The Time Shifter Chapter 16


The hunky guy, Darrell, walked into the room and slid his shortsoff. His cock was hard from watching Jason and I going at it. Hedispatched that thunderstick into my wanton cunt. He was only abouthalf an inch longer than Jason, but nearly twice as thick. Thisexerted more pressure on my vaginal walls and he didn't care aboutmy pleasure at all. He pounded the shit out of me and I came like ahurricane twice before he gushed his wad into my sloppy, humidmarsh. "Man, I'm glad I invited you!" he grinned like the cat whojust got the canary. "By the way, your cookies killed!" I thankedhim for the compliment, went to the bathroom to wipe the cum from myopening and inner thighs, got dressed and, together, after he lockedthe door behind us, we went downstairs and back to the party.

I thought that Darrell would try to pull some other bird after hedid me, but we talked for a little while after that. He wasinterested in the fact I was a guitarist who played hard rock, whichnot a lot of women did at the time. He  went into a back room of theapartment, brought out an acoustic guitar that had definitely seenbetter days and we went out on to the front patio. I tuned it up asbest I could (judging by the tone of the strings, they hadn't beenchanged in 20 years. "Dude, this thing is hopeless. I have one of myguitars in my car," I said and retrieved a cheap Epiphone and aglass slide from it. I brought it just in case some guitars cameout, being the showoff I am. I went into Zeppelin's "Over the Hillsand Far Away.

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   I didn't even try to sing because I was okay atbackground vocals and that was about it. Then I did John LeeHooker's "One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer" since Hooker talkedhis way through most of that tune rather than sang like GeorgeThorogood would decades later. He got a kick out of it since hehadn't heard it before. A couple more people came out and I decidedto play the virtuoso card and did "Roundabout" and "Your Move"by Yes. It sounded cool with the frequencies bouncing off of of theconcrete patio surface and wall as well as the stucco duplex. Morepeople drifted out and now I had an audience of about a dozen. I put"Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" by Zep next on the menu and followedthat with "Time in a Bottle" from Jim Croce. Now EVERYBODY wasoutdoors in the comfortably cool night air as I performed  anacoustic version of Deep Purple's "Lazy. " Darell then requested I dothe John Lee Hooker tune again and everybody dug it. I succeededthat with Cat Steven's "Peace Train. " The concentration I needed todo all this sobered me up completely (though it helped that I wasn'tthat high to begin with).

I thought that was a good note to end on, but they wanted more, so Itook a run at Neil Young's "Old Man" and Joni Mitchell's "Big YellowTaxi. " It was now 11:30. They still wanted more and someone fetchedmore beers, so I guess I was going to be out there for a while. Sowhat else could I do but "Stairway to Heaven"? In the wake of thatwas Aerosmith's "Dream On" and the Cream version of Robert Johnson's"Crossroads.

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  " That was finally it and I told the party goers that ifthey knew anyone who needed a cover band to let me know. Then Iinformed them about our show at the American Legion hall in a townnear the one I live in the following Friday while warning the girlsthat we played hard rock and not the kind of material I just playedfor them.

At our rehearsal Saturday afternoon, we practiced the new tunes Ihad taught them and then I told them to learn three more,'Aqualung," "Cross-Eyed Mary" and "Locomotive Breath," all by JethroTull. I can't believe it slipped my mind to add these songs to ourrepetoire. Duhhhh. We talked about having an acoustic part of ourset and recounted to them my experience at the party I went to. There was quite a bit of debate as to whether that really matchedthe direction of the band. We  thus put it off for later discussion.

After everyone left, I went over to Bobby and Nick's. I asked themif Frank and Jim could also help out with security for our upcomingconcert. We would offer them the same deal, $35 plus a case of beerfor seven hours. Bobby said they would talk to Frank and Jim aboutit. It was also a good excuse for me to see Jim again.  

The following Wednesday, we took delivery of our stage and the newdrum riser. Guys from the shop that I had build them showed our roadcrew how to put them together and activate the lights in the riser.

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When we loaded in and assembled the stage and the riser Friday, itmade the way we presented ourselves look so much cleaner and slick. The stage had routs in it for the flash pots and so we no longer hadto duct tape them down. Instead, they were bolted into it and allthe cables were now largely hidden rather than duct taped to thestage. Our only real problem was that we still  had to use lights onsteel poles because we couldn't hang a lighting rig from the roofsof the places we played. Oh well.

