Part Four: Amy's Training


            Her captors gave Amy 3 days in which to recuperate.   During those 3 days
Amy did not see them except in the 3 videos they had made with her.   On the first day of rest they showed her the video of them raping her virgin pussy, the second day they showed the video of them raping her virgin ass and the third day they showed the video of the dogs raping her pussy and ass.   They re-ran each video all day long on its day, ensuring that she missed nothing, on a TV built into the wall so she couldn't even shut off the screen or turn down the volume (which wasn't exactly quiet).   The videos shamed her deeply and she couldn't help noticing that their faces rarely showed and when they did Rob had altered them so they looked like different men.   Realizing this, Amy felt a sense of despair in knowing that without DNA evidence (which she showered off in an anguishing desire to be cleansed) there would be no proof that these were the men who had raped her.   Physically it could be proved as her insides were bruised but nothing further could.   Although, for that matter, the way she came in the tapes indicated that she was actually a willing person playing an unwilling one.   Because normal women don't cum when they're raped, do they?  It was a question Amy asked herself repeatedly.
            She wasn't even sure anymore that she'd go to the police, but kept telling
herself that she must, if not for her, for other women.   The 4th day dawned and Amy awoke when the door opened and she sat up, holding the blankets over her breasts even though she knew it was pointless, as Tom, John and Rob came in.   "Good morning, Amy," said John, "today we start your 'training'. "  "Training?"  Amy asked.   "As a sex slave, of course," Tom replied.   "Here are the rules," Rob went on, "you are to obey promptly and without question any orders we give you.   Failure to do so will result in punishment.

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  "  Amy felt a shiver of fear but shrugged nonchalantly and said, "Alright.   It's not like I have a lot of choice anyways. "  "That's the spirit, Amy girl," said John with disgusting cheerfulness.   She was starting to think they were mentally unbalanced as well as extremely sick sadists.   “Follow us then,” Tom said and Rob opened a trap door in the floor that Amy hadn’t noticed in her 3 day reprieve and went down, John motioned for her to follow and then he and Tom came down as well.  
            The room looked like it had once been a bomb shelter or a cellar of some sort but it had been transformed into some kind of dungeon.   Amy had heard of people being into BDSM and men and women as sex slaves but she’d never been into the idea and it still ranked with dog-fucking in her mind; disturbed and disgusting, only a little worse because this was for people who actually enjoyed inflicting pain on their partners.    Amy looked around, taking stock of the possible tortures in store for her.   She saw all manner of dildos, butt-plugs and vibrators of various sizes…some of which were larger than her rapists (Tom was 7. 5” long and 2” thick; Rob was 8” long and 2” thick; John was 9” long and 2. 5” thick; and the dogs had been 10” and 12” long and 2” thick respectively) and quite frankly sent tremors of fear through her as those had been quite painfully enough!  There were some things that looked like they were for nipple and/or clit torture and all kinds of harnesses, slings, gags, chains, cuffs and collars.   There were whips and paddles and even a couple of, what looked to be, multi-position fucking machines.   And, of course, the ever present video camera.   Nothing down here looked the least bit enjoyable and all of it downright scary and she almost pleaded to go back to the other room and do them and the dogs again but held her tongue as she knew it would be useless and she’d probably get slapped for her troubles.  
               “We’ll start with something simple, eh Amy?”  John queried.

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    “Sure, whatever,” Amy replied dispiritedly.   Suddenly Tom’s hand cracked across her face, “You’re to answer ‘yes master’ or ‘no master’,” he thundered.   Feeling that had been unfair as none of them had told her that upstairs she glared at him but said “yes master” all the same.   “Come over here, Amy,” Rob said, standing by an old wooden table, “and lay on the table. ”  It looked like it had once been a kitchen table but it definitely wasn’t anymore.   It had cuffs on all four corners, presumably for disobedient slaves.   “Face down or face up, master?”  “Good girl,” Rob praised, “face down, slave. ”  Amy lay on her stomach; the rough wood was coarse on her skin and almost scratchy on her breasts.   “Now, are you going to be a good girl or do we have to bind you down?” Tom asked.   “I will be a good girl, my masters. ”  The dungeon was creepy enough and she didn’t like the thought of being bound in it as well.   Amy felt a thin tube being inserted into her anus and realized that they were going to give her an enema first so she relaxed, embarrassing yes but not painful.   They finished pumping the warm water into her rectum and then directed her to the portable toilet and she emptied herself and cleaned up and came back to the table and once again lay face down.  
            Tom and John started to pick out assorted items, she couldn’t see what yet and Rob started the camera rolling and came back to the table and picked up a 6” butt-plug that started out small (maybe a half-inch at the tip and got bigger (2” in the middle) and then smaller again and then the very base was flared wide and was square-shaped.  Amy felt Rob smear some lube over her anus and then he started to insert the butt-plug, it probably wouldn’t have hurt but, as usual, he was less than tender and shoved it in all at once.

