Susan and Lisa part 1


Susan and Lisa were alone for the weekend, since Lisa was 17 and Susan was 15, their parents had trusted them to look after the house, since they were both responsible teens. Her friend Alissa Krause lived next door, and on Friday night, Susan had been next door, swimming in their pool. Having her best friend and a swimming pool right next door was such a wonderful thing! They swam and splashed each other, laughing and enjoying the warm summer night. At 11 PM, Alissa's Mom called Alissa to come inside. Alissa and Susan had said goodnight, and Susan had entered her house. She went downstairs, stripped off her bathing suit, and hung it over the drying rack. She went upstairs, with her towel wrapped around her waist, and she stopped at her sister's door. It sounded like Lisa was in pain, she was groaning! Susan opened the door, and was about to call out, "Lisa, what's wrong?" when the words died before she could utter them. By the light of a single candle on the nightstand, Lisa was lying on her back, completely naked, her legs spread, and her hands playing with herself! She had 3 fingers of one hand pumping in and out of her pussy, they were making wet sucking noises while her other hand was playing with her clit, her face was contorted, her breath coming in sharp little gasps! Susan stood rooted to the spot, her pussy heating up furiously. She could feel her pussy becoming drenched as she stared, fascinated, at her sister! Her tits became rock hard cogs, tingling like mad! This must be what the kids at school snickered about, "getting off" they called it. She had never known about masturbation. She knew all about the feeling of her pussy juicing up, and getting hot, but she had no idea what to do about it to get some relief, she just assumed something would happen that would show her what to do.

Lisa was humping at her fingers, and furiously stroking her clit, she suddenly gasped out, "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me HARD! Oh my God, I'M CUMMING!!", her voice rising to a shriek as her whole body convulsed in ecstasy as her orgasm tore through her, her body shuddering and twitching as the orgasm seized her and shook her in ecstasy! She drifted back down slowly, her body relaxing. She suddenly sensed Susan's presence, and looked over at her!

She whipped the bed sheet over her, and snapped, "Don't you knock?"

Susan stammered, "I heard you groaning, and I thought you were, umm, in pain. . .

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Lisa was about to yell at Susan, but she noticed the confused look on her face, they way her body was flushed, and her rock hard nipples. Jeez, she though, she doesn't know what I'm doing.

"Susie, do you know what I was doing?", Lisa said gently.

Susan said, "well, I think it's what the kids at school call getting off. "

Lisa said, gently, "Susie, have you ever gotten off?"

"No", Susan stammered, "I never learned how, and nobody ever showed me either. "

Lisa said, gently, "Susie, would you like to learn how?"

"Oh, please, yes!" Susan gasped, "I feel like I'm burning up!"

"Susie, drop the towel, come over here, and lie down next to me", Lisa's voice cooed gently at her.

Susan would normally feel funny, stripping naked to her sister's gaze, but this time, she didn't even hesitate, she needed relief! She dropped the towel, and noticed her sister's eyes glittering as she swept her eyes over her nudity. Susan also looked over Lisa's naked form, her sister was a knockout! Her pussy was clean shaven, smooth and bare, and Susan was fascinated by the sight. Susan's pussy was developing a wispy covering of hair as blonde as the hair on her head, and seeing her sister having shaved all of hers off, excited Susan for some reason she wasn't sure of. She lay down next to her sister. Susan's body was trembling slightly as Lisa kissed her lips gently.

"Just relax Susie," Lisa crooned in her ear, "I'll make you feel so good, baby. "

Susan gave herself over to the pleasure of Lisa stroking her body, her fingers dancing over Susan, making the feelings churn harder, it felt like her pussy was steaming with heat. She trailed her fingers through Susan's wispy pubic hair, and they trailed lower, her fingers stroking over the outside of Susan's pussy, gently tracing the folds of her pussy lips, and Susan moaned at the flame of pleasure that leaped up, as Lisa's fingers slid slowly, teasingly over her!

"Does that feel good, baby?", Lisa whispered.

"Lissie, Oh my goodness, YES!", Susan gasped.

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Lisa grinned, and two fingers slipped inside Susan's pussy, her fingers getting slippery from all the cream that Susan had been churning up! Susan groaned with pleasure as she felt her sister's fingers slip inside her.

"My, aren't we the wet one", Lisa whispered.

Her fingers traced slowly, teasingly around the inside of Susan's vagina. Probing gently, Lisa discovered that her sister was still a virgin, she could feel the obstruction of Susan's hymen, and she steered clear. She did not want to break it, a future boyfriend should be the lucky one to pop her sweet cherry!

