Little Ana


Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction about sex between a man and a 14 year old girl. This is strictly fantasy and the characters in this story exist only in my mind. No children, or any people or small animals, for that matter, were harmed during or for the creation of this story. The characters are not based on anyone you know. You will not see lame terms like ‘arse’, ‘whilst’, ‘love canal’, ‘nectar’ or other flowery references to parts or secretions of the human body. Don’t get hung up on whether or not an act is physically possible – it’s just a story. Hope you enjoy it.

Ana is my kid sister-in-law. She’s 21 now and an amazing girl. She has the ultimate smile, perfect white teeth, a wide mouth to show them off, thick, full lips (like her Filipina mother), smooth, light brown skin and very dark brown eyes with the whitest whites you’ve ever seen.

The first time I met her was when I visited the in-laws in Mexico. She was 12, and didn’t have a perfect smile back then, but braces had taken care of that. She’d also filled out a little to grow some perky little 32B breasts by the time she was 14 years old. I recall at that time, how excited she and her siblings were to meet the new brother-in-law (me). Ana, Javi (older brother) and little ten year old Allina ‘attacked’ me while I sat in the recliner…I couldn’t resist the temptation to take Ana’s little ass in one hand and feel her up a little bit. She had no objection as I’m sure she had no idea what I was doing (or maybe she did.

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  . ) and that’s what probably encouraged me later on.

Ana was maybe 4’10”, 85 lbs and prettier than I remembered. At 27, I was a 6’2”, 205 lb super-athlete…dark tan, sculpted pecs, chiseled eight-pack abs, and wide lats complemented my 30” waist. I also have an eight-inch long, magnum-sized cock. I’m not a body builder, but I’ve got a perfect physique– the kind you see on the cover of fitness magazines or Abercrombie & Fitch ads.

The whole family had moved to the United States and lived close to us now. This particular weekend they were hanging out at the complex pool… Ana, Allina, Javi and the rest of the gang were just coolin’ out, enjoying the great summer weather. My wife and her father had gone down to Mexico to attend to some family issues. I’d been relaxing in the apartment until Ana came up to tell me they were out of refreshments. It looked like she’d been getting an awesome golden bronze tan while at the pool. Her little sister, Allina was a little darker… her sister presents another experience altogether, sure to come out in a future tale.

Anyway, Ana was thirsty and asked if she could go to the store with me. I had no objections, also considering that I’d get to watch her work her little body the whole way while her wet ponytail of long black hair slapped against the small of her back. It was incredibly arousing and a plan was already forming in my mind.

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Ana decided to change out of her bikini bottoms and throw on some short white socks and shorts . . the butt-hugging, cotton type of shorts like cheerleaders wear. They were white and showed off her tan and round, shapely little butt. They also said “Juicy” on the back… yeah. . I was looking forward to finding out just how true that was. She left her bikini top on and put on a thin, white, button down shirt that she left open…very casual and chic for a 14 year old. I’d also decided to throw some shorts on and a stretch tank top that showed off my muscular shoulders and biceps and accentuated my small waist.

We made our run to the store, my ‘plan’ taking shape and gaining momentum. My cock was starting to firm up…but I was doing a pretty good job of controlling it so far. On the way out, I couldn’t help but stare at Ana’s playful, swinging hips and ass. The rhythm was hypnotic and I wondered what it would be like to take her from behind. When we got back to the apartment, she ran back upstairs to change back into her swimsuit while I went to drop off the drinks. We’d forgotten a few things at the store and told everyone we’d be back soon.

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Since they were just visiting, I had the only key to the apartment. So when I got back upstairs, I made a point of locking the front door after I went in. . . ensuring a little privacy. She was watching TV and still hadn’t changed yet. “C’mon let’s get going”, I shouted. “Wait, I not changed yet! Are you going back into the pool,too?” She replied in her cute latina accent and broken English. “Yeah, I’m going back in. . C’mon…I’ll help you. ”, I offered. I never thought she’d go along with it but she came out and jumped on the couch, legs outstretched so I could pull her shorts off . “… you help me?” Goddamn she had a long, sexy pair of legs. Before I could remove her shorts she noticed my cock was getting hard, my shorts did nothing to hide it.


   At that moment she playfully reached up and tugged downward on the waistband of my shorts while making eye contact with me and biting her lip. “You silly…your shorts growing. I help you too!” I let go of her legs and let her tug away.

When she couldn’t pull them down, she slid off the couch onto her knees. She was concentrating; biting down on her tongue as she slowly and clumsily undid the string and velcro that lamely held my cock back. When my heavy, eight inch cock flopped out, she flinched, but didn’t stop. “Dios mio!, Esta mucho grande!”, she whispered. My cock grew quickly, and she started touching and exploring it with her little hands. The only thing keeping me from blowing my load was the thought of someone walking in on us.

