Birthday Present V


Anna and Emily finally came back from their shopping expedition laden with bags. I was in the gym working out and they popped their heads round the door to tell me they were home. 'We will be upstairs getting ready, so when you finish start getting ready yourself' Anna told me. I took another half hour to finish in the gym, towelled myself down and headed upstairs, as I entered the bedroom the girls were putting on their make-up wearing nothing but their towels. I walked through to the en-suite and staight into the shower. After I had my shower I quickly changed into the suitAnna had left out on the bed for me and I headed downstairs where the girls were sat waiting. They both looked stunning, Anna was wearing a black halter-neck dress with a cut out back that finished just above her bum, pink stilettos and matching handbag. Emily was wearing a silver dress with a cut down the front that probablywuld haveshown her pubes if she had any. We headed straight out into town to my favourite steakhouse, where Anna had reserved a table overlooking the bay for the three of us, with another bottle of fabulous Rioja sat breathing on the table. We sat down to eat, gradually becoming drunker as one bottle of wine followed another. Finally I asked thequestion that had been burning inside me all day, how had Anna organised all of this?
'Well,' said Anna, 'one evening whilst we were in the pub I confronted Emily whilst buying a round, telling her that I didn't like the way you two were getting on so well and basically marking my territory. Emily explained that athough she did find you attractive she had no intentions other than friendship, and if anything you should be the one who should be jealous as the reason she hadn't tried to befriend me was because she found me gorgeous and was too nervous to strike up conversation. I returned the compliment saying that you had made friends with many women before but i had never felt threatened, but this time was different as I knew Emily was beautiful herself. Anyway we got talking over time and one night I stayed behind after closing and we had one too many sambucas. The conversation turned to sex. After a while I tested the water by saying it was your 30th birtday soon and, as you had always wanted a threesome, I was thinking of organising it but didn't know who I could ask.

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   Emily volunteered herself immediately, and as we were discussing details Kayley overheard and threatened to ruin my suprise unless she was involved. '
I sat there is stunned sillence. 'So you pretended not to like Emily, and all this time you were planning this,' I asked. Anna and Emily just nodded their heads and chuckled.

With that Anna paid the bill and I left the restaurant with a beautiful woman on each arm. 'Now for your next present,' said Anna and she led us towards a part of town we rarely visited, were the young tourists partied. Anna took us inside a bar that I never seen before, at least I thought it was a bar until we got inside and I realised it was a strip club. As I surveyed the scene Emily said, 'Pick your favourite girl and I will pay for you to have a private dance. ' We sat in the VIP area at a reserved table already charged with a chilled bottle of champagne. I sat surveying the scene trying to find my favourite dancer, every now and again i would catch some of the guys in the club staring at me. Other than the dtrippers, Anna and Emily were the only girls in the club and they were drapped all over me. Eventually I saw the dancer I wanted. She looked typically Spanish long brown hair, gorgeous tan with the most amazing curves. I had seen tight, athletic, light skinned bodies all day and wanted someone with curves and a tan to cast my eye over. I pointed her out to Emily and she went over and talked to her for a while.

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   They then came over and Emily introduced Ola to me. As I got up to leave Emily whispered in my ear 'I have paid for some extras. Just go with the flow, but whatever you do don't tell Anna. I am your present from Anna, and Ola is my present to you. 'With that she kissed me in the cheek and sent me on my way. Ola grabbed me by the hand and led me away. As we walked I surveyed Emily's present, and she was even better close up. Amzing full breasts, probably 34 D, a flat tummy but beautiful curvy hips and a full bum. The opposite of the tight athletic bodies I had been devouring all day. She was wearing a school girl uniform, hair in pig tails, glasses,striped tie, a white shirt tied around her midrift, a tartan pleated mini skirt, pop-socks that came to just abover her knee and black stilettoes. Ola took me through to the back and into a private room, that had floor to sealing mirrors and a red velvet sofa. Ola sat me down and and told me in her sexy spanish accent to enjoy myslef. As the music started Ola began to slowly dance running her hands all over her body, she slowly removed her shirt and then her skirt. She then came over to sit on my lap rubbing her pussy through her pants and my trousers on my rigid cock. She then put her hands behind her back and removed her bra, setting her large, heavy breasts free, knelling up and rubed my head between her cleavage and my cock twitched, I was about ready to cum there and then.

