Mother Beaten

Erotic Horror

My dad made my mom wear dresses that showed a lot of breast and leg cleavage. He also made her wear a lot of make up and nude or suntan thigh high suntan silky nylons with high heel stiletto pumps. He was a very beautiful woman with a full figure and an hour glass body. Dad started beating her when I was twelve years old. He made her have sex and if she didn't, he would beat her up. When I was twelve, she was driving dad and I home during a rain storm. Dad got angry at her along the way. I was twelve years old and mom gave me erections when I looked at her. She was so very very sexy looking. Dad got angry at her about driving the car with the seat up to close. He reached over and made her driver's seat move back. She kept pushing his hand away and told him that she couldn't reach the pedals with seat back like he wanted. He punched her in the back of the head five times. She moaned and screamed. The car started swerving on the road. She got control again of the car and allowed him to movie her seat back.

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  She was moaning from the blows to her head, but kept on driving. She struggled a little to put her foot on the gas pedal. Her toes were touching the gas pedal. Her arms were stretched out to steer and her legs stretched out to work the pedals. She was also wearing black leather dress gloves and a black leather jacket. The car was a luxury car. Then dad hit her again several times and she struggling to keep the car on the road. She lost control and the car went off the road, but she managed to put her feet on the brake pedal. He told her to drive and when she got herself together, she drove us back home. When we got home, dad started punching her over and over. She was crying and moaning in terror. He knocked her all over the room. She lost her shoes and finally fell on the floor and stopped moving. He picked her up and made her walk in stocking feet to the bed. She begged him to stop hitting her.

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  Her dress was torn on the side, exposing her nylon leg. She called out my name to help her, but I couldn't do anything. He would kill me. She told him repeatedly that she would lay with him and do as he pleased. Dad beat her some more and she fell down on the bed motionless. Then he tied her hands to the bed posts. Then strangely enough, dad came out and told me that he will be gone for two days and to not whatsoever untie her. I agreed to him in fear. He left and took the car. After a minute, I looked in her bedroom and saw her laying there on her back with her hands tied to the posts. She was crying a little and moaning. I could see the soles of her feet dangling at the edge of the bed. I lost control of myself and went to her and felt her feet. Her feet were very silky soft because of the nylons she had on. She said my name.

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  Then I felt her legs. She had extremely sexy silky hosed legs. They shines from the light. Then I lied next to her and put my hand up her dress and felt her legs more. She said my name again, but couldn't stop me. I guess a demon got in me. I then pulled down her panties and removed them. I gut under her dress and wildly licked and sucked her pussy lips. She moaned in terror at what I was doing. She told me to stop. I look off my pants and underwear and parted her legs. She begged me to stop. I punched her in the head twice to get her to fear me. She kept on crying. I got in between her thighs and thrust up far into her pussy.

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  I held on to her silky thighs where the elastic was holding up her nylons. I reached over a couple times and felt her pretty little feet and toes. Then I felt her hard breasts underneath her dress. She wasn't wearing a bra. Then I couldn't help myself, I just thrust as hard as I could in between her legs. Then I stopped and wanted her to hurt, so I placed my penis in her anus and thrust as far and hard as I could in her. She cried from the pain and I pumped her as hard as I could. Then I put in a big load of wad in her and stopped to french her lips and mouth. I then lost control even more and got one of her white stockings and placed it around her neck. she begged me to stop. I wrapped it tightly and pulled. She started gargling and gasping for air. Her feet were stretched out and her legs wiggled as she struggled to breath. She gargled and gasped until after five minutes of struggling, she stopped moving and her feet lay limp. .

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