A Night to Remember


A night To Remember 
I am a normal family man, honest! Two sons and a daughter, (all teens), and a wife who is still beautiful even though well into her forties. While the youthful lust and energy has waned our sex life is still active and often adventurous. Okay so I have put on a few pounds over the years, and the grey hair and wrinkles give my age away too, but I do try to keep fit in my own way.
Was a time when I would walk down the street and give a pretty girl the follow up look and catch her returning the favour. Never acted on it but Jeeze is it good for the ego.
Don’t know when I noticed it didn’t happen anymore, but one day I passed this real doll, turned round to give her the full treatment and she just walked on without even noticing me. It hurt… bad. Inside I am still 25 and sexy, but outside I am now just a faceless oldie.
So why am I telling you all this? “For Christ sake it happens to us all man!” you might reply and be perfectly correct. But I put this forward in mitigation for the events I am about to relate. Please do not judge me too harshly.
It was a Friday night; I went to meet my old buddy Ray at Reflections, a nightclub bar in the city. We hadn’t seen each other in nearly four years and we were really looking forward to catching up and reminiscing about old times. Clara, my wife knew where I was going and was expecting me to be late. “I remember what you and Ray are like together” Joe she laughed, “Just try not to get too drunk. I won’t wait up you can tell me all about it in the morning”.

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   “Ah babe, we’re not that bad” I replied with a grin, knowing she was right. “I won’t be too late”.
I was on my second scotch when Ray rang to say an emergency had come up at work and he couldn’t make it, he was really apologetic and said he would call me soon to arrange an alternative time. I said I understood, “These things happen buddy”. I decided to have another drink and then head for home, I hate being stuck on my own in these places. The old ‘lonely in a crowd’ cliché you know how it is. That is when she walked in. A vision of beauty, 5ft 6” brunette, body to die for, and her face a symmetry of perfection. She glided across the room swaying her hips with that practiced ease common in all truly beautiful women. I guessed her age at twenty-two. She parked on a stool by the bar and ordered a drink, then took out her cell and made a call.
I drained my glass, and thought ‘fuck it I’ll just have a last one’. In truth I just couldn’t drag myself away from the goddess. I went to the bar and managed to position myself beside her. I ordered a refill and strained my ears to catch some of the conversation.

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   “What do you mean, you cant make it? ……. . Why didn’t you tell me earlier? ……. Well I am here now! ……. That is so thoughtless of you, and its not the first time. I’m fed up with the way you treat me Mike. …No I will not come round to yours later …… No! I am going home. …   No don’t call I will be washing my hair”. She hung up. Plucking up the courage I turned to her and smiled. “Looks like we both got stood up tonight, can I buy you a drink?” She looked at me, the indifference in her eyes was plain to behold. “No Thanks dad, I am not that desperate yet”. She turned away dismissively and signaled to the barman. “Benny can you get me a refill hun?”
Shit I felt like the scrapings off her shoe. I have not felt that awkward since I was six.

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   I picked my drink from the bar and downed it in one, then signaled to Benny for a double on the rocks. I tried to walk coolly away, and would have managed it except some dumbass had moved a bar stool behind me and fuck I fell over the damn thing. She looked at me and laughed. “You look like you had enough Pops, make that your last”, said Benny seriously. “Time you went home to Mrs. Pops”. I know he was being polite in his own way, but Christ I tell you something in me snapped. But I kept my temper and went back to my previous seat. I sipped my drink slowly and watched as the bitch flirted with everyone in sight.
Then as I was about to cut my losses and leave she got up and said goodbye to her entourage. “I’m off home,” she said. No she didn’t want a taxi, it was only two blocks to her apartment. She floated out the door on the best pair of pins I’ve seen in years. I left and feigning drunk I followed her out the door, putting my hand up as if to hail a cab. I don’t know what made me do it but I was like a moth to a flame.

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   Once out of the bar I followed her at a safe distance.
I looked at my watch, it was nearly 10:30 pm and this time of night the streets were a bit quiet so I hung back a bit so she wouldn’t notice me. When she turned the corner into a side street I quickly sprinted to close the distance. I was wearing rubber soles so there was no noise. I stopped at the corner to catch my breath a second and looked back along the street. Good no one about to witness my mad dash. I turned into the side street, it was more like an alley and a few of the streetlights had been smashed leaving long areas of dark shadow. To my surprise she was only a short distance ahead and was bending down to fix something in her shoe.
Honestly, up to this moment I was just following her with no idea why or without any intentions in my head, but the sight of her there brought back all the humiliation I felt in the club. My anger reappeared and focused on the cause of it, now alone and vulnerable not twenty feet ahead. I was seized with a desire to bring her down to size, to repay her for the hurt she had given me.
She hadn’t noticed me and before I realized what I was doing I sneaked up and grabbed her from behind. My left arm tightly around her waist with my hand grabbing her right breast for purchase, my right arm around her head my hand across her mouth preventing her from screaming. “Do you want to die?” I whispered in as menacing a voice as I could manage. She shook her head furiously.


   “If you scream I will push my knife straight into your heart and no one will be able to save you, do you understand?” She nodded slowly. “Please don’t hurt me, please let me go I won’t tell a soul, I swear on my life”, she pleaded as I slowly slipped my fingers from her mouth. “You do exactly as I say bitch and I might let you live”.
She went to turn around. I squeezed her breast viciously making her gasp in pain. “Don’t do that you silly bitch, do you want me to have to kill you?” I rasped in her ear. She stopped, compliant now waiting for my next instructions. I looked around the alley and there was no one in sight. I backed her up behind a big skip that luckily for me was under a broken light. Jesus I though the gods are with me. There was plenty of room, and I was sure no one could see anything from out in the alley. I took off a pink silk scarf she was wearing and tied it round her eyes. Then blocking off her escape route I let her go. She was crying now, with a keening noise that really irritated me. I slapped her hard across the face and told her to shut the fuck up.

