Money was our problem.


Lack of money more like!
Yeah,only married for months,it soon became obvious,neither of our wages put together would meet what was required. Everyday items just gobbled up our funds,leaving nothing for ourselves. My wife,a comely girl,both of us being young for marriage,could pass herself off as even being too young to be married.

If comment was made,she flashed her wedding ring,that invariably got a 'You sure? or is that just for show?' Actually she thrived on this and was always telling me,if they saw her pussy they'd never except her being old enough for marriage. - She had only the slightest amount of pubic hair and being very fair it could appear to be non-existant. On the other hand her pert but over large breasts on her six stone frame with usually stiff largish nipples challenged even the oldest men to avoid a second glance as without ever wearing a bra' she went about innocently diverting men's attention from whatever they were about. Her high heels offered some help but they made her hips swivel in a tantalising manner that even my dad said would end up getting her fucked in some dark alleyway.

So with this background,we,after work pondered our problem while I felt this very sexy body of her's. "Stop doing that,you're making me fruity,how do you expect me to think with you fingering me again?" - Her pussy was getting steamy and I had every intension of entering her vagina and fuck too our financial problems. Pulling at her knickers I crudely responded, "Oh,fuck our finances,I just want to fuck you" while tugging even harder at pulling them down,she went stiff as her orgasm overtook her and lifted her body to let the knicker's fall away. in seconds I was again inside my beauties young vagina and the world was left behind as I emptied my semen with thrust after thrust deep into my youngwife's tight pussy. Now with our mutual sexual desire sated I lay with my softening cock still soaking inside her vagina.

Returning to our financial thoughts,I pondered silently whether to throw a questionable thought into the ring. . . Previous to this moment I'd told my wife how,me and my mate Ben had spent many happy hours around our open port workings.

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   This port dealt with Baltic and Scandinavian trading coasters. The ships came and went and with the quays being open to the public even when dockers were working it was a magnet to kids like me and Ben. It was also an attraction to some working girls, - good business was had when the seamen wanted a 'Flicka' (Girl) and we'd got into telling the seamen we'd let one of the girls know their services were required. I'd told Maisy - my wife - about this and she'd taken on excitedly if we ever saw anything sexy happening. I affirmed we often did and she'd plead with me to relate these happening while I played with her before making love.

It had a distinct feeling it affected her orgasm's even though I didn't tell her everything about it. Like the names of some of the women because she knew them personally,as did I. She had questioned me on why I thought they done it and had me or Ben got a go for plying them with customers. I never let on,but there were moments I admit!

Sorry for digressing, but as I said,in the light of our financial predicament and in the experience of how my telling Maisy about the dockside happenings it had occured to me she had the answer,I could offer her whenever the seamen needed a sexual outlet. - I concluded,she'd either do her nut at my suggestion or mull it over before saying she would or wouldn't. "There is a way!" - "mmm, What? a way?" Her naked torso came upright,her tits swung like springy jellies. - "A way! How? tell me,tell me what you're thinking" - "Promise you won't go all shitty on me if I say it" - "Of course I won't we just need an answer,go on say it" - I put my hand down between us and touched her still juicy pussy as my cock slithered out of her. Looking me straight in the eyes,she grinned, - "That's filthy,I know what you're thinking,you want me to use my!!! My pussy,yes?" - I smiled back at her. - "Where,how?" - "Like I told you about,down the boats,you know,the going rate was two and a half quid,its probably more now,just for one fuck" - You'll appreciate this was many moons ago and that amount of money was a weeks pay for me or half a week for my wife. .

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  . she earned more than as I was under training.

She flopped back on her back and while feeling her nipples she appeared to be pondering my suggestion, then. - "I couldn't not by myself,but how could you be there?" - I'd thought about that. "So we don't appear to be selling sex,we go aboard as guests, - see a guy and a woman wouldn't raise suspiscions or be seen as possibly selling sex, then you do them and we leave with the loot" - "You said them,I thought I'd only do one at a time!" - "Yeah,you would,but as I told you sometimes more than one bloke has a go,you know because they share a cabin,so if they're both there sometimes they pay double and both fuck you,or rather the woman" - "I don't know! What would you be doing while they're doing me?" - "Sat drinking their duty free spirits while I hold on to the pay" - "Have you thought,if I had two,that would be as much as I get for a weeks wages at work" - "Yeah easy money and I bet we could get more for you because we could say you're only a girl" - "Yeah but what about my wedding ring,I'm not taking that off" - "Not a problem,I tell them its cover to make any authorities think you're,we're visitors"

"That's cunning,just how long has it took you to work all this out,and what if the working girls get shitty,I don't want to be beaten up" - "Forget that,well cherry pick your jobs and I know Pat the pro' she's top dog and I've got something on her that she wouldn't want anyone too know about,a real serious thing" - "I don't know,but it makes me think" - She thought alright,for at least an hour before she agreedshe'd try it. From our flat we could see the ships coming and going and I'd decided on a certain ship that regularly called so when it arrived I told Maisy,to get ready for her first trick. - "What's a trick?" she asked, "A Fuck" - "Oh,I thought it meant a trick trick" - giving me a soppy grin, -"I can't help being dumb,its my first go,you know all the jargon,I don't. Anyway,how will they understand,I can't talk their language,can you? No you can't" - "I know some of it,but they know enough English,don't worry,the moment you show them you naked pussy they'll know what to do with it"

