Charlottes Diaries (Part 26 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 26 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

April 2003
I’m getting back into the swing of having lots of naughty fun again so in this months adventures you will find; oral, anal, & vaginal sex, Bi-sexual sex, dildo’s, cross dressing, FemDom & dogging. I hope you like them.
April 2003 – Adventure 1
For this adventure Dave arranged something a little different, firstly he made me dress in a full set of white undies including white lace topped stockings and high heels, then he put a blindfold on me and lead me out to our car. Once in the passenger seat Dave explained what he had arranged for me, and this is how his explanation went:
“Charly tonight you are going to do a house fucking! From when you enter it to when you leave it you are to do exactly as you are told to do, if you’re told to dress in certain clothes then you must do it, if you’re told to fuck in a certain way then that is how you must fuck etc. Is that understood?”
I of course replied yes to all of it, the thought of fucking my way through a house full of people already had my pussy leaking my slippery cum out into the crotch of my knickers. Before I start telling this adventure I must just say that because of the number of different sexual things I did that night I haven’t gone into too much detail this time as this diary entry would be huge!
I had to keep my blindfold on until I went in through the door, and it was as I removed it that Dave whispered to me that he would be waiting in the car, and I was at their mercy tonight! This excited me even more. When I walked in through the door into the entrance hall I was met by a man in a suit sitting on a sofa, he told me to strip off my undies and kneel beside him on the sofa, I did as he told me and then he said in a commanding voice,
“Give me a blow job you whore, and make it good. And when I tell you I want you to make me cum over your face. ”
He didn’t have a very big cock and I could take it all into my mouth with ease, and I sucked and licked on his cock desperately hoping that he would change his mind and want to fuck me instead. But he didn’t change his mind all he told me to do was to finger fuck myself while I sucked him, I came loudly before he did, but when he started to cum he pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to cum what seemed like gallons and I ended up with his sticky cum all over my face, hair, neck and tits.

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   Once he had finished cumming he made me suck the last drops of cum from his cock before he said that I could move onto the next room, (Before I did I wiped as much cum off me as I could with the undies that I had removed and left them at the bottom of the stairs near the front door).
The next room turned out to be the Utility room! As soon as I walked through the door strong arms picked me up and put me down on the edge of the work top. Then the man that had picked me up pushed my legs really wide open, dropped down onto his knees and licked my pussy with an unusually long tongue. He tongue fucked me for about ten minutes before he made me cum, and when I came I came warm slippery love juice all over his face. He lifted me down and said that I could move on, but before I did I pulled his face down to mine and kissed and licked all my cum off his face and then gave him a toe curling kiss thank you.
There was no rest for me I was ushered quickly into the kitchen proper where a bald man asked me to bend over one of the worktops next to the vegetable rack. First he asked me to lift my leg up and put it on the work top, then he roughly grabbed my tits and started tweaking my nipples hard, luckily for me I was so horny and it didn’t hurt, it just made me moan out loudly in pleasure. He continued using one hand to alternate between my tits, and with the other he inserted a medium sized cucumber into my hungry pussy. I was so slippery with my cum that it just slipped all the way into me with no resistance. Then he fucked me with it until I came and almost lost my balance in the process. Without giving me time to recover he let go of the cucumber and let it slip from my pussy and he replaced it with his cock and gave me a hard fucking from behind until he filled me with his cum. I felt so naughty and dirty walking out of the kitchen with his cum dripping out of my pussy, smearing it across the tops of my thighs as I walked along that I had a mini orgasm there and then!
Thankfully the next room that I went into was the bathroom where a man was waiting for me in a luke warm bath. He made me lower myself onto his big thick cock, taking it deeply into my bum while he curled his fingers deeply into my pussy and both finger fucked me to a climax and made me fuck myself to a climax on his cock. Then with what seemed like ease, he stood us both up and then lowered me down onto all fours before continuing to fuck my bum until I came again, oh god how I love having a cock up my bum, its so naughty that I get really turned on by it and when he pumped his seed deeply into me I screamed out loudly as his hot cum squirting into me made me climax again. As we both knelt there recovering our breath I took the opportunity to rinse off all the dried cum from my body and out of my hair.

