Waiting for You


Waiting for you

I’ve been waiting for you. The house is dark and my car is parked down the block where you didn’t see it. I told you I’d be out late tonight but I have been home, waiting for you. Your headlights flash across the front window lighting up our living room. I am wearing something new for you. The transparent negligee is a soft brown that compliments my long dark brown hair. My hair is down, the way you like it, it softly brushes the tops of my breasts that are cupped tightly providing an ample amount of cleavage between my D sized breasts. My pulse beats faster as the lights cut out along with the throaty engine of your car. You always like to rev that car’s motor but my motor is what you rev best. I lick my lips in anticipation I hear you door slam, I resist the urge to rush to the window and watch you come up to the door. I wait just around corner for you, in the living room, my heart climbs farther up my throat with every step I hear you take toward the door. I hear your key turn in the lock, it won’t be long now. The door swings open, you hit the light switch, nothing happens. You swear softly about the bulb having gone out but it didn’t go out. I took it out and laid it on the end table by the couch. Just a few more steps and I’ll have you.

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   You close the door and travel those few steps before my scent hits you. My perfume, and arousal, assaults your senses as you freeze. With a moan that could be known as a purr I move to wrap my arms around you from behind. Slipping up onto my tip toes I kiss the back of your neck toward your ear. After nibbling on your ear for a minute I hear you exhale a soft groan. You are mine now as I whisper into your ear “I’ve been waiting for you” and then give your earlobe a playful lick. My hands slide your leather jacket off of your shoulders and down your arms. The jacket flies off onto the love seat before I slowly start unbuttoning your shirt from behind you. Your shirt falls to the floor and my hands move down your strong chest to the bottom hem of your under shirt. I waste no time pulling that undershirt up and off of your body and fling it away from us as I press myself against your now bare back. You can feel the sheer fabric of my negligee against your back and you want to turn around and see me but I make you wait just a bit longer. I kiss down your neck and shoulder as my hands work their way down your lightly haired chest, down the happy trail, my fingers dance along the waist of your pants. Another groan, you must be feeling constrained by now but you stand still and let me build you up. Your hand reaches around behind you and grabs my ample rear and you give it a tender yet forceful squeeze, you know you will have me soon. I moan against your back as I unbutton and unzip your pants, I have been thinking about this all day.

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   My thong is completely soaked, I shaved for you and my juices are leaking down my smooth lips to soak the thin fabric clean through. Your hand kneads my rear as I work your pants off of your hips and drop them to the floor. You slip off your shoes and step out of yours pants, I can feel you will take control of this game soon. I slip my hand into your underwear and take hold of my prize. You aren’t the biggest man I’ve ever had but your six and a half inches are by far the best. My tight pussy throbs at the thought of you inside me as my hand moves over your wonderful cock. I caress your curved tool until I hear you groan again and then I remove my hand and tug your underwear down until it joins the rest of your clothes on the floor. With another moan I kiss my way around your neck and shoulders until I am standing in front of you. Your eyes no sooner meet mine before I move forward and press my body and lips to yours. I surrender my body to your hands as you grab me and press me closer to you. You are in control now, just the way I want you to be. Your tongue surges past my lips to explore my mouth as my tongue moves to keep pace. Our bodies know each other so well and they are aching to be one together. You press me back a few steps until we are against a wall and one of your hands moves my thong aside. I am so wet for you; your digits toy with my slit only for a moment before homing in on my clit and driving me crazy.

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   You want me badly but you haven’t seen me yet. I know you want to see my sexy new outfit. When you break the kiss and take a step back you lick the fingers that had been working me and suggest we head to the bedroom. I lead the way giving you brief glances of my outfit between the shadows. Our bedroom has candles but your need to see me requires a brighter light than flames can throw. I hit the dimming switch and slowly turn up the lights in our room so that you can see more and more. You drink in my outfit for a moment before motioning for me to spin around slowly for you. By the second spin you are pressed against my back your hungry lips on my neck making me shiver and turning my nipples hard nubs. Your hands reach between my legs again and I feel your hot cock pressed against my ass. You never behave and I love you all the more for it. You always know just where to touch and your questing fingers have my knees weak in seconds. I lean forward to rest on the bed as you work one of your fingers into my wet pussy a moment later you work another finger into me but not into my pussy. See what I mean by never behaving? I moan that I need you and you seem to agree because you move your fingers and I feel that smooth hard familiar head press against my wet hole as you hold my thong string off to the side. You can only get a few inches into me from this angle and it makes me need you even more. You are teasing me I know you are, your stamina is a credit to your sex and you are letting me know you plan to draw this out for awhile.

