Break the Monotony


It was 6:30pm when Charles got home from a long day’s work. He was exhausted and still feeling the lingering nausea of the ride home on the light rail system. “Dam this motion sickness,” he thought to himself. “We send people into space but we can’t find a cure for motion sickness?”

As he pulled into the driveway, Charles was again struck by the monotony and redundancy of his life. Wake up, go to work, go to school, come home, make dinner, deal with a screaming baby, masturbate, go to bed. It’s not that he wasn’t happy, he was; he had a wife, a baby, two cats, and some fish. What was there not to be happy about? As a doctoral student at the local university, Charles had high hopes.

After running in to some bad luck in what he thought was his dream career, he set his mind on getting as much education as he possibly could and seeing where that might take him. At 27, we weren’t getting any younger and he always thought that by this age, he would be long into a prosperous and rewarding career. Instead, here he was, back in school writing papers and reading books that, by all accounts, could have been published by a company trying to cure insomnia.

As he entered the house, his wife Lacy greeted him from the living room. “Hi baby,” she yelled in a slightly rushed tone. Lacy, also 27, was on maternity leave for the past two months and was taking care of their new baby 24/7. Relatively petite at about 5’2” she had gained some weight since they began dating in high school. While not fat, she did carry a little extra around the stomach and hips. Through, after the baby, she quickly returned to her pre-pregnancy weight; much to Charles’s delight.

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Charles didn’t mind the extra weight too much though as it certainly filled out her ass, and Charles is first and foremost an ass lover. In fact, Charles constantly told her that her ass was the most erotic part of her body. Her breasts were a healthy C and she had a pretty face. Chinese by descent, Lacy’s long black hair complimented her complexion.

Naturally conservative in the bedroom, it had taken Charles a good many years to open Lacy’s mind to both his and her own sexuality; but it was still a work in progress. After the baby, sex had become a rarity; both because of the physical discomfort that accompanies natural child birth and the sheer lack of time. This had begun to take a tole on Charles, whose sexual appetite bordered on addiction. He had a good many fantasies that were left unfulfilled and was beginning to feel the pains of the lack of basic intimacy. Yet despite this, Charles still loved his family and made due with what he hoped where the temporary missing pleasures in life.

After dropping his things and changing into sweats and a jacket, he sat next to his wife on the sofa with the baby. “I’m zapped,” he said, staring blankly towards the opposite wall. “I need to relax. ” Understanding her husbands mood, Lacy looked over and told him to just rest a bit. By this time the baby had fallen asleep and for the first time all day the house was in relative quiet.

Lacy slowly got up and disappeared into the master bedroom.

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   Charles could hear the bathroom faucet and his mind began to drift, thinking about the bustle of the day. His biggest stresses were school and his career. He wanted to devote more time to school, like some of his other classmates who had the luxury of not having to work. Yet he had no such luck; he had a family to support and bills to pay. He didn’t understand how the others could do it.

A few minutes passed when he heard his wife walking back into the living room. Thinking she was going to ask him what movie he wanted to watch, as is the question she asks every night; he was surprised when she entered the room. Placing something down beside the sofa out of his vision, she then stood before him wearing only waist high fishnet stockings and one of his few button-down business shirts.

The shirt was buttoned three from the top leaving little to the imagination about her bust; the top button barely hiding the valley created by her luscious and full breasts. The shirt tail hung to about her mid thigh covering her most essential assets. From there, her short yet strong legs were covered inch-by-inch with skin tight black fishnets. From the width of her upper thighs down to her succulent calves, the natural taper of her legs were being lovingly held by the large holes in the netting.

Her sexy look had Charles’s attention in an instant; and I mean his full attention. She looked so sexy and ravishing in the outfit that Charles was rendered speechless as she silently got on her knees and approached him on the sofa. She began to kiss him, gentle pecks at first; teasing him, torturing him.

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   As he wrapped his hands around her body and slowly pulled her closer to him, she gently opened her mouth and slipped her tongue into his wanting mouth. Their tongues intertwined in a slow and erotic dance of love as his hand began to roam her shoulders, neck, and lower back; gently rubbing and pulling her still closer into his embrace.

Just as slowly as she approached him, she broke the kiss and backed away. Crawling over to the side of the sofa, she returned with a bottle of lubricant and her favorite dildo; a life-like 2” thick piece of pure pleasure at 8” in length. Slowly she backed away from him, with toy in hand, and shifted so that she was lying on her back with her legs facing him. Slowly, she widened her feet while keeping her knees together so as not to tip her hand to soon. Once her feet were as far apart as they would go, she slowly spread her knees and opened her sex to her wanting husband. To his surprise, the fishnet stockings were, crotchless.

With her most intimate and private secrets now spread wide open for her husband’s eyes, Lacy took her monster of a toy and slowly began to rub the head on her hot protruding clit. Beginning with the head, she slowly guided the length of its shaft down her slit and back up again. Her juices were flowing in abundance as evidenced by the glimmering of the dildo through the dim light overhead. Twisting and turning the tool so as to lubricate its entire length with her anticipation, her husband watched, baited, as his wife pleasured herself in front of him. He slowly began to touch his already solid member through his clothing as the anticipation was continuing to build.