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   She whimpered and then stopped the noise. “You will do exactly what I say slut or I will cut you up real bad”, I hissed into her face. “Nod to agree that you are now my slut!” She nodded.
The feeling of power that flowed through my brains at that moment was amazing. It gave me an instant adrenalin rush and I had a hard on that a teenager would be proud of. If I had ever thought of stopping I was beyond redemption now. “Strip!” I ordered, “Nice, slow and sexy, and don’t disappoint me”.
I stood back as she removed her blouse and let it slide to the ground. The sight of her milky white tits bulging over her ‘Ann Summers’ bra was nectar for my eyes. Then she opened the button on her skirt and let that fall too. My original estimation of her was correct. She was a stunner, her stomach ran flat all the way to the glorious vee between her legs. This broad obviously worked out.
“Get your tits out slut, and push them out so I can see them. She put her hands behind her back and unhitched her bra.

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   I gasped as I took in the sight before me. The nicest pair of C-Cups I had seen in ages with small button nipples surrounded by small pink areole, my favourite ensemble. She put a hand under each and pushed them out for my inspection. I couldn’t resist and with a “Don’t you dare move an inch slut!” I leaned forward and took the left nipple in my mouth. I sucked on it furiously periodically grating it between my teeth. It must have hurt, but apart from the odd gasp she never moved a muscle. The velvet feel of her skin and the light aroma from her perfume, was balm to my injured pride. I turned my attention to the right tit when her left nipple had expanded fully and gave it the same treatment. Then I stood back. “Do you shave?” I asked her. “What do you mean?” she asked confused. “Your cunt” I said trying to use the most offensive words I could think of. “Oh!” She said hesitating.
I laughed, “never mind, lets find out for ourselves shall we?” It took her a few seconds to work out what I meant, but then with a heavy sigh she reached down and pulled off her thong. “Shoes’!” I ordered, and she slipped them off.

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   She stood up straight then and I was taken aback. Her pussy was bald as a newborn baby. She had obviously made a special effort for Mike tonight. Silly fucker, well I should be grateful to him as I was reaping the benefit.
“Turn around so I can check you out. Good, now bend over and start fingering that cute little slit of yours”. I almost came in my pants. This beautiful slut who called me dad was now performing a little sex act for me. My boner was screaming for release. “Come here” I ordered and caught her in my arms, then I put my hand under her chin and lifted her mouth to mine. “Open up and don’t you even think of biting me bitch!” I pushed my lips over hers and immediately started tonguing her. I stopped, “Tongue me back slut or else!” She responded and I pretended to myself that this young piece of meat was really my girlfriend and loving my action. I slipped my hand onto to her breast and caressed it slowly then moved lower until it was between her legs. I slipped my middle finger into her pussy and was pleased to see that it was wet. I twirled it around moving in and out to widen her up a bit then went to work on the clit in earnest.

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   All the time I never stopped tonguing her mouth. I could feel her creaming up and responding, but could also sense the terror that permeated her whole body. I decided I better get a move on I did not want to be caught by a passer by. I threw her to the ground and then took out my cock that was now stretched to its full nine inches. “Spread em slut I said and she whimpered as she knew what was coming.
I blasted straight in all the way to the hilt in one motion; she stifled a scream and turned her head to the side. I turned her back, “Beg me to fuck you harder bitch, tell me how much you love it”.   I bit her lip hard to reinforce the point. “Nervously she replied,” Oh this is so good, please fuck me harder, oh yes please, please, harder please!” If I didn’t know better I would have thought the cunt was enjoying it. Then I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot my load deep into her belly. I pumped till my bag ached and then let my weight rest on her. “How was it for you babe?” I asked grabbing her ear hard and wrenching it. “Oh that was so good!” she replied nervously. “I am so glad you think so” I sniggered at her.
I pulled my softening cock out and stood up telling her to stay put.

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   I picked up her handbag and found her driving license. Reading her address aloud to her I said, ”I know where you live bitch, you ever tell a soul what happened and I will come and kill you before the police have time to get you any protection. You will go home, have a shower then go to bed and dream about the lovely fuck you had tonight, do you hear me”. “Yes” she sniveled. “Stay there and count to a hundred then you can get dressed and go home’.
I arrived home about midnight, showered and went to bed. Clara heard me come in, “You are early love, did you and Ray have a falling out?” “Nah he had to cancel so I had a few drinks and came home, no point in staying out”.
“Ok goodnight darling”, she replied giving me a quick kiss then laying back to go to sleep. I did the same.
That was eight months ago today and the brunette must have done what she was told. I checked all the local papers, and watched the news but there was no mention of a rape anywhere. After a few months I gave up worrying. Tonight I couldn’t resist going back to the club to celebrate my good luck. I phoned Clara to say I was going for a drink after work and would be a bit late. I sat in my old seat by the door and watched the clientele enter and depart for an hour or so.


Then she walked in. I recognized her straight away, her beautiful face was imprinted on my mind. She was with a guy, I guess it must have been Mike. She looked straight at me and I smiled nervously, she smiled back. There was not a hint of recognition in her eyes. “When are you due?” I asked disguising my voice and nodding at her pregnant belly. “Next month”, she replied, and Mike put his arm round her and squeezed her tight. “My son”, he affirmed proudly. “Congratulations”, I said rising and making ready to leave, “hope everything goes well”. “Thank you” she said, and I could see a flicker of worry cross her eyes.
I went outside and laughed quietly to myself, my hair was red and Mike’s is definitely black.