Holding up a finger for her to wait a second, I peeked out the blinds, only to find everyone sliding back into the pool. Awesome. She never stopped. . . but slowed down a little.

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   She opened her luscious mouth and licked my cock. She needed coaching. Guiding her, I used my tongue on her finger to show her how to do it. She gave it another try, stretching her little tongue around the side of my cock, lips and teeth rubbing a little too hard on the top side as she moved up and down. A little more coaching and she almost had it down. Softer with the lips, longer strokes with the mouth and tongue. She adjusted, sitting up taller so she could take it in her mouth. She opened her pouty lips and opened her mouth as wide as she could. Going down on me, she stretched her soft full lips to take just the tip, then a few more inches.

This was crazy. She moved her hands down my cock, squeezing hard with her thumb and index finger on the way down, followed closely by her lips and mouth. As she took me deeper, she started slobbering. My cock was covered with her saliva, rolling down off my balls and puddling on the hardwood floor. I showed her how to grip my cock at the base and stroke it using just her mouth. I especially liked the way her mouth and lips elongated out as I pulled out of her mouth each time.

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   I lifted her up to her feet so I could kiss her lips and neck. She reached down and tugged on my cock softly while she kissed my neck, running her tongue up and down my neck, letting her lips glide on my skin and stopping to suck on the sensitive depression just above my collar bone.

She sat back down and continued sucking my cock. Putting her hands on my thighs, she spread her tanned, elegant manicured little fingers while she kissed, licked and sucked. I was losing it and didn’t care how hard I was thrusting. I’d been taking some pills called “The Ropes” . they’re supposed to make a man cum like a stallion. This would be the first time I’d get to see the results…this was gonna be awesome. Ana slid her hands up and down my thighs and pulled me farther into her mouth. I grabbed the back of her head and her ponytail so that I could shove my cock deeper. No objections, so I pulled harder. This was going to end messy.

She sat back on the floor, head resting against the couch. Balancing with one hand on the couch and one hand on the back of her head, I started to slowly and powerfully drive my cock down her throat. She was having trouble breathing, so I slowed down and pulled out all the way between strokes to give her time to catch her breath.

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   She moved in closer, trying to take more of me. Still moving slowly, but driving farther inch by inch, I was determined to get my whole cock inside and cum down her throat.

Finally, it was too much for the both of us. Grabbing the back of her head with both hands and pulling hard, I shoved my cock all the way in her mouth. When her lips reached the base of my cock, she had to open her mouth so wide I swear I heard her jaw pop. My cock jerked and spasmed as I came forcefully in her mouth. Cum exploded down her throat and then blew back out, breaking the seal between her lips and my cock. She braced herself and put her hands on my thighs, trying frantically to push me away, but I couldn’t stop my primal thrusting. With my cock buried in her throat, she started choking and coughing up cum and saliva. It flooded down her chin, onto her chest and stomach until I finally pulled it out of her mouth.

We didn’t say anything to each other. It was surreal the way we continued as if this was just the way it was supposed to happen. I put her back up on the couch and she instinctively stretched her legs back out so I could finally pull her shorts off. They came off easily and she was naked underneath. Shit, I was going to wreck this girl.

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   She sat up straight to take off her bikini top – I reached around her back to help her, but left the white overshirt on …I loved the way it contrasted sharply with her fabulous tan.

This was working out a lot better than I expected. I got down on my knees as she leaned back on the couch. I pulled her toward the front edge of the couch so I could explore every inch of her legs. I could swear her skin tasted slightly sweet, though maybe a little like chlorine…no matter. Gliding my lips up the inside and back of her thin little calves, and moving up past her knees, I stopped to suck on the inside of her thighs every two or three inches. Moving my tongue up and down her thighs, I’d finally reached her crotch and could feel the heat and wetness building. Still unsure if she’d been touched there before, I was going to make it as easy for her as possible. I admired her flat tummy and the smooth, soft six-pack that all beautiful young girls seemed to have. Placing my hand on her tummy, I let my tongue wander from her navel down to her pussy. Flicking it slowly and softly like a butterfly’s wings, I didn’t want to intrude too quickly.

Watching her face change from happiness to confusion, then to ecstasy, I was encouraged. I reached under her legs so I could spread them wide and push them up towards her head. With my hands on the back of her legs, I used my thumbs to spread them wider and buried my head between her thighs. Sliding my tongue from top to bottom, I enveloped her entire pussy and sucked her hard.

