The Time Shifter Chapter 46


He went home for dinner and then came back later that evening andfucked me in missionary position. My ass was now REALLY sore and Icould barely walk without pain. Yet, there was something I wasfinding a turn on with him doing that to me even if the actual analsex act wasn't something I would actively seek out. After he shothis wad into me, we cuddled for a couple of hours while watching tv. "So did you have a happy birthday today Master?" "Fuck yeah I did,"he enthused. "I'm glad, Master," I bubbled. "I don't know why you'reso in love with me, Misty, but I'm glad you are. " "You're just sucha sweety I couldn't help it," I cheered. "The only way today couldhave been made better would be if I was allowed to sleep over withyou," he said. "God, I so wish you could, Master. I'm not sure wewould get much sleep, though. " He chuckled. "No shit," he seconded.

The following morning, I had to ask him to walk to school slowlybecause my ass still felt like it was on fire. "You tore it uppretty good back there, Master," I informed him. "I just do what Ido," he laughed.

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   When we joined his friends on the way, he toldthem, "Misty is a little sore after what we did in bed last nightand has to take her time walking. " I turned eight shades of red andgiggled while his buddies laughed.

At lunch, as I walked up to everybody, Kevin cracked, "so how's yourhole?" "You didn't just say that!" I laughed. The others werepractically rolling on the ground in merriment. He pulled me next tohim and gave me a quick kiss. "Fuck Kevin, how did someone like youget a girl like Misty?" his pal Brandon  inquired. "I guess we'rethe Chris Stein and Debbie Harry of the school," I riposted. "Who?"Brandon countered, looking confused. I had to explain about Blondieand Stein having a rather nerdy mien. "Fuck Brandon, don't you knowanything about music?" I accused. "Hey babe, I've never heard ofBlondie, either. " "Really honey?" I reacted, astonished. "It lookslike we have a date with You Tube tonight," I snarked.

I shouldn't have done that. When we got to my house after school,Kevin ordered me to strip, kneel and lay my body across the shortside of my coffee table in my living room.

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   "You're not going to fuckme in my ass again, are you Master?" I feared. "Shut up, slut! Ididn't like the way you criticized me and my friend and now I'mgoing to punish you for it," he announced, unleashing the first hardslap on my exposed ass. That was soon succeeded by a couple dozenothers, making my butt one big symphony of sore, both inside andout. Yet, my pussy was also drenched. "From now on, slut, you won't speak unless you are spoken too, do you understand?" 'Yes Master," Icomplied. "Now I'm going to use that mouth for what it was intendedfor," he claimed and positioned himself in front of my head,squatted down so that his cock was right in front of my lips andshoved it between them and into my throat, holding it there to makeme gag. He grabbed a handful of the top of my hair, pulled my headup and initiated a strong reaming of my mouth. When he was ready toserve his cream to me, he withdrew his dick and sprayed it onto myface.

I knew that he learned this by watching porn, but I don't think hehad yet figured out what inside of him was making him want to handleme that way. "Alright Misty, you're going to leave my cum on yourface while you give me my guitar lesson," he insisted. "Yes Master,"I quickly tolerated. It felt weird to  have his jizz leaking down mycheeks and forehead while I endeavored to impart guitar methodologyto him. It was definitely a distraction. After an hour, it had alleither dripped off of me or dried on my skin and thus felt morecomfortable. My ass was burning though, as I sat there watching himgo through his paces.

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   Kevin barked at me a couple of times, in fact,to stop squirming. When he had to go home for dinner, he first mademe give him a hummer and he splattered my face again with hismanjuice and then stated that he wasn't coming back that night sothat I would have time to reflect on my misdeeds. I apologized forwhat I did, but did I do any introspection on my actions earlierthat day? No. Instead, I learned a few more songs and videoed acouple of them to upload to You Tube later on.

When morning came and we walked hand in hand to school, he told me Iwas going to apologize to Brandon and I did. 'It's cool, Misty. Iknow you didn't mean it in a bad way," Brandon allowed. The rest ofthe way I kept my mouth shut until Kevin french kissed me brieflybefore we headed to our classes. At lunch, I was similarly tightlipped. While we walked home, he said I was a good little slut thatday and he rewarded me by boning me silly at my house. At 14, I wasalready effectively a slave to my classmate boyfriend now.

He asked me how my asshole was and I answered that it was healingup. He smirked slightly before saying, "that's good. " I gave him hisguitar lesson. He was continuing to show rapid progress and wasjustifying all the money I spent on his equipment.

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   We didn't haveany sex at all that day, but that sarcastic little smile heexhibited led me to believe that my ass was in for another poundingin the very near future.

I was right about that, but not in the way I had imagined. Saturday,we sat around all day playing guitar, kissing and hugging and he hadme give him a couple of blowjobs. Before he left, though, he told methat starting Sunday I had to be naked whenever he and his friendswere over at my house. "Master, please don't make me do that infront of your friends. It'll be all over for me at school if I haveto do that," I begged. I actually didn't care if I put my goodies ondisplay for anyone, but I knew he would get more of a thrill out ofthe whole thing if I put up a fight. "Don't worry, slut,"  hereassured. "I told them that if anyone else found out I would beatthem into the ground, no matter if they were individuallyresponsible for it getting out or not. And by the way, your name isno longer Misty when you're with us, but slut. I've already toldthem to call you that, so get used to it," he urged. "Oh my GodMaster, did you tell them about what we do?" "Not very much. I justsaid that you get a little thrill out of being called that. " Thatwould turn out to be a lie.

