Sibling Bonding Camping Trip


My little sister Annie and I fight a lot. So much so that our parents decided to drive us an hour north to a popular camping area to try and help us bond and become friends. They packed the car full with sleeping bags, backpacks full of essentials, one tent and a large cooler of food and water to last us the weekend.

I was not thrilled, to say the least, to spending the weekend with my little sister, when I knew the guys were throwing a party Saturday night and this girl I've been crushing on forever was going to be there. We had gotten drunk and made out the weekend prior, so I thought this would be the weekend I might be able to take it further with her. . . . guess that will have to wait.

I'm 16, tall, pretty fit, an athlete, with long blonde hair. My sister, Annie, is 13, but looks about my age. She's tall like me, swims on the swim team and also has long, silky blonde hair. She's pretty popular in her class, like me, and if she dressed a little cuter with more revealing clothes, I'd say she's pretty good looking. We've all walked in our our sisters in the shower, so I know what she looks like naked. Very petite, very small & tight ass, and the cutest little round boobs you've ever seen. Unfortunately, she drives me crazy.

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Our parents dropped us off, told us to get along, and drove off. They were off to the coast to have a weekend alone together. We just knew that meant they were off to go screw all day and night.

After we found a good spot to set up our tent and camping area, we made ourselves comfortable. Annie went down to the pond to swim and I started to build a fire. I must say, as much as she annoys me, seeing her little ass skip down the hill in a bikini bottom was a nice treat.

I had the fire up and running by the time she got back.

"Looks good" she said.

She went into the tent to change into her night time clothes. As she was changing, I glanced over and realized the tent flap hadn't secured properly and there she was, butt naked, bending over to pull out a pair of panties from her bag, exposing her fresh little butthole and the back of her pussy. I felt my cock begin to swell in my pants. She turned and noticed me staring at her through the open tent and gasped. She jumped to close the flap and I continued playing with the fire, shaking my head with a smirk.

"You know, you could have said something. .

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  . . instead of just staring at me. . . " she said, coming out of the tent.

"Sorry. "

"What do we have to eat?"

"There's hotdogs and buns in the cooler and bag of chips over on the chair if you want" I replied.

We hung around the fire, cooking hotdogs and talking about nothing for a while.

"I snagged something from Dad's backpack when we got out. I'll share, but you can't tell him" I said.

I reached in my bag and pulled out a fifth of bourbon.

"Ew bourbon?"

"Just try it. . .

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  don't be a baby. "

We passed the bottle back and forth until we were about a third of the way through it. We were hammered. She hadn't really drank much, and I was a lightweight. Before I knew it, we were actually having some fun together. Maybe this camping trip wasn't the worst idea.

"Are you a virgin?" she asked me.

"No!" I laughed it off. (. . . I was)

"Yes you are. . . " she said.

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"I've had plenty of sex!"

"Oh yeah? With who?"

I paused. . . "Fine, but it's not like you have either!"

"No, not yet" she said. "I'm excited to though. A couple of my friends did it already and they love it. "

"Well I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding a guy that wants to fuck you. "

"Why is that?"

The booze started talking for me. . .

"Because you're hot. . . and you've got a tight ass and perky little boobs. And you've got good nipples.

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  . . guys like that" I said, slurring my words.

"Perv! How you do know that??" she said, matching the slurring.

"I've seen you naked, idiot!Including just earlier!"

"Oh yeah. . . "

"Don't be embarrassed" I said. "You looked good. "

"Thanks. . . " she said, embarrassed.

We made our way into the tent and got ready to pass out. A night well spent of drinking and bonding.

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  . . .

I woke up early, before the sun came up. Annie had crawled across her side of the tent and was snuggled up on my side. I immediately noticed my rock hard morning wood boner, but what was more jarring was my sisters hand laying gently on top of it. Complete accident, but I gently lifted her hand and moved it to the side so I wouldn't wake her. I head out of the tent and took a piss behind a tree. What were all these wild thoughts I was having?My sister having sex, her sexy body, my rock hard cock with her hand on it. . . . Suddenly all I could think about was fucking Annie right there in that tent.

