Aunt, Daughter and Maid Part 3


Story continues after the nephew plays twice with the maid. The story picks up from where Sams' aunty returns from church. I was in my room, when my aunt returned. Jenny, my cousin was not with her. She knocked on my door and came in as it was not locked. "Hey, there. How are you doing?" She sat down with a sigh on the bed. I was playing the latest version of the computer game Need For Speed on my notebook PC. "Hi, I am doing ok," I said without taking my attention off the game. Then I heard her get up and the felt her standing just behind me. "Seems like an interesting game," she said. "Yeah," I said, continuing my last lap in the race. She pulled a chair right next to me and kept watching my prowess with the Ferrari. Somehow she being close to me made me lose my concentration and I ended up losing the race. "Damn!!" I said, banging my fist on the table. "Why sweety, what happened?" she asked.

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  "Oh, I lost the game. This needs a bit of concentration. " I said. "Oh, I am sorry. I will let you get back to the game," she said getting up. I noticed that she was upset. I got up hurriedly. "I am sorry, aunty. Please sit down. I am finished with the game anyway. " Her face brightened a little as she sat down. "So tell me young man, what do you have on this PC besides games?""Well I have my school work and some movies. ""Wow, I like movies. What do you have?""Well I have The Matrix, Gone in 60 seconds, and . .

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  . " I hesitated feeling a little nervous. "Well, can I see a movie?""What do you like?""Gone in 60 seconds? Is that good?""Yes," I said as I started up the movie player. Then before I could load the movie, I must have accidently pressed the play button and the movie I last watched came on the screen. Now the bad thing is that it was not a movie that I wanted my aunt to see because I had loads of porn on the machine and the player loaded the last porn movie I watched. It started with one guy getting a blow job by two ladies. I tried hard to close the window but I could not do it properly as I was so nervous. I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Well I don't mind watching this movie, " my aunt said. I dared not look at her face. I could only nod. "Tell me why you like this movie darling?""Well, er. . er. .

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   well. . . " Words were in short supply. I looked at my aunt. Her attention was totally on the movie. One lady in the movie was younger and the other was older. They were playing Mom and daughter while the guy was their father. Now the daughter lay on the bed while she sucked daddys cock and mommy was licking the daughter between her legs. I felt so uncomfortable as I could feel my cock rising up. I looked at my aunt and realised that her face was flushed and she was breathing faster. She had changed into a blouse and pair of shorts. The pair of shorts were fairly long and the blouse was tight across her breasts. I could see the nipples poking out of her bra and blouse. Without batting and eyelid, she took my hand and before I could say anything she placed it on her left breast and held it in place with her hand.

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  My breath was coming fast and my heart was doing its techno beat. I didn't know what to do. I was so scared and excited at the same time. So I did the obvious thing. I started rubbing her breast over the blouse. A soft moan escaped her lips as she continued to stare at the video. I started to squeeze her breast lightly. Then I got a bolder and squeezed it more firmly. I could see her thighs opening and  closing rythmically. I kept squeezing her breast. After a few seconds, she unbuttoned her blouse with her hands until all of the front buttons were off. Then she pulled the flap of the blouse on her left breast so that I was now in direct contact with the bra. I could feel the nipple hard under my hand. She took my hand away to remove her blouse completely and forced me to place my hand again. I got bolder and got up.

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   I went behind her and cupped both breasts with my hands kneading them firmly. She leaned back on the chair sighing as I squeezed both breasts with my hands. "Mmm. . mmm. . oh god. This feels so good. . . " she said squirming in her seat. Since the back of the chair was shorter I could lean against her back and my cock which was hard and pressing against my shorts, was resting against her back as I rubbed her breasts. I felt her opening her shorts and sliding them a bit and she started to rub her panties. I was so excited to see this. "Please baby, come and sit next to me.

