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“If I can, I’d like to get down to my favourite beach. ” I answered. She said “God, I haven’t been to a beach in ages. Where do you usually go?” “Sunnyside, near Frankston” I stated, looking her straight in the eyes. Anyone familiar with beaches down that way would have recognized the name “Sunnyside”, but there was no flicker of understanding in her eyes. I left it for a beat, then continued “It’s a nudist beach”. I went on talking as if it was no big deal, “It’s been ages since I’ve been to any beach, with the hours I’m putting in here. ”I could see her eyes slowly widen in surprise, as she took in what I’d just said. “Did you say a nudist beach?” she questioned. I nodded and she went on, “I’ve always wanted to try that. Where is it?”I tried describing vague directions on how to get there, finally giving up and shrugging. “It’s been 3 or 4 years since I’ve been there, so things might have changed a bit. My wife’s tried it a couple of times but just doesn’t like it that much” I said regretfully. “I’d love to go one day,” she said confidently. “When I’ve sorted out a few things with my new house, we’ll have to go. ”Just the mere thought of seeing Eva naked was starting to arouse me.

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   She was about my height and seemed nicely put together. It was difficult to know what she looked like as I’d only ever seen her in a long business skirt, with a shirt and blazer. I doubted she had a petite build but was equally certain she wasn’t fat. She had light brown hair, lovely eyes and a sensuous mouth. Over the next month or so we kept seeing each other on breaks, sometimes with other smokers, sometimes just the two of us. One Thursday, at morning-break, we met up, just the two of us. With the weekend weather forecast for hot, I mentioned that I was thinking of heading to Sunnyside. She tilted her head to one side, looked at me and said “Kris, would it be OK if I came along?”“Sure” I agreed. “How about we meet here at 9:00am and I’ll drive us down. ”“That’d be great” she smiled. I knew my wife had made arrangements of her own for Saturday, and would be occupied until at least mid-afternoon. With the weekend in mind, the rest of Thursday and all of Friday seemed to drag. Fortunately I was working ‘til late on Friday, so by the time I arrived home I was knackered. It left me no time to dwell on the following day. Saturday dawned and it was HOT! I dressed in shorts, aloha shirt and sandals and told my wife I needed to pop into work to fix some paperwork and that I’d rather get it done early, before the heat set in.

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   I kissed her and wished her a happy day. I arrived at work at 8:55 and went to the “smokers’ corner”. At about 9:05 Eva turned up. She was wearing a flowing floral skirt, T-shirt and sandals. It was still difficult to picture what she’d look like without clothes, but her nipples were slightly evident through the T-shirt, something impossible to detect through a business shirt and blazer. I said, “All set?”“Let’s go, I can’t wait” she replied. We headed to my car, jumped in and chatted amiably on the drive to the beach. Fortunately, after 4 years, the way hadn’t changed. We arrived at just before 10:00am, parked the car in the small car park, which was already three quarters full and set off for the beach. It was about a fifteen minute walk from the car-park to the beach and at the top of the final descent I turned to Eva and asked “You’re sure about this, no second thoughts?”“No way, I’ve been thinking about this for weeks” was the reply. We descended to the beach, each of us carrying a towel and a small bag containing the usual beach essentials such as suntan lotion, fly repellent etc. We arrived at the bottom and maybe 20 metres away was a couple in their 50s lying naked, soaking up the sun. I heard a sharp intake of breath from Eva. We continued to walk to a vacant spot about halfway along the beach, passing numerous naked people, both male and female. I stopped and asked Eva “is this spot OK with you”?“Sure” she replied.

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  I put down the bag, as did she and spread my towel out on the sand with her following suit. I straightened up and gazed out over the sea, undoing the buttons on my shirt and shrugging it off. From the corner of my eye I could see Eva pulling off her T-shirt, revealing a bikini top. I undid my sandals, then unsnapped my shorts and in one easy movement pulled them off, complete with my jocks. Placing them on the sand nearby, I sat down naked on my towel and rummaged in my bag for some sunscreen, all the while not looking in Eva’s direction. My peripheral vision has always been very sharp, probably honed by riding a motorcycle in my younger years, and I had noted the motions of Eva stepping out of her skirt and then reaching behind her to undo her bikini top. I was grateful we were out in public, for this sort of situation in private would have caused me to have a raging hard-on. As it was, I had to be careful not to think too many lewd thoughts. Sitting up and facing the sea, I applied some lotion to my legs, noticing subtly that Eva had paused with her thumbs in the waistband of her bikini bottoms. After a few seconds deliberation, with me making sure not to look in her direction, she quickly slipped them down and hurriedly sat down on her towel, turning slightly away from me to fossick in her bag. I continued applying sunscreen to my stomach, chest and arms and when finished put the bottle away in my bag. By this time Eva had also started to apply lotion to herself, starting with her legs, so that she was hunched over, not affording me a view of anything, had I been looking. I was lounging back, reclining on my elbows, idly gazing over the ocean, looking vacantly in the opposite direction from her. That’s the beauty of a nudist beach. People from all walks of life, of all shapes and sizes are there, not to flaunt or show-off, simply to enjoy the freedom of being without clothes.