Sunday, he and his three buddies came walking up to my door at justafter 10 a.

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  m. . I knew they were coming because Kevin had phoned mejust before he left his house that morning. So my body was bereft ofeven one stitch when I ushered them in. "Holy shit, slut, you lookamazing!" Jeremy, a 5'2" approximately 120 pound bespectacledbookish looking guy complimented. "Thank you sweety. " "Yeah, slut isone fine bitch," Brandon ogled. "Fuck yeah, she's fine! Damn, Ialways wondered what was underneath her clothes. God damn!" Josh,who was Kevin's height, but stockier, though not obese, offered. "Thank you guys. "

While I was getting this attention, Kevin had gone into the diningroom and started taking the chairs there out and arranged them a fewfeet apart in my living room. "Okay slut," Kevin commanded, "giveeach of us a lap dance and they are allowed to touch you. " "You'rethe man Kevin!" Jeremy praised gratefully as they all ploppedthemselves down on the armless chairs. "Anything for my homies," hesmiled. "Okay slut, get to work!" Kevin insisted.

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   I sashayed up toJeremy and, bracing my hands on the back of the chair behind him, Ibent over and placed my lips an inch from his while I swayed my bodyfrom side to side, my D cups swinging from side to side. He placedhis hand on the back of my head and forced my lips on his, shovinghis tongue deep into my mouth. "Fuck yeah Jeremy, get some son!"Brandon rooted. After a little bit of that, I pulled my head awayand spun around, bent over and spread my legs to give him an upclose and personal view of my pussy, asshole and ass. He slapped mybutt as I shook it in front of him. He grabbed my hips and jerked meinto his lap. "Grind him slut!" Kevin said and so I did that,sliding my pussy over his hard jeans covered dick. He reached aroundand groped my cunt. "Dude, she's totally wet!" I giggled because hewas correct. In the back of my mind, I wondered if Kevin had set meup to be gangbanged. That prospect was very arousing to me.

I broke away from Jeremy and moved on to Brandon, shoving my titsright up into his face as I balanced myself against the back of hischair. He slid his mouth over and sucked on my right nipple while Ipulled his head into that breast. Then he reached between my legsand inserted his middle and ring fingers into me. He wiggled theminside me, which felt good and I rubbed my clit against his palm,which provoked some moans from me.

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   A couple of minutes later, Ipushed his wrist down to get his fingers out of me and turnedaround, shaking and shimmying my body as I stood straight up. Hespanked my butt a couple of times and then bent down to plant acouple kisses on my ass.

Next up was Josh and I pushed my feet under his thighs and bent overand leaned against the chair back. My mammaries were right in hisface and he fondled them up a treat, twisting and pinching mynipples, though not hard enough to hurt. Then he glided hisrighthand up my right leg and poked a couple of his fingers into myslit, pumping them in and out, which felt heavenly. I moaned to hisministrations for three or four minutes before I extricated hisdigits from my cunt and stepped off the chair. I rotated my body andbent over. My pussy was now swollen and sopping and Josh wasenjoying the sight. He clutched my hips and stuck his face betweenmy butt cheeks and licked my pussy a few times, capping it off withhis own big slap on my right ass cheek. "Shit, that is a bombtasting pussy!" Josh burbled. "You're one lucky son of a bitch,Kevin. " "Thanks, bro," Kevin acknowledged as I was lowering my bodyon to his lap to grind him.

"Hey slut, I want you to fuck me now," Kevin ordered. "Okay Master,"I stammered. "But can we please do it in my bedroom.

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   I don't want toleave any stains on the rug or the furniture. " "I hear ya, slut. Let's go, guys," he directed. The five of us repaired to my bedroom,where Kevin had me get on the bed on all fours. "Okay guys, let'suse this slut," Kevin called and they all hastened to get undressed. Kevin lined his plonker with my pussy while Jeremy leaped into bedand, once he had steadied himself with the aid of the headboard, hestood in front of me and I opened my mouth so he could put his fiveinch schvanz on my tongue. Kevin quickly worked up a good, fastrhythm. "Hey Jeremy, fuck her face, dude. She loves that shit,"Kevin advocated. Jeremy said he would give it a try and cupped eachside of the back of my head in his hands and began jackhammering hispenis in and out of my mouth. Kevin's screwing of me was rapidlygoosing my passion toward apogee, Jeremy's cock moderating thevolume of my protestations of pleasure. Josh slid in from the otherside of the bed and under my breasts like he was a mechanic workingon his car's muffler and sucked and gently nibbled on my milk ducts. After Kevin had given me a really hard slap, I went over the edgeand convulsively climaxed. A minute later, Jeremy dumped his sperminto my mouth and watched me swallow it.

Josh scrambled from underneath me and took Jeremy's spotskullfucking me.

