Vampire pt5


Haley got out from under Elly and took my hand and led me out of the room, the door shut and I couldn’t help but cry.
“Shhh my love, she won’t feel a thing, and she had the happiest night of her life,” Haley said to me, wiping away my tears, “Come to my room and I’ll make you forget it. ”
She led me through the hallways, into a room with a large red bed in the middle, with high bedposts and a canopy. Ropes, chains, shackles, whips, gags, all sorts of sex toys hung on the walls.
“Come here baby. ” Haley took my hand and led me to the bed.
Haley led me to the middle of the bed, and I burst into tears and buried my face in her breasts. Haley gently rubbed my back and my hair.
“It’s okay baby. Shhhh. ” Haley put her hands on my cheeks and then kissed me, better then anyone has ever kissed me, she rammed her tongue into my throat and moaned into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her and she crushed me tight against her. Our legs wrapped around each other, our pussy juices running down our legs. I crushed her succulent naked body close to me, smothering her with a hungry, primal kiss. A deep growl went through my throat. Her hands slid down my back and she her finger over my wet pussy and then began to push her wet finger against my asshole.

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   It slid in, and I squeaked, it hurt a little but, only a little. I got off of her and bent over doggy style.
“Fuck me baby! Right now! I want to be fucked right now!” I practically screamed at her, spreading my ass for her.
She put on her big black strap-on and knelt down behind me.
“I’m going to start with that cute little pussy first, and lets make it a little fun,” She reached under her pillow and pulled out some red silk scarves. She took both my hands behind my back and tied them together, and then blind folded me, and whispered in my ear, “Now, I’m going to fuck you. ”
Haley rubbed my outer lips with the head of the strap-on, then got just the head into my sopping wet vagina. Slowly, she slid the entire length in, my voice turned into one long moan. Oh my GOD it’s so big! She reached under me and grabbed my clit, rolling it between her fingers. The fireworks started to go off. She pulled out slowly, then rammed it back in, then grabbed my breast and pinched my nipple. Then she started to ride me, ramming me, fucking me hard, fast, deep. I started to scream. My orgasm consumed my mind, I screamed and came hard, gushing all over her strap-on. I flopped down on the bed, completely spent, but Haley wasn’t done.

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   She pulled me back up onto my knees, and then spread my ass and pushed the head of her strap-on against my asshole. The pressure was enormous, then the head popped in and I moaned out loud. Fuck! Haley grabbed my hips and rammed the entire thing into my ass, I shrieked at the top of my lungs.
“Having fun baby?” Haley purred in my ear, laying herself on my back, grabbing my breast with one hand and reaching under me with the other, grabbing my clit, gently stroking it then sinking her teeth into my shoulder.
“FUCK ME!!!!” I screamed at her in answer.
She started to fuck me hard, grabbing my hips and fucking my ass deep and fast. She gave my ass a hard smack, and that sent me over the edge. I came loud and hard, screaming at the top of my lungs, my entire body convulsed, and I flopped forward onto the bed, the strap-on coming out of my ass. I was too exhausted for any more. Haley had other ideas though. She reached over onto her bedside table and grabbed a knife, cutting my hands free and cutting off the blindfold, then pulling me back up onto my knees; she made 3 quick cuts into my left ass cheek, an H.
“Why?” Was all I could stammer.
“So everyone knows that this ass is mine. ” Haley said, licking the cuts gently then giving my right ass cheek a hard smack. Then she rolled over next to me and pulled me on top of her, laying my head on her breasts, I leaned up and kissed her then laid my head back on her breasts.

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“I love you. ” I said to her.
“I love you too,” She answered me, “Go to sleep baby. ”