I needed to distract myself. I went down to the pond, stripped down to nothing and jumped in.

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  The cold water was a good wake up slap to the face, and helped me get my mind straight.

Unfortunately, I didn't exactly think this through. Now I had to get back to the tent, naked, holding my dry clothes and find my towel. I hoped Annie was still sleeping and I crept back up the hill and opened the tent flap. There she was, sleeping, with one boob and nipple sticking out of a stretched open tank top neck line. . . . god damn Annie. . .

I entered the tent to look for my towel. I set down my dry clothes down next to my bag, exposing my body to Annie. I looked over and she had woken up, eyes wide, staring right at my cock, hanging down between my legs. I grabbed my shirt and covered my cock.

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"Ah I'm sorry. . . I went swimming and forgot a towel. "

"No, it's fine. . . " she said.

I grabbed my towel, wrapped it around myself and walked outside. I threw a few logs on the still burning embers and relit the fire. I sat next to it while it grew. Annie came out to join me. She was wearing her silky, Victoria Secret panties and that very loose tank top with no bra. She sat across from me.

"So I guess now we've both seen each other naked.

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  . . " se said.

"Kinda hard not to on a camping trip with one tent. "

"Don't tell your friends about me naked, ok?" she asked.

"Of course. Don't tell mom and dad either!"

"Deal. "

"Deal. "

We sat there silently for a while. The cold morning air blew through Annie's tank top, tickling her nipples, which had become hard and very visible through her shirt.

"It's co. . . "

"It's cold" she and I said at the exact same time.

"I'm going to go get into the sleeping back until the sun comes up a little more" she said.

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"Yeah, me too. "

We crawled back into the tent. She got under the big blanket we brought and I decided to join her. I didn't change into clothes and was still in my now wet towel. We kinda giggled to ourselves and we quickly huddled underneath the blanket for heat.

"Ah you're all wet!" she yelled.

"I know I know. . . . sorry. Hold on. "

I reached down and grabbed the wet towel wrapped around my waist, pulled it off, and threw it in the corner of the tent. Just then, Annie turned body toward me and sort of nuzzled up in my chest. We hadn't really ever been close like this, but I didn't say anything.


   I didn't mean to, but I felt my cock twitch and begin to grow. I tried to make it go away but before I knew it, it was rock hard.

We laid there, without her knowing she was laying next to her brother's fully erect cock. That's when she lift her left leg and laid it over mine, as she completed her spooning position. And just like that, her thigh grazed something hard.

". . . are you naked?"

"Uh. . . haha, yeah. . . I took off the wet towel!"

"Are you hard?!?" she yelled, backing up and sitting upright.

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"I'm sorry! I can't always help it!And there's been a lot of stimulating things in the last 12 hours!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, you know. . . . first it's you bending over and showing me your asshole and your pussy last night. . . then your tit was hanging out this morning. . . . your nipples were poking through your shirt just now, and I'm naked with a hot chick spooning with me!"

There was a long. . . loooong.

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  . . . pause. It felt like an eternity.

Without saying anything, Annie reached down, pulled off her tank top and her perfect little boobs popped right out. Then she slid down her panties and exposed her hairless pussy. She laid back down, got under the blanket and got right back into the spooning position she was in before. I didn't know what to say, so we both said nothing. I just wrapped my arm around her back and slowly grazed her skin back and forth.

After a little while, I noticed her breathing change and I looked down to see she had fallen asleep. It wasn't long after that that I too dozed off.

I woke up a short while later to an interesting feeling. It took me a second to wake up from my daze and notice that my sister's hand was wrapped firmly around my cock and she was stroking it up and down, up and down. Up, and down.