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    Amy gave a small moan and winced but otherwise didn’t make a sound, she felt her anus close over the last ball shape of the plug, holding it inside her and the base keeping it from coming out or going in further and at the same time separating her ass-cheeks.   Tom came over to the table then and told her to sit up and face him so she did, her legs hanging over the edge of the table.   Tom held up a harness and started to fit it on to her.   He started with the thicker piece that went around her neck and then fitted around her breasts so that they bulged and made her nipples harden but didn’t cut circulation completely and then he asked her to stand so she slid to the floor and it went around her hips and down to her pussy, he secured it so that it held her pussy lips open, exposing her clit to the cold air.   He then took out a “Y” chain with clamps on the three ends and clamped two onto her nipples and brought the longest chain down and attached that clamp onto her clit.  
            It was torturous and fairly painful and Amy couldn’t help but cry out a little and she wiggled, trying to escape them while at the same time she felt a hot rush inside her pussy, telling her that her body liked it even if her mind didn’t.   Even though Tom couldn’t possibly know her body was getting off on it she felt a rush of shame and blushed furiously, giving herself away.   “Ah, I see you like it.   You’re going to make perfect slave material, because it is a true slave who enjoys her torment. ”  Amy hung her head because she couldn’t deny his words and John came and led her over to the center of the room, at which time he told her to put her arms in the air and he pulled two manacles on chains down just far enough to clamp around her wrists and then let go of her.   When the chains went back to their place they pulled her with them and she was left standing on her tiptoes, it was very uncomfortable.   Now that she was utterly helpless, John took out a gag with a 2” penis that would be inserted into her mouth.   She also noticed that on the outside of the gag was a tube and a hand pump to inflate the penis.   “Open your mouth, slave,” John commanded.   Amy reluctantly opened her mouth and John inserted the rubber penis and fastened the gag at the back of her head, he then inflated it so that any attempt at sound was impossible.

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    She noticed Rob was back at the camera and John stayed in front of her, she couldn’t see Tom.  
            Suddenly, John raised a cat-o-nine tails whip and lashed her sensitized breasts, Amy gave a cry of pain and surprise that couldn’t be heard through the gag and jerked back to get away but no sooner had she done this when a wooden paddle smacked her ass causing her to jump into John’s second lash.   Crying now, realizing Tom was behind her, Amy wanted to plead with them to stop but the gag prevented this too.   On and on it went, John whipping her, alternating between her breasts and her exposed pussy and clit, causing her to jerk back into the paddle Tom wielded on her ass and back into John’s whipping.   Tears rained down her face and neck until finally Rob called a halt and John and Tom stopped and set their weapons down and Rob said, “un-gag her and spread her legs and assemble the machine. ”  These words terrified Amy, she knew they could mean nothing good and maybe even something more painful, especially if they wanted to hear her screams.  
            John and Tom each took one of her legs and pulled them spread eagle until it was uncomfortable but not painful and then manacled them to chains suspended from the ceiling as well but they didn’t lift her any higher when John and Tom let go of her legs, she saw Rob go over to a pully crank and it raised her a foot above where she’d been.   They then left her vision and came back carrying a black metal tripod with a dildo attachment area, Amy realized it must be a fucking machine.   They positioned the fucking machine underneath her pussy and then Rob came over with two attachments, the first so that he could attach two dildos for double penetration and the second had the two dildos on it.   Just before he bent to attach the dildos she saw them, fear trickled through her…they were only 7” long and as Tom was that big the length no longer instilled fear in her but the anal part of the dildo was 3” thick and the pussy dildo was 4” thick and this made her plead with them.   “Please, don’t use them, they’re so big, they’ll kill me!  Please, if you guys are at all humane you won’t do this to me!”  John picked up the whip and whipped her breasts 5 times and then did the same to her clit, and told the crying Amy, “you’re disrespecting us again Amy, we told you to call us master and you are our sex slave and we will do what we want with you!” 
            Amy fell silent and trembled in fear.   John tweaked her “Y” chain a few times in what he must have thought was a reassuring manner, “Really now, Amy, we’re doing you a kindness, we’re using this one so that you are partly prepared for tomorrow’s video. ”  With that he strode away a bit and Rob spoke up, “now, let us enlighten you a little about this machine before we get started.   It’s very fast, Amy, it can do between 1 and 240 strokes per minute depending on how we set it…we’ll work up to the limit slowly to show you that we are indeed ‘humane’. ”  Tom reached under her pussy and lubed it up and then went around and did the same to her anus.