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   Then once his cock had gone soft and slipped out of me I moved on again!
This time I moved into the dining room where a very sexy married couple were waiting for me, I could tell that they had already made love together as there was cum dripping from her pussy down her thighs. As his cock was soft she lay on the sofa and took his cock into her mouth and started sucking it back to life while I knelt down between her legs and started licking the cum from her thighs and pussy lips before tongue fucking her to a body arching climax. By then his cock was hard again and he started to fuck me doggy fashion and she begged me to go down on her again. I didn’t need asking twice and as I licked her pussy again I could hear her saying to her husband, “Fuck her cunt hard, and fill it with your seed!”
And many other naughty things. Its not surprising that he didn’t last very long, but as soon as I felt his cock jerking deep inside my pussy, it made me cum too. After I had calmed down a bit I finished licking the woman’s pussy until she came again.
After thanking them for a really hot time I moved on to the living room, there I met a man with a half decent sized cock, he just grabbed me and pushed me face down across an arm chair and thrust it into me as hard and far as he could in one go, thankfully cum from the last man that fucked me had already started to leak from me and I was extremely slippery. Even so it felt like he winded me for a few seconds, but he was already well into fucking me by the time I was able to say anything, even then all I managed to gasp out was
Which he did try to do, by changing me into different positions, including missionary, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and finally with my legs bent up over his shoulders thrusting his cock deeply into me from above. He made me climax so many times that I lost count. Once we had recovered he insisted upon licking all the cum from my pussy and from my thighs before he forced me down onto my knees in front of him and thrust his cock deeply into my mouth and down my throat for me to suck & lick clean. Even though he had licked my pussy clean, by the time I stood up to move on a mixture of cum started to ooze from my pussy, and I just had to scoop it sexily into my fingers and lick it off.
After a brief stop back in the kitchen for a glass of water I moved on up the stairs to the top landing where I met a very sexy woman who was sitting on the banister reading a soft porn magazine, she had wonderfully large breasts, long legs and high heeled boots on and also she was wearing a ten inch strap on dildo. First she started by asking me to look through the magazine with her, then as the pages were turned one of her arms came up and gently pushed my face down to her breasts.

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   I slowly teased my tongue across the soft flesh of her left breast before taking the nipple into my mouth and sucking on it. I was just about to start nibbling it when she dropped the magazine and took hold of her other breast and pushed my mouth across to that nipple and ‘fed’ me her nipple. For a few minutes she alternated my mouth between her nipples, slowly commanding me to bite and suck harder, which I did. Then all of a sudden she pushed me away from her and she grabbed her own nipples and was forcefully tweaking and nipping them until she quickly made herself climax in front of me. As she leant against the banister regaining her breath she gasped out to me
“Come here bitch”
I moved close to her again and she reached down between my legs and with two fingers she eased her way into my very excited pussy and said
“Oh good you’re already wet for me, suck my cock now!”
I slowly knelt down in front of her and took it into my mouth. I had hardly had time to lick it all over before she pulled me up by my hair and bent me over the banister.
She forced one of her legs between my legs and kicked each ankle until my legs were open wide enough for her and then she started to tease my slippery pussy with the tip of the dildo, rubbing it up and down in the slippery cum that was leaking from me, rubbing all the way up to my bum hole and back down pushing it down between my legs until it touched my clit and back again. Then when she felt that she had teased me enough she eased the dildo into me. Slowly she started to work each inch in and out of me and it felt wonderful when she finally pushed the last inch deeply into me and started to fuck me properly with it. What I didn’t know about that strap on dildo was that it was a double ended dildo so as she was fucking me she was fucking herself too! I can’t remember how long we were fucking together but we both climaxed very closely together. After a passionate kiss with her I moved on as it was already half past ten!
Then I went to the study, outside the door was a note saying dress in this please and a pile of clothing which turned out to be a sexy maids outfit. I knocked on the door and was told to enter. Inside there was a very old man, who I must say I didn’t think could stand up to fucking with me. He just sat there in a chair with his trousers around his ankles and told me to do a sexy strip-tease for him. I did as I was told and started by showing my knickers and stockings, then I slipped my knickers off and gently rubbed my pussy for him.

