Giving In Part 2


When Angie felt the cuff on her wrist, she knew that she was in trouble.   Although John had seemed to enjoy having something in his ass, she was nervous about having the same treatment.   And, after having 4 orgasms already, she really didn’t think that she would be very pleased with having his big dick in her ass at this moment.   She really just wanted to shower and cuddle.   “Not now, baby.   I am wore out.   You gave me so much pleasure tonight. ”, Angie told him.   But John didn’t seem phased and he reached for her other arm.   She tried to hide it under her body, but with only one hand available, it was a losing battle against such a strong guy like John.   The wrestling around seemed to only excite him more and soon, she was restrained, face down, with only her legs loose.

“Don’t worry baby, I will be gentle.   I can’t wait to feel my dick slowly sink into your ass.   I have wanted this for so long. ” John said, straightening up the sheets and pillows.   He slapped Angie’s ass playfully and teased her asshole with his finger.

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    “But first, since I have you where I want you, it is time I do something else that I have wanted to do.   And you can’t stop me. ” He said, grinning as he got up and left the room.   Angie waited, trying to think of what John might be talking about.   She knew that John had some kinky ideas, but he had always respected her, and he never tried to push her into exploring things she might not be comfortable with.   But now that the Pandora’s Box was open, anything could be fair game.   Her nerves kicked up a notch as she felt her pussy begin to get wet.   John re-entered the room, but he was out of her eyeline, and she couldn’t see what he had with him.   She felt his body on the bed and she tensed as she felt something cold dripping down her back, toward her ass.   “Oh, wow that is cold!  What is it?” she asked.   “Chocolate syrup for my sundae, baby.   And your ass is the cherry on top. ” He remarked with glee.   He slowly began kissing her back, following the trail of sweet liquid, slowly making his way to her ass.   When the trail disappeared, he poured more, directly onto her asshole.

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    He dove in like a man who hadn’t eaten in years, sucking and licking, nibbling and teasing her sphincter with his tongue.   His hands reached up her body and under her, to caress her breasts as he cleaned her ass.   She squirmed, because it tickled, but in a good way.   Something that she thought she could get used to.  

John stopped what he was doing and she could hear him pouring more syrup, but didn’t feel it on her body.   When her husband came around to her face, she could see that he had poured a trail down the length of his cock.   “Ready for your dessert, baby?” he asked as he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so that she was looking at his face.   “Open up and say ahhhh”.   She opened wide and he worked his dick into her hot mouth.   The sweetness of the syrup only slightly masked the taste of her pussy from their previous romp, as well she could taste a trace of his seed.   In this position, the pathway to her throat was a straight line, and he sank his dick all the way down until his balls were on her chin.   She controlled her breathing through her nose and fought the urge to gag.   She knew that he liked this, and if she could make him cum then maybe he would forget about her ass.  

John was really fucking her mouth, taking long strokes and going all the way down her throat.   He loved this feeling, especially the primal roughness associated with taking what he wanted for his pleasure.

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    With his hands wrapped in her hair, and his nuts on her chin, he continued to get his dick nice and hard by fucking her face.   He really loved this woman, and her mouth.  

As Angie thought that she would be able to make him cum in her mouth, John suddenly pulled out and changed positions so that he was behind her now.   She felt a sharp slap on her ass, and winced with the sudden pain.   He slapped her left cheek next, leaving behind red tracks on both sides of her ass.   Next, he bent down and bit her ass.   Not enough to draw blood, but enough for her to realize that maybe being rough with his ass and the dildo could have been a bad idea, as it appeared to have inspired him.   John rubbed and caressed his wife’s ass, rubbing away some of the sting as he kissed up her back, to her neck, and then whispered into her ear, “I am going to make this last nice and long.   Are you ready?”

Angie heard the top of the lube bottle being opened up, and she clenched her ass cheeks together.   “Yeah baby, that’s it.   Fight it.   I am still going to make you love having my hard cock in your tight little ass. ” John said.   He reached around her side with his head and started kissing and biting at her ribs, a particularly sensitive and ticklish area for her.   When she reacted by trying to change her body position, her ass cheeks opened up and John took the opportunity to get his lube covered hand in between her cheeks.

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    His fingers searched for her tight sphincter, and she realized too late that she had given him an opening.   His forefinger found the crinkled opening of her ass, and started methodically rubbing in a circular motion, getting her pucker nice and slippery and eliciting a slight moan from her lips.   When he bit at the back of her neck, he entered his first digit into her ass, causing her to yell out.   “Ouch, oh no, ouch, it hurts, stop!”Angie exclaimed.   John continued to force his finger deeper inside, until he had the first two knuckles buried inside of her.   Then he stopped to let her adjust, kissing her neck, nibbling her ear and whispering to her softly.   “Just relax baby.   I told you, it’s my turn. ” he told her.   He started pushing his finger in slowly until the 3rd knuckle was in, and then very slowly started pulling it back out, taking his time, drawing at moans and groans from his wife.   After a couple of minutes, his finger was moving at a pace that was fast enough to be similar to fucking, and then he stopped to help insert his second finger.   This time, his wife reacted better, without asking him to stop.   John smiled to himself, as he felt his cock pulsing with excitement.  