With each long journey of the dildo along her smooth slit, Lacy could feel the flesh like shaft glide over her clit, sending shocks of pleasure through her body. Then, once she felt that her instrument of pleasure was well coated in her loving juices, she slowly angled the head and pointed it at the entrance of her sex.

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   Slowly and gently, she inched the thick member past her perfect pussy lips and in towards her tight, waiting pussy.

Charles watched as his wife guided her toy past the opening of her vagina and felt the gentle pains of envy as it slowly stretched wide her succulent lips on its way into the depths of her essence. He slowly began to undo his pants and release his own now swollen member. Gently stroking it, he laid back to relax and enjoy the show.

Inch by slow inch, Lacy pressed the toy into her depths; the pleasure of which caused her to gently moan and roll her eyes back in her head. Once her toy had reached its ultimate depth, she slowly inched it back out until just the plump head was lodged in her vagina. She continued this slow action of deep and powerful thrusts, slowly increasing in speed until the pleasure was unbearable. Slowly inching the shaft of her toy out of her tightness, the head made a slight “pop” as its thickness passed her hole. Shifting slowly so her back was facing her husband, she spread her knees and bent forward in classic doggy style position with her shoulders eased on the ground, pussy and ass hole up and wide open.

Reaching underneath herself, she again slowly forced her toy into her tightness. Each invading thrust caused waves of pleasureto shoot from her womanhood through each and every inch of her steaming body. Her first orgasm came on like a slow rolling thunder; building in intensity until its full force crashed over her body sending moans of ecstasy from her lips and convulsions of pleasure from her hips and back.

Charles was increasing the speed of his own strokes on his unit. Watching his wife play with herself was a fantasy of his; and doggy style was his favorite position. In this way, he could most generously see her delectable ass and warm, inviting pussy, completely open to him.

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As the ecstasy of her orgasm subsided, Lacy opened her eyes and remembered her husband, sitting all alone, watching her have all the pleasure. She slowly got up and walked on her knees over to him. Upon reaching him, her head now squarely between his legs, she stuck out her tongue and made contact with the base of his shaft, just above his testicles. Slowly, she raised her head, licking the entire underside of her husband’s shaft. When she reached the tip, she wasted no time in enveloping the plump head of his penis into her mouth. Sucking slowly at first, she lowered herself down on his pole, until his penis was almost completely within the safe and comforting confines her mouth.

Minutes passed as Lacy continued to make deep and heavy passes on her husbands penis; sucking and licking as if her life depended on it. Charles was in heaven. The warm and wet chamber of his wife’s mouth lifting him higher and higher into the clouds of ecstasy.

Finally, Lacy broke contact with her husband’s member and stood up. Straddling him on the sofa, her lovely fishnet clad legs on both sides of his own, she kissed him deeply and passionately; tongues intertwined and pressed deep into each other's mouths. Slowly, Charles broke the lustful embrace and began to lower himself, sliding down off the sofa between Lacy’s spread legs so that he was sitting on the ground, his head resting back on the edge of the sofa.

From this position, his head was right underneath his wife’s wide open pussy. Extending his tongue out as far as he could, he reach up with both arms from behind and wrapped them around Lacy’s upper thighs such that his hands meet on the bare area of smoothly shaved skin that made up her public region. All at once, he pulled Lacy down onto his erect tongue and slid deeply past her pussy lips and into her hot vagina.

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The instant she felt her husband’s tong penetrate her sex, Lacy let out a loud moan. As if with the dexterity of his fingers, Charles darted in and out of Lacy’s pussy, exploring the walls of her vagina with his skillful tongue. With each movement, Lacy could feel her juices flowing and once again felt the buildup of an orgasm. Shifting himself slightly upwards, Charles’s mouth left his wife’s slit and pressed a trail up onto her protruding clit. His lips wrapped around it, forming a tight seal; his tongue flicking her up and down in the process.

He gently began to suck on her enclosed clit. Increasing the suction as he made circular rounds with his tongue. The incredible pleasure being given directly to Lacy’s clit proved too much. In a matter of seconds, she erupted in a scream of orgasmic pleasure as her second orgasm of the night gripped her in a blinding throw of uninhibited pleasure. In response, Charles pulled down on her harder, further pressing her into his mouth and increasing the friction of his tongue on her engorged clit. Her orgasm seemed to last forever as Charles’s expert oral play made Lacy forget where she was for a short time.

As her climax eased, Charles gently released the suction on her clit and slowly slid out from underneath his wife, leaving her spread wide on the sofa. Standing up behind her, he positioned himself in classic doggy style position; his now aching cock gently touching the entrance of her sex. Slowly, he pushed forward, contacting and passing her trim pussy lips then easing past her vaginal entrance and into the depths of her insides.

Penetrating his wife to her farthest depths, the hilt of his cock finally came to rest on his wife’s incredible ass.