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  When I detected Eva was nearly through putting lotion on, I looked in her direction for the first time. “So, what do you think?” I asked. “Fantastic, really nice” she said, with a smile. “We’re going to have to do this again, and often. ”My ears pricked up at that remark!“Well, I have to be careful” I said doubtfully. “I don’t think my wife would be overly impressed, knowing I was down here with someone as pretty as you. ”“So don’t tell her. I won’t. ” she said with a mischievous grin. I smiled back. “Oh I won’t! It’s just that I’ve never done anything behind her back before. ”Eva finished applying the lotion and turned away, putting it back in her bag. Then she settled back down, stretched out her legs and leaned back on her arms. As I was still looking in her direction I allowed my eyes to take in her naked body, being careful to watch if she saw where I was looking. Her breasts were delightful, probably about 14b or 14c (36b/c).

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   Her stomach wasn’t a washboard but only had one tiny roll of excess flesh. Her thighs were somewhat bigger than sticks, but a little more shapely than solid. Her pussy was hidden behind a fairly lush growth of pubic hair, as if it had been trimmed, but not in the last couple of months or so. I allowed my eyes to wander back to her breasts and focus on her nipples. They were semi-hard, with the areolae noticeably darker than the rest of her breasts. There seemed to be plenty of potential for them to get a lot harder. I love womens’ nipples when they get really hard and protuberant. Eva turned her face towards me, so I quickly brought my eyes back to her face, before she could see where I’d been looking. I saw her eyes quickly glance down to my cock, in all of its 5cm (2”) relaxed state. “I didn’t know you were Jewish” she remarked. “I’m not” I replied. “Oh…” she faltered. “Did you think I was, because I’m circumcised?” I asked. “Well, don’t only Jewish men have that done?” she questioned. I laughed.

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   “Due to a hereditary condition, whereby the foreskin was too tight, my father decided to have me circumcised at birth. ”“Oh…so what does it feel like?”“Compared to what?” I chuckled. “I’ve never had the benefit of comparison. I’ve no idea what a foreskin feels like. ”We lay there in the sun, working on our tans, just chatting idly about a range of subjects. After about 20 minutes I rolled over and said, “Time to do our backs. ”She rolled over, affording me a wonderful view of her backside. There were cute little dimples in the sides of the cheeks. The cheeks themselves were pert and perky, something that just wasn’t evident in her business attire. “Would you like me to put lotion on your back and shoulders?” I asked. “Mmmm. If it’s no trouble. ” she replied. “Trouble, yeah, so much trouble”, I thought to myself. However my answer was “No, no trouble at all.

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   We wouldn’t want you to get burnt now, would we?”I arose and retrieved her lotion from her bag and then straddled her arse, my soft cock lightly resting in the crevice of her butt. I squirted some lotion on my hand, rubbed the other one into it and gently began to massage her back and shoulders. Up and down, around and around, I rubbed the oil in, gently but firmly massaging, occasionally letting my fingers drift down to manipulate the sides of her breasts. Whenever I did this Eva would let out a soft moan. After five minutes I slid down her body ‘til I was sitting on the backs of her thighs. I continued to oil her, progressing lower to her delightful arse cheeks, massaging one, then the other. Sometimes I gently spread them apart and other times I massaged the insides of her thighs, bringing my fingers within a hairbreadth of her pussy. Again, these ministrations caused Eva to softly moan. I could see drops of moisture starting to appear on her pussy lips, as well as the telltale swelling of them, a sure sign of major arousal. With my tactile senses being driven wild, as well as the sound of Eva’s soft moans and it took all my self-control to keep my cock from expanding to its full length. After five minutes of this, feeling I could no longer control myself, I hopped off her arse and lay face-down on my towel, before she could spy a glimpse of my rapidly hardening cock. She lay there for a full three minutes, breathing rapidly, her legs and buttocks gently tensing and relaxing, from time to time letting out a low moan. Finally she looked over at me. “I think it’s my turn to do you now” she said in a soft voice. My prick felt like it was drilling for oil in the sand, so I had no defence when she crawled over and sat on my arse.

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   I could feel her pubes tickle my buttocks, which in no way helped my cock’s condition. I felt her gently apply some lotion to my shoulders and begin a sensuous massage of them. Like I had done to her, she lightly tickled the sides of my chest, causing me to squirm and my breathing to become a little quicker. She also worked on my arse cheeks and the insides of my thighs, as I had done to her. A couple of times I felt a fingernail lightly scrape my balls, causing my cock to twitch and my throat to let out an involuntary gasp. After about five minutes of this torture she climbed off me and returned to her towel. “Did you like that?” she asked in a wickedly innocent voice. As my breath slowly returned to its normal state I uttered a strangled “Yes thank you. ”“Is this really the first time you’ve kept anything from your wife?” Eva asked. “Yes, absolutely. ” I confirmed. “You’ve never cheated on her at all?” she persisted. “No, never. Tell me, can you differentiate between making love and sex?” I asked. “I think so.