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   He asked me to show him my tits so I sexily peeled the top off and rubbed them which made him groan as he started to wank himself off. Then he asked me to sit in the chair next to him and he handed me a vibrator and he asked me to fuck myself until I came. I lay back and just enjoyed myself, I didn’t even think about him sitting there wanking as he watched me. He didn’t cum until he saw and heard me climax, and between gasps of pleasure I saw him cum what I considered to be big squirts of cum from his cock which landed on his hand, cock and thighs. I took pity on him and as a special treat for him and before he had chance to grab some tissues to wipe it off I took his hand in mine and licked the cum from it, then I licked the cum from his thigh and finally I took his rapidly softening cock into my mouth and sucked it clean for him. As I left that room he kept thanking me for what I’d done for him, it was really genuine thanks as well!
On to the first of the bedrooms, in the first bedroom was a black man that just wanted to be sucked off, or so I thought! He started by lying back on the bed and ordered me to kneel beside him and suck his cock until it got hard. I did as he ordered and started sucking on his soft black cock. He started to moan as I kept taking it into my hot mouth and sucking and licking on it. He briefly stopped me and said
“Move your white cunt around so I can finger fuck you bitch!”
I did as he told me and continued sucking him off.
“You sure are wet and sticky. Mmm I think I want to taste you. Stop and lets get in a different position. ”
I stopped what I was doing and he told me to lie on the bed with my head at the bottom. He then stood on the floor and picked me up with my head hanging down near his lovely hard cock. He easily moved me around until me legs were able to bend over his shoulders and my mouth was beside his cock.

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   Slowly at first he started licking my cum filled pussy, teasing me until he knew that I was getting turned on.
Then he stopped and reached up and slapped my bum and said
“Who told you to stop, white girl? Suck my cock!”
I moved myself around a little and took his throbbing pre-cum leaking cock back into my mouth. Wow a standing sixty-nine! As he started licking me, I started sucking him again, as he teased me closer and closer to an orgasm he started moving so that my whole body was moved up and down and he started fucking my mouth just like it was my pussy. A few times I had to physically pull his cock out of my throat and mouth so that I could breathe, but this also turned me on and I could feel my climax starting to build. As he continued fucking my mouth I pulled his cock out and gasped “Sometimes when I cum, I squirt loads of my slippery cum out of my pussy!”
He didn’t say anything he just reached down with one hand and pushed my head back towards his cock. I took it back into my mouth and started sucking it again, soon he was moaning loudly whilst licking me out! Then he started to cum, just the feeling of his cum filling my mouth was enough to start me off, I squirted loads of my cum out all over his face and hair. He was so surprised that he dropped me down onto the bed, I just lay there with his cum covering my face and my own cum covering my pussy and tummy. He just leant down and kissed me, wiped his face on the duvet cover and told me to go.
Before I left that room I wiped myself over with the duvet cover too! Outside the next room there was a pile of clothes again, this time it was a cut off top and a very short school girl PE skirt, white knickers and white ankle socks also there were two hair elastics that I had to use to put my hair in two bunches. I put them on and went into the next bedroom. There was a really pervy looking bloke in there and he told me that I had to act like a school girl and that I couldn’t leave until I made him cum in my cunt twice! I took a few moments to get into character and after looking over to him laying on the bed with no clothes on I said,
“Hey Mister, want to see my knickers?”
And before he could answer I lifted the front of the school skirt up.
“You dirty little prick tease. ”
He said,
“You shouldn’t do that. ”
Then he moved over to the side of the bed and forced me down over his lap.
“Oh please don’t hurt me.