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   She moaned then squealed… ”Ooooh! You’re eating me!” I did it again, then slowly entered her with my tongue. She grabbed the back of my head, sliding her fingers through my thick brown hair and pulled my face tighter against her crotch. She draped her long, tan legs over my shoulders, resting them on my back. I licked and sucked faster with more enthusiasm. She squirmed and started bucking uncontrollably. I didn’t want her to come without me. Backing off, I let her catch her breath again, but she was still pulling on me to continue. I waited. I slowly licked her thighs, her hips, her tummy. I moved back down and brought her to the brink again. And again. She seized suddenly, slamming her thighs against my ears, she crossed her legs behind my neck and shuddered as she came for the first time. I pulled away and using one finger, then two, I entered her slow and deep. I wanted her to want me so much that she wouldn’t care about the pain of my cock entering her.

Continuing to finger her gently, I ran my tongue up to her tummy again, enjoying the soft definition of her abs.

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   Moving up to her chest, I spent a little time on her breasts and tiny nipples. Then up to her neck. The girl was trim and athletic in every way. My cock was raging. Standing up, my cock slapped her in the face with a heavy thud. She stretched up and leaned forward tried to suck on it again, but I lifted her up onto the soft arm of the leather couch instead. Lifting her legs, I wrapped my hands completely around her slender ankles. Using the light “V”-shaped tan line left by her bikini bottoms as a guide, I spread her legs and set my cock on top of her smooth wet pussy. Hot pre-cum glistened on the head of my cock and dripped onto her skin. Sliding back and forth to get a rhythm going with her, she did the same. I slid my hands down to her knees and spread them a little wider. She put her hands on mine, inviting me in then used one hand to guide me inside of her. “Owww. . oww OWW! That hurts!.


  . . ohhhmigod!!”, she protested. . . ”Hang on, baby…give it a minute…. ”, I countered, “it’ll. . . ”

One inch. That was it. I got the head in and then some fucker knocked on the door. Panic! Oh shit! What the fuck was I going to do now?! I heard someone go back down the stairs. Peeking outside, I saw the goddamn tamale guy walking away with his cart. When my heart stopped, my cock went limp, too.

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   Ana went back to work – I was hard in seconds. I had her on her back again. Sliding my cock back and forth on top of her pussy again, she used her palm and her long, tan, slender fingers to push down on the top of my cock so it glided inside of her.

A pause. A tremor. Slowly pushing, my cock growing in thickness, the head expanding, moving deeper inside of her. She wriggled slightly to help get it in…Two inches, three, four. “Owwwwww… ohhh, OHHH! Ummm, ooooh ohhhh…. ”, the protests started but then subsided quickly. . . Back out and in again slowly. I paused. A gentle push and she grimaced with pain. She wrapped her coltish legs around my waist.

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   Her girlish squeals were almost too much for me. Her abs flexed. Her chest heaved. Looking directly into my eyes again and smiling, she lifted her hips to help me inside.

Picking her up easily, and moving her to the bed, I felt calm. I was going to get my entire cock into her somehow. I turned over on my back. She rode me tentatively at first then quickened her pace. She got in all but two inches. Fucking amazing, but it only lasted a minute or so. I moved her to a pair of chairs, a knee on each one and her hands resting up on top – I spread her knees far apart so I could enter her from behind. She had the smallest, tightest ass I’ve ever seen. I squatted down a little so I could get my cock inside of her about a half-inch. This wasn’t going to be a fair fight. I squatted a little more, paused for a moment, and using all the strength in my legs, I thrusted up abruptly, ramming my cock inside her and lifting her off her knees.

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   She flailed like a ragdoll,“Oww!! OWWWWW!!!! STOP!!!”, the protests came again. I didn’t stop. Not caring, I was grunting while I grabbed her by her waist and started pounding away, the brutal assault continued. . forcing the air out of her lungs in sharp gasps. I buried my cock almost to the hilt and stopped to reach up and undo her ponytail. She arched her back, ass high up in the air, shoulders back and she flipped her head back quickly, her hair hitting me in the chest before falling and settling on her back. I pulled on her shoulder with one hand, the other resting in the middle of her back. My cock was sliding through her long, shiny black hair and into her pussy. I stopped. She kept going, pushing back into me, huffing and moaning. Ana was glistening with sweat, and apparently feeling no more pain.

Pulling out of her, I laid on my back again. She clambered on top of me and straddled me again, facing away from me this time, her hair falling loose and wild. Once deep inside, I pulled her back towards me, her hair pooling next to my head.


   I was ramming her while she just kept breathing in high shallow breaths. I wrapped one arm around her waist, pulling her down and drove into her without restraint. I felt her flat belly tighten with every thrust. Her head was resting next to mine and I could hear her whimpering in my ear. I moved one hand below her navel, and my other arm around her shoulder with my hand on her breast. I could practically feel my cock writhing around inside of her. This was just stupid. Nature was taking over and the natural instinct to breed was overwhelming.