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  ” Eva replied. “Well, I’ve never had sex with my wife, just made love with her. Having sex doesn’t do much for me. There has to be some feeling, otherwise it’s no different to masturbation. ”“Are you saying you wouldn’t want to have sex with me?” Eva asked with a grin. “Ah well, with you it wouldn’t just be sex. I know you and I like you as a friend, so there’s a certain amount of feeling there, isn’t there?” I answered. “I guess so. Are you saying it’s OK to cheat on your wife. ”“No, that’s not what I’m saying at all. If I didn’t know you I wouldn’t be interested in the least bit. But we’re friends, we’re in this situation and if anything did happen it wouldn’t just be sex. ” I explained. “Oh really, what would it be?” Eva asked curiously. “In my mind it would be sex with feeling.

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  ” I said. Feeling the theme of this particular topic could provoke more unwanted (at this stage) thoughts, and with my cock now back to unaroused state, I stood up and said, “Feel like a swim?”I offered my hand to her and she clasped it, so I pulled her to her feet. We walked to the water’s edge and gingerly made our way deeper, gasping as the cold water splashed us. That’s the problem with living in Melbourne; the temperature can be soaring, but the water is FUCKING freezing! As we waded to a waist deep depth, I glanced across and saw that my previous anticipation had been correct. Eva’s nipples had swelled to about 1. 5cm (3/4 of an inch) long, due to the sudden shock of the cold water. We were about 3 metres apart, just letting our bodies become accustomed to the water temperature. Gradually we began to move closer to one another. When we were next to each other I said, “that’s the hard part done. Now we just dive under. ”“OK”, she agreedSo we took a deep breath and dove into the icy cold water, swimming underwater for about 15 metres before surfacing. We both came up, gasping from the shock of the cold water, standing in water about chest-level. We instinctively moved closer to one another. I moved behind her and wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her closer in a light hug. “I’m really enjoying this, how about you?” I asked.


  My arm was lying lightly across her stomach, not invading any of her “private space” and she replied “this is sooo good. ”She slowly turned in my embrace, so she was facing me. The water was lapping just under the swell of her breasts, so I glimpsed a rock-hard nipple now and again. One arm moved around my neck and gently pulled me closer to her, while her other hand slid underwater, groping for my cock. She slowly pulled my face down and kissed me on the mouth, whilst she found my cock underwater and felt me up. With this stimulation my cock again grew to its full 17. 5cm (7”) length. “Mmmmm. That’s nice. ” She cooed. My hand slipped higher and gently fondled her right breast, feeling her right nipple in its most agitated state. She moaned softly as I continued to play with her breast and nipple. My cock was nudging the hair of her pussy, causing major sensations to course through me. The freezing cold water left little to be desired so I said, “mmmm, nice for now, but let’s go in and warm up. ”I took her hand and headed for the beach, slowly so my cock could deflate.

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   When we were in waist-deep water I was still semi hard so I suggested we pause for a while. She moved closer to me and made to reach for my cock. I intercepted her hand, slowly spun her around and moved closer to her, so she could feel my, by now, semi-hard cock in the crevice of her arse. “Let’s wait a while, or I’ll be embarrassed to get out of the water” I suggested. Her response was to bend slightly forward and push back with her arse, gently wriggling it from side to side against my cock. Of course, this had the effect of swelling my cock back to its full size. I reached my arms around her body until my fingers were resting just above her bush. I suddenly, gently, stroked her pussy up and down, just once, feeling her body quiver and hearing her gasp softly. Her pussy gushed with lubrication. I immediately stepped back from her and said “Eva, I’m never going to get back on land if we keep doing this. ”Her eyes were slightly glazed as she stepped towards me and said breathlessly “That felt good!” She suddenly dove towards me, swimming underwater the few metres separating us. Suddenly I felt her mouth on my cock, smoothly and sexily dipping down once, twice, three times. Then she came up for air. I also replied breathlessly, “Now it’ll take ages before I can walk back up the beach. ”She grinned impishly, “that’ll teach you to start something you won’t finish.

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  ”“Do you want me to finish?” I looked at her and said softly, “Would you like to go back to your place, or maybe get a motel room near here?”“Money’s a little tight at the moment, so a hotel’s not the best idea. ” she replied quietly. “And my house is still in the middle of me moving in. ”“I don’t have a problem with that. Would it trouble you?” I responded. “Not at all,” she stated. “OK, my place it is. ”After five minutes of splashing around in the freezing water I was in a suitable state to walk back up the beach. We arrived back at our towels, dried off, dressed ourselves, gathered up our gear and headed back to the car. We climbed in and headed back to our work place. To be continued if feedback good. .