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   After a good five minutes or so you lean down and kiss across my shoulder before whispering “Want to get on top?” these words seal my fate as I eagerly agree. You move around me and lay on your back on the bed. My eyes drift over your figure taking pride in the fact that you are mine. I climb onto the bed and crawl over to you my lips press to yours as my hands again prowl over your body and take hold of your cock. I love your cock, it is perfect for me. I break the kiss and move down your body with more soft kisses and the occasional gentle bite. I take a moment to admire your cock it is curved upward in the most delightful way. I smirk up at you and slide my tongue across the underside of your cock swirling the tip of my tongue just under the head of your cock tickling the nerves bundled there. Then I slide you completely into my mouth. Your cock tastes like me. I moan my delight as I bob up and down a few times, each time ending with my nose pressed against your trimmed pubic hairs. With a lewd slurp I release you from my mouth and move to straddle you as I give you another kiss. I lay against you as my right hand reaches down to position your cock at my entrance. You slip in easily at first but my pussy is not as wet the deeper you go and I freeze my hips to take you at my own pace. We slowly adjust to the difference and soon we are working up a good steady pace.

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   I moan softly and move my hips with yours it won’t be long until I have my first climax. You feel my pussy start to tighten up and you suddenly start moving your hips at a frantic pace and push me over the edge into a quick orgasm that causes me to moan and pant softly. My whole body freezes up and twitches and shivers as my orgasm runs its course. I open my eyes and you are smirking up at me as your hips go back to that slower steady pace. I love your smirk, it makes me have to lean down and kiss you again. After a moment’s pause my hips are moving with yours again, I am wetter now, you are getting deeper into me. The curve of your tool works my g-spot relentlessly sending me into several small orgasms that leave me shaking and twitching. After about half an hour to forty five minutes of this suddenly something changes, the angle, the depth? I can’t describe it, all I know is that it feels good, I mean, GOOD! I start panting louder and moaning, normally a quiet person in bed I am shocked at myself but I can’t help it! I am moaning loudly now but we aren’t moving at a break neck speed we are moving at a medium pace and perfectly in sync, you are deep inside me, my clit is being ground against your pelvis and your cock is working my g-spot over like crazy. I am moaning out things like “Oh God that feels good!” your hands have moved to my ass and with your strong grip I am locked into keeping this pace with you. I am really getting loud now and I hear you start to grunt in effort, God yes are you about to cum? I am driven even crazier by that thought. You are usually so hard to get off that I normally have to finish you with head. The thought of you cumming inside of me pushes me higher and then it happens. You cry out and start to cum inside of me hard I can tell it is good for you but before I can process that thought of joy I am screaming out a climax myself. The hardest climax I have ever experienced! I am panting and wiping tears from my eyes and you are moaning and muttering about how good that was. We just had a mutual climax and it was a real earth mover.

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   We share a laugh about how insanely intense that orgasm was for both of us. My breasts are hanging out of the bra cups of my negligee and my hair sticking to my sweating neck as I lift myself off of you and cuddle up next to you. We lay there panting for a bit until we decide we both need some water. We take our time getting out of bed, I don’t know about you but I feel as giddy as I do when I am tipsy. We stumble into the kitchen and share a glass of water as we try to get our orgasm cloudy minds to focus again. You are a bit faster to recover than I am and you turn to me and grin that grin that makes me want to kiss you all over before saying “So do I get dinner with that Dessert?” I can’t help but laugh and shake my head as I respond with “I love you too much” as I head to the fridge.

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