Flipping her over onto her back, I grabbed her slender legs and slid my hands high up on the inside of her thighs and spread them wide. My cock hovered at the entrance to her pussy. I moved my hands up to hold her by her ankles. She used both hands to guide me in again and I drove my cock into her very slowly and deliberately for several minutes. Pulling her legs up over my shoulders I used painfully slow, but powerful thrusts to force myself inside of her repeatedly. I was pulling all the way out to the tip, and moving back in gracefully. She was so little, and my cock was so enormous in comparison that I expected to see it burrow through her entire body and erupt from her mouth.

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   She was doing a damn good job of taking me so deeply. I couldn’t wait anymore. She was yelping again in very high pitched, rapid breaths. I decided I was going to cum inside her, and if those pills worked, I was going to do some real damage.

I leaned down and kissed her deeply, she leaned up and kissed me back. I let go of her legs and she quickly wrapped them around me. Leaning farther over her, I rested my elbows to side of her head, above her shoulders, her head barely reaching my chest . “I’m gonna cum inside you sweetie. ”, I whispered to her as I continued to fuck her slowly. “Uhh, ummm okaaay. . unghh, oooooh, I, I, don…. don. . don’t know wha.

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  . what that means, but you can do it if you wa. . want to… ohhhmigod. . ” she whispered back in her innocent little voice. My cum had been building inside for so long now that cumming in her mouth seemed like a distant memory. I increased my pace and started bucking furiously. Her pussy was stretched to the max, my cock having expanded to its full length and width. The heat and tightness of her pussy was unbearable. Slowing down again, I watched as she took full length strokes inside of her in a slow, perfect rhythm.

I was mesmerized, watching the full length of my slick, wet, massive cock slowly disappear into her tiny pussy again and again. I was ready. . “Oh shit, oh shit, oh God! I’m cu - cumming! Ohhhh FUCK! FUCK! YESSS, OH SHIT!, I’m gonna CUMMM!!!” I howled.

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   She managed to reach her mouth up to my ear, ”Unggh, unghh, Dios mio, Dios mio, ohhh mierde!”, and whispered, “Cu. . cum ins. . inssside muh muh meee. . . cum inssii…insiide meee ohhh gawwwd” –each penetration forcing out another syllable. She reached up with one hand around my neck and the other pulling on my slender waist. The pressure in my balls was immense…and growing. I wrapped my arms around her body like a vice and we started bucking savagely. The speed of our fucking increasing, “Ah yes!, Ah yes! AAAhhh! Aahh Ahhh ahhh, shit!, ohgodohgod, oh YES! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh yeahhh!! Here I come!!”, I bellowed. My back arched, and every thick-corded muscle in my body rippled and tensed expectantly, and with a final, powerful thrust, my abs contracted and my scorching hot cum exploded inside of her. Her whole body went rigid as her pussy clamped down tightly on my cock. “Ohmigodohmigodohmigod!! OHH OHHHHHH!!”, she started yelping as my cum forced its way inside of her.

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   After waiting for her pussy to release me, I started driving viciously into her again with even more violent thrusts, my cock practically ripped her open and continued to spasm - massive amounts of hot cum erupted inside of her again and again. Cum was blowing back out of her pussy while I was still inside. She was writhing violently, her stomach contracting forcefully while my cum surged out of her and puddled on the floor. When I finally pulled out, my spasms continued to shoot thick, white hot ropes of cum onto her stomach and her tiny breasts. My cum was brilliant white and glowing, steam rising from where it puddled her dark skin. She hyperventilated, her abs convulsed and contracted spasmodically. I moved forward, brutally forcing myself into her mouth and came again with two more geysers of cum that she somehow managed to swallow.

When I finally finished and collapsed on the bed, breathless. She leaned forward weakly to lick my cock clean, running her tiny tongue around my cock to get as much cum as she could. Ana rolled over and ran her little hands lightly up my stomach, making my lower abs dance and twitch. Her lips caressed my skin softly, and she casually ran her tongue all the way up to my chest and kissed my neck softly. We both lay there exhausted. She put her head on my chest, and curled up with me, sliding her smooth, tan leg up and extending it across my body. I wrapped my arm around her back and rested my hand on her cute, firm little butt. I started getting hard again ….

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  until we heard tiny feet sneaking down the stairs.

When I got up and looked out over the balcony, I saw Allina, who was only 10 years old, walking slowly back towards the pool. Shit. She couldn’t see us, but I'm sure she heard us. Hopefully she wouldn’t say anything. After I explained the situation, Ana came up with an idea…we decided to put a horror movie in and fast forward it to a scary scene. If anyone asked any questions, we’d blame all the screaming on the movie. Ana said she would talk to Allina and work it out so nobody would know what happened…
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