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We were camping in a national forest with a whole bunch of other people our age, many which we knew, but none very well. Right away we had shitty weather - cold and rainy. We decided to move on, seeing that things weren't shaping up to be any fun where we were. Mia then mentioned that she had an aunt that lived outside Ashville. "I haven't seen her in a few years, but she was always cool. I'll call her, it'll be worth a shot. Anything's better than this," she said as she wrapped a damp blanket tighter around herself. We were all in agreement. As it turned out, her aunt was on vacation in Florida. Her machine had a number where she could be reached, and Mia easily got in touch with her. After a few minutes of small talk and reminiscing, we got the go ahead to use her place as we pleased. Just then it began to down-pour so we rushed to pack, got into my Cherokee soaking wet, and were off. "Shit, give me a pen so I can write down the code for the electric gate before I forget it," Mia said after a few minutes of silence. "Electric gate? What, is your aunt a Kennedy or something?" Erin said as she ran her hands through her short, wet, dark hair. It was just then that it dawned on me that these two beauties were soaked to the bone, and so was everything we owned. I started to get a stiffy as I thought of a few scenarios for the days to come.

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   Mia wrote down the code and laid down in the back seat. "What are you smiling about, Jay?" Erin asked me coyly. "Your awful quiet. "I just gave her a cheesy wink and a smile and lit up the joint I had hidden in the steering column. I took a nice hit and handed it to Erin. I wasn't sure, but I thought she took a look towards my crotch as she sat back in her seat and turned towards the window. That means she would have seen my erection starting to pitch a tent. I was a little more sure when I distinctly heard her say "that's what I thought" under her breath. Mia was asleep in the back seat. As we got close, Mia woke up and started to give directions. We arrived at a massive steel gate, which Mia opened with the code her aunt had given her. The driveway was paved and long, with 7 foot shrubs stretching along each side. We soon came around a corner and saw the closest thing to a mansion I'd ever seen. "Didn't I tell you she was fucking loaded?" Mia said laughing as she jumped out of the Jeep before it even stopped moving. "You mentioned she was well off, but I had no idea," I said as we walked towards the "house.

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  " "Do we really have this place to ourselves?""You really came through babe," Erin said giving Mia a hug. "My aunt will be back in 3 days, so we'll still get to spend a couple of days with her. You'll both love her, she's pretty wild. "We grabbed a few things from the Jeep, and went in to explore. We all wanted a warm shower, but I said I'd let them go first while I checked out the indoor/outdoor pool. I was stripped down to nothing and ready to dive in when a shout from inside startled me. It was Erin. "Hey stud, you have got to come in here and see this. " I thought it must be important, so I put my shorts back on and went to see what all the banter was about. "Where in the hell are you?""In heeeerrrrre," I heard. I walked into a huge bathroom where I heard water running. That's where I saw Erin, wearing nothing but a towel, with a mischievous look in her eye. "This is a great bathroom, but where is the water coming from?" Just then she said, "Check this out," and opened a glass door that she had been standing in front of. I then walked into the baddest shower ever built. It had six shower heads, several wood benches, and a four person jacuzzi tub in one corner.

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   She already had the whole thing running. Erin came in behind me and I turned to see she had left the towel outside. GOOD GOD! It was the first time I had seen her completely naked, and she was a sight for sore eyes. Tan skin, perfect 34b tits, and a neatly trimmed strip above her little snatch. I was speechless. She walked by me and rubbed a hand across my cheek saying, "Do you you always wear your shorts in the shower hun?" I immediately took them off. "There's soap over there. Why don't you come wash my back for me?" I did as she asked and got the soap. She was standing under a shower head with her arms bracing her against the wall. "I saw your tent while we were driving, I didn't think you would mind a shower together. " I took the soap and began to lather up her back and shoulders, followed by her tits. Her breathing became erratic as I pinched her hard nipples lightly while leaning into her and giving one ear a little nibble. "How about a little lower," she almost sighed. I moved down to the small of her back, and eventually lower yet. I got down so my face was level with her ass and I began to rub each perfect cheek.