The gig drew 91 people and they ate and drank liberally, so we mademoney on it and we kicked tons of ass. I slipped our security anextra $10 apiece for keeping things calm even though the crowd wasso dosed on weed and God only knows what else that no strong armingwas necessary.

I invited Jim back to my place and he followed me home. Once ourcrew dropped our equipment off in a room of my house and departed toreturn the rental truck, I took a shower and changed into my bikiniwith the aforementioned pair of jean shorts over my bottoms. Jim andI kicked back on my living room couch with a bottle of wine I hadJohn buy for me. I snuggled up to him and we had a few laughs beforehe started kissing me. Yeah, I was going to only be 17 that Sundayand he was 33, but it was nobody's business except ours. He was anexcellent kisser and had a rock hard chest and strong arms that feltamazing to be wrapped up in.

He deftly removed my top to get at my tits and squeezed them withjust the right amount of pressure to be pleasurable rather thanpainful and the faucet dispensing my natural lubricant was floodingmy lowlands. God, what a man! He picked me up, slung me over hisshoulder and carried me off to bed.

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   He slid my shorts and bikinibottoms off. He positioned himself on top of me and thrust his bighard cock into me. "Oh God, I've been wanting that for such a longtime!" I confessed. "I've been wanting you, too, foxy!" he disclosedand he began to ease his skin bazooka in and out of me. I wrapped mylegs and arms tightly around his back and we made out while heplowed my pink furrow with some real intent behind it. Fuck, he wasstuffing me so good and the heat within me reached its boiling pointquickly. "Oh fuck Jim, God, fuck me harder baby!!" I begged and hepounded his dick into me forcefully until my machine gun pantingtold him I was in the throes of ecstasy. "You're so beautiful whenyou climax," he admired, his hips continuing to deliver the goodsinto my love dock.

The passion inside me kept the pleasure roiling as he enjoyed thecaress of my still 16 year old vaginal walls around his meat tube. Iwas digging it even more than he was as his tongue probed thefurthest reaches of my mouth. All I wanted at that moment was moreof his manly spear and he granted it to me, making me begin toorgasm in multiples until he drained his heavy balls into my cunt. Iwas also drunk on his scent and felt so happy that I got a chance tobe balled by him again.

"God Jim, you're such a fox," I dreamily informed him. Yes, thatterm was used for both sexes back then, though mostly uttered byguys about girls. I kissed him heatedly and then pulled him tightlyagainst me.

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   "Where are your parents?" he interrogated. "I'm anemancipated minor," I fibbed. "So I live here by myself. " "What atrip!" he reacted. I giggled. "So are you going to stay forbreakfast?" I pleaded. "I think I can see my way clear for that," herejoindered with a Cheshire Cat grin. "Yay!" I cheered. I snuggledup next to him and dropped off to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up and he was still snoring away. I put ona bra and panty set and went to the kitchen to start breakfast. Itwas simple, just some poached eggs and bacon with buttered toast andorange juice. I woke him up and he groggily reported to my diningroom table to eat. He expressed his pleasure at the meal I cookedand then I went down on him and got a taste of his meat sauce. Hepulled me up and took me back to bed to perform cunniilingus on meand fuck me again before he left to go home.


   He was back again fordinner, where I made him grilled chicken and rice with black eyedpeas. For dessert, I served him a home made key lime pie. "God damn,how did you learn to cook like this?" he asked. I smiled at thecompliment and said it was just something I got out of a cookbook.

He bid me to move on to his lap and I did. "You're an amazing littlegirl, Melody," he said as he gave me a bigtime hug and kissed me. "So what are you planning to do with your life?" "Play guitar, havefun, fuck and cook for people," I averred. "What about marriage andchildren?" "That's not going to happen, Jim. I like my freedom anddon't want to be tied down. I can't have kids anyway because I'msterile. " "What about you and me?" he pondered. "Jim, I love you. Asmuch as I want you to be in my bed every night, I also know that Iwould be a miserable marriage partner. I don't even want a regularboyfriend. I like keeping my options open.

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   However, you're more thanwelcome to come over frequently. I would love it if you would spendthe night with me again. " "Yeah, I guess this is the age of women'slib, so I get what you're telling me. It's so killer watching youplay guitar. You're one dynamite mama. " "So am I sleeping alonetonight or not?" I checked. "No, you're not sleeping alone tonight,"he conveyed. I smiled and gave him another big hug. We had sex threetimes that night before we turned in. Just having him cuddle mebefore we dozed off was a turn on by itself. But still, I needed todo my own thing.
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