tightly, pulling and stroking him continuously as she slides down onto him he groans, a jolt of pure electric pleasure travelling up and down the length of his cock as the head of his penis presses against the opening to her young womb, her smooth cool buttocks slapping against the hot hairy top of his thighs. . .

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  Suddenly, awkwardly aware of his sounds of animal pleasure echoing around the quiet room. They turn toward the blank gray television set, gaze uncomfortably at the boy who is seated cross-legged in the middle of the floor staring wide-eyed at the couch where his sister is straddling his father's lap her hands on his shoulders, the t-shirt around her hips not quite hiding the sight of the fat cock planted firmly in her cunt, spreading wide her pussy lipsThe girl stares intently at her little brother, licking her lips wickedly, staring fixedly at the noticeable hard-on poking at the front of little brother's pajama bottoms. She giggles fiendishly at him, he is only a year beneath her in school, but to her he is the little brat, and slowly, sensuously, still staring at her brother, she raises her hips, her father's cockhead sliding away from the entrance to her womb she begins to ride the prick embedded in her twat -- the father has closed his eyes, unable to resist the pleasure of his daughter's body and the two laugh wildly, uncontrollably, he lifts his hips up off the couch to stab up into her young body as she lowers her hips towards his arching prick --The boy sits transfixed, watching for a long moment as the two bodies meet in mid-air, undulating in an accelerating, animalistic fucking frenzy. His small young cock is straining against the fly of his thin cotton pajamas and he races from the room red-faced, angry at being laughed at, confused at the sensations the sight of their copulating has aroused in his own body. . . The girl turns her attention back to the man whose cock she is sitting on, and she begins to ride her father hard, sliding up and down along the length of the meat that is lustily prying open the intimate delights her young loins encompass -- her leg muscles are young and strong and she bobs the lower half of her body in a furious rhythm, meeting her father's upward thrusts in a violent mid-air collision. She cannot help but cry out as waves of pleasure rise in her groin from the pressure on her clit the pleasure building deep inside her belly where the head of his prick is causing cascading waves of ecstasy she twists her hips, finding that special spot for his cock-head to probe her passion grows in fury her cries resemble the wild noise of a rutting beast he is moaning nearly as loudly, grunting wildly as with each successive traversal of the penis in her vagina she works her interior muscles, milking and stroking the hard muscle that he is pounding wetly between her legsThe father is lost in his own pleasure, clutching his daughter tightly against his chest, longing to feel her smooth nakedness against him there is no stopping this thing they have started there is no energy left to disrobe her there is no part of his brain not overcome with raw pleasure he cannot contemplate the consequences of their blatant exhibitionism he can only thrust up into his beautiful young daughter, harder and more lustfully as she works his cock with her pussy muscles, their cries of lusty pleasure have become one voice and he can only thrust violently upward, spearing into her, his single goal in life to spew his seed up into her delicious, tight young cunt, exult in the sensation of the downy softness of her pretty pink mound as it sliding along his hairy belly in their reckless union. Moaning, gasping, sweaty and exhausted, hoarse from their loud declarations of their passion, he believes he feels her pussy spasm against the surging pistoning length of his cock clutching at his shaft in violent orgasm he is too caught up in the pleasure coursing the length of his penis as he humps upward to be much aware of what she is experiencing. . . by the grin spreading across her face he is quite certain though that she enjoys it as much as he and he pumps his hips up off the couch his cock swelling, filling her completely spreading her to near-splitting his balls jerk and dance in their sack as their jism rumbles franticly surging the length of his shaft spewing out the tip of his prick sloshing wetly against the entrance of her immature womb dribbling out around his softening prick. . . he humps more slowly, more gently, still hugging her against him as their bodies at last come to rest, exhausted, a tangled heap of sweat and body fluid lying crookedly exhausted on the couch in the family room.

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  They lie quietly together for a while, stroking each other in the warm afterglow of passion, though it is getting late, and they will both have to rise early, she to catch the bus that she and little brother and sister ride to the elementary school where she is in the sixth grade, he to make the long tiring commute to the City. She rises slowly, his soft prick slipping from inside her, the t-shirt falling down around her hips as she reluctantly pulls herself off of his lap and away from the wet remains of their love-making, away from the incredible memory of pleasure now only suggested by his soft limp prick lying exposed between his legs, his sweatpants around his hips. "I guess I better go to bed. "She glances sadly at him as he reclines, exhausted, leaning contentedly back in the couch. "There's room for you in my bed. . . if you want. "Her brilliant smile lights his heart as he watches her skip off to the master bedroom down the hall. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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