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One of the women she had recruited also worked for the States senior and disabled division. She was able to give Jenna lists of single disabled men between the ages of 18 and 60. Jenna knew that most of these men were on disability and didn't have the opportunity, or funds available to go out and meet available women. She knew that many of these men spent their time being lonely and depressed, much like her brother. As soon as she had started and trained her group, she'd sent one of the most beautiful and caring women that worked with her, to be with her brother. And was astounded by the change in him. It was as if he had come back to life, he was the happy loving carefree brother she remembered before the accident. This just made her resolve all the stronger. She personally interviewed all of the perspective clients for her service. It was a typical Wednesday and Jenna was meeting a man named Dan Jenkins, he lived at a senior and disabled apartment complex, she went to his door and rang the Bell. According to the information she had, his name was Dan Jenkins he was a single man in his mid-40s and had been disabled for the past 10 years. A man in a wheelchair answered the door, she immediately noticed that he was quite attractive with long blond hair, which he wore in a ponytail, he had a salt and pepper neatly trimmed beard, and seemed to be in otherwise good shape. Jenna introduced herself, and told him a little about her organization, she told him that her services cost nothing, and that all of the women who worked with her were volunteers. She asked questions of him to find out if the service she provided would be something he'd be interested in, as they spoke she asked him if he had a girlfriend, he told her that he didn't, and hadn't had one for quite some time. She could tell by the longing in his eyes that he'd be a perfect candidate. She sat and talked with him for over an hour, getting a feel for the type of man he was, she found him to be, extremely intelligent, with a sweet nature, and a great outlook on life.

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   She also found out that he had a great sense of humor. Giving him a kiss on the cheek, she told them to expect a visit tomorrow around 4:00. While driving to her office she thought about how much Dan had reminded her of her brother, and decided to put her very best girl on his case, when she got back she called Rita into her office, Rita had been the girl she had sent to take care of her brother. Rita worked for the same company that Jenna did, Jenna had met her shortly after college, and noticed that while Rita was quite beautiful she didn't go out on a lot of dates. After she'd gotten to know her, and to know what a wonderful person Rita truly was, she asked her why. Rita told her, that most men treated her like a piece of meat, as just another conquest, as if she were some kind of prize to be won. To which Jenna said, what would you say if I told you, that I knew of a group of men, who were loving and caring people who would be extremely grateful just to spend a little time with someone like her. To which Rita replied if you could introduce me to someone like that I'd be forever in your debt. She asked Rita if she'd ever considered going out with a disabled man, Rita told her that she'd never really thought about it. Jenna told her all about her brother and about the service she was trying to set up, and asked Rita if she'd be willing to try it with her brother, after Rita's first time with Jenna's brother, she was more than thrilled to be a part of Jenna's team, and became one of her most hard-working volunteers. Rita entered Jenna's office, Jenna handed her Dan's file and told her I have a treat for you, this one's really special. Jenna could tell that Rita was excited, Rita asked her when and where, and when Jenna told her, Rita replied, you can count on me boss, and with a twinkle in her eye, left the office. The next day Dan showered, groomed himself, got dressed, and waited for his visitor. He thought to himself, that it would be nice to have someone to talk to, if even for a little while. At a few minutes after four o'clock, the bell rang.

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   When he opened the door, he couldn't believe his eyes. Standing before him was one of the loveliest women he had ever seen. She was in her mid-20s and she had long brown hair cut into bangs across her forehead. She had beautiful green eyes, and a trim athletic figure. She said, Hi my name's Rita, and you must be Dan. After the introductions were made Rita asked if it was okay if they sat on his couch, when Dan said yes, Rita rolled his chair over to the couch, and helped him to transfer from his chair. She could see that he still had movement in his legs, and that while he could stand he couldn't walk. They sat and talked for over an hour, getting to know each other, and Rita did her best to put him at ease. Before too long Rita knew that Jenna had been right about Dan, he was a very sweet man, who loved to laugh, and made her laugh too. Rita felt as if she had known Dan for years, and was soon ready to take the next step. Rita asked him if it would be okay if she sat on his lap. Looking at her with wonder in his eyes, he told her that he would love that. She sat on his lap, giving a little wiggle with her hips, put her arm's around his neck, and started kissing him, startled at first, Dan soon began kissing her back passionately. Rita thought to herself wow this guy's a great kisser, they explored each other's mouths for quite a while, leaving them both breathless. Rita gasped, is it okay if we go into your bedroom now.

