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I stopped now at the ice cream and she waked by and dropped a small paper. I picked up and was going to give it to her but she just slipped through the doors headed into the stocking room. I unfolded it and read it, curious of course. It read: “I am horny. I want to fuck you hard. Please cum fuck me in the ass. ” I didn’t know what to think at first, a little shocked. Then I started to debate what to do next. I am 25 and have never considered having sex with a minor. Although my mind fantasizes about young teen girls all the time, I never really considered acting, knowing the consequences. So I stood there in front of the rocky road for at least 3 minutes thinking. I now had a noticeable bulge in my pants by now. Ok, I thought, I could buy my ice cream, go home, jack off fantasizing about what could happen. Or, I could live the fantasy out for once. At least take a look behind the door, that would hurt, I convinced myself. So I put the note in my pocket and slowly strolled up the the double swinging doors.

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   I push one open and stuck my head through. I saw no one. Then I walked in, look around and the room was empty. I decided to forget it and leave and turned around only to find the hot little teen right in front of me. Can I help you sure? She asked. I…. um… just wanted to give you this back, handing her the note, you dropped it out there. Did you read it? She asked. Uhhh, well yes. I’m sorry. Did you like it? She asked again. Well I don’t know, should I. Well if you liked it follow me. If not then have a nice day. She walked back towards a near by office door.

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   Lead by my crotch I followed her. I walked in the office after her. She turned around and locked the door. Then she closed the blinds in the door window. Lets do this fast, my manager will be back from break soon and he has a key. Then she started to take her apron off. Followed by her uniform t-shirt. Well, she asked, are you going to take you cloths off. I then quickly threw my shirt off and kicked my off shoes. I watched her as she pulled her tight black jeans down. She had no panties on under her jeans. Her pink pussy glistened with wetness. She was as smooth as the day she was born. She then took her bra off showing off her small breasts. Her nipples were small and very hard.

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   By this time I had my pants and my boxers off. Now naked beside my socks. She looked me over and smiled. My 7 inches of cock pointed straight at her reaching for her young pussy. I want you to fuck me hard, make me scream. My pussy is hungry and my ass aches. Then she bent over and leaned against the desk with her elbows. Her hot tight ass up in the air. I could see her little brown asshole. I walk over to her and sank my cock into her cunt. It went in without effort. She had done this before. I started out at a slow pace and she turned to me and said, fuck me like you mean it, make me scream! I didn’t need any more hints. I started fucking her as hard and fast as I could. With my balls swinger in the air I jammed my cock into her with deep desire.

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   I wanted to rip her open. I reached around and took each breast in my hand. They fit perfectly in my palms. I squeezed and pinched her nipples. Again and again I pumped my cock into her wetness. I was getting close and I could feel she was too. Her loose pussy now tighten up around me cock. Oh, oh, oh, yes…. fuck me hard…. oh…. god yes, she screamed. Nearly the same time we cummed together. I filled her women pussy with my sperm as her child like body tensed up. She screamed loud. As I began to come down from my lustful high I realized someone might here her and got a little worried.

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   My cock slipped out of her pussy. She turned and looked at me. Both of us sweating in the hot steamy office. Now fuck my ass now. I looked down at my soft cock still limp. I need a minute I told her. She then dropped to her knees and grabbed my cock. She licked and sucked my cock clean of all the salty cum and her pussy juice. Then put my balls in her mouth and sucked hard. I shimmered with pain. But never less my cock sprang to life again. She glanced up at me and grinned. Then stood back up turned around and lean against the desk once again. That tight brown asshole seemed to wink at me. I wasted no time and pushed the head against it.

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   It wouldn’t go it. I then licked 2 fingers and forced them into her ass, knowing that she likes it forcefully. I fucked her for a few seconds with my fingers as she tensed up. You need to relaxed so I can get it in, I said. No force it in. make me scream she pleaded. So I pushed my cock up against it again and pushed with all my might. Spreading her ass cheeks with my hands. Then the head popped in. my cock hurt so bad being smashed by her unwilling anus. I slide the rest of the was in forcing my 7 inches to disappear into her young body. Then I began pumping. Slowly, not thinking about hurting her but trying to not hurt myself. Soon her ass loosened up and I was able to fuck her. I started jamming into her hard like I did her pussy.

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   My balls slapped against her still wet cunt. Over and over against I fucked her. She began to grunt and moan. No screaming this time. She must had been concentrating hard. Then I felt my second orgasm come up. My balls got tight and I released more cum into her frail body. Load after load I cummed. Her ass grabbing my cock tight not wanting to let go. We laid there for a few moments. She laid chest down on some paper on the desk, smashing her breasts against it. I lay on her back still buried in her twitching ass. Soon I slipped out. She fell to the floor on her knees. She grimaced when she touched her ass.

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   I fucked her good, I though proudly. Then she looked up at me and said, you got to go now. My manager will be here any moment. I grabbed my boxers and realized my cock was covered with shit, cum, and blood. What am I going to do with that, I asked. She then leaned forward without hesitation and sucked it clean. Shit and all. There you go, all better. She said like a school girl would. Now get dressed and leave. She got up and put her cloths back on leaving her bra off, putting it in a locker. I quickly got dressed. She opened the shades and unlocked the door. Opening it she said thanks, I needed that. I watched her walk in front of me rubbing her ass.

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   I just smiled. As we went back through the double doors I saw a man walking up the first isle. His name tag said manager. She ran up to him and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek. “Hi daddy”, she said innocently. I quickly made my way to the exit, never buying the ice cream. It seems my craving was fulfilled. . has the endless list of models and escort services in Brussels!

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