Exploring heavenly bodies part 3


     On the bridge, Veronika was finding herself a little too warm, but the environmental controls were at the correct setting. She squirmed around, kept seeing that smoldering, green eyed look that the minister had favored her with, the feeling that she was being caressed all over her body with that look. Her panties were a damp, sodden mess, and she left the bridge to change her panties. In her cabin, she was still feeling hot and sexy, and before she slipped on a pair of black silk panties, she slipped a tampon up inside her, to fix the problem of her cunt displaying how hot she was. Back on the bridge, she worked hard to devote herself to the tasks at hand, although the sexy Entaran minister was never far from her mind.

     Treena opened her eyes, yawned, and looked at the clock. It was 13:00 hours, and she arose, getting dressed while Greg slept on. She smiled as she looked at his sleeping form, she decided to let him sleep, she wanted to file her daily report with the Entaran science ministry, and study a few more quasars in depth that she had recorded and saved for research. Back in her cabin a few minutes later, she was busy with her tasks.
After 2 hours, she decided that a workout in the ship's gymnasium would be good, and she gathered up a towel, workout clothes, and reluctantly put her uniform back on.

     On the bridge, Veronika's watch had just ended, and she had turned the next watch over to Lt. Commander Michael Esall. Deciding that she needed to workout, maybe clear her head of that sexy vision, she stopped by her cabin just long enough to grab her soap, workout clothes and a towel, and she was humming a little song as she entered the gymnasium. Her humming stopped abruptly as she saw the minister, completely naked, at the locker bank, her ass turned towards her. Veronika gazed at the snowy whiteness of her body, her naked snow white cheeks filled her vision. Treena turned around, facing her without a trace of false modesty, completely comfortable in her natural, nude state, and smiled as she saw Veronika's gaze travel lower,  staring at her entirely hairless pubic region.

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   Seems that Earthers have quite a thing about hairless pubic regions, she thought with smile. Veronika's gaze finally reached back to her eyes, and she felt her pussy pulse with heat as Treena's lambent green eyes again made her feel that she was being stroked and caressed.

    "Commander Masterson, welcome. What a nice surprise, it looked like I would have had to workout alone, and here you are".  

     "Minister Suluswi," Veronika said, trying and failing to keep her regulation, commanding voice, fumbling for something else to say.

     Her locker was right next to the minister's, and she could feel the minister gazing at her as she undressed. When she was down to just her panties, Treena reached out and stroked at the sexy silken covering of her panties over her ass cheeks.

     "Umm, so nice, I love the feeling of this fabric" she cooed, "Silk, I believe it is called, quite amazing, that such a small insect, could produce such a wonderful fabric. "

     Veronika took a deep breath, and pushing her panties down to her knees, let them drop to the floor. Treena was now openly eyeing her body, and she felt a full body blush as she slipped on a pair of athletic style panties and a sports bra. As she pulled on her T shirt and a pair of shorts, Treena did the same.

     Treena led the way, and Veronika couldn't take her eyes off the minister's ass. The shape, the symmetry, the movement as she walked, all had her cunt simmering. They had the gym all to themselves, and Veronika noticed that with all the space, Treena would be right beside her, on the treadmill, the stair stepper, and the free weights. One thing Veronika knew, she would need a furious masturbation session after the gym with her double headed dildo.

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   Back at the lockers, Veronika took a deep breath, and stripped. She could feel Treena's gaze running all over her, Treena was intrigued by the fact that Earthers have that funny looking, crinkly hair around their pubic regions. Veronika was the first Earth female she had ever seen, and she was not only intrigued, she was getting turned on. Not only turned on, she wanted to enjoy some sexual relations with her.

     Under the shower head, Veronika sighed with pleasure, she adored hot showers. She was about to reach for the soap, when she saw a long, white arm and hand reach out for it, at the same time she felt the soft press of Treena's body against her back.

     "Let me do that for you" the minister's voice, like a soft caress, whispered in her ear.

     Veronika watched the other arm come around her body, hands soaping up, then the sheer pleasure of Treena's soapy hands sliding up and down. Veronika pressed back against Treena's body, listening to her soft growl of pleasure as she gave herself up to Treena's ministrations.   The minister worked over Veronika, cupping her breasts, slick hands sliding around her belly in caressing, tantalizing circles. Her hands reached lower, rubbing the soap against her pubic curls, fingers gliding through her tuft.

Treena went  to one knee, and Veronika was acutely aware of the fact that her face was inches from her naked ass, as Treena soaped her legs, and then she pulled back, so she could run her hands up her back. Veronika felt like she was in heaven, and she turned to face Treena, that green eyed gaze, so caressing, so inviting.

     "Would you like to do me now?" Treena cooed.

     Veronika's mouth was dry, her pulse thumping, she could only nod as Treena handed over the bar of soap.

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   Veronika took the same position, Treena's back snuggled in against her, as she soaped up her hands. She ran the soap all over, listening to Treena's soft growls of pleasure as she cupped her breasts with soapy hands, sliding around her belly, Veronika could felt her pulse pound and her cunt pulse as she ran her fingers over Treena's naked mound, taking to one knee, she gazed at the wonderful symmetry of her nude ass as she slid her hands up and down the minister's legs, her hands coming up, cupping those wonderful globes, sliding a slick finger along the part between her cheeks, before sliding her hands all over Treena's back, Treena turned to face her, those lambent green eyes once again filling her vision. Treena gave a growl of desire, she pulled Veronika into a tight embrace, and their lips came together, hot lips pressing together urgently, tongues meeting in a swirl of passion, giving themselves up to the moment, hands stroking, fondling, caressing. Aware that they were in a public region of the ship, they reluctantly parted, and picked up the towels, drying themselves off by their lockers.

     Treena whispered to Veronika, "Commander, amongst my people, when we want someone in a sexual manner, we believe in fulfilling that desire, we don't play games on Entara. If you'd like to continue where we left off, I know I would, please come by my quarters, I'm on deck 3. "

     Veronika replied, "I would love to continue, when we are together in such a way, I don't want to be your Commander, please call me Veronika. "

     Treena grinned and said, "And I do not want to be called Minister when we are together like that, so please call me Treena. "

     Veronika quickly made her way to her cabin, and she took out her 18 inch dual headed dildo, and slipped it into a carry-all. She had a feeling that her trusty stress reliever could be in very good use. She stripped, and quickly slipped on a new pair of red silk panties, that covered far less. These were her "come fuck me" panties, that she wore for a lover to encourage them on to ravage her, and it was obvious that Treena was eager to ravage her lovingly. She dressed in casual attire, and left for deck 3.

     In her cabin, Treena stripped down to her usual attire of short ruffled skirt. She could feel the need, Veronika was stunningly sexy, and she ached to stroke and caress that statuesque figure.

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   She poured out two glasses of Aldersis, and quickly stirred in oil from the flower of the Eschavia plant, to give Veronika orgasms like she'd never had before.

      Veronika paused outside Teena's door, and took a deep breath, then pressed the doorbell. After a few seconds, the door opened, and there she was. My God, Veronika thought. She had never seen the minister in her usual attire, just the short ruffled skirt barely covering her pubic region, made her blood surge. They were alone, in such a personal, intimate setting, and she was going to be intimately involved with that fantastic body. Treena welcomed her in with a smile, and handed her a small cocktail glass.

     "This is Aldersis, made from the fruit native to Entara, I hope you like it. It is rumored to have aphrodisiac properties," she added, giving Veronika a sexy smile, the Eschavia flower oil would certainly make it feel that way.

     They drained their small glasses, and Treena was quickly face to face with Veronika. She stroked her face, Veronika moaned with pleasure, as Treena's hands stroked and caressed her. She slipped her fingers through the buttons of Veronika's blouse, and slipped them apart, and gave a low growl of desire as Veronika's blouse drifted to the floor and her chest was revealed, large, melon sized beauties capped with stiff, hard, jutting nipples. Veronika's skirt was quickly on the floor, and Treena felt her pulse thump as Veronika's sexy, curvy pubic region was revealed, with a wildly hot, sexy pair of red lace panties that barely concealed what lay beneath. Treena slipped her hand into the front, ran her fingers over Veronika's neatly trimmed bush, and slowly slipped them down, until they dropped to her feet, and Veronika's nude body was fully revealed.

     Treena whispered, "How would you like to remove my skirt for me, and we shall get to know each other very intimately?"

     Veronika was eager to do so, and she felt her clit twitch when Treena was naked, knowing that she was just as naked, both of them totally stripped down and ready for action.

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   Their bodies came together, Treena ran her fingers through Veronika's thick tresses, kissing her heatedly. Veronika returned her sweet kisses with growing passion, each one could feel the building tension deep inside, as the Eschavia oil started to work on them, heating them up. They tumbled to the bed, Treena eager to try a lesbian 69. She had never had the chance to have a sexual interlude with another female, and from the way her body was responding, she had a feeling she was going to love it. She clung to Veronika, whispered what she wanted to do, and in just a few moments, she was flat on her back, Veronika straddling her face, presenting her simmering core to Treena's excited gaze. Treena could smell the rich, heady scent of Veronika's passion filling her nose, and she wanted to taste that. Veronika was just as eager, seeing Treena's naturally hairless region just inches away gave her a lust surge, and she wanted to lick her all over, then drive her tongue deep into Treena's center, and lick up all her juices. They quickly did so, each one licking and tasting the other, feeling the pressure building. The sounds of hot, liquid oral sex, grunts, moans, licking and fingering wet, creamy centers quickly filled the room. Veronika felt the full force of the Eschavia oil hit, as her pubic region swelled up with a dizzying rush of blood, and her clit started to pulse and throb wildly, almost painfully. Treena could feel the same thing happening, and she licked wildly at Veronika, getting her tongue to hit the bump of Veronika's twitching clit over and over. Veronika felt like she was turning inside out as she came, she raised her head, letting out a loud howl of pleasure, my God, it felt like her head was going to fly off, her pussy was pulsing, throbbing, gushing juices over and over, giving Treena a massive facial as her cunt squirted, squirted, and squirted some more. Veronika quickly applied her mouth back to Treena's center, found her little bump, and a few licks brought Treena to climax, she let out a low keening wail of pleasure, and her cunt started to pulse, gushing juices that Veronika eagerly licked up. After what seemed like ages, they tumbled apart, Veronika had never felt so giddy.

     Ater a few minutes, Treena handed Veronika another small cocktail glass filled with the special mixture.

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   After drinking they caressed, stroked, kissed and licked each other all over, until both were virtually whimpering with desire.

     Veronika reached into her carry-all, and pulled out her 18 inch double dildo. She grinned as she saw Treena's eyes widen.

     "My stress reliever," she whispered, "for times when I'm so horny I can't see straight, how would you like to ride my stress reliever, you'll be the first to share it with me. "

     Treena lay back, smiling, and spread her legs, inviting Veronika to shove it in. Veronika placed it at the entrance to Treena's creamy center, and she started to work it slowly in. Treena groaned with desire as the large head penetrated her, letting out little growls of pleasure as she felt the head of the dildo stretch her walls apart, as Veronika worked 7 inches up Treena's fiery well. The other head was probing the air, waiting. Veronika eagerly rubbed it over her own cunt, once her slick cunt made contact, it set her on fire. Wiggling her hips, Veronika slid down the other side of the dildo, groaning as the dildo spread her cunt walls apart, continuing to push the other end into Treena's heated center, with slow even strokes. Treena reached out and grabbed Veronika, holding together tightly, they started fucking each other, using only their hips to propel themselves. They started out slowly, moaning with desire as the dildo slid in and out of their burning cunts. They picked up the pace, grinding their hips back and forth, humping at each other in a frenzy. They worked the whole dildo into their fiery fuck-holes until they were in a heated embrace, breasts pressed tightly against each other. Joined cunt to cunt, and humping their hips back and forth, their clits stood up, rock hard, erect, throbbing and twitching with desire, brushing heatedly against the plunging dildo.

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   They fucked each other furiously, their bodies slapping against each other, slamming their burning cunts down the thick dildo again and again, moaning and gasping as the dildo fucked them closer and closer to orgasm.

     Veronika could feel that dizzying rush of blood again, she felt her climax rushing at her, and she gasped out, "I'm cumming, oh my God!"
     She exploded, howling with pleasure, her cunt throbbing madly as it tightened down on the dildo. She could feel her fiery well squirting again and again, and was dimly aware of Treena's loud growl of pleasure as she exploded, Treena started squirting, and they soaked the sheets and each other with a flood of hot cum as they rode the orgasmic crests. Their heated movements slowed down, and they shivered in blissful fulfilment. They fell sweaty, exhausted and satisfied, into each other's arms.

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