The best oral experience she has ever had.


When I was 18 I used to do lawn mowing and odd jobs for people around the district for pocket money. At one of the houses I mowed lawn, there was a swimming pool and I did the maintenance on that as well. It was mid week and I had study leave from college and I decided as it was sunny day I would do the lawns and the pool at this house and while I was there have a swim. As it was mid week I knew everybody was at work or school.
It was very sunny and mowing the lawns was hot work so I stripped down to my shorts and removed my T shirt. After the lawns were finished I checked the pool and it required nothing more than the filter cleaned out so I stripped off and skinny dipped as there was nobody home, and I hadn’t really come prepared to swim anyhow.
I did a few laps and then got out and lay on one of the many lounges at poolside. Being warm and relaxed I must have drifted off to sleep. Something woke me and as soon as I opened my eyes I saw the 16 yo owner’s daughter there standing and staring at my naked body. It took me a moment to realise where I was and wake up fully and immediately tried to cover my nakedness with my hands.
The daughter’s reaction was to look me in the eye and say spoil sport, I was enjoying watching that thing of yours react to the warmth and when I blew on it, it moved about like a garden slug. It was fascinating. Now I know what had woken me. She was bending over me and blowing on my penis to watch the reaction as it warmed in the sun and cooled when she blew on it. I have often sat fascinated and watched my cock do that without me doing anything to arouse it myself, when I have been sun tanning naked in our yard.
Then she said well come on lets not waste this sunshine and she without a moments hesitation stripped off her blouse bra and pants and dived into the pool naked herself.


   When she came up she sang out come on I won’t bite you, and I am sure you have seen a naked woman before, and no doubt done something about it.
I was taken back a bit and said what happens if your parents come home and she said they wont, I have been catching up on my schoolwork and they wont be home till late. Come on your wasting time. I dived in and she swam right up to me and said I bet I can beat you to the end and we both started swimming like we were in a race. She beat me and I said that wasn’t fair you were ready and I wasn’t so she said ok on 3 we will race to the other end and back. Then she counted 1,2,3 and we both swam as if to save our lives. She was fast and I had trouble staying with her until the last stroke and I just touched before her. Then she swam to me and before I knew it she had her arms around me and her lips on mine. I wont say I pushed her away but I wasn’t prepared for that and it took me a moment or two to realise she was hot and then joined her in a passionate session of French kissing. The inevitable happened and I got hard. It didn’t take her more than a second after my cock was trying to force its way out of its skin, and it was pressing between her stomach and me.  Then she put her hand around it. I was really hard. She then said now that’s what I want. I have been watching you for about an hour mowing etc and I even masturbated when you took your shirt off and I saw that wonderful bare chest, you have me really on heat.

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She then began to kiss again and rub herself against me. Then she whispered ok back to the lounge I want this, as she held my now bone hard cock, and I want it fast and hard and rugged. Then she jumped out looked about as if to grab a towel and towel her self off, and realised that there were no towels. I was still in the pool and she sang out come on, I want it, and I want it now, don’t fool about come and get it.
I jumped out and walked over with my cock sticking out like a pole and waggling about as I walked, her eyes never left it and she said I love watching guys walk about with hard ons they fascinate me. By now she was lying back with her legs apart and was ready for sex. Everything had happened so fast I had not really taken in the small framed firm and neatly proportioned body of hers. I knew her face, her honey blonde hair and her dark blue eyes that seemed to be everywhere. Now for the first time I studied her naked body. She was obviously young but I already new she was 16 as she had a party a few months ago. I had been asked to clean up afterwards, and now recollect I found a few used condoms secreted in various parts of the gardens where obviously a few people had been having sex in the dark. Her breasts were not yet fully formed but were magnificent mounds of firm flesh on her chest, not yet fully formed but she would be already about size 34. In the middle of each mound there was a dark pink areola with that slightly raised mound that not a lot of girls have. Her nipples were small and dark pink, perched right on the upturned tip. My mouth watered thinking of how they would feel and taste.