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I let out an exhale of bliss. "Oh Annie. . . . "We laid there for a couple minutes while she very gently rubbed my cock. I had reached down and put my hand on the bottom of her tight little ass and my finger tips just grazed a very wet pussy lip.

"I'm scared" she said, as she stopped stroking me.

"Of what?"

"I want to keep going, because it feels good. But I'm also afraid someone will find out. It's not right, we shouldn't do this. "

"Well, would you tell anyone?"

"No" she replied.

"Neither would I. "

She rolled over, away from me, onto her back. Her nipples crept up over the blanket.

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"I don't know" she said. "I'm nervous. "

She was shaking, and I could tell it wasn't because she was cold. She was scared.

I rolled over toward her, onto my side and put my hand on her stomach.

"If you want me to stop, just say so. "

And with that, I slowly slid my hand down to her mound and couldn't believe how smooth it was. I slid my fingers into her opening and they slid around her very wet pussy. I began to tickle her clit, which made her breathe really heavy and her head went back. When I felt it was the right time, I slid my middle finger down and found her hole. I snuck my finger up inside of her and her whole body shook. I had her. . .

I fingered her with my middle finger until I felt she was ready for a second.

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  I added my pointer finger and started the "come hither" motion on her g-spot until her whole body shook. Her gentle moans turned into loud screams as her body convulsed and fluid gushed out of my little sister's tight pussy. She had cum so hard, her body was still shaking, even after the light squirting had stopped. The sleeping bag below her was soaking wet.

"Holy shi. . . " I began to say, but before I could finish, Annie jumped up and pounced on top of me. The blanket fell to the side and there she was, my nude little sister, on top of me, her wet pussy and thighs sliding around on my crotch.

"I want to do it" she said.

I didn't wait for a second approval. I reached down and put the head of my hard cock against her soaking wet pussy. I thrust forward and entered her. She shook again.

"Oh god.

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  . . " she moaned.

She started to ride me, cowgirl, bouncing up and down on my cock. Her little tits bounced with her and the sight of them almost made me explode. I looked down at an even more amazing sight: my cock running in and out of my little sister's virgin pussy. Holy shit.

I pushed her off and put her on her hands and knees and started fucking her doggy style. The smells of her asshole and her cum drenched pussy lifted up to my nose and I was in a complete state of sexual bliss. I pounded Annie again and again as she moaned and moaned. She was so wet and so damn tight. It felt like she was gripping my cock with the walls of her pussy.

I flipped her over and put her on her back. I wrapped her legs up over my neck and started jackhammering her from above. My cock slide effortlessly in and out of her, her incredibly lubed pussy doing all the work.

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"Fuck, Annie. . . "

"Fuck me brother! Fuck me!"

"I'm gonna cum!" I yelled.

And with that I began to pump load after load of my hot, young cum deep into my sister's pussy.

"Oh fuck!" she yelled, shocked by the feeling of her brother's cum inside of her.

"Ahhhhhh!" I yelled as I drained every last drop I had into her. "God Damn!"

I collapsed beside her, the both of us covered in sweat, her cum everywhere, mine safely nestled inside her warm pussy.

"That was amazing" I said.

I couldn't believe what had just happened. My sister and I had just explored our sexuality for the first time, with each other. And what's more than that, it was amazing. She had erupted with cum and I had filled her up with mine. The fear of her getting pregnant actually turned me on even more. .

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I put my finger down to her pussy and grabbed a finger-full of my cum that was beginning to drip out. "Taste this" I told her, and I put that finger onto her tongue. She licked it off my finger and then we kissed, our tongues playing together. My cum was all over both of our tongues and I didn't even care. It was the sexiest moment. . .

I was her big brother. She looked up to me for everything and I was her protector. Now, I was her lover. And at such a young age. The two of us were about to embark on a whole new sibling relationship. But that was just the first morning of the camping weekend. .

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  . . .