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I begged, but he held me down and then flipped the back of my skirt up, pulled my knickers down and started spanking me telling me what a dirty little slut I was. It seemed to have the right effect on him and his cock stirred into life and by the time he had finished spanking me it was leaking pre-cum. He was so turned on that he just pulled me up onto the bed with him and made me lower myself down onto his cock.
As soon as he had his cock deeply into my pussy he started jerking and squirting his cum into me. I was wholly unsatisfied and tried to ride his cock but it got soft too quickly and plopped out of my full pussy followed by a long string of slippery cum that dropped down onto his stomach beside his very limp cock. He roughly grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face down to it and ordered me to lick all the cum off him. Hungrily I did as he told me, and I sucked his cock into my mouth and tried to revive it that way but it never stirred!
“The only way that’s going to get hard again is if you let me fist fuck you!”
He said. I thought to myself, Oh what the heck; at least being fist fucked will make me cum. He soon worked his hand into my very slippery pussy and started to fist fuck me, I really love having my pussy filled during sex, and the feeling of being full always makes me cum quickly. After a few minutes of fisting me his cock did indeed start rising and by the time I orgasmed he was rock solid and ready to make me ride him again! This time he lasted about ten minutes before he came in me, but that was long enough for me to have a body shaking orgasm too!
I moved on to the last Bedroom, By this time I was feeling pretty sore and just wanted to get it over with when I found out that it was a couple and the woman grabbed me by the hand pulled me down onto the bed and then proceeded to lick and suck all the cum from me before caressing my sensitive nipples and clit until I came loudly! Then it was her husband’s turn he had a bent cock! I must say that it really didn’t go in very far but it stimulated all the right places and had me climaxing several times before I just had to beg him to cum his load inside me so that I could rest! I was well and truly all fucked out! I staggered from the bedroom exhausted from all the different sex that I had, had that night. As I passed the bottom of the stairs I picked up my clothes, couldn’t be bothered to redress myself and walked out the front door, thankfully Dave was there waiting for me. He took me home, showered me and as we lay in bed together I described all the different things that I had done, and promised him that in the morning I would fuck his brains out too!

April 2003 – Adventure 2
Every now and again I get kinky with Dave and I thought that it was about time that I got kinky with him again. This adventure is going to be told mainly by Dave, I may tell some of it I don’t know yet. I think that I’ll wait and see what sort of job Dave makes of it first. Dave had decided to take a Friday off and have a long weekend.

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   Anyway on the Friday morning we did the weekly shop together as usual, we did the town centre shopping by splitting up and covering twice the number of shops (during which time I brought some surprises for Dave without him knowing! Then we did the grocery shopping together. In the afternoon Dave went off and had a round of golf, I told him that I hadn’t got to go to work so early that evening so he didn’t need to get back home to look after the girls until about seven o’clock. While he was out and before I picked the girls up from school I hid some items in my car for later and wrapped up Dave’s presents. Left them on the bed and I left a letter for him to find on the kitchen counter next to the kettle. And then firstly took the girls off to their Nanna’s to stay until Sunday morning and then went onto work from there.
Dave got home about seven o’clock as planned and just as I knew he would went straight to the kettle to make a pot of tea! He saw the letter, now I’ll let Dave take over……. I picked up the letter at the same time that I put the kettle on. I recognised the handwriting on the envelope and tore it open! Thankfully Charly had typed the letter up because her handwriting is illegible at the best of times! This is what she had typed up (I must say at this moment Charly is a complete novice at typing on anything, I cannot recreate all her spelling and grammar mistakes here, but I’ll put all the information down:

Hi Slut!
Ha, Ha, I tricked you this time, I’ve dropped the girls at your mum’s for the weekend and I’ve gone to work. Please get yourself chish and fips for dinner and have a nice bath. I have left my slut some presents upstairs. You’ll know what to do with them and then go to bed early and get some sleep. I’ll wake you up when I get home.
Love you.
Charly xxxxx

Oh well I thought to myself, Charly’s getting kinky again tonight, Mmmmmm goody! I got myself a take away and had a nice long soak in a Radox bath with some aroma therapy candles burning in the bathroom too for an all round relaxing feeling. Naked from the bath I went to our bedroom and first opened my book of shadows to find the recipe for a very sexually stimulating type of incense.

