One Special Night


     It all started when I moved back home with my parents after college.   I had attended college on the other side of the country and had only been home for brief visits since high school.   I had moved in with my parents while I was searching for a job and trying to save money to get my own place.   My father is a very successful man and is away on business often.   My mother only has to work part time since my father makes enough to support our family himself.
     I have changed much since I left for college.   When I left I stood 5'10'' and weighed 170 pounds.   Now I am 6'0'' and weigh 200 pounds.   I am very well built and have received many compliments on my body.   I had noticed the second that I moved back home that my mother saw me differently.   She looked at me as a man, not the boy that left for college.   I have always found my mother to be very attractive.   She has blonde hair and a petite frame.   She has a very tight ass and is in excellent shape.   I have always found that her most attractive asset was her breasts.   She did not have overly large breasts but they were perfect size for her frame and very perky.

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    My mother has aged very well over the years and altough she is 45 years old, she doesn't look a day over 30.
     It all started one friday night.   All my friends were away on a trip that I couldn't afford to attend.   My father was away on a business trip.   My mother had decided to stay in also and keep me company.   "Hey honey!" she said, "Look what I found. " She was holding a bottle of jack daniels. "C'mon, show me what you really learned in college. "  I have always found it attractive when a girl could hold her liqour, especially whiskey.
     "Sure, I'll drink you under the table," I said.   As we drank we both got more relaxed and she started to ask me about my experiences in college.   The subject eventually came to my sex life.   This was not that unusual as me and my mother are very open and had talked about sex many times.   But never on this level.   I told her about a few interesting sexual encounters I had in school, and she told me a few of her own from before she was married.

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    Her stories were getting me very horny as I had never seen or heard of this side of my mother before.   I started to wonder what it would be like to fuck my own mother.   Maybe it was the booze but I eventually convinced myself that it would be OK, and I even convinced myself that she wanted me as bad as I wanted her.   I decided to make a move.
     I was sitting beside her now on the couch and I told her that I loved her and I gave her a long hug.   While we were hugging I moved my lips to her neck and started giving her small kisses.   She did not object, so I got more bold.   I began to kiss her neck with my tounge.   "What are you doint?" she suddenly blurted out.   I got very nervous and responded, "I'm only kissing you, can't a son kiss his mother?"  This seemed to make her relax for the moment so I went back to work kissing her neck.   I slowly moved up and kissed her ear which she seemed to love.   This made her relax and start to enjoy what I was doing to her.
     I knew I had to be careful and not move too fast.   She had let me go this far, maybe she would let me go further.   I slowly made my was from her ear to her mouth and eventually we locked lips.

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    She backed away slightly at first but then gave in and we were engaged in a full on kiss.   Our tounges massaged each other for what seemed like eternity.   "I can't believe this, i'm actually french kissing my mother," I thought.  
     She suddenly broke the kiss and said, "We can't do this, mothers and sons are not supposed to kiss like that. "  I had come too far to turn back now.   The whiskey was making me very bold.  
"Admit it mom, you want me as much as I want you," I said.
She replied, "I know, but parents can't have intercourse with their kids, it's unnatural. "
I leaned in and gave her another kiss and said, "We don't have to have intercourse, there are other things that we can do. "  This seemed to ease her mind for the moment and we engaged in another passionate kiss.   I moved my hand to her chest and began to massage her breasts through her shirt.   They felt incredible.   I removed her shirt and bra and sat there for a moment staring at her incredible tits.   I couldn't believe that this was actually happening.   I took one of her tits into my mouth and began to suck the nipple and massage it with my tounge.

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    She let out a low moan and ran her fingers through my hair.   I moved my left hand down between her thighs.   I rubbed her inner thighs and this seemed to drive her mad.   She kissed me harder and deeper now as I moved my hand under her skirt.   To my surprise she wasn't wearing any underwear.   Who knew my mother was such a slut?  I began to rub her clit and inserted a finger into her dripping pussy.   She let out a loader moan now as i inserted a second finger and started pumping it in and out.
      I took her hand and placed it on my crotch and she started rubbing my hard cock through my jeans.   I unzipped them to reveal my dick to her and she started to strock it.   My mother jerking me off, I was in heaven.  
     I then got on my knees on the floor in front of the couch and kissed up and down her legs and inner thighs.   She was moaning very loudly know and I inched closer and closer to her snatch.   I could smell her juices and i stuck my tounge out and licked her cunt.   I tasted amazing, I began to eat her out ferociously as she screemed in delight, "OH BABY! THAT FEELS SO GOOD!"  She was driving her pussy into my mouth, I wanted to fuck her so bad.
     I removed my mouth from her snatch and went up to give her a kiss.

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    She kissed me hard and licked all her juices off my face.   I slid my pants down to my knees and placed my cock at the opening of her pussy.   "no baby, I told you we can't do that," she said.
"I know but I want you so bad. " I moved forward and my cock began to enter my mother steaming pussy.
"NO! we've alread done too much, we'll regret this if we go any further. " She tried to push me away but I had no intention of turning back.   I moved forward further and my dick went deeper into her. "NO! STOP NOW.   STOP!"  I thrust forward and my dick was now all the way inside my mother.   My mother collapsed back and she let out a moan as i began to pump my dick in and out of her.
"You still want me to stop?" I asked.
"No," she said.
"You want me to keep fucking you? Huh? Is that what you want? Tell me what you want," I demanded.
"I want you to fuck me baby, fuck me hard, Oooooohhhh!"
I pulled my dick from her pussy and shot a load of cum all over her tits as she screamed in delight.

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We both went off to our rooms to go to bed, and think about the line we had just crossed.