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   'You like?' Ola asked, 'Oh yes,' I replied, 'but please leave on your glasses, tie and socks. ' Ola nodded and stood up,she danced some more before turning to face me, her panty covered pussy just inches from my face. As I stared at the sight before me Ola slowly lowered her pants to reveal her clean shaven pussy and I could immediately smell that distinctive musky smell. Ola turned round and sat down on the floor with her legs spread and began to finger herself, after a minute she began to shake and her breathing became heavier. I sat and watched as this gorgeous Spanish beauty sat before me orgasming, her shaking body making her large breasts jiggle. I could hardly contain myslef but knew the rules so kept my hands to myself. When she finished cuming Ola crawled over to me and said 'Are you ready to cum. ' I just nodded as Ola undid my trousers and pulled them and my boxer shorts around my ankles. She then looked my in the eyes as she took the entire length of my cock in her mouth in one go. I watched on as this Spanish beauty bobbed her head up and down on my engorged cock. As the pleasure mounted I threw my head back only to see our reflections in the ceiling mirrors, perfectly show off Ola's curvy hips. I then looked over to the wall opposite to see her plump bum with her hariless fanny framed between her tanned, toned thighs. I didn't take me long to cum as Ola swirled her tongue around my penis as her head went up and down. After she swallowed my cum she stood up and said 'Happy birthday from Emily. ' She then picked up her clothes and left the room blowing me a kiss.

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   I got myself together and looking presentable, and headed back to the girls. When I got back to the table I thanked Emily with a big kiss. 'Don't sit down, we are off to the next venue,' said Anna and with that she grabbed both Emily and I by the arm and led us out.

As we walked upped up to the most exclusive bar in town I despaired at the size of the queue, but we walked straight to the front and in via the VIP door. We were shown to our table by the hostess and without even asking another bottle of champagne was placed on the table. After we had taken our first sip I turned to the girls and said 'Now it's my turn for a suprise,' as I pulled a vibrating egg and it's controler out of my pocket. Almost in union the girls said 'What is that?'. 'That girls is a vibrating egg, which you are going to put in your pussy Anna, and this is its controller which can set it going at a 20 metre range. ' I handed the egg to Anna who immediately put her hands between her legs and inserted the egg in her pussy. I then handed the controller to Emily and told her to have a play. she pressed the button and Anna's eyes suddenly widened, 'This will be fun,' smiled Emily. 'You finish the champagne girls, I fancy some scotch,' I said, 'Anna will you fetch me large one from the bar. ' Anna gave me knowing smile and headed to the bar, just as she about to order Emily turned the egg on, we saw Anna's legs giveway slightly and strange look come over the barman's face. After finally getting her order out and after Emily had had a lot of fun, Anna returned to the table with my drink. 'I can't believe how strong that thing is,'she said, 'I actually came as the barman was handing me my change, I tried to say thankyou and all I could mange was a high pitched squeak.

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  ' We sat talking for some time sipping our drinks, Emily intermitantly setting the egg going building Anna up towards a couple of orgasms before stopping just as she was on the edge. This made me very horny and I demanded Emily give me blowjob there and then. Without a word of protest she slid under the table, undid my trousers and took my penis in her mouth. Considering the situation Emily gave the longest most thorough blowjob I had all day. She stared by licking my cock from top to bottom on its underside then nibbling up and down along the same route her tongue had just traced. After five minutes she finally took my cock in her mouth, but only the helmet. As she slowly worked her tongue around my helmet I could feel my cock becoming amazingly sensitive. At this point Justin from the golf club walked upto the table and struck up a conversation. I couldn't believe I was sitting there talking to one of my golf partners whilst, without him realising, I was getting a blowjob form under the table. Emily chose this point to take my entire cock into her mouth and I stopped midway through my sentence, luckily Anna realised what was happening, finished my sentence for me and politley told Justin it was my birthday and we were having a romantic night out. Justin apologised, wished me happy birthday and left. Anna said 'No need to thank me,' and shoved her tongue down my throat just as I was unleasing as torrent of cum down Emily's mouth. As Anna was still giving me deep french kiss Emily surfaced from under the table and whispered in my ear 'I hope that was good?' As I couldn't escape from Anna's tongue I merely nodded my head. Anna removed her tongue and said 'That egg has gotten me so horny, I need cock lets go home. ' 'Not yet,' I replied, 'follow me.

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  ' I grabed her hand, led her into the toilets and shoved her in a cubicle. I locked the door and roughly bent her over the toilet. I pulled out the egg which Emily had obviously started vibrating again and pulled Anna's dress up over her cute behind, and shoved my cock up her in one go seconds after realisng she wasn't wearing any pants. Anna let out a long satisfied moan as I rammed in and out of her even harder than I had Kayley earlier that day. Anna came almost immediately but I continued to pound into her sopping pussy. After another couple of minutes Anna started to build to another orgasm, just as it started to peak I inserted the egg up her arse and this sent her over the edge and she let out a massive moan, looked over her shoulder at me and beagn to shake violently as an orgasm riped thorugh her. After we had tidied oursleves up, we walked out of the cubicle to amazed stares and walked back in to the bar. We walked over to Emily and apologised for being so long. 'No problem,' she said 'I just hope you enjoyed yourself?' 'We certainly did,' I replied, ' and the egg sure helped. ' Emily just smiled and winked at me. 'Right,'I said, 'lets get out of here and go home. You guys have long night ahead of you. '.

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