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   Dan felt, as though he were dreaming, this sweet beautiful young woman, wanted him to take her into his bedroom. Rita helped Dan into his chair, and with him telling her the way, wheeled him into the bedroom. Rita helped him onto the bed, and began removing his clothes; she could tell that he was nervous about her seeing his body. Because of the way most disabled people were treated in hospitals and by their doctors, they became very shy about anyone seeing their damaged bodies. Rita told him it's okay sweetie, you are a lovely dear man, and no matter what, I'll think that you're beautiful. As Rita seductively removed his clothes, she was as good as her word, and the cruel scars covering his body did not make him any less attractive in her eyes. After she had taken all of his clothes off, she did a sexy strip tease for him, revealing one of the most glorious bodies he had ever seen. Her breasts while not overly large were high, firm and perfect, she had a smooth flat tummy, shapely hips, and incredible legs. To his delight, he saw that she shaved her pussy, leaving only a tiny strip at the very top. She crawled onto bed with him, and they began kissing once again. After 5 minutes or so of passionate kissing, Rita moved her body up, and placed one of her breasts to his lips. Dan started sucking and licking her nipples, which quickly became fully erect, while at the same time he caressed the bottoms and sides of her soft breasts, Rita was soon moaning loudly at the attention he was paying her nipples. She crawled further up his body, as he placed kisses on her soft skin as she moved, soon Rita straddled his face, placing her dripping pussy over his mouth. Dan stared as if memorizing every inch of this beautiful sight, he couldn't believe that all of the dreams and fantasies he'd carefully kept hidden, for the last 10 years were finally coming true, using his lips and tongue he did everything in his power to give this remarkable woman pleasure. Rita was in heaven, she had rarely had anyone make love to her with such love and passion, and soon she was grinding her wet pussy against his face, and having one of the most intense orgasms she'd ever had.

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  When Rita finally came to her senses, Dan was gently licking up her juices, thoroughly cleaning her hot pussy. Rita crawled down his body, noticing his unease as she neared his penis, Rita calmly asked him if he were able to get an erection, or reach orgasm. Dan seemed relieved that she understood, and told her that while he could achieve an erection, that it usually didn't last, and while he still had orgasm's, that it took a long time and didn't happen very often. In a soft voice Rita said, baby show me what makes you feel good, Rita knew that people with spinal cord and nerve damage often had much less sensation in their genitals, and that often other areas would become pleasure zones for them. Dan told her that while the head of his penis was less sensitive, that there was a spot on the underside of his penis near the base where it met his body that it felt really good to touch. Rita dug her fingers gently into his soft scrotum, and began massaging the spot he had showed her, and at the same time she took his soft cock between her lips and began sucking on it. Dan couldn't believe the wonderful sensations, her dual stimulation was causing, and to his amazement soon his cock was harder than it had been since he was a teenager. As soon as he became erect, Rita started bobbing her head up and down sucking and licking his cock as she massaged his special spot, with loving patience. She kept it up for nearly twenty minutes, but it was all worth it to her, when with a roar he began shooting his sweet cum into her mouth, she gladly swallowed every drop of his offering, and didn't stop until he had once again become soft in her mouth. Rita climbed back up his trembling body, and held him as he burst into tears, Rita had seen this before, as a baby will cry when it is born, these men cried as they were reborn, letting out the grief and pain that they had kept inside since this terrible thing happened to them. Rita began crying herself as she thought of what this dear sweet man must have been going through for all these years, and had not had anyone who loved him enough to give him what he so greatly needed, just someone to hold and love, and make him feel that he was still a human being. As he calmed down, Rita could see the change taking place in him, the tears became a smile, and he acted as if he were waking from a nightmare, he held her, and stroked her face, and thanked her for all she had done for him. Rita told him that no thanks were necessary, that she had an ulterior motive, that she was in it for the great sex. They both laughed like children, reveling in their closeness, after they rested for a while, Rita started playing with his cock, and when he had achieved a partial erection, she scooted down, and inserted him into her vagina. She began rocking and moving her hips from side to side.

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   Soon her tight cavern was bathing his cock with her sweet juices, and before too long his cock was almost as hard as it had been before. When she felt it stiffen inside of her, she began riding him, sliding him in and out of her pink moistness. Dan was going crazy with lust, watching this beautiful loving woman riding his cock, he could see by the way she had her eyes closed, and her head thrown back, that she loved the way he was making her feel. Dan reached up and started massaging her breasts and playing with her erect nipples. Soon Rita was moaning incoherently, moving quickly up and down his hard shaft, she shrieked as she came with an intense orgasm, and kept riding his hard cock for over 30 minutes coming twice more herself, until he at last joined her, bathing her insides with a coating of soothing sperm, as her clenching vagina milked his cock. On that day of revelations, Dan found out that he could still be a sexual being with the right person, who was patient and who accepted him for who he was. Rita collapsed exhausted against his chest, and he held her gently to him as if she were the most precious angel God had ever created, and in his eyes she was just that. After she had rested for a while Rita looked at his dear face and could see the adoration he had for her shining from his eyes. And after kissing him passionately once again, she whispered into his ear, asking him if she could visit him again. Laughing he told her, God yes, anytime that you want. She asked him if Tuesday was too soon, he told her not at all. Rita got up and got dressed, kissing him one last time, smiled at him and left. Rita felt wonderful on her drive back to the office. She knew that there was something very special between them, because she had felt so comfortable with him, and she had cum harder with him then she had ever cum before, not only were her orgasm's incredibly intense, but she'd seen the fireworks go off in her head like she'd always heard about, but had never experienced. She knew that she wanted to be with him again, as often as possible.

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   When Rita returned, she went directly into Jenna's office and told her what she wanted to do; Jenna had never seen Rita so happy, she was practically glowing. Jenna laughingly told Rita that maybe she ought to try Dan out for herself, Rita slapped her on the arm and said, no way, this one's all mine. Jenna told Rita that it was fine with her, and that she could see Dan whenever she wanted to. The Beginning?.