Vice Cop


"But it's dangerous Jen. You weigh what? Maybe 98 pounds, how are you going to fight off some pervert?" Dad was gesturing wildly, in danger of knocking over his own coffee. The stains on the table cloth marked past arguments around this table. "I'm up to a hundred and three pounds thank you very much. Besides there will be two big burly man cops parked across the street covering my ass. Don't worry dad. " I said. That had been only this morning but my confidence was fading. Across the street now seemed a million miles away. I was wearing a wire so Travis and Gleason could hear but not talk back to me. The gun in my purse was little comfort. You can't quick draw from a hand bag. I wore thong underwear to get into the role, but now out on the street I felt completely exposed despite the mini skirt. After the second hour of walking the street I was starting to feel that I was wasting my time. A few cars slowed, but I guess my skinny little ass didn't appeal to them and they kept going. My feet were killing me.

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   How did these girls do this every night?What was I doing anyway? Trying to arrest guys for being horny. This whole thing was a wastes of tax dollars. A car finally stopped and the window slid down. A long white Lincoln. He must have driven through a time warp from 1977. I stepped off the curb and went into my act. "Hey baby. Wanna party?" I asked, trying to sound slutty. The black man behind the wheel flashed me a big smile with one gold tooth in the middle of it. "Oh yeah sweet heart. " he said. "I could spend some money on a sweet little piece like you. Get on in hear. " His accent dripped with down south. He was built very nice.

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   A bit of a paunch, but it suited him. Why was I checking this guy out? I had a job to do, and where were Travis and Gleason? They were supposed to make the arrest. He had offered me money, what was the hold up? Maybe they needed more. I opened the car door and slid into the passenger seat. Keeping the door open and one foot on the street so I could bolt if I needed to. "Hold on sugar. Lets get to know each other first. What's your name?" I asked my voice low and husky like that Romanian chick in the old movies. Holding up a folded bill between two fingers. He said "Ben Franklin" and flashed another smile. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the real prostitutes coming up the sidewalk. A black chick with huge knockers. I felt the collar slipping away from me. Who would he choose? The skinny blonde with the A-cup or the sister with the monster rack? The choice seemed obvious to me. I wasn't about to loose my first collar.


   Pulling my leg in and slamming the door I said "Pull around into the alley baby. "In the alley he shut off the car and turned the key backward, laying the money on the dashboard. On the radio Barry White crooned about love with strong sexual overtones. Ben Franklin then pulled out the biggest, darkest cock I had ever seen. In the glow from a near by street light it looked like an ebony carving. Uncircumcised with thick viens running the length of it. "Oh wow. " I gasped. "Why don't you come say hi to him?" Ben said and pushed my head down into his lap. What choice did I have? My purse with my gun inside had dropped to the floor out of reach. I opened wide and took as much of him as I could into my mouth. Travis and Gleason are going to die I thought as I sucked on that monster. I tried to take him down my throat, but he was thicker than anyone I'ld ever done before. "Yeah baby, that's it. Suck that dick.

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   I love little white girls. Ooh yeah suck that baby. " he said. He gently pushed down on my head and pushed up his hips every time I went down until I felt his coarse pubic hair brush my nose. I was greatful for his gentlness. Most guys I know treat my mouth like a second pussy. Pounding it and shoving themselves as far down as they can with no concern for little things like my breathing. "Damn girl that's good. " he said pulling me off him. I slurped as drool ran down my chin. I hoped it didn't turn him off. I wanted to keep sucking, but he was paying, it was his show. Reaching down he hit the lever and eased the seat back. Ben pulled me onto his lap. Since I'm so slight there was plenty of room for both of us behind the wheel.


   He raised my shirt and began licking one nipple then the other. My tiny tits don't need a bra so he had easy access. His strong fingers quested under my mini skirt, pulling my thongs to the side and diddling my clit. My juices coated his hand and he slipped two fingers inside me. Pumping in my pussy he continued to use his thumb on my clit. "Yeah baby do it. Finger me. " I said "It's so fuckin' good. " I was cumming. I was supposed to be trying to make an arrest and I was cumming. It was obvious to me then that I'm not vice cop material. "Turn around baby. " Ben instructed lifting me and turning me himself. He pulled the thong out of my crack and placed that monster at the entrance to my backdoor. "The ass is extra sweety.

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  " I said hoping to discourage him. My butt wasn't virgin, but god he was huge. He dug around in his pants for a moment and pulled out another bill which he slapped on the dashboard beside the other. He then grabbed my hips and pulled me down on the monster. That ebony monolith stretched me to my limits. Taking me by the waste Ben began to gently work me up and down on his cock. Again I was greatful for his gentlness. After a few moments of this I got the rhythm he liked freeing his hands for other things. His left hand worked on my pussy while his right went fron tit to tit flicking and plucking each nipple. I had never fucked a man who payed so much attention to every part of my body at once. I managed to keep the rhythm through two more orgasms before he pumped my butthole full of his hot sticky love. Ben had a shocked look on his face when I gave him a deep tongue kiss before getting out of the car. Whores don't kiss. Travis and Gleason thought it was hillarious. They made crude and stupid jokes about how I really got my cherry popped on my first assignment.

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   I threatened to report them for leaving me out there like that. "You report us?" Gleason said, hardly able to contain his laughter. "Yeah. " said Travis. "You're the one selling ass on duty. " I sat there embarrased, with the money clinched in my fist. The next day I asked my father to get me on a traffic assignment. I sometimes go down to the strip on my off hours hoping to see an old white Lincoln. It's just a stupid fantasy I tell myself. He probably has a wife and kids somewhere and was just out for a little on the side. Besides the sex is never as great the second time, but I keep going back. One day while writing a ticket, how could I have not realized that it was a white Lincoln. My white Lincoln. A voice from behind me. "Is that you little darlin'? It can't be.

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  "I turned around to see a broad smile with one gold tooth in the middle of it. .