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the trouble is that I'm not native English spoken. . . ;)

I'm Cedric, a 38 years old married guy, very sensitive, warmhearted and generous. One year ago, a 26yo Thai girl has requested me on the Tagged's network. See her profile picture was enough to decide to accept her request.
She has long dark hair, falling until the curve of her kidneys, round face with 2 lovely bulging cheekbones, a small nose, large-eyed marked by long and thin eyebrows and luscious smiling lips. On this photo, I was able to feel how sweet and warm should be thisAsiatic beauty.
The first 2 months after our meeting, we talked about generalities, sharing our personal experiences regarding our work, religion, family, hobbies, etc. Nothing really special, just has get us knowing each other better.
Afterwards, we were chatting together more and more often, and for the last 6 months we have been keeping in touch everyday from my waking up until she falls asleep. Meeting each other on msn most of the time, when she's back at her home, we used to talking on skype 2 hours before she sleeps.
Skype is a really wonderful tool. It's hard for us both, not native English, to talk because of our bad accent. But we can share all typing on our keyboard and being face to face with our webcam.
Time going on, more and more we have been feeling the desire to be together.

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What is really special is that more and more words aren't useful to let us feel good and happy together. Just open our cam let us feel a deep warmth covering our heart when our face and smile appears on our screen.
we like to gaze our look, look intently our eyes, reading them deeply, sharing a certain fire which is rising in our heart. More and more our desire to touch and be touched has been increasing between us. We spend more and more time to let us feel the warmth that we share, let our lips moving like long and soft kisses. it's incredible how the human spirit can make us feel deeply in our brain, heart and body real sensations. I thought that the Internet world was made only with fake cold and only unreal feelings. I was wrong : all what we feel together is deep and real. hearts beat, nerves feel shivers, our whole bodies vibrate.
No way to touch or be touched, but the desire increasing to feel the other, taste and smell our skin longly. I imagine me putting my lips softly on her eyes, let them sliding slowly, really slowly, around her cheeks, down along her long and thin neck.
I imagine longly my lips caressing her own lips, from the corner of her mouth to the other, feel her deep breath caressing my face, her eyes being closed by the nice sensations of my tenderness. I imagine whispering words of love at her ear, while I would breathe fully the smell of her hair, losing my spirit hiding my face inside her hair.
All felt sensations that my brain, heart and body is feeling are true and real. She feels same sensations. 

   Sharing our words make us be on the same frequency.
She moves her fingers right over the place were I move my lips or my own fingers.

I'm going to recount you our first love experience together
we had been chatting on skype for one hour, when we began to feel the desire to share some love.
According to the words that I were typing on my keyboard, her fingers were sliding on her skin. According to her own words, I did what she were imagining doing to me.
But quickly, she stopped to touch to her keyboard, and began to feel deeply what I was writing to her. her look was like a tigress one, her mouth half open, she slided her fingers over her lips, across her cheeks, down around her neck. I felt how her heart was beating, I felt how her breath was deep. I read her eyes, saw inside them real desires, a huge fire indicating me how fast her blood was running inside her veins.
I told her how my lips would caress the naked skin of her shoulders, from the fold of her elbow to her pit, slowly, where the skin is so tender and sensitive. She were doing exactly what I wrote with her fingers, closing her eyes time to time showing me that she was feeling deeply those caresses.
With my words, she took off her white shirt, pull down the lace of her bra, let it slip down along her belly. She offered a long and sweet massage to her breasts, caressed her nipples like I would do with my hot-moist lips. I saw her nipples growing with her excitation. She was keeping her class, her elegance.

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   Without any dirty word, without any vulgarity, only tenderness and sweetness, with true desires, we followed this wonderful and magic moment, taking time to make each other feel the great sensations of love.
She wore a black short, her fingers were moving around her hips, across her belly. Slowly with delicateness, she took off the button of her short, and slowly unzipped it. She had been let her fingers creep into her panties slowly for a long moment, moving them over her hidden pussy, before to take off her short. The skin around her neck was pretty red, showing me how deeply she was horny.
It was our first experience together, then after having taken off her short, she kept her panties.
As I was writing her how I wanted to place my head between her legs, kissing the interior side of her thighs from her knees to her hips, how I wanted to let my lips slidingall around her treasure before to kiss it fully, her fingers were moving. And over her panties, her fingers began to rub her pussy slowly, and faster, her legs wide open.
standing up on her knees, her other hand hooking on the metallic head of her bed, I saw her whole body doing waves. I felt how wonderful were the shivers which were running inside her. I felt how the pleasure ofthis moment was deep and intense. I saw her chest breathing deep and fast, her mouth wide open indicating me how wonderful were the sensations that she was feeling.
And suddenly, her mouth wide open, her eyes looking deep inside my eyes, her body shacked longly with strong and intense contractions, a long and deep wonderful orgasm was running over her whole body.
At that time, I were dressed, I didn't have touched me during all this experience, because fully concentrated on the words that I were writing to her.
I have a certain experience of love, but I was so excited by this moment, so excited by her wonderful orgasm, that I cummed strongly and fully inside my pants!

Please, let me know how you liked this true story
Please, let me know how you liked this true story.

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