After both fingers were in, and she was accepting them with glee, he decided that it was time.   He withdrew his fingers, grabbed the lube, and began pouring a generous amount onto his dick and her tiny pucker.

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    He got into a dominating position over her, with an arm wrapped under and around her neck, her chin resting in the crux of his elbow.   With his right hand, he placed his dick at the entrance to her ass, and growled into her ear, “Your ass is mine, bitch. ”  With that, he started pushing into her ass, causing her sphincter to put up resistance until the head was able to penetrate.   He waited a moment, to give her time to adjust.

Angie was breathing heavy, and felt like a cold sweat had broke out on her body.   Her skin was covered with goose bumps, and she found it hard to sit still.   The feeling was entirely painful, but it hadn’t started to feel good either, and she was beginning to think that anal sex wasn’t for her.   With that, John constricted his arm around her neck and began sinking all 8 inches of his thick, hard shaft, into her ass.   When she felt his balls touch the lips of her pussy, and felt him stop and slightly shudder, she knew that he was all the way in.   The feeling started to get better.   Her body began to warm up, and she had the urge to push back against him.   She flexed her sphincter uncontrollably around his cock, causing tiny waves of pleasure to travel all throughout her body.

  Her pussy began to drip, and she said something she never thought she would.   “Fuck my ass, baby.   I want to feel your rock hard dick reaming my virgin ass.

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    Oh wow, I think I am going to cum!” Angie exclaimed, as the pressure and tingling began to increase.   John started stroking in and out of her ass now, just short strokes to begin with, but slowly getting longer.

“Free my arms baby.   I need to feel your ass!” Angie screamed.   John started to withdraw, but she stopped him, forcing him all the way inside of her ass by pushing back against him.   “No, leave your dick inside me.   Hurry baby, I think I am going to cum. ”  John reached up and removed the handcuffs with the trick releases, and she immediately reached behind him with her hands, grasping his ass and pulling it towards her.   “OH my, I need more.   Fuck me harder.   Own my ass!”  John began pumping into her now, taking long and quick strokes, slapping against her ass with each thrust.   He reached forward and bit the back of her neck, driving her wild.   “Oh yeah, oooohhh yeah baby!  Oh yeah, I’m cumming!  I’m cumming!  Ohhhhhhhh!!!!”  Angie’s entire body went stiff as she clenched from the force of her first orgasm from anal.   Her tension translated into a tight grip on John’s dick as he continued slamming into her body.   This was forcing him toward the edge.

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John grabbed Angie by her ponytail, pulling her head back, riding her ass hard.   Angie was still moaning from what appeared to be her second orgasm as John started fucking for the home stretch.   “Oh yeah baby.   Tell me you love my cock in your ass. ” John said, grabbing Angie’s tits and kissing her ear.   “Yes baby, I love your hard cock in my ass.   Give it to me baby.   I love it!” Angie yelled, reaching fown with one hand to rub her clit while John continued to build toward his orgasm.   “That’s right baby.   You can have this anytime you want.   It’s all yours baby. ” John replied.

John felt the tingle on an inward stroke and thought about stopping to cool off, but he needed to fill her ass up with his cum.   So, he increased his speed and increased his grasp on her hair.   The whole bed was shaking from the force of his thrusts, and Angie was no longer speaking in audible words, only letting out moans and squeals of pleasure.

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    “Oh yeah, baby!  Here it comes.   Take my seed baby!” John groaned as he released a torrent of hot cum inside of her ass.   The heat of the cum, and the contraction of John’s entire body, caused Angie to lose it again, falling apart with the force of another mind blowing orgasm.   If only she would have known sooner how great that feeling was!  She was an ass sex fan now, and she was absolutely exhausted from all of the pleasure.

As they laid there together catching their breath, they both hugged each other close, completely content and basking in the after-sex glow of satisfaction.   John’s dick began to soften, and Angie could feel the cum begin to leak out of her ass.   “That was fantastic baby.   I might be a little sore for a few days, but we will definitely be doing this again. ” Angie said, pushing herself from under John and laying on her side.   He kissed her cheek and smiled.   “Whenever you are ready, I will be more than happy to live out this fantasy again. ”  Angie smiled at John and with a mischievous grin, replied “Okay, baby.   But I believe that it is my turn next. ” .
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