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As Emily and Kayley messed around in the pool I decided that a work out was the best way to get my head round what had just happened. I walked across the patio and into the gym, I laid down on the weights bench and pumped out a few light reps, but my mind was elsewhere. I couldn't get my mind round the fact my wife had given me the two gorgeous barmaids from our local as birthday presents with the instructionsto do with them as I wish as long as I didn't 'stick my dick in their pusy or arse. ' As my mind came back into the room I looked up and saw Emily standing above my head with only her bikini bottoms on. 'Need some help?' she enquired. 'Please,' I said 'can you put two 10kg plates on either end of the bar?' She nodded her head and as she wandered over to the weights stand I got a view of her pert litle bum swaying from side to side, as she bent over I could see the outline of her pussy lips through her pants and my cock began to stir. After she finally put the weights on the bar I started to lift again and Emily moved round to spot me, her pussy inches from my face, and I could smell her musky aroma. As I finished my reps Emily looked me in the eyes said 'Well done, and here is your reward,' and with that she slid her bikini bottoms down to reveal a tight pussy without a wisp of hair, 'Now for your next set and then your next treat. ' With that I pushed out the quickest ten reps I have ever done. As I settled the bar back down I looked up as Emily lowered her bald pussy down on to my mouth. She tasted amazing and I licked and nibbled at her lips until they started to open up to reveal their secrets. As her clit revealed itself I concentrated on it niblling and licking whilst listening to the moans to she what she most liked. Emily's moans slowly intensified and as I used a stiff tongue on her clit, she got louder and louder and her body began to shake as she began to orgasm. As her moaning reached its peak I felt her cum flood into my mouth, and after what felt like five minutes she pulled her pussy away and slumped on the floor against the wall. I sat up and turned round to face her, with her eyes closed and blissful smile on her face I took in the sight. Emily and I had grown quite close during the last few summers, and I was doubly suprosed that my wife, Anna, had chosen her as one of my birthday presents as she had often enquired as whether anything was going on between us.

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   A tap on my shoulder brought me out of my thoughts and I turned round to see Kayley drying her hair. 'What have you two been up to without me?' she teased, 'Lie down on the floor and I will show you,' I replied. She did as she was told and I slowly pulled down her bikini bottoms. Her pussy lips were as tight and as bald as Emily's, but there was a little runway of ginger pubic hair just above her lips. I lay down between her legs and began to repeat my nibbles and licks as I did on Emily. As her pussy moistened her clit revealed itself just as Emily's had, so I moved my attention to it. Kayley's clit was obviously alot more sensitive than Emily's as she prefered lighter licking and moved towards he ogasm alot quicker. As she started to orgasm she was alot quieter than Emily emitting only quiet little grunts until finally she let out a long groan as her orgasm peaked. I knelt up to see Kayley's pretty face and she lay there with a peaceful grin on her face recovering. I then heard Emily say 'Your turn now, lay down there. ' I did as I was told and Emily walked over and knelt down over me. As she started to lower her pussy towards my rock hard cock, I had to stop her. 'What's wrong?' she asked. I expained Anna instructions and she nodded her head and replaced her pussy with her lips, and as she took my cock into her mouth she kept eye contact with me. She kept her eyes locked on me throughout the blowjob, and it didn't take long until my orgasm began to build.

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   I moaned that I was coming and Emily just upped the pace and took me even deeped in her mouth as I came down her throat, she tried to swallow as much as she could but some spilt out of the side of her mouth. All three of us lay there for a while recovering, until I suggested we went for a bit of sunbathing. After half an hour I heard the doors open and Anna walked out and said 'Well you are having a good birthday, lying by the pool with a beer, and two pretty topless young ladies lying next to you. ' 'All I can say is thankyou,' I replied. Anna walked over and sat on the end of my lounger. 'Did he stick to my instructions Emily' Anna asked. 'He certainly did,' replied Emily, 'I even tempted him as you said, but he told me not to. Although you should have seen the pain on his face!!''. 'Well done darling' Anna said, as she rubbed my cock through my shorts 'you shall be well rewarded, as your birthday present hasn't finished yet. '.
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