breakfast & a suprise

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saturday night comes fast when you wake at 8:00. as i woke i already had plans same as every saturday, go to the club, (owned by my cousin) have a good time, catch a buzz, and maby get lucky.
  tonight was just like any other.   i arrived and went to my normal seat in the back next to the dj's booth.   i was greeted by my friends like always.   mutt mud and i go back for years, mutt the dj, and mud the bouncer, were always there early even the crowd dont show up for a few hours.   like always we bullshit. tell jokes, go to the lot and get high, and enjoy the calm befor the storm (so they call it).
around 10:00 the crowd starts coming in. my friends go to work (while also helping my scope out the chics), while i go up front and have a few drinks.
  around 1:00 mud points out this chic on the dance floor, she is bout 5'6",140,nice perky rack, and her shape is almost out of a zz topp song (36" 22" 36"). after watching her shake her lucious booty alone for the rest of the song, she comes to the bar, luckily right next to me. i say hi, to break the ice, and bought her a drink.
we sat and talked for a few hours. i learned that she was just looking for friends. so (for the first time) i did not try to work her.

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   she had lemonade only while i proceded to get fairly ripped on budweiser and tequilla without chaser. when the club closed, i offered to buy her breakfast if she would drive me to my car aftwards. she accepted, and we went to this greasy spoon down the road. not many places to eat in the middle of nowhere at 3:00 am. we ate like it was our last time, and talked for a while. the entire time i never came onto her at all. we were getting a little tired so she drove me back to my van in the club parking lot.
  when we arrived i was still really sloshed. planning on sleeping in my van alone i turned to her to say goodnight, when i noticed somehow she was no longer wearing her pants. i must have dosed off to have missed that (they were exxxtreamly tight). she was stroking her toatally bald pussy and starting to breath heavy. myself in a moment of suprise almost blanked untill she grabbed my hand and slid it down to her crotch. i started to speak, when she said "i like it very forcefull. dont talk, just fuck like you are rapeing me"
  i had heard about freaky chics like this before. and instantly, with one hand full of hair and her throat in the other drug her out of the passenger door to behind the bushes.

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   she fought like her life depended on it. she was kicking and screaming as i pinned her down on the ground face first. i ripped her shirt off and used it to gag her, then her bra to tie her hands behind her back.  i then rolled her over as she kicked me right in the jaw. looking at her in shock i heard her muffled voice mutter "rough you pussy". it was on!
now i knew wat the game was
  i wasted no time taking back control by force, dodging her next kick and using it to my advantage.   i grabbed her leg as i stood violently stepping on her other as i removed my belt.   she put up a hard fight as i fumbled to get it around her ankle. again she mumble  " you pussy" moving her legg to the side i bitch slapped the hell out of her. she then laughed and muttered dont hold back you bitch, and kicked harder.   before i could stop i slugged her right in the eye. knocked her out cold for about 45 seconds, justlong enough to have her hogtied.
   the first sound she made when she came to was "yes baby dont hold back choke me" ignoring her i drug her to the side of my van across the gravel lot, every few steps slapping her ass and head. i opened the door and threw her in so hard, she hit her head on the other side and lost conciousness again.   seizing the opportunity, she woke as i forced all 10" inside her cunt fast and hard.

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   she squeeled and bucked as i grabbed a piece of rope and worked it around her neck. she broke her leggs loose but to no help as by that time i was fucking and chocking her with all i had.
   she came to and came all at the same time. her pussy clinched so hard i thought it bit my dick off. when it relaxed i felt her juices run out around my fast thrusting cock quickly traveling across the floor to my feet.
  after repeating this chain of events for almost an hour, i let my jizz fly. i felt my cock pulse at least 30 times as she muttered "not in there pull it out it burns" her voice said one thing, but her pussy said "give it all and more"
  between exausted and still drunk i passed out right on top of her.
the next morning when i woke she was lying next to me, still tied and gaged. i untied her, and offered to take her to breakfast again. she accepted.
  as we entered the same diner as earlier i had a busted lip dried blood on my face and her with a huge (rocky balboa) shiner dried blood on her nose and lip busted and limping bowlegged, we had a couple of cups of coffee.   she said with a smile and a twinkle in her eye "that was what i have been looking for. i really needed that"
  as i got her back to her car, she gave me a folded up piece of paper and told me to wait till she was gone to read it. with a kiss and a big smile she drove off.
  as soon as she was out of sight, i unfolded the page.

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   inside was a key.   the note said simply "use your imagination. suprise me!" followed by an address.
             my first all true no shit