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    They then all backed away, John holding the controls, to watch the show.   They started it up and it moved slowly up to her holes and lined up, they’d adjusted it perfectly apparently because with some more movement they started to enter her, the stretching was almost unbearable and she didn’t think she thought she’d pass out but once the heads were in her pussy and ass John suddenly sped it up a little and it went all the way in suddenly.   “Ahhhhhhh!  Noooooo!  Masters, that’s too quickly!”  They plunged all 7” into her holes and then they would pull out 6” and plunge back in, it must have been doing 50 strokes per minute now and Amy cried out, “Ahhhhhh!  They’re tearing me apart, masters, please stop!”  But on and on it went, once they’d upped the strokes to 100 per minute and the pain had almost vanished, John came over and attached a much long chain to the “Y” chain and went back over to his spot, giving little tugs on the chain causing sensation to rocket through her and she burst into orgasm crying “Ohhhhh myyyyy Goooodddd!” 
Then Rob and Tom took up the whip and paddle and Rob started to whip her breasts and clit and Tom paddled her ass and John tugged on her “Y” chain and the machine continued to fuck her madly, John had upped it to 150 strokes per minute now.   The worst part was that because she was so tied and with the machine fucking her she couldn’t jerk away from the assaults of the whip and paddle.   And with the fucking, “Y” chain stimulation and whipping and paddling she burst into an intense pleasure-pain orgasm and it went on and she cried out and moaned loudly.   Suddenly the whip and paddle stopped as did the “Y” chain, but the fucking continued.   She was stationary but the machine continued to fuck her like crazy and Rob and Tom came over and stuck a little patch with wires in them over her nipples, and the clamps, and then put two between her legs near her pussy and two more near her anus.   They then backed away and she saw Rob pick up a little box that the wires were attached to and he pressed a button and a electric shock went through her nipples and pussy and anus and then John tugged on the “Y” chain again and more sensation went through her and they kept alternately doing this until she burst into orgasm, screaming with pleasure.  
John upped the machine’s fucking strokes up to 200 per minute and she burst into another orgasm, she suddenly noticed they had come closer to her but without blocking the camera’s view of her and they had their cocks out and were stroking them rapidly.   The stroking was up to 240 strokes per minute, the maximum and she was in a continuous state of orgasm, to the point where they kept coming but her abdomen was cramped painfully.   She kept screaming “oh my god” and suddenly the machine stopped and cum from all three men sprayed her body.   Covered in cum John let her down and Rob went to stop the camera and Tom took the fucking machine away.   John took the “Y” chain off and the harness too and then handed her a towel and led her back up to the original room and she went and had a shower, when she emerged the three of them were waiting for her.   She found she was quite tender and it hurt a bit when she walked around and her cramps hadn’t quite subsided from all the orgasms she’d had and wanted nothing but to lay down and sleep and as she hadn’t expected them to still be in the room she was annoyed to see them.  
She started to ask them what they wanted, even though sex came to mind, but she held her tongue as she knew she shouldn’t speak unless spoken to and she wasn’t sure if she was still to call them “master” or not.

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    “Well, Amy, you did a very good job,” said John.   “Thank you, masters,” Amy said uncertainly.   “You don’t have to call us master anymore, Amy, that crap was just for the video,” Tom said.   Amy breathed a sigh of relief and smiled a little, “oh, well, thanks then. ”  “You’ve taken this really well, Amy,” said Rob, smiling.   “We have just one more video to do tomorrow and then you can go back to your life like nothing happened,” said John.   Amy gaped at them, they were certifiably nuts!  She’d ‘taken this well’?!  She hadn’t had a choice! She could go back to her life as if nothing had happened?!  As if!!   She frowned at them and said “what’s tomorrow’s video?”  “Oh, that’s a surprise, you’ll see.   And we have an extra little surprise for you at the end of tomorrow’s video too,” said Tom.   And with that they got up and left.   Amy flopped down on the bed wondering if this would really end after tomorrow’s video or if they were just teasing her by dangling freedom in front of her.   She sighed and rolled over and went to sleep, restless and filled with nightmares about what the next day might hold.
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