Isis Alone


Its been three whole days since my boyfriend left me.   Not long I suppose, but he always brought out the sexuality in me, and now I feel like its built up like electricity surging through me.   He'd love to hear how I masturbated, whether it be through a good morning email, on web camera, or over the phone, but now I had no reason to, I even tried to swear off masturbating all together just to spite him, but my body wont allow it.   I would lay in bed, tossing and turning, feeling my nipples pleading for attention beneath my soft satin nighty.   It wouldnt matter where I'd turn my thoughts, they'd end up back on sex.   Hot crazy rough sex. . . anywhere. . . outside, in the shower, at a night club, or in the back of his pick up truck.
I knew I couldnt hold off any longer.   Going from three times a day to nothing was wearing thin on my patience, I wanted something inside me so badly my body ached for it.   Luckily I have a small assortment of vibrators at my service.   One was a dark purple studded gel one that spun around, it was almost too big to fit inside me.

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    I had another one, it was my very first vibrator, dark purple still but it had veins on it, like a real cock, it served me well for the past year and half alone.   Then there is the hard plastic one, a soft purple color with a powerful vibe to it, and it could be used under water, god bless machines. . .   And the third was the smallest, it was more of a pocket rocket, hard plastic red with small ribs at the top of it, angling down into a slanted tip.
I enjoyed combining the two hard plastic ones, feeling them clink together as they got close enough, the soft purple one deep inside my cunt and the small red one rubbing around the nub of my clit.   Here I am getting wet again just thinking about it. . . but still that wouldnt do for today.   I had masturbating almost to a science, I could cum within a minute or draw out the pleasures for hours. . . and today I wanted to take my time to enjoy the sensation.   I gathered up three of the four vibes and headed off to my bed, leaving the oldest one behind because it was -his- favorite.

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    I turned on some mood music first and then laid a towel down over my bed, I always get super wet.  
I stripped down and got comfortable on my bed, allowing myself to toy with my thoughts first, bringing up the excitement like mental foreplay.   I thought of the last time I had cyber sex and the last few porns I watched, I always enjoyed hentai and I found a great one about an underground bondage club.   I've always enjoyed the thought of public whippings and open sexuality, and my thoughts trailed from there to my role play chat rooms where I was a slave owner, male and female both at my feet ready and willing to do anything sexual for me, even allow themselves to be whipped and humiliated in front of the room.
That did it for me, as I thought more and more about having men and women tied up and sexually tortured I trailed my hands up along my stomach to my breasts, slowly teasing my nipples at first.   Having big breasts (D cup) I feel like they are the center of my sexuality, and I get so wet just playing with them.   Thats all I did for about 5 minutes, teasing my nipples till my pussy burned and throbbed for more.   I kept going, pinching my nipples harder and squeezing them till my hips wanted to buck with pleasures.
I grabbed the large studded purple vibrator and rubbed it over my slit to get my wetness all over before slowly slipping it in.   My cunt's still tight and the studs grind slowly against my soft wet walls.   Turning it on at a slow pace I can feel it twisting and turning inside me. I held it deep inside me as I used my left hand to continue caressing my nipples.   I bit down on my lower lip as I could feel my juices dripping down the crack of my ass.   I grabbed the small red one and slowly eased it into my ass, this is something I just started recently so it took a bit for it to go in.   When I felt it secure I slowly turned the knob to a light vibration, I could feel the large purple one pushing against it through my walls.

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I was one step closer to heaven as I started to work the studded purple vibrator in and out of my hot wet cunt, feeling it glide smoother as it got coated in more of my juices.   Finally I reached down to my purple plastic one, preparing myself for the big finale.   I rubbed it along my clit and down to meet with the other purple one without turning it on yet, getting it wet and slippery as well.   Spreading my legs a bit further I turned on the hard plastic purple one and guided it up from my pussy lips and around my clit, I was about to burst with the first sweep.   Sweat beaded around my forehead and beneath my knees as my pussy throbbed wildly.   I fought off the first orgasm as long as I could, slowly turning up the speed on each of my vibrators until finally I felt the tell tale tingling on the inside of my feet. With a sharp gasp my whole body was trembling with excitement.
I was in a whole other world with another sharp gasp, the vibrators relentless on my body as it sent me into another stroke of pleasure.   My whole body felt on fire with wave after wave of tiny orgasms following, the strength forcing the large studded vibrator out of my pussy.   With a sharp gasp I pulled out the small red one and turned off all three.   I sat there for a good ten minutes trying to regain my breath and feeling small ripples of pleasure following my orgasms despite the lack of a vibrator.