"MMM! I 'spose so,all you men do" - I gave her a look, - "Mind your own business,I'm not saying how I know that!"Later in the evening we made our way to the ship I'd indicated and I found another regular boat immediately tied up astern. "Which one?" Maisy asked, - Both,I know some of both the crews" - As we got to the waist a crewman was leant over the rail,looking at nothing in particular as he knawled at an orange, Smiling widely, - "Ficka,Jigi,Jigi" - I smiled in turn as he gripped his crotch,stiffa,want flicka,damn now" - I, while rocking my arms as though rocking a baby, - "Jigi,Jigi, young,young flicka" - He made a sine of his throat being slit while nodding NO and waving his hand palm downwards. I put a finger up, - "Wait!" Showing her wedding ring, and putting my five fingers up, -He - "Krona?" - I indicated no and pulled a pound note from my pocket. - "Five of these" andwaved the note. - He in turn NO with a head shaking and indicating three. Holding my wife by the elbow I went to walk her to the other ships gangway.

"No! No! Flicka,here" He indicated the gangway, I led her back and up the gangway onto the deck. She said, - "I'm shaking like a leaf,he's paying a fiver for me is he? it was like a cattle market the way he was bartering to fuck me.

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   I want to run back out of here,did you see his hardon,it looked a lot bigger than yours" I held her hand as he led us to the stern and down the companion way into his cabin. Another crewman was lounging in the corner listening to a radio. - "Flicka,you" - We got the gist of it he'd offered his mate a turn on Maisy as well. - I touched his arm,then pointed to him indicating a fiver and the mate another fiver. It was difficult to tell if the mate had agreed or not as he got up and left the cabin.

A glass and bottle were offered to me as he filled another two glasses and offered one to my wife which she wafted down in one go. "New" He grinned, - "New? jigi! Jigi!" and made a lewd forearm guesture. I nodded,indicating he was the first she'd done. - Smiling broadly he guestured how hard he was and for my wife to take her clothes off. Before she'd done more than opened the front of her dess he had his hands on her panty's fingering her pussy. She in turn with her eyes up in her head struggled to pull her knickers off and as she bent away from his hands he dropped his trousers to reveal a much larger hardon than my own. Now naked from the waist down he didn't wait for her too stand back up he just pressed her against the table fixing in the corner and entered her pussy from behind. My cock ramped up in my trousers as I watched him pump his large cock right up to his balls inside her. Realising in the excitement, I had a wobbly as I realised he'd not given me the fee.

Touching his shoulder I indicated this and as he still pounded away at her he nodded towards a wallet laying on what must have been his bunk.

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   Opening it right in front of him I helped myself to five crisp new pound notes and clipped the wallet closed just as my wife's orgasm erupted with him shooting his spunk deep into her vagina. We'd talked of using protection and decided if a bloke paid a fiver rather than the going rate of three,she'd fuck bare back because as she said,it made her cum quicker and it felt so much nicer. So there it was,she'd made her first fiver and had a real orgasm,that I knew was no sham cumming off.

She now stood trembling,neither of us knew really what to do next. Do we let him have another go,or another go paying some more or what! He appeared to have a knowledge beyond our own. Pulling his cock out of my wife he,grinning indicated he was well satified with the fucking she'd given him. He indicated he was convinced she was young,not married and as tight as a drum. Without further ado,he dragged his trousers back over his still soaking wet cock,opened the cabin door and hollered. As I in turn with my wife,now pulling up her panty's having wiped the cum from her pussy on some other knickers she'd brought just in case,made to head for the deck. He held my wife by pressing at her soft tits, indicating for her to sit back down,me also. "Mate! Mate! Flicka,wants your Flicka" Holding five fingers up, - "Same deal,Ya?" My wife nodded before I could,just as the original guy reappeared.

They talked and it was clear the comments refered to my wife's tightness. She started to remove her panty's again and in moments she stood naked except for her stockings and suspender belt. The second guy smoothed and felt my wife all over making opinions about each of her sexual assets in their mother tongue. My wife said mainly to me, - "God he'll make me cum again before he sticks it in if he doesn't hurry up" - "Me too" - I responded.

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   - "You're enjoying watching them with me then?" - "Fuck am I,its the most arousing thing I could ever hope to see" - Looking over and grinning, "I didn't expect that they'd make me cum off,I thought the commercial thing would stop all that,but having different cocks is the biggest turn on I could ever have imagined.

Meanwhile she had now been laid onto her back and the second bloke slowly stuffed his cock in her,right up to his balls. I watched enthralled as my wife's mound responded to his cock,she was trying to push up at his knob,but the slow fucking was driving her mad as she obviously wanted it fast and furious. Then he got caught up in her tightness. With ever faster strokes he squelched his cock into a grunting orgasm as my wife again came off,but without stopping he went straight on to a second shooting of sperm deep up her vagina. She'd cum a second time and now lay all limp with her legs dangling over the edge of the table. I had another fiver in my hand and a lot of spunk in my trousers. - "Fuck Maisy,that slow fucking brought me off in my pants" - "Shhh! I'm all tingly,let me lay here for a bit. As she lay they both held and played with her tits,ass cheeks and pussy. While the second's cock dribbled sperm onto the deck.

Now with the game over she dressed but without any panty's and having been offered a bag of fruit we left too share our booty. Our money troubles were over and my wife had found out she found multiple sex the thing for her and she never gave it up again. - Move over Jeff,its my turn now,let me get at her now! Here it comes Maisy!