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   His love gun was seven inches and my throat musclescaressed his cockhead very pleasurably for him. Brandon took afterJosh and scooted on his back underneath my titties and sucked mymilk duds for all he was worth. The combination of sensations wassynergistically  inspiring a steep climb toward orgasm. I wasslobbering all over Josh's prong while it juked in and out of myyapper. I started to feel multiple orgasms attacking my senses. "Fuck slut, you love this shit, don't you?" Kevin observed. "Youlive for cock," he estimated. I couldn't reply because Josh's polewas filling my throat every few seconds. Wave after wave of orgasmsrippled through me and I barely noticed when Josh held my throat onhis jerking cock and flushed his balls southward. Right as Josh waspulling out, Kevin ordered me to kneel in front of him, whereupon hestroked his cock and deposited his semen on my face. "Okay you guys,here is the rule: you can only cum on her face now," Kevin declared.

Jeremy got behind me as I reverted to my hands and knees and rolledhis John Thomas into me. "Losing your virginity in a gangbang for thewin, right Jeremy?" Kevin laughed. Everyone chuckled at that news. Kevin's semen was streaking my face as it dripped down.

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   Brandoncontinued slamming his shooter into my gob and was leaking copiousamounts of precum. "Fuck, slut, you really know how to suck a dick,"he gasped before he yanked his fuck stick from between my lips anddotted my cheeks, nose and eyes with his snotty burden.

Jeremy was just about to give me another orgasm at that point as hetattooed my ass with his pubic bone with his hard thrusts. Nobodywas standing in for Brandon yet and I didn't know why at the time. It was a much needed respite for my throat and jaw, though. They allwaited for Jeremy to finally finish by marking my countenance withhis man milk. I would soon know why there was an interruption.

First, Kevin told me to straddle Josh and lower my pussy on to hisdick and then lean forward. Then I felt Kevin squirt lube into me,which was when I knew that they were going to try to DP (doublepenetration) me. Kevin gradually jammed his dick into my anus and,after coping with the resultant pain, I slowly started rocking myhips on Josh's rhythm stick while Kevin leisurely guided his whammerjammer in and out of me. We were able to get into a consistentrhythm and it felt fucking amazing! There was a lot of pressure onthe thin wall between my cunt and my asshole, but I began to livefor each cycle of my hips pistoning Josh's dick deep inside me andthe locomotion of Kevin's asshole invading love baton and I had asoul crunching orgasm that caused me to scream out in ecstasy as myinner muscles securely fastened to the respective instruments ofpenetration. "Jeremy, stick a dick in her mouth, will ya? I don'twant her neighbors calling the cops," Kevin dictated. I soon enjoyedthe taste and texture of Jeremy's dong for the second time that day. To keep the rhythm going, though, I couldn't quite deep throatJeremy's penis. The orgasms were rushing at me like an unendingseries of head on collisions until Josh notified everybody that hewas about to launch his torpedoes.


   I lifted my hips so that he couldwithdraw himself from inside me and he hurried to get in front ofme, pull his own trigger and fired several rounds of spunk at myface, some of it going into my hair and my mouth.

Brandon crawled under me and I impaled myself on him. Wesynchronized our hips again and got things going. "Fuck, Jesus, yourpussy is total win, slut" Brandon effused as his prick slipped inand out of my well lubricated fuck tunnel. "Dude, you should try herass," Kevin celebrated. "But you never will because it's reservedjust for me!" he laughed in a fake evil voice. Jeremy, meanwhile,was still drilling my piehole. In a few minutes, I was beingcatapulted to the top of the summit of pleasure as the accumulatingheat within me detonated like a truckload of C4 explosive. I pantedon to Jeremy's dick as I got double teamed in my  groin area. Theroom smelled like sex and ass and amid another incidence of multipleorgasms, Brandon lifted my hips up, frantically placed himselfbefore me and littered my visage with the leftovers from hisscrotum. Only about a minute after, Kevin plucked his missile frommy brown silo, pushed the rubber off of his cock and milked himselfon to my forehead and nose.

Kevin left the room briefly to dispatch the used condom and tosanitize his sperm injector and hands. I rolled over on to my back,the semen running in all directions over my cheeks and chin. My asswas beginning to throb and I was very fatigued. When Kevin was back,he issued a new edict: "Okay slut, any of my boys here can touch youanytime they want wherever they want,"  he prefaced.

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   "However, theymay not fuck you unless I'm there and they are not to fuck you inthe ass under any circumstances. That hole is my personal property,"he decided. "Does everybody understand?" "Cool Kevin. Thanks bro,"Brandon expressed. "Nice!" Jeremy propounded. "Yeah, that's prettysweet," Josh agreed. "Yes, Master," I tolerated. "But I want youguys to know that if anyone ever hears a word about what we've doneI will file gang rape charges against all of you. Got it?" I warnedwith daggers in my eyes and a raised voice. "Don't fuck up a goodthing because you need the ego stroke," Kevin chimed in, or yournext sexual experience will be with Big Bubba at San Quentin. " "Okaydude," they all echoed.

"Okay slut, go make lunch," Kevin barked. "Yes Master. ".