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   I found up all the ingredients and mixed them together, lit a charcoal block and sprinkled some of it on. Mmm I can still smell the heady perfume now, and as the smoke permeated the room I felt the stirrings of an erection! It was time to open the parcels.
The first parcel was obviously clothing of some sort and as I tore it open, a pile of black clothing fell out onto the bed, there was a stretchy one size fits all black lacy dress, a matching black bra, black knickers and a pair of fishnet suspender tights. My cock sprang up hard as an iron rod, Charly knows how much I like wearing girly clothes for sex sometimes! (It’s so naughty and not the ‘right’ thing to do that it turns me on). The next parcel was an odd shape and it wasn’t until I ripped it open that I knew what it was, Charly had bought a pair of red high heeled shoes, in my size! And then the next parcel contained a tube of water based lubricant and a big syringe?Anyway I left those to one side and opened the last one, it contained a black shoulder length wig! I guessed that she wanted me to dress in the clothing, but did she really want me to go to sleep in them, and what did she want me to do with the syringe? I sent a text to her asking her and this is what she sent back:
Dear Slut, Yes I want you to sleep in them! The big syringe is for the lubricant. You will fill it up with the lubricant just before you go to sleep, push it into your tight little bum and fill it up until it starts oozing out of it. I’ll be home about one am. Love HD xxx
I knew that there was no way that I was going to be able to sleep like that, and I knew that I would have to fake being asleep when she got home! Anyway I did as she ordered, but I used the lubricant syringe just before she got home. Charly wants to say a few things now so I’ll pass over to her for a few lines.
On my way home I went back through a road that I knew would be deserted at that time of night and pulled over. I opened the boot and stripped my work clothes off and dressed myself in some matching black leather knickers, suspender-belt and bra (This bra has flaps that fasten over the nipples with snaps, un-popping them makes it into a peep hole bra!) I love the smell of leather when I’m wearing it because it makes me feel even kinkier during sex for some reason. Black fishnet stockings and red high heels. I strapped my big dildo on and put my long coat over them all and finally I picked up my cat of nine-tails whip and my riding crop and put them both beside me on the passenger seat before I finished my journey to our house. Now back to Dave.
Charly knows that wearing sexy undies gives me an extreme thrill, just the feel of the silkiness of it against my skin turns me on! Anyway I lay there with the slippery lubricant oozing from my fuck hole just as she wanted, wearing all the clothes except the shoes faking being asleep.

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   I was so horny that I could feel pre-cum starting to dribble from my cock inside the black knickers and I quietly moaned to myself. I heard Charly come into the bedroom and my heart missed a beat when I felt her lean over me and kiss me on my lips, as I faked waking up she pulled the duvet off me and turned our bedside light on.
“Where’s your shoes, you dirty little slut?”
She growled. But before I could answer she
“Put them on and then come down stairs. ”
I carefully walked down the stairs with them on and tripped into the living room. Charly stood in the middle of the room looking really kinky with her leather undies and strap-on dildo on, lying on the sofa were her whips! On the coffee table was a pillow and Charly told me to lie down on the table on my back and then reach under and lock my fingers together. I did as I was told and then she put a blindfold over my eyes so I couldn’t see what was happening, somehow she managed to get a pair of handcuffs down under the table and clicked them into place around my wrists. Trapped! Then there were some sounds, I didn’t know what they were but the next thing that I knew she straddled my mouth with her slippery pussy and pushed herself down on my mouth
“Lick me, make me cum”
She ordered and I stuck my tongue up into her and tasted her cum as I began to lick her pussy, slowly she started to grind her pussy so that I could lick her clit too. As I lay there licking her she pulled the front of my dress up, pulled my throbbing cock out of my knickers and started to gently wank the foreskin up and down, then she rolled it down allowing my cock to swell up dark red and sensitive before pushing it back down into my knickers and pulling my dress down again.
I continued licking her until she started jerking and moaning and dribbled cum into my mouth. Then Charly told me that I’d been a naughty little slut and that I was going to have to be punished, I heard her move over to the sofa and I guessed that she picked up one of her whips, I felt a trickle of pre-cum dribble down inside my knickers as I anticipated the sting of it across my cock. Then she started whipping me through the dress and undies with what felt like her cat o’ nine tails whip, softly to start with, and then with more force so that I felt the sting of it on my sensitive cock. More pre-cum leaked out and I began to moan with pleasure at each impact. Then she briefly stopped and swapped over to her riding crop! This time she roughly pulled the dress up, and my cock out, then holding it upright she began to whip the end backwards and forwards across my very sensitive cock end, I moaned and begged out loud
“Harder mistress, hurt your dirty little sluts cock!”
Charly stopped for a moment or two and said
“Slut you better tell me when you’re going to cum…Or else. ”
Then she began to alternate between wanking my rock hard cock with her sexy little hand and whipping it with her riding crop, then when I gasped out that I was going to cum, she tucked it back inside me lacy knickers and gave it a couple of gentle rubs through the material.