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  "I sat down next to her and she took one of my hands and placed it on her panty after taking her shorts completely off. She spread her legs and I started to rub her panty that was drenched. She slid down the chair so that I could reach her pussy lips. The panty was so wet. To reach her pussy I had to slightly turn towards her and bend so my mouth was quite close to her breasts. She must have felt my hot breath on it since she pulled my face closer. I started to lick the bra cup avoiding the nipple. I didn't realise I was teasing her but when she started to move her nipples towards my mouth I got an idea. I avoided her nipple and that drove her crazy. She started to hold my head and pull it to her nipple. But I kept moving away. Then all of a sudden I sucked the nipple hard through the bra at the same time I moved my hand into her panties feeling the pussy directly. She screamed so loud that I am sure Namitha must have heard it. I continued to suck her nipple through the bra as my fingers started to rub her pussy. Then I pulled the bra cup down with my teeth exposing the breast.

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   She helped me by slipping the strap off. I started the same treatment without touching her nipples and she started to go crazy again. Then I sucked her nipple hard. She moved one of her hands down to my hand to help me find my bearings showing me how she wanted to be rubbed. I wanted to slip my finger into her pussy, but I was not sure whether I could find the right place so I kept rubbing the slit. Then I felt her hand pulling my face up. She started to kiss me hard as she urged my hand to move faster. I guessed that she was close to cumming. I rubbed even harder and she came hard screaming into my mouth. She shuddered for almost 20 seconds and to me it was like and hour. Then slowly her breathing came down to normal but she never stopped kissing me during this time. Finally she let go of my lips and I felt like someone who was underwater for 5 minutes without breathing. I was breathing so hard. She held me close, whispering that she loved me and that she was thankful for what I did. Then I felt her hand going to my shorts and taking my cock out.

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   She started to rub it making a fist in her hand. Then she brought her hand to her lips and spit into it and the wet hand sliding down my cock made me jump. It was an exquisite feeling. She started to jack me off slowy at first kissing me again and pumping up and down. After a while, I felt I was about to cum and I started to kiss her harder, pushing my tongue into her mouth, she responded by moving faster. Then I came so hard and my cock spurted a small amount of cum as I had exhausted most of it in the morning with Namitha. "well, well, well, looks like you had a nice time in the morning. "I nodded, looking down at her hand still wrapped around my cock. She did the most amazing thing. she moved her hand to her mouth and started to lick the cum off her hand. "Its been a while since I tasted some cum," she said as she smacked her lips. I was flabbergasted. Here I was sitting almost nude with my aunt licking my sperm off her hand after giving me a hand job! She then took my hand and held it to her mouth and started to suck it too ! Then when she finished, she kissed me again. I could taste my sperm and her cum in my mouth !! Though I felt a bit hesitant about tasting my own cum, I kind of enjoyed tasting my aunts cum. Then we remained seated our breathing returning to almost normal.

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   My aunt was a mess with sweat pouring down her face and cleavage but she seemed different. Her face seemed brighter. She looked at me and then there were tears flowing down her cheeks. "Why are you crying aunty?""This is the best thing that happened to me since your uncle died," she said hugging me hard. "I am so sorry for doing this but I could not help it. I know its not a legal thing too. Please don't tell anyone OK?""Yes, I am glad that you are happy," I said hugging her back. Then I told her about me and Namitha. To my surprise, she nodded saying that she knew about it. She had walked in on us the other night and watched us doing it. She also told me that she played with herself while watching us. "Well I should have a bath now," she said getting up and straightening her clothes. I pulled up my shorts and straightened the desk up. I could not believe what happened. I knew this was wrong but I was so happy that I managed to make her happy.

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  When I went downstairs for lunch, my aunt and Namitha were both talking. They stopped the moment I entered the kitchen. Namitha pretended to be busy setting up the table while my aunt sat down to read the paper at the table. She gave me a sly look and smiled. Then she went back to her reading. I sat down at the table. Namitha came behind me to set the plate down and she pressed her breast to the side of my face while setting the plate down. She gave me a sly wink and went about her business. I felt the blood rush to my face and dick ! I found it hard to concentrate during lunch and I finished my meal quickly and got up to go to my room. "Sam, are you OK?" My aunt looked concerned. I nodded as I went on my way to my room. Then I had a bright idea. Thats another story !!Tell me what you think. gen_man69@yahoo. com.



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