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   Her pubic area which had the honey coloured hair just showing was not really bushy, I though she must have been late into puberty but then noticed the hair was firm and strong so she obviously trimmed it short. It was obvious I was giving her the once over and she cheekily said, you like? And I said I like, very much thank you, now I want to see if it tastes as good as it looks.
I lay on top of her as she wrapped her legs around my back and we kissed passionately for a couple of minutes before I nibbled her ear and then kissed her neck before slowly kissing my way down to between her breasts and the I made the move to the left nipple. I sucked and at the same time rubbed my tongue over it as my hand went down south to feel the mound she had between her legs. I had slipped to one side of her so I could get at her nipple with my mouth and her vagina with my hand. She had definite ides of where she wanted me and had put her hands on my head and was directing me south. I said one moment please, the right hand nipple is screaming out for attention, and she said it’s not the nipple that can’t wait. Hurry up or I will cum before you start. I manipulated her right nipple between my lips and  my hand was rubbing her hair and touching the lips of her vagina and teasing her as each time my finger tip touched her labia I felt her tense up ready for the penetration which I deliberately withheld. She was about to say something when I moved my lips from her breast to her navel and then slowly moved my attention further down. I kissed her all the way around her tummy and my finger kept teasing her when I finally got my head between her legs and began to kiss the inside of her thighs. Then she said you bastard, get onto it, I am almost tearing my hair out in anticipation.
I got myself positioned nicely lifting her legs up and spreading her wide. , the lips of her vagina now totally exposed and wide open, they were already wet with love juice and I could actually see the dew drops forming and running down the inside of her opening to the lips of her vagina I so desperately wanted to enter. I stopped for a moment to admire the wet soft pink glistening flesh that was before me.

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   The bright light and sunshine really made it look sensuous. As I looked down to her wonderful cunt now totally exposed and the hole to heaven open for me, I also noticed her tight little ass hole was all puckered up as tight as it could be, maybe there was an opening I could explore at some future time. I ran my wet finger around it and she tightened up and said no you are not going in there, that’s out of bounds for the time being. I then used my fingers to open her as wide as was comfortable. The sight of her soft wet pink expanse of cunt flesh and her tiny little cunt hole surrounded with her soft wet glistening pink labia lips were as inviting as beautiful rare roast beef. Even the liquid gold was like gravy on her.  My cock was hard and dangling down and she looked down to see what I was doing, and she said your cock is dribbling pre cum all over my legs, hurry up and do what you are going to do I want that in me not leaking all over the place. I too could see the long strings of that clear stick goo dripping out of my cock.
I could not believe that this girl was not far past her 16th birthday. Obviously she had been exposed to some pretty experienced sexually oriented partners. She certainly wasn’t a virgin and her mouth sounded like she could really be filthy without much encouragement. Come on she said suck me dry or fuck me but do it now I am busting for something to happen.
I slipped a finger into her and then wiped some of her juice away but realized there was more there than one finger could handle so I put two into her and then sucked them dry, I said that is honey from heaven. She said I know but get down and get that tap turned on hard. I then put the finger back into her and lowered my mouth onto the top of her slit and sucked her with my lips while my tongue rasped her clit and my finger pumped the juice out of her.

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   She moaned loudly and her body language was screaming out – I love it.
Then I gently licked her whole cunt dry, running my tongue from the bottom to the top of her slit, concentrating on her outer lips first then slowly and forcefully pushing my tongue into her.
From there I worked my way up to her slit and back along the lips then gently back up to her clit. She moaned as the sensation overwhelmed her, she is young and I would assume has never been eaten out so well before. Now I was on her clit I gave it a good workout with the roughness of my tongue then the tip of it flicking the little knob I had squeezed out of its sheath, I heard her gasp with the sensation as by now her clit would be extremely sensitive.
Now I opened her wide again with my fingers and softly rubbed and flicked the point of my tongue all around that wonderful pink wet opening which was filling and refilling with her love juice as fast as I licked and sucked it away. Then quickly back onto the clit for just a second and she gasped once more with the sensitivity. I didn’t want to overdo the clit bit as I wanted more time on her and I wanted her to have the best oral experience she has ever had.
I could feel her tightening up as I believed her orgasm was getting worked up and may come pretty quickly. Her legs were closing in on my head and that’s a good sign she was getting close to cumming.
I eased back and began to lick and kiss her thighs again, giving her clit a rest and allowing the increasing arousal to subside a bit. It was tormenting her I know, but I wanted this to be the most memorable face fuck she has ever had and I wanted her to want it from me again. She was possibly the youngest and most virile young woman I have ever had the pleasure of being with and I wanted a return ticket.
I asked her how she was going as I knew she was enjoying it; she said this can go on for ever, I have only had oral a couple of times and it was nothing like this, this is heavenly.
Once more I opened her with my fingers and sucked away the flood of honey nectar she had refilled her cunt with.

