My wife Barb

Mind Control

hi my name is Mike my wife is Barb. barb is 34 years old 5 foot tall 105 lbs long brown hair about 34 b cup tits a littleslim at the hips put a nice curve to her butt. we have 2 boys a 13 year old and 11 year old. both slim well built young men.  it all started one day when my wife was trying to quite smoking. she was seeing a hypnosis shrink to try to quite and one day i went with her. i waited in the waiting room while she went back for her session. i went to the bathroom and heard someone talking. it was my wife the vent in the bathroom went right in her exam room. i climbed up on the tolet and listened in. the man was in the process of hypnotising her. after she was under he told her how much she hated cigerettes and so on. when i thought he was done he got her to go in a deeper trans. he then had her stand up and drop her pants. and turn around. i was in disbelife.

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   she bent over the desk and he came up behind her and started fucking her. before i could do anything he got off shot his load on her ass andsat back at his desk while he had her pull up her pants. after she was back in her seat he told her when she awakes she would remember nothing that happened in the office and next visit when she hears the word come in and sit she would return to this state 123 wake up. Barb woke up thank him and left. i was still in the bathroom not sure what to do so when we left i never told her what a saw. When we got home she took a shower while i tried to figure out what to do. are sex life was not that great lately. you get bored after so many years and seeing my wife get banged made me kinda horney but i didnt want to do anything tonight after he had his way with her. but she prbably would not want to any way then the thought occured to me. wonder if i could hypnotise her. she came out of the shower and when she waked into the room in her robe i said come in and sit. she stoped and staired straight ahead. it worked i had to make sure. take your robe off ,she did,come here and give me a blow job. she walked over to me nelt down and took me in her mouth.

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   this is the first time she ever give me a blow job and after a min. or two i blew my load down her throught. afterwards i told her to put her robe on . i instrucked her that tommorrow she would be horney all day think of sex and nothing else. i had to work all day and when her man gets home in the evening you will seduce pratically rape him to get what you want. all you will want is to rip his clothes off and fuck him all night. i woke her up she didnt know she was hypnotised are boys where staying with there friends so i was not woried about them being home. all day at work i couldn't wait to get home i was pulling on to are street right at dark when i saw someone walk in my house. i pulled to the curb wondering who it could be. i walked up to the window and see its are oldest son came home after all. then i relised me night with my wife was over. my wife walks into the room and is only wearing a tee shirt. shit i said her man comes home that could mean her sons too. she walks over to ben and kisses him on the lips. he dont know whats going on.

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  she makes him stand still and pulls off his pants and underwear while i watch through the living room window. she sits him on the couch and sticks his little dick in her mouth and starts sucking. he gets hard and she climbs on him before he can do anything and starts humping up and down on him moaning and thrusting her self into him when she came he had this scared look on his face then she got up and led him back to the bedroom shit i said she would fuck her man all night.  ( to be continued) hope you enjoyed.