Ellen Page Bound and Raped


Ellen Page was now under the control of Marcus, the supervisor of the men hired to build the set of X-Men: The Last Stand. There had been many sexy actresses in this movie such as Anna Paquin, Halle Berry, Rebecca Romijn, and Famke Jansen but Marcus had the opportunity to take Ellen Page and his pounced on it. He even chuckled to himself as he thought about how her character, Kitty Pride could walk through walls and how she would pray for that power in the near future.

Ellen woke hearing the man stroke his cock. It took her a while to realize what had happened to her but when she found she was strapped to a bed wearing nothing but her bra and panties she freaked and began screaming. Then she saw her captor. He was a fat man with greasy hair. He looked as though he hadn’t showered in a week and he leered at the restrained girl.

He did not speak as he stood up. Nor did he utter a word as he took his knife and walked overto the bed. He stroked her hair once before placing the knife between her breasts. He cut the bra there and then cut the straps so he could remove the bra completely. He had stripped her in her sleep to this point but he wanted her awake to see the revulsion and humiliation in her eyes as he exposed her most intimate parts.

He sucked her nipple on her right breast as he squeezed and cupped the left. Ellen began sobbing uncontrollably and Marcus loved it. He moved his mouth to the left breast and sucked that nipple while squeezing and cupping the right.

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   He then moved his hands about her body and under it. He squeezed her ass which was still clad in cotton panties. Ellen begged him to stop. She begged him not to rape her. He would not listen.

He cut her panties just as he had her bra. He pressed his face into her pussy and began eating her out. Her humiliation deepened as he made her wet. He suddenly stopped and crawled on top of her and stuffed his cock into her pussy. He thrust in and out and stopped only long enough to place his mouth onto hers and force his tongue past her lips. She tasted her pussy juice and grimaced. He licked her face and her neck and then resumed thrusting. He grunted and groaned as he fucked her.

He wanted to cum inside of her but thought it would be hotter to see cum on her beautiful face. Marcus then pulled his cock from her pussy and jacked off over her face and unleashed spurt after spurt of cum into her hair and eyes.

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“Thanks,” he spoke for the first time.

Ellen only responded by crying softly.

Marcus took his cell phone and called his friend John.
“Yeah I got her here. Get over here now and I’ll let you have a crack at her. ”
He hung up the phone and told Ellen that she was going to make him some money.

John arrived fifteen minutes later. By that time Marcus had Ellen completely clean up.

“It will cost you a thousand bucks to fuck this bitch,” Marcus said.

“Deal,” John said handing Marcus a handful of cash.

“Have fun with her,” Marcus said. Then he left. He knew that she would likely turn him in and he had to get away as soon as possible. He had planned on trying to find a wealthy man who wanted to fuck Ellen Page as badly as he did and pimp her out for much more but John was the only one he found willing to actually rape the bitch and John didn’t have much money. Still a thousand dollars was a nice chunk in his wallet and he was gone and hoping not to be caught.

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John stripped and crawled on top of Ellen Page. He was fat too and at least ten years older than Marcus. He didn’t bother making Ellen wet before he plunged into her pussy. He was not nearly as gentle as Marcus. He pinched and twisted her nipples and bit her shoulder. He fucked her hard and unleashed cum into her pussy.

He then took the belt from his pants which were on the floor and beat her with it, peppering her body with red welts while she howled in pain. His last act was to sit on her chest and force his cock into her mouth and hold her by the hair as he fucked her face. He finally shot a load of cum down her throat making her gag. She spit what she did not swallow out. This made John laugh.

Moments later the cops kicked in the door. John was then arrested for the kidnap and rape of Ellen Page. When John was locked in the holding cell at the jail he noticed that Marcus was already there and realized immediately how the cops had found him.

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