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   Sucking on her outer lips and then wiping my tongue around her opening to make sure I didn’t miss a drop. I inserted two fingers and began to finger fuck her as I went down on her clit area with my mouth. As I did so I felt her move and looked up and she was looking down at me and the smile on her face left the Mona Lisa’s for dead. I knew she was really enjoying me.
I moved back to her clit and squeezed the knob out of its sheath again and sucked and squeezed it between my lips and once more the little moan came from deep inside her throat.
Some girls I have done this with have enjoyed a sort of tongue fuck where I pushed my tongue into her vagina and back out again while pushing her lips together. I tried this with her and while it seemed ok I don’t think it worked on her like it done with others, perhaps her lips were getting a little used to my tongue and the sensitivity was dropping off.
She was now laying back and more or less letting it happen, the sensitivity meter had dropped a little so I pulled back and got my finger to work again, inserting it gently and searching out and finding her G spot. She quickly sprang back to life with a few words like bloody hell where did that come from, and I laughed. I said I thought you were going to sleep on me, did I wake you up. She said I was just enjoying the sensations as I had settled down to some very nice and pleasurable licking, as you have had me on the ceiling for ages, and then wow you hit the spot and I nearly went through the roof this time.
Ok I said lets get serious again, and she said I would hate this to be just playing around, I would never have believed my cunt could experience so many different sensations and you haven’t fucked me yet.
Well the main course is next I said.
She sat up and watched as I again went down and sucked her dry once more, I said I have never seen a girl make so much juice before, and she said I cant understand that if you do this to every girl it’s a wonder you don’t drown in it. The look and smile on her face made me feel great and my cock extruded another gallon of pre cum.

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   I think I was making as much of that as she was cunt juice.
Then I got back to the serious sucking licking and rubbing my tongue over her clit. She lay back to really enjoy it. It only took a minute and she was once more on the ceiling as she put it, I could tell from her body movement, the ways he moved her legs and the groans that came from her and the way she pushed and lifted her cunt for me to engage it with my mouth, that she was about ready for the climax.
I really went to town on her and immediately she cried out -Oh, God, fuck me you mother fucking son of a bitch - fuck me with that hot, fucking tongue of yours- That took me by surprise as I have never heard her speak like that before. Then
She came with the most vigorous spasm of sexual pleasure I had seen a girl experience. She cried and moaned and called out as her body experienced spasm after spasm of orgasmic pleasure as she thrashed about time and time again. Her bum rose and fell about half a dozen times as she forced her cunt into my face through what was obviously a very intense orgasm. Her legs had clamped me between her thighs and I could not move, her cunt flooded with syrup, her hands held my head down on her muff as hard as she could. I had stopped giving her any more stimulation and was trying to drink her juices from her pink cup or pleasure as she filled it time and time again. I don’t think I would be exaggerating if I said I must have drank at least a cup full of juice out of her during the entire experience. I know I have never seen a girl produce so much syrup before ever even much older women.
She relaxed and released me. As I knelt over her, her face and hair were saturated and her body glistened in the sunshine with sweat. I could see her chest rising and falling as she gasped for breath and the veins in her neck were pulsating as fast as I had ever seen.

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   Her heart rate must have been through the roof. Her nipples and areola were bright red.   She couldn’t talk she was so exhausted. It must have been fully two or three minutes before she spoke. Then she said that was the most intense fucking orgasm I have ever had. I think I must have had two or three on top of each other. It was almost excruciatingly painful but the best fucking sensation I have ever had. You are not going to get a fuck out of me for some time, My cunt and I couldn’t possibly do that after what you just did to me, sorry but I am exhausted.
I said that’s no problem, I must say I have never had such a wonderful experience face fucking myself. I have done it quite a few times always with older women but you were exceptional, nobody has even been that great with me before. She said you and I are going to be very good friends from now on believe me. That is the first of many times you and I are going to do that.
Now I said my balls are screaming out for relief and if I can’t fuck you, I will have to jack off. She said I will just have to watch because I don’t even have the energy to do that or even suck it off for you, I am sorry. I said don’t worry I can do it perfectly as I began to strop myself, I have had lots of experience doing that as well, and tomorrow is another day.

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   She said it will have to be that long, before I fuck you, she said, I am going to have to be really fit to equal what you just did for me, and I could not do you justice at the moment.
I lay back and started to work on myself, my hand stroking nicely and the sensation of my hand whilst not as good as a cunt felt great. I was facing her and I could see her watching me make every stroke. It took me about four minutes to reach my climax and she watched as the semen she would have had deep inside her spurt from deep inside me up and out the eye of my cock and splash on the poolside. She said leave it there she said and got down on her knees and licked it up. That’s the least I can do for you she said and the next lot will not be wasted either she said. I love it.
The next installment will follow in a day or so.