Lisa lowered her mouth to Susan's breasts, and she started licking and sucking her sister's tits. Susan's tits grew rock hard again, as her sister licked and nipped gently on her nipples, making them rock hard cogs. Wickedly sensual feelings were rushing from her breasts to her pussy, her pussy was engorged with blood, it was making her dizzy with desire! Lisa put her other arm around Susan, and Susan wrapped her arms around Lisa, pulling her close. Lisa's fingers stroked over the hood of Susan's clit, and Susan was shuddering, the feelings were gathering up, pooling in her groin. With experienced fingers, Lisa drew Susan's clit from beneath the hood, and her fingers were teasing Susan's clit, pulling gently on the engorged stem, stroking her to a frenzy!

Lisa whispered in her ear, "let it go baby, go with it Susie, cum for me baby!"

Susan was gasping, the sensations were flying at her, her body felt like it was going to fly apart!

"OH MY GOD!", Susan screamed.

Her orgasm slammed into her, her body twitching and shaking wildly! It was like a massive wave of pleasure had picked her up and was carrying her along, her body shuddered with wildly exciting pulses of pleasure. She clung to Lisa, her body shaking wildly from the rushes of sizzling pleasure that pummeled her pussy! It almost felt like an ocean was engulfing her, and she could gladly drown in that ocean of pleasure!

Floating down gently from her climax, she gazed up at Lisa, her sister was smiling at her, stroking her cheeks gently.

"How did you like it, Susie?", Lisa whispered.

"Oh my goodness, I have never felt ANYTHING like it!", Susan exclaimed.

Lisa smiled at her, and drew the sheet over their bodies.

"Sleep here tonight", Lisa whispered, "and tomorrow morning, I'll show you some more exciting things to do!"

"I'd like that very much, Lissie!", Susan whispered.

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Lisa blew out the candle, and darkness enveloped the room as Susan turned on to her side, and Lisa spooned her, their bodies pressing together. Susan smiled as she drifted off to sleep.

When they woke up the next morning, Susan and Lisa had both been eager for more! Susan stretched out on her back, and Lisa took Susan's hands, and stroked all the places that made Susan come so explosively last night! When she was sure that Susan had the hang of it, Lisa lay back.

"Susie, you stroke your pretty pussy, and I'll stroke mine, and we can watch each other cum! It's great to watch each other, my friend Angie and I do it together all the time! Playing together feels so good!"

Lisa ran her fingers all over her body, fingers pinching and tweaking her throbbing tits! Susan copied what her sister was doing, they both moaned as their tits sent sizzles of pleasure to their twitching pussies! Lisa's fingers reached down, and her finger scooped out some of her cream and she spread it all over her pussy. Susan's mouth got dry with desire as she looked at Lisa spreading her legs wide, her bare, smooth pussy, spread wide open, glistening with juices, her wanton display of her tight sex making Susan even hornier! Susan spread her legs wide, and brazenly displayed the tight opening of her sex, she could see Lisa's eyes locked on her tight pussy lips, not able to look away! Susan was now on fire with desire, and as she pushed two fingers up her burning pussy, and her other hand started to stroke at her throbbing clit, her sister did exactly the same thing! Soon the two sisters were masturbating furiously, the room was filled with grunts of lust and moans of desire, and the squishy sounds of their fingers fucking their juicy teen fuck holes. Susan's eyes were heavy with lust as she watched her lovely sister slamming two, then three fingers up her pussy, finger fucking her burning pussy, while two fingers of her other hand, slippery with her cream slid around and around her throbbing clit! Lisa's eyes were glittering as she watched her sister masturbating wildly, she may be new, but she was gonna love learning how to do it herself! Susan could see Lisa watching her, and Lisa could see Susan watching her, the wanton display and shared excitement of their sexuality spurring them on, the sizzles of lust pooling in their horny cunts, driving each other to massive orgasms! Lisa was grunting, her orgasm getting set to explode. Susan was gasping, unable to speak, her pussy was getting set to blow apart!

Lisa gasped, "Are you ready to cum?"

Susan grunted, "Oh my God, I feel like I'm gonna fly apart! Yes, let's cum together!"

Fingers driving up burning cunts, fingers furiously stroking their throbbing clits, Lisa suddenly gasped, "I'm almost there, oh my God I feel like I'm gonna explode, cum with me Susie, cum with me baby, cum, cum, yes, yes, yes, YES!!"