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   That was all it took and I squirted jet after jet of hot sticky cum into the knickers. As I recovered I could feel it starting to trickle down along my cock, down past my balls and soaking into the gusset of the knickers. “Now you sex slut, its time to give me some more pleasure. ”
Charley quickly released me from the handcuffs pulled me from the table onto my knees and pressed her ‘cock’ to my mouth for sucking.
Slowly I took hold of it and started to lick it all over, occasionally taking it into my mouth sucking it in as deeply as I could. Every time she saw me take it into my mouth she moaned, after a few minutes of doing this she took hold of her ‘cock’ with one hand and the back of my neck/head with her other hand and started fucking my mouth. All the time she was using disgusting language referring to me and what she was doing and wanted me to do. It was whilst she was fucking my mouth that I started to get a hard on again, again feeling pre cum starting to leak from the tip of my cock. Then all of a sudden Charly jerked forwards and started jerking her hips and gasping out in pleasure as she climaxed again. For a few moments she stood there trembling then she pulled her ‘cock’ from my mouth and pulled me to my feet and out into our kitchen where she made me kneel on one of our wooden kitchen chairs that has arms. Then after telling me to stay there and not to move, she disappeared upstairs. When she returned she was holding some stockings.
“Lean forwards and press your tits against the back of the chair. ”
She said. Then she tied each of my wrists so that my arms were stretched down the back of the chair, then she tied each lower leg to the upright of each arm of the chair so that I was kneeling with my bum in the air, helpless! She pushed my dress up and pulled my knickers down my thighs and easily slid a finger into my fuck hole and said
“Mmm you’re so slippery and turned on aren’t you slut,”
I replied yes, and she continued on to say
“Just the way I like your fuck hole to be, slippery and full of cum, ready for me to fuck!”
Slowly she teased my fuck hole with her cock before slowly easing it inch by inch into me.


   Slowly at first she started to fuck me, but soon she lost all control and was fucking me hard and deep, just the way I fuck her. She climaxed very quickly again, somehow between gasps she managed to ask
“Have you cum yet slut?”
To which I replied,
“No not yet mistress, please keep fucking your whore and make me cum too!”
Charly came two more times before my balls started to tingle and then cum squirted from my cock and dripped down onto the chair seat below it. After calming down Charly eased her cock from my fuck hole, then as an after thought she reached down and scooped up my cum onto her fingers and covered her cock in it before plunging it deeply into my fuck hole again.
“Now you’ve got lots of slippery cum in you too!”
She said.
After releasing me we both stripped off and had a bath together. Whilst we were in the bath she said to me,
“I hope that you’re feeling horny this weekend slut because we’re going out tomorrow night too!”
Saturday night arrived and just as it was getting dark we got ready to go out, we both had showers and got dressed. Charly dressed in pale blue undies, a ‘T’ shirt and black mini skirt, she made me dress in matching red and black undies and black fishnet stockings under my trousers with the black dress tucked in to look a normal top and we went out. I didn’t know what she had in mind, but as usual I soon found out. Charly got me to drive to her favourite local Dogging spot where she first made me take my trousers off and put on the black wig again made me wait in the car whilst she walked around for a few minutes on her own. Now I’ll hand you back to Charly as she wants to add something at this point in the story: When I got out I walked around and spoke to some of the men that were gathered there telling them that we were playing a sex game where my husband had to do as he was told too, and asking them if they would mind doing something slightly different with us both, by now it was properly dark and I found a man that looked to be in his late thirties or early forties who said that he was up for it. I told him that we would take him back to our house and then drop him back afterwards so that he could pick his car up. He agreed quickly. On the journey home I filled in more details about what we were doing and had done over the last couple of days. He was quite impressed that we were confident and relaxed enough to play all sorts of sex games together, and told us that his wife (at home) was a strictly lights off missionary position type of sex woman, and that was why he went out to dogging spots for excitement.
We arrived home and went in, Charly led us both up the stairs and then put a hard core video on the TV in the bedroom, and then she told me to fetch a bottle of wine and three glasses.

