Blood lies


The apartment door slammed shut behind him. He stared coolly at her, memorizing her every feature, Her full red lips, that long dark hair, pinned in a beautiful updo, and Her smile whenever she met his eyes, with her bright green ones. He smiled, feeling the familiar tingling in his canines. The tip of his pink tongue traced the sharp edge. He could smell her, a cool flowery scent. She walked away from him, talking about some useless human babble. He followed behind her. Watching her wiggle in the short black skirt and band shirt, Clinging tightly to her beautiful curves. He caught her waist from behind; she smiled up at him, Pressing her perfect ass into his groin. Her eyes glittered with mischief. His teeth begged for release. He smiled at her in return, pulling her hair gently away from her neck, he kissed her cheek and across her creamy neck, his kiss cool, and wett. His hand sliding over her front, down her stomach, and between her legs, his fingers light, rubbing gently between her legs, over the cotton panties. He felt her tremble and fall forwards, kissing her neck and shoulders, while rubbing her clit softly through the thin panties, and skirt. Her breath ragged against his face. He stepped away, letting his hands fall away from her body slowly.

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   She turned, strutting towards him, pushing him back into a chair, he sat smiling at her assertiveness. Watching the blood pump under her tiny blue veins, arousing emotions shed never thought to open. She stared at him from beneath her long lashes, straddling him, she started rubbing her front, caressing her perky breasts through her cotton shirt. Biting her red lip, she stared coolly at him, her free hand falling down her body, finding its way over her cotton panties, her pretty little fingers teasing her clit, leaning forward, her warm lips inches away from his ear, she whispered “Im sooo wett for you Matt. ” He raised an eyebrow at her, “oh?” he whispered back at her, one of his hands running up her creamy thigh, under her skirt, quickly and efficiently finding the soaked part of her panties, he rubbed the moistness deeper into her, swiftly pushing her panties aside, he pushed a finger into her trembling pussy, warm and soft. His free hand pulled her head towards his lips, kissing her feverently. He pushed his finger into her tight wett little pussy, releasing his kiss, she smiled at him, planting a red kiss on his neck. He smiled, How ironic, He eyed her as she moved off of him, her cute little hands tugging on the zipper of his pants. He blew his short blond hair away from his face as he watched her fumble with the button. She smiled up at him, innocent, but triumphant. He couldnt help but like her a little. She tugged on his pants, scratching his hip with a long manicured nail. He chewed the bottom of his lip, enjoying the small amount of pain. As his pants were pulled down his legs he pulled her small body onto to his lap, her straddling him, He stared into her glazed green eyes, Her breath heavy against his neck, He nuzzled her shoulder, his hands running down her body, finding the edge of her panties he pulled them down slowly, caressing her wett pussy with his cool fingers, holding her neck, he gently pulled her towards him, as he pushed his fingers deep into her, he sank his needle sharp teeth into her beautiful neck, breaking through the skin, painlessly. She shuddered against him, but he held her tight.

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   The blood was warm on his tongue, satisfying his age old thirst, leaving him craving for something more.   Her hips struggled against the bulge growing beneath them. Her breath sharp in his ear, releasing her neck, he licked the remaining blood off, and pulled her mouth to his, kissing her, her tongue exploring his, she bit his bottom lip playfully. He chuckled, a menacing laugh, and bit her lip, gently, but enough for his teeth to draw blood from her soft, plump lips. She moaned as he released her, blood running from his mouth, Her hand tugged at his shirt, he pulled it over his head, her lips touched his bare shoulder, sending shivers down his body. His hands, which were resting lightly on her hips, tugged on the shirt she was wearing. He pulled it up over her smooth skin revealing her round, smooth, delicate white breasts. He kissed her chest softly, she swooned into his body, he held her tight, keeping her from falling off his lap, his kisses trailed down her collar bone, sucking one of her delicate nipples into his mouth, she squirmed, rubbing her dripping pussy against his growing dick. He groaned with pleasure. She whined with excitement, pushing herself against him, begging him for his hardness. “Matt, I need you. ” She whimpered. He suck her full breast into his mouth, biting down slowly, his teeth piercing the fair skin. She gasped, and pushed her hips heavily into his lap, He chuckled, releasing her. Blood ran down his chin, he pulled her down to kiss him, letting her taste the blood, lifting her hips, his free hand guided his throbbing cock into her little wett pussy.

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   The need filled her green eyes, he watched them slide close with pleasure, as he pushed himself slowly inside her. Filling her with his hardness, she wrapped her arms around his neck as he guided her hips, matching his rhythmic pumping. Her whimpers turned to moans of full blown ecstasy, as the pressure filled her, he pumped hard and fast into her, her body tensing. “Oh… Matt…”
Her head laid on his shoulder, her smooth skin, warm against his cold skin. He dug his nails into her hips, making her squirm with erotic delight. With one strong thrust, her body tensed, sending shivers through her body, She crumpled against Matt. His arms wrapped around her body, he held her in place, fucking her mercilessly. Slamming his hard cockinto her, her juices spilling onto his thighs. Biting her neck softly, he grazed his teeth over her neck, cutting her, a small amount of blood trickled out, he sucked, and licked at her neck and chest. Her green eyes were dazed, locking with his, he fucked her, she chewed her lip as his cock spasmed, cumming deep in her pussy. Her head fell against his neck, and he released her. Pulling her pussy off his cock, his cum dribbling out of her small pussy. He kissed her red lips, whispering “You are in for it, little one. ” Pushing his fingers into her smooth pussy, driving his point home.


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