Lisa's shriek set Susan off, she screamed "I'm cumming, oh fuck yes, YES!!" as her pussy blew apart!

Their orgasms ripped into them, they shuddered and shook wildly as the orgasms seized them and shook them wildly! Lisa's cunt convulsed over and over, she had never cum so hard in her life!

Susan could feel her pussy spasming wildly, burning sizzles of pleasure blasting her burning core, over and over, as she shuddered and shook wildly in the tight, pleasing grip of her climax.

Later, during a shared morning shower, her sister had demonstrated on her, how
the handheld shower nozzle would bring her off hard, it surely did! Lisa had spread Susan's pussy lips apart, and had directed the spray of water. The feeling of that jet of water pummeling her clit had sent her into orbit! She shook wildly as she crashed into a massive orgasm, her howls of pleasure bouncing off the walls, her body thrashing wildly in ecstasy! Susan had then taken the shower head, and had the pleasure of doing the same thing to her sexy sister, enjoying Lisa's howls of pleasure as the water brought Lisa to a shuddering orgasm! After that, they had headed back to Lisa's bed, and they had a weekend long orgy! They had stroked each other to more shuddering climaxes, their bodies shuddering through wrenching climaxes!

After one session of wildly fingering each other, Susan had been sprawled on the bed, her legs slightly apart. Suddenly she felt her sister's soft lips kissing her pubic region, sliding her tongue all over, and then Lisa had gone down on her! Susan's heart had been hammering, as Lisa's tongue slid all over her soaking cleft! At first, she thought it was wrong, but the feelings quickly chased that idea away! Susan eagerly spread her legs wide, so Susan could get right in! Her sister had eagerly accepted the invitation, Lisa skillfully used her fingers to spread apart Susan's molten core, and between her sister's sexy thighs, Lisa started eagerly lapping away at Susan's creaming pussy! She slid her tongue deep into the hot, juicy center,Lisa's tongue skillfully licked and probed at Susan's fiery inner core! Susan looked down, could see the blond head of hair of her sister, working over her throbbing pussy, and she knew she wouldn't last long! She couldn't look away, it was like she was experiencing twice the fun, seeing her sister licking her burning pussy, and enjoying the massive pleasure feelings at the same time!Lisa's tongue settled over Susan's throbbing clit, stroking at it over and over with long, broad strokes of her tongue, and that did it! Susan exploded as Lisa skillfully brought her to climax, she pulled Lisa's face tight against her pussy, spreading her juices over Lisa's face, her cries of release bouncing off the walls!

Although Lisa had told her that she didn't want Susan to get grossed out, and it was not necessary to return the favor if she was hesitant about doing something so intimate, Susan insisted it was! Susan was fired up, she was more than eager to give her sister the same oral loving she had just enjoyed! Soon, Lisa was stretched out, and Susan was down by her sister's dripping pussy! The sight of her sister's smooth shaven pussy really fired her up! She slid her tongue deep into her sister's soft, wet center, tasting pussy for the first time! Her sister was delicious, her pussy hot, moist and tight, and Susan reveled in the tastes and sensations of her sister's luscious femininity! Although it was her first time, she knew what to do, and soon Lisa was squirming wildly, Susan's tongue licking her wildly, her body shuddering as she howled with orgasmic release! After that, Susan and Lisa had done a loving 69 on each other, that had been another erotic first for Susan! Having her tongue buried deep inside her sister's tight cleft, licking up the juices of her orgasm as Lisa did the exact same thing to her wildly quivering pussy was almost too erotic to handle.

Just before their parents were due to return, Lisa and Susan enjoyed a long, leisurely love making session, fingering each other to a climax, then going down, Lisa on Susan, than Susan on Lisa, bringing a second orgasm to each, then in a loving 69, working feverishly over each others burning cores, until their bodies were shaking and shuddering in the shared ecstasy of a third orgasm!

Relaxing after, Lisa made it clear to Susan that she did not want their sexual relationship to end, Susan was eager to agree! The weekend had been the most lust filled, exciting time Susan had ever had, and she treasured the intimacy that she and her lovely sister had shared. It had been far too pleasurable to just be a one time deal, they had plenty of free time when their parents were at work or out running errands, to share more sexual joy. She also said that her friend Angie had been making comments to Lisa about bringing "little sis" into their mutual masturbation sessions, and Susan was fired up, her friend was hot, and Susan got hot at the idea of doing everything to Angie, that she did to her sister!.