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   After poring drinks for us all we sat on the bed and started watching the video. It wasn’t long before the stranger had his fingers up her skirt, inside her knickers and was finger fucking her to a fast orgasm. “Why don’t you slip your clothes off”
she said to him, it didn’t take him long to strip and he was soon back on the bed lying there with a throbbing seven inch hard on. Charly stripped down to her suspender belt and stockings and rejoined him on the bed. She pulled his mouth over to one of her sexy little breasts and he started sucking her nipple, then she ordered me to suck on her other ‘tit’ which I did. It took less than two minutes for her to climax again. After she had calmed down a little she gasped over to me
“Take your dress of slut, show him your sexy undies. ”
I did as she told me and slipped my dress off and let him see me in the sexy women’s under wear. He said something like
“She does look like a dirty little sex slut doesn’t she. ”
Charly agreed and pointed to the top of my nine inch cock sticking out of the knickers and said “Look how horny she is, her cum is starting to drip out of her. ”
And they both laughed.
“Mmm I need to be fucked”
Charly said. She lay down on her back with her legs wide open and asked the stranger to kneel between her legs. Then she turned to me and said
“Give my cunt to him to fuck, take hold of his cock and push it into me now. ”
I leant over and took hold of his cock and pushed half its length into Charly’s slippery pussy before letting go and sitting back and watching him fuck Charly.

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   They were fucking like that for about twenty minutes before he shot his load deeply into her cunt. She wrapped her legs tightly around him and whispered something quietly in his ear, I heard him say OK and they stayed joined together for several more minutes, just kissing and touching each other and he started playing with her sensitive tits again and she started moaning loudly. Then Charly gasped out
“Oh no you’ve gone soft and slipped out of me just when I need a hard cock again!”
She pushed him over onto his back and called me over
“Slut, suck his cock clean and make it hard again for me NOW!”
I looked at her for a moment, but could see that she meant it, so I knelt beside them both on the bed and carefully took his lifeless cock in my hand and sucked it into my mouth. My cock started twitching even more than it had been watching them fucking and I licked and sucked the mixture of their cum from his cock. Slowly as I worked it more and more in and out of my mouth it started to swell and it was soon standing up again. This time she rolled a condom down over his cock. Then she told me to go to our sex toy box and get the lubricant that I’d used last night and the handcuffs too. I did as she told me, first she made me hold my hands out to her and she put the handcuffs on me, then she pushed me down on bed and pulled my knickers down and off. The next thing she did to me was to rub some of the lubricant around my bum hole before pushing the tube into me and squeezing some into me. By now my cock was begging for attention and she laid face down on the bed and said to me
“Come on then slut, put your cock in me and get it covered in his cum then. ”
I did as I was told and laid on top of her with my cock in her cunt, Then the stranger knelt behind us both and pressed the swollen tip of his cock against my bum. I couldn’t help myself, I groaned out in pleasure as he entered my well lubricated bum hole with his hard cock. Slowly at first he began to fuck me, and then as he built up speed his fucking of me was moving me inside Charly too! Then I felt him cumming and it made me cum too. I was so turned on by what we had been doing over the last couple of hours that I squirted huge amounts of sticky cum into Charly too. Just knowing what was happening to me made her climax just after us.

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After we had all calmed down we all got dressed (this time I was in my own clothes) and we returned to the dogging spot with still enough time for Charly to get spit roasted by a couple of men that were still there before we returned to our home to get cleaned up & go to sleep.