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   Both moaned in pleasure as they had finally become one. Lacy’s tight pussy squeezing her husband’s girth felt so incredible. Charles, placing his hands on Lacy’s lower back and ass, then began to pump furiously in and out of his wife’s vagina, too encompassed with pleasure and raw lust to take his time. Moans and words of lust and provocation were leaving each other's lips as Charles’s long and deep thrusts countered his wife’s engorged and tight vaginal walls.

After minutes of lustful action, Charles reached over and picked up the bottle of thick lubricant. He stopped and looked down on his thick penis snugly protruding from in between his wife’s perfect ass cheeks. This was definitely his most favorite view. Placing the tip of the lubricant bottle at the top of his wife’s ass crack, he deposited a few drops of the thick fluid and watched as it slowly rolled down her crack, dipping and covering her anus, then trickling down to meet his half impaled cock.

He slowly withdrew his member from his wife’s comforting pussy, and began to rub his shaft along the line of lubricant, further shining his stiff cock. The feeling of Charles’s long shaft as it rubbed the sensitive skin of her anus sent a chill up Lacy’s spine. As the lubricant warmed between her anus and his cock, she began to get short of breath as she could anticipate what lay ahead.

With his cock well lubed and the desire to be in his wife’s body once more, Charles shifted his penis and lined it up with the entrance to his wife’s anal rosebud. Ever-so-gently, he pushed forward into Lacy’s ass. Centimeter by centimeter, the thick head of his penis gently opened Lacy’s most private of areas. The feeling was amazing.

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   Her incredibly tight anal rosebud was slowly stretching to accommodate his bulbous head. Then with a slight “pop,” his penis head was in.

Feeling just a slight pain when his head penetrated her anus, Lacy winced. But the gentle pain was soon sacrificed to the building pleasure and feeling of fullness as Charles inched his long member slowly deeper into the depths of her ass. The mass of nerve endings in the area were doing their job as she began to feel the unique, and very satisfying, stimulation of anal sex. Giving into the pleasure, Lacy began to relax and gently thrust back onto her intruding husband. Tightening her anal muscles, Charles moaned in pleasure at the sudden tightness he was fighting through. Lacy too, let out a deep moan as the pleasure of tight penetration filled her. After a short while, the thrusts became more timely and deep, reaching further into her body then ever before.

After a long while, Charles slowly withdrew his penis from his wife’s incredible ass and gently pulled her up. He picked up the dildo his wife so expertly used earlier and took her place on the sofa, sitting down with legs slightly spread and body reclining towards the back, penis still very much erect. He motioned for his wife to turn around and slowly pulled her down so her ass was hovering over his penis. Adding a little more lubricant to his penis, he slowly guided Lacy down onto his waiting member, penetrating her anal cavity yet again. Grabbing her by the waist, he pulled her back so that she was laying on his chest, legs spread resting on the sofa outside of his own.

Thrusting into her like this, Lacy moaned with the same pleasure she had felt earlier.

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   Softly, Charles whispered into his wife’s ear, “are you ready?” Lacy, anticipating what lay ahead, only nodded in agreement between her heavy breaths. Spreading lubricant on Lacy’s large toy, Charles reached down in front of her and began to slowly run the slick shaft up and down the entire length of her sex as he continued to thrust deep inside her ass. The feelings of friction on her clit and wide open pussy lips again sent tingling pleasure through Lacy’s entire body. Her breathing became even more shallow and rapid as the incredible feeling of lust filled every inch of her being.

Without saying a word, Charles angled the dildo and let the head rest at the entrance of her waiting pussy. Slowly, he pushed forward, little-by-little, as the large girth of the dildo stretched Lacy’s pussy lips outward. As the head of the dildo began to penetrate her vagina, Lacy rolled her head back in sheer pleasure. Again, the head made a “pop” as it entered her amazingly tight vagina. As he worked the toy deeper into her sex, Lacy felt an incredible fullness as both her pussy and ass where filled to the brim. She began to scream out in pleasure as her final orgasm of the night rocked her senseless.

Alternating thrusts, Charles was at the helm of his wife’s every pleasure. As he withdrew the dildo from his wife’s pussy, he would thrust forward with his cock deep inside her ass; then he would alternate, not allowing both to fill her at the same time. When he felt and heard her approaching orgasm, he immediately double thrust both the dildo and his cock as deep as he had ever gone into the depths of his wife. The feeling was incredible; so tight and so hot. Lacy’s screams of pleasure were soon followed by Charles’s as the tightness and emotional highs were finally too much.

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   He unloaded his seed deep into his wife’s ass, screaming in pure unadulterated pleasure as his release finally came.

Feeling her husband’s hot seed deep in her ass, Lacy’s orgasm continued as her husband worked both the dildo and his cock inside of her stretched holes at the same time. Convulsing and writhing from the uncontrollable pleasure, Lacy lost complete control and fell limp on her husband as her most powerful orgasm subsided.

So much for another monotonous day.