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   I soaped up each of her legs, the inside of her thighs last, causing her to open up a little more. I reached up between her legs and ran my hand from her belly button to her asshole, letting a finger spread her slick pussy. I soaped up her ass crack and told her to lean forward so the water would run down her back and wash the soap away. When she did this, her ass pushed right in my face. I spread her ass cheeks and placed my tongue on her pucker. This caused her to push back, and my tongue went right in. My hand moved up to her pussy and I slid two fingers in easily. I pumped my fingers in and out as my tongue fucked her asshole. Her own hand was now on her clit, massaging it like only she knows how. At this point Erin was moaning with every breath. Suddenly she screamed, "OH GOD I'M CUMMING! Fucking god Jay. OOOOOHHHHH, yes, don't stop. YES, FUCK YES!!!!!" Her cunt gripped my fingers as she erupted in an intense orgasm. She turned around and I stood up and gave her a passionate kiss. As our tongues twisted I felt a hand wrap around my rock hard, 9", rather thick member.

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  "I see I have your interest peaked," she said. "And I had no idea your cock was so big! I would have done this a long time ago if you had told me. "At that moment I reached around her waist and lifted her off the ground. She wrapped her legs around my hips, and my cock slid right in her tight wet cunt. She wrapped her arms around my neck to help support herself. She bounced up and down as I walked over to one of the wooden benches and set her ass on the edge. As soon as I set her down, she grabbed each side of my head, looked at me and said, "Fuck me hard Jay. Do it now. " Then she pulled my mouth to hers, and I happily obliged her. I fucked her with long powerful strokes. Every bit of my 9 inches getting used each time. Each time my balls slapped against her ass she would let out a yelp. I said to her, "Erin, I never realized how much I wanted this until now. You are so fucking hot. You want me to fuck you hard?""Oh fuck yes.

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  ""You've got it then, Erin. " I said as I increased the speed and power of my thrusts. It wasn't long until she was talking about cumming again. I don't think she actually got out any words for a few minutes, though. However, I could tell by the sound of her increasingly louder moans that she was attempting speech. When she finally spoke she said, "I'm gonna cum Jay. Cum with me. Go ahead and cum inside me, I want to feel it. Cum inside me Jay, pleeeaaasssse. I'm on the pill. Don't worry, just do it. FUCK! I'm cumming!!! Come on babe, give it to me. "I fucked her as hard as I could. Her words turned back to moans and screams again, louder than any so far, as I fucked her like a mad man. As she reached her peak my cock exploded in her.

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   I kept cumming and cumming. Load after load I shot in her. "Oh god. Thank you Jay," she said as she kissed me again. She swung her leg over and stood up while I sat down on the bench for a moment. I just realized how bad the muscles in my legs were burning from my workout. Erin then squatted in front of me and spread my knees. I could see some of my cum dripping from her swollen and abused pussy. She took it with her fingers and brought it to her mouth. She then took my cock, which was just starting to shrink, in her mouth, allowing my cum to mix with her own. Next came a great kiss, each of us tasting the other as well as ourself. At that point I started to come back to reality. It did look kind of like a dream scenario, with all the steam and running water. I asked her where Mia was this whole time. "I had forgotten there was anyone else in the world until just now," was her answer.

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   I had to say I had done the same. "Anyway, she was taking a shower in the second floor bathroom. We should go and see what she's up to before she comes snooping. " We then left the shower. Her first, and me admiring her as she bent over to get us each a towel. As we were drying each other off I noticed a clock on the wall. We had barely been in this palace for an hour. We had three more days before Mia's aunt showed up. Oh my, what possibilities I thought. I was certain I would fuck Erin again, but should we tell Mia? This would be either the end of a perfect friendship between three people, or the beginning of an even more perfect one. I pushed the thought from my mind and thought, "Only time will tell, I guess. " And we had plenty of time. This story is true and by no means over. If you would like to hear more, please let